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Sweetie where are you I've been ring you for 2 hours are you all right?

I came to check cause that was a nasty case we had.

Bones and booth just looked at each other and whispered

What are we going to do now?


Booth slowly released his grip on Brennan's waist as she unravelled her legs from his hips. Slowly and quietly he let her slide down till he was sure that her feet where firmly placed on the floor before releasing his arms from her waist. Bones put one finger to his lips and quietly said


Angela by this time had discovered that Brennan was not in the kitchen or living room and was now making her way down the small corridor that connected the living room to the bedroom and bathroom. All of a sudden she heard a shuffling noise coming from inside the bathroom.

Brennan you in there?

Angela shouted through the bathroom door.

Yer just give me a minute and I'll be out.

Replied Brennan as she turned of the shower and pulled a towel of the radiator to wrap herself in. She walked back to Booth who was still standing in the shower only clad in his boxers, passed him a towel and pulled him in for a quick kiss before putting a hand on his cheek and whispering in his ear

I'll get rid of her as quick as I can, then we are going to finish what you started.

As she turned to leave she let her hand travel from his cheek down to the waistband of his boxers before strutting off to the door. As she twisted the handle and pulled the door towards her she tried to calm herself down as even a small smile out of place could have Angela working out what was going on. She stepped out of the bathroom making sure to shut the door quickly behind her so Angela could not look in.

Sweetie there you are. You didn't pick up your phone I called 8 times what where you doing?

Sorry Angela I was taking a long shower just trying to get the images of that poor child out of head.

What for an hour those images must have been stuck in there pretty good.

Said Angela while looking at Brennan to see any indications that may give away why she was acting so odd, for her anyway.

Yer I lost track of time. Why are you here again?

Just to check on you and see if you wanted to hang out and eat chocolate ice cream, it's the cure for everything.

Nah not tonight I just want to go to bed and forget about the case

Brennan replied while thinking ang please leave I wanna get back to booth.

ok ill leave you too it. If you need anything just call.

Meanwhile booth was coming to terms with the fact that after he had opened up to her, his Bones had stepped fully clothed into the shower and had started to undress him. He was sure that he was dreaming the whole episode and decided to pinch him self to prove it. Ouch that really hurt he thought. Its not a dream this is really happening she's really kissing me back, their really her hands touching and caressing my skin.

His next thought was the fact that he couldn't stand in the shower for the whole time that it would take bones to get Angela to leave. He proceed to step out the shower wrapping himself in the towel that bones had given him as she left. As he got out he accidentally stubbed his left big toe on the cabinet next to the shower.

Crap!! that hurt

he shouted while hopping around on one foot as pain pulsated through his left foot.

Just as Angela was about to leave she heard someone cursing on the other side of the bathroom door.

Oh sweetie while didn't you tell me you had a man here no wonder you in the shower so long

said Angela with a small squeal and a was thinking to her self if Ang squealed at that what would she do if she found out the man in her shower was Booth.

Just at this point Brennan's worst nightmare became true ,she heard a turning of the handle and the creak of the door as it opened behind her.

Thank God she's gone we can get back to where we were before we got interrupted.

said Booth who was totally oblivious to the fact that a very excited Angela was standing in front of him resisting a large urge to squeal. He had heard Angela say that she was leaving and had presumed the coast was clear. He looked at Bones who was standing in front of him and became quite confused about why she looked angry until Angela could resist the urge no longer and released it.

Hello knight in FBI shinning armour

she said to him in a rather high pitched voice that had a slight hint of flirting in.

Booth wondered what his face must of looked like at the point cause he was sure his mouth had dropped to his chest and his face had gone a tomato red colour. He looked over to Bones, man did she look angry right now, focusing back on Angela he could tell he was never going to live this down. He finally found his voice and replied

ummm hi Angela what you doing here?

It's alright Booth I was just leaving I can see you two have somewhere you want to be

She said with a wink.

Finally after 5 minutes of just staring at Booth in disbelief about the fact that he had just ruined the whole plan Brennan finally spoke up

Its not what it looks like Angela. Booth was just helping me fix the shower.

Right is he now !

You see it stopped working yesterday and Booth said he could sort it.

That doesn't explain sweetie why you are both wet and wrapped in towels.

Booth spoke up

well I was trying to fix it and the pipe broke, I forgot to turn of the water hence the reason we both got soaked.

Okay if you say so I'm going to leave and let you two get back to finish fixing the shower.

At this last comment she put her hands in the air and made a inverted comma's gesture. This confused Brennan what did that gesture have anything to do with her and booth fixing the shower.

I don't know what (she copies the gesture) this means?

Don't worry sweetie I'm sure Booth will explain it to you later. Now you two have fun and ill see you both at work on Monday.

With this she let walked back down the corridor and let her self out , leaving a very confused Brennan and very embarrassed Booth in her wake. The next few minutes where spent with Bones and Booth just basically staring at each other trying to work how they were going to fix this mess. If Angela had seen past the lie which they both thought she probably had , the news of this development in their relationship would surely be all over the lab like a heat rash. Brennan was the first to speak

Why on earth did you come out of the bathroom Booth?

Umm I though I heard her say she was leaving so I though the case was clear.

Well it wasn't was it!!

Before Booth could reply Bones had stormed into her bedroom and had slammed the door in his face. Damn what he supposed to do now he had ruined the progress that they had made in the last 2 hours. He needed to tell her he was sorry, so he mustered together all of his courage and knocked on the door.

Bones can I come please?

Meanwhile Bones had removed the remainder of her wet clothing and had dried herself off. She put on some new underwear and pulled on her favourite shirt. It was a old FBI shirt of Booth's that she had lets call it borrowed from his house when he got shot by that evil woman Pam Numman. She didn't know the reasons behind it and maybe never would , but when she found out from the doctor that Booth was dead she had ran out of the hospital. Had gotten into her car and had ended up outside Booth's house, she had found the key in that stupid rock he kept it in by the front door and had let her self in. Maybe she thought that she would of opened the door and there he would have been standing alive and healthy. It wasn't true after she let herself in she had found the house to be completely silent ,all the lights off and his post still lying on the doormat from that mornings delivery. She had not even bothered to turn on the lights as she walked through his living room , down the corridor and into his bedroom. She had the need to be feel close to him even though that she knew that he was gone. She had gone through his drawers and found that shirt. She had put it on then crawled into to his bed which was still unmade from were he had sleep in it and that's where she had stayed for hours on end, she forgets how many it actually was now before she had made her self leave and go back to her apartment. Ever since that night she had slept in his shirt it helped her to sleep and feel close to him, even after she found out that his death was faked to catch a still bought her comfort it still had his unique scent on it even though she had worn it so many times. She was so lost in her thoughts as she sat on the edge of her bed that she didn't hear Booth's constant knocking on the door until he finally had opened it himself.

That where he found her looking as gorgeous as ever just sitting on the end of her bed wearing just a shirt. Wait that was his shirt , the shirt that he had been looking for months, it wasn't his favourite or anything like that but he would wear to the gym or when he was just relaxing at home. How had she got hold of it ,he didn't mind thought she looked so beautiful in it. He looked around as it was clear that she was lost in thought ,he had never been in her bedroom , this should of felt wrong he was invading her privacy but it felt like he had been here so many times before. He walked up to the bed and kneeled in front of her and looked straight into those mesmerizing blue eyes of hers before saying

Bones are you okay ?

He placed a hand on her leg although being careful how he did it , he knew that she startled easily and knew many types of martial arts. He didn't want to be beaten up or karate kicked by her. This gentle touch seemed to knock her out of her reverie as she looked back into his eyes.

Sorry Booth I'm fine I was just thinking about something that's all.

She placed a hand over the one that still rested on her leg and smiled back at him.

Anything you want to talk about, I'll be happy to listen?

She knew that she should just change the subject and talk about something else but she had never been able to express how that day she was told he had died had affected her. He looked so concerned about what was wrong not only how his charm smile had disappeared but also the concern in those big brown eyes of his that she could happily get lost in. She decided to just tell him what harm could it do to get it off her chest.

I was thinking about where and when I got this shirt. It was the night I was told that you had died , I went to your house found this shirt put it on and crawled and curled up in your bed and cried myself to sleep. I just need to be close to you , I don't know why it seems so illogical now but at the time I had become numb to pain and emoticons . It just seemed right back then.

With this a lone tear made its own little ragged path down her cheek as she took in a big breath. Booth knew that she didn't cry at his funeral but had never know what happened in those two weeks that he had to hide away from her. He was shocked to the core that she had opened up to him but happy at the same time she was making progress in letting him in to her life. He got up from his knees sat next to her on the bed and pulled her into his side and wrapped a arm around her shoulders. He was surprised when she didn't pull away and then proceeded to let her head drop and rest in the crook between his head and shoulder. He brought the arm up that wasn't holding her and wiped away that lone tear as it made it way down her cheek with a brush of his thumb.

I'm sorry Bones I never meant to hurt you or make you think that I had left you.

I know that now Booth its okay. I just got reminded of that night that's all.

She looked up and gave him a small smile before letting her head drop back down on to his shoulder. He leant down a placed a soft kiss on her temple.

I'll never leave you by choice Bones and I wondered where that shirt had got to, I was beginning to think I had little goblins in my house that stole my clothes.

He gave her one of his famous charm smiles and she began to giggle before saying

There are no such things as goblins Booth anthropologically there is no evidence that…..

Before she could carry on with one of her speech that she normally broke into Booth leaned down again and tilted her head up towards him with his left hand before placing a kiss on those lips of hers. This effectively made her shut up as he had hoped as she started to return the kiss with more passion than it had started with. He began to tug on her bottom lip begging for entrance as his left hand weaved its way into those brown locks of hers. She granted him entrance and their tongues began to battle. She needed to be closer to him she knew that she shouldn't feel like this and that they shouldn't be doing this. They were partners this isn't what partners do but it felt so right so she let her heart take over from the logic that was her brain and shifted her self so she was effectively straddling Booth's lap. Booth couldn't believe it she was returning the kiss like she had done earlier maybe she had the same feelings for him as he did for her.

He loved his partner, he had done for all the time that they have worked together but never had the courage to tell her. Maybe now he could tell she seemed to feel the same way. He decided it was now or never as he broke the kiss he spoke

Bones I need to talk to you about something

Oh no he's going to tell me there's a line and we shouldn't cross it she thought to her self.

It's okay Booth I understand

She started to get up when Booth held her at the waist so she couldn't escape.

No I don't think you do. Bones ever since I meet you for that first case I was pulled in by your personality. You are really special Bones, really special too me and I never want to lose you because I think if I did I would break into so many pieces I would never be fully formed again. You brighten up my day ,in fact you are my day . I cant go a day without talking to you without seeing you without touching you. What I'm trying to say Bones is that I Love You I will always have and always will.

She was stunned she had thought that he was going to say they couldn't do this but no he was announcing his love for her. For her he felt the same way she couldn't believe it. Every time Angela had tried to get them together she had denied that she liked Booth in that way but that day he got shot she had finally realised something that she had been trying to repress deep in her mind for all those years she did love him. She loved him more than he knew. He made her day as well she would work later sometimes on purpose just because she knew Booth would show up and make her leave with him. She managed to get out of his grasp and stood up and began to pace the room. How was she going to tell him this she was no good with revealing emotions it had always been her weak spot ever since her folks left when she was 15.

Oh no I've spooked her she trying to think of a way to get away Booth thought. He stood up and walked up behind her. Placing his hands on her waist he turned her to look at him waiting for the speech that he didn't want to hear. It shocked him so much what he heard next that he was glued to the spot and couldn't move, 5 simple words had done this too him words he thought he would never hear from her.

I Love You Too Booth .I have done for a while just didn't know how to say it.

She loved him he couldn't believe it ,he shook him self out of the reverie and pulled her in for passionate kiss which she quite happily returned. She began to push him towards the bed he knew what she was doing. He broke this kiss and spoke

I don't want to rush things Bones so I'm going to be a gentleman and go and sleep on your couch as it's 2 o'clock in the morning and we both have work tomorrow.

He went to leave and stopped in his tracks as she spoke.

That's okay Booth but just lie with me and I need to feel you close please.

He didn't even have to think about it

I'll just go put some dry bottoms and I'll be back you sure this what you want?

I'm sure Booth don't be long.

Okay I'll be back

With this he walked out toward the bathroom in search of those dry jogging bottoms she had found him. While he was gone she pulled back the covers and slipped into bed. She couldn't believe this was happening they had finally declared their love for each other and she couldn't be happier. By the time that Booth came back she had already started to drift off, she was lying on her left side on the right side of the bed. So he slipped under the covers on the left and pulled her too him so that her head was resting on his chest and one of her arms was draped over his waist and he wrapped his arms around her. She stirred slightly and said

Booth is tasht yous ?

Yer it is Bones I'm here and I'm not leaving. Go back to sleep.

And with that they both fell asleep in each others arms with no clue about what would happen tomorrow when they woke.

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