Inspiration the fray - you found me

Booth was sat on his couch with his head in his hands . He and bones had just finished a case he should of been happy to have caught the killer. How could he be happy the killer was the same age as parker. The poor kid had been abused by his father for so many years that something had finally snapped in the 6 year old's head .The small boy had found his father's gun and had waited till his dad came to attack him again before shooting him in the head. One shot and it was all over. One shot in self defence against a violent man that had cost the child 20 years of his life. One shot that had cost the child his childhood. Booth wondered how bones was the case had effected her quite badly as well. He made a decision he pulled him self up from the couch grabbed his coat and keys and headed out the front door. It may be past midnight but he needed to make sure she was okay , he just needed something to take his mind of the case. He got in his car and begin to drive the 15 minutes to bones' house.

Bones was lying in her bed just staring at the white ceiling above her. She had tried to sleep but as soon as she closed her eyes all she could she was bruises and cuts all over the small child's face caused by that SOB that had hurt him all these years. The image that she could not shake out her mind was the child's sad face as he was taken away from his mother by the officers. He was to young to of understood what he had done. She was broken from these thoughts as she heard a loud knocking on her front door. She pulled her self out of bed and went to the front door. She knew who it would be standing the other side especially at this time of night. She opened the door and as she thought there was booth but he looked different than normal. There was no charm smile to greet her just a dishevelled looking booth just starting at her. She stepped aside to allow him to come in as he walked past her into the living room she took in his appearance . He was wearing a old worn FBI t-shirt and a plain pair of jeans but what she noticed the most was that his normally neat gelled hair was all messy like he had been running his hands through it several times.

She shut the front door and went to join Booth who had placed himself on her couch. She sat down next to him but not close enough to be touching. She waited for him to speak first she needed to know why he was here. He turned his head to look at her ,she could see the sorrow in those big brown eyes of his and then he spoke.

Do you sometimes wish that we never caught the killer Bones?

She didn't reply as she knew he wasn't looking for an answer then he continued.

That boy does deserve to be punished for what he has done. He was just defending himself against a man who has been hurting him and his mother for most of his life. He's just 6 Bones.

She realised the thing that was bothering booth the most was that the child was the same age as his son parker. Parker had a good childhood so far but a boy the exact same age had been subjected to pain and sorrow all his life, but now the boy would never get his childhood and innocents back. It was gone forever all because of one man. She did the only thing she could think of she placed her hand over one of booth's and squeezed it. She then said

I know booth sometimes life isn't fair but there is nothing we can do about it now. Would you like a beer?

She said as she got up she turned to look at him and got a charm smile back.

Yes I'll have a beer thanks Bones and how do you always know what to say brighten my world back up?

He looked at her and saw she had a confused look on her face as she said

I don't know what that means

This sent Booth into fits of laugher as Bones still confused walked into the kitchen to grab them a beer each.

When she came back she passed him a beer and said

Would you like to watch a movie Booth?

Yer that would be good Bones but can I be cheeky and borrow your shower first I went to the gym earlier and forgot to shower?

Okay you sure can I've got some of your clothes you've left here before in my cupboard if you want them.

Yer sounds good.

I'll bring them to you.

With this Booth got up from the couch and headed for the bathroom he had been to Bones' house so many times before during cases or just to hang out that he now knew it like the back of his hand. He got a towel out of the cupboard and when into the bathroom.

Meanwhile Bones had found some jogging bottoms and a t-shirt of his in her room and proceeded to take them to the bathroom.

She Knocked on the door and said

Booth I'll leave them just outside the door .

She got no response so she tried again

Booth you listening to me ?

She was just about to leave him to it when she heard a small sob from the other side of the door.

Booth you all right?

Still no response was heard so she decided what she was going to do and said

Booth I'm coming in

With this she opened the door and walked in and was shocked to see booth standing in the middle of her shower fully clothed .

Booth what are you doing ?

A couple of seconds later Booth replied

I though I was fine but I got in here and a had a flashback of my childhood. As I've told you before my father used to drink but that wasn't the whole story.

The sorrow had returned to his eyes and even though the shower was on Bones still though she could make out tears streaming down his face.

What do you mean that's not the whole story Booth

She didn't know what to do. What was she supposed to do with Booth in this state before she could decided he started to talk again.

He used to beat my mom but only because she was trying to protect me and Jared from him when he was drunk. He used to get angry at the most stupid things one day when I was 6 and Jared was 4 we accidentally knocked over a vase while play fighting in the living room. As soon as he heard it smash on to the floor he turned round to us and shouted you IDIOTS at us. We apologized but he had been drinking and didn't care. The next thing I knew he was coming towards me and Jared with his hand made into a fist. He had done this so many times before I immediately stood in front of Jared to protect him. The next thing I remember was waking up on the floor with blood pouring out of my nose. Dad had long gone back to the local pub for a few more drinks. I pulled myself up found my brother cowering in under the coffee table . I made sure he was okay then mom helped me clean myself up and we just carried on like nothing had happened till the next time. It carried on till I was 11 years old Bones by then I knew how to stand up for myself and fought him back then called the cops on him. This case just bought all the haunting memories back.

Bones just stood there shocked for a minute she had look at his x rays before and had seen many past injures

but had never realised that most of them were caused by his own father.

Oh Booth.

Is all she said in that moment. She knew what she had to do he had been there through all the hard times she had faced now she had to be there for him to.

She kicked off her heels and pulled open the shower door and stepped in. She was going to get soaked but at this point she didn't care. There she was just stood in front of booth who was looking at the floor. She did to him what he had done to her so many times before. She placed a finger under his chin and tilted his head up so she could look into those brown eyes of his.

Your safe now Booth

But what if I turn out like my father and hurt parker.

After this a loud sob racked his body. Bones pulled him into a hug.

You will never be like your father Booth. Parker loves you and you love him.

Lets get you out of these wet clothes before you catch a cold.

She slowly pulled his T-shirt over his head and dropped on to the floor. She had seen his chest before but wow his muscles were so defined. She scolded her self this was not the time to be thinking about her partner like this.

Booth couldn't believe how beautiful his partner looked as she stood before him. The water slowly dripping down her face and down her chest. Her top now soaked was stuck to her like a second skin and showed her curves perfectly. He look up at her face to find her staring at his chest in admiration. That was the last straw he lost it then and there. He put one hand on the side of her face and the other on her waist.

Booth what you doing

she started to say but he pulled her closer and crashed his lips on to hers softly at first like he was trying out a new thing. She knew in her mind this wasn't the right time for this but her heart and body seemed to disagree as she deepened the kiss further by pulling on his bottom lip. He granted her entrance as he opened his mouth slightly so there tongues could tangle together. She tasted amazing he felt her hands slowly run down his Abs stopping at each one just for a second. The hand that had been on her waist had now crept under her soaked shirt and was caressing her back. He was teasing her to much she put her hands at the bottom of her shirt and slowly peeled it off break the kiss just for a second. He broke the kiss and slowly kissed down her neck and down her chest. At this her head arched back and she released a sigh. Then she spoke

Is this what you want to happen right now Booth?

He just nodded as he unhooked her bra and took one of her breasts into his mouth. This was the only answer she need as she undone the button on his jeans and slowly pushed them down his legs till he stepped out of them. He did the same to her then pushed her against the side of the shower as he lifted her up so her legs where wrapped around his waist. She could feel his arousal on her thigh and she liked it. She crashed her lips back on to his when she heard a noise in her apartment that sounded like a key turning in a door. Then all she and Booth heard was Angela's voice echo through the apartment

Sweetie where are you I've been ring you for 2 hours are you all right?

I came to check cause that was a nasty case we had.

Bones and booth just looked at each other and whispered

What are we going to do now?