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ForestClan: War of the Clans

Chapter Five

Tag-Team: Rescuing Rainpaw

Part One: Joining CanyonClan

Acidpaw rose to his feet, gazing around the apprentice den to make sure the others were asleep before padding to the entrance. Night had fallen many hours ago, and dawn was approaching. The night patrol was probably back already, and there was still time before the dawn patrol left.

The black-furred tom glanced around camp, and, seeing no one, he stepped into the forest. He would sneak out of ForestClan territory, into CanyonClan territory, grab Rainpaw, and be back before anyone knew he was missing.

Acidpaw had been walking for a while now. He was getting closer to the canyons.


The black-furred tom jumped and spun around, his fur standing on end. He relaxed a little when he saw who it was.

"What are you doing here, Winterflame?" he asked.

"You're going to save Rainpaw, right?"

Acidpaw's eyes narrowed. "How do you know that?"

"I…" Winterflame shuffled his paws nervously, "I was eavesdropping. Please don't tell Pantherstar!"

Acidpaw snorted. "Like I care. Don't worry about it. I won't say a word."

The black-furred tom turned around and started towards the canyon.

"W-wait, Acidpaw!" called Winterflame, "I want to come with you!"

"Why? What does Rainpaw mean to you? You hardly know her."


Acidpaw faced him again.

"You know something, don't you?"

"Kn-know what?"

"Something about the prophecy. Someone told you."

Winterflame was silent for a moment, then he chuckled.

"There's really no hiding anything from you, is there?"

Acidpaw didn't reply. He wanted to ask the white-furred tom who told him about the prophecy, and why Rainpaw mattered so much to him, but he knew he wasn't going to get any answers.

"Let's go," meowed Winterflame, "The faster we get her out of there, the better."

They continued towards the CanyonClan border. The land under their paws was beginning to form a downward slope.

"We're almost there," muttered Acidpaw.

Winterflame stopped. "Wait, Mistytail once told me that CanyonClan migrates to the desert every leaf-bare."

"Foxdung!" cursed Acidpaw, "I forgot about that."

"We should sleep in the canyons. It'll be cold, but at least we'll have shelter," meowed Winterflame, "We'll rest, and we'll have a fresh start tomorrow night."

Acidpaw nodded, realizing how tired he was.

"Hey! What are you two doing here?!"

Acidpaw and Winterflame whirled around at the sound of the voice. In front of them stood Falconbeak, Snakefang, and Sharktooth.

Foxdung! What are they doing out at this hour?! thought Acidpaw, Pantherstar must've doubled the patrols…

"You know perfectly well that apprentices are forbidden to leave camp! I asked what you were doing here!" hissed Falconbeak, "Well? Answer!"

A low growl came from Winterflame's throat. Acidpaw glanced at him in shock. What was he doing, showing his fangs at the deputy of the Clan he was indebted to?!

"Acidpaw and I were just leaving, actually," spat the white tom.

"What?! That's ridiculous!" snarled the deputy.

Winterflame leaned closer to Acidpaw's ear.

"Follow my lead," he whispered. The white-furred tom took a step towards the patrol, "We're sick of the way we're treated in this dump."

"Excuse me?" Snakefang blinked, surprised that such a polite cat could be so harsh.

"You heard me!" hissed Winterflame, "I catch half of this Clan's prey, and all I get are leftovers! Is that any way to treat someone who's helping you?! Roaringstar is a real leader! I'd rather follow him than you mangy lumps of fur!"

Acidpaw's eyes widened. He understood what Winterflame was trying to do. He stepped forward as well.

"Do you have any idea how long I've been an apprentice?!" he snarled, "Too long. Far too long. This clan is nothing but crowfood, with a mousebrained leader and a useless deputy. I'm sure I can find a better place in CanyonClan."

"You're betraying us?" asked Sharktooth.

"You think I'm kidding?" growled Acidpaw, "I hate each and every one of you ForestClan cowards more than you could ever imagine. For so long I've wanted to get away from this place. And the time has finally come."

"I can't allow that," meowed Falconbeak.

The deputy lunged at Acidpaw. Winterflame stepped in front of him and tackled Falconbeak, his teeth set in the deputy's ear.

Snakefang and Sharktooth circled around Acidpaw. Snakefang had a dismayed look on his face.

"I don't understand why you're doing this," he meowed, "We… we're your family! You were born here, don't you feel like you have an attachment to this place?"

"Never," spat Acidpaw.

"What about Redkit and Lionkit?" growled Sharktooth, "I suppose you hate them too?"

Acidpaw hesitated. "I hardly know them. What do I care?"

"You're a monster…" whispered Snakefang.

"It's better than being a coward!" Acidpaw leaped at his brother, knocking him to the ground.

Snakefang tried to slash at Acidpaw's eyes, but the black-furred tom bit his paw, sinking his teeth into his pawpad. The tabby tom screeched in pain, but Acidpaw only bit harder.

Snakefang won't be like Coppersky, thought Acidpaw, He probably won't be able to walk after this, not for a few days, at least.

Acidpaw released his grip on Snakefang and sprung backwards. Sharktooth stared at him in shock.

"Acidpaw…" he stammered, "What did…? Why?! He's your brother!"

The black-furred tom lowered into a fighting crouch. "I don't feel any kinship whatsoever to likes of you."

Sharktooth lunged at him, claws out. Acidpaw dodged to the right and scratched his brother's shoulder. The gray-and-white tom aimed a blow at Acidpaw's head, but he ducked and rolled to the side, grabbing Sharktooth's back leg in his teeth. Acidpaw felt his brother's paws come crashing down onto his side, but he didn't let go of his leg.

Acidpaw snarled. Which will be the first one to crack? My rib cage or his leg?

The pressure in Acidpaw's side was getting more and more painful. The black-furred cat clamped his jaws together tighter. Suddenly, Sharktooth released him.

Acidpaw jumped to his feet and stepped backwards. Sharktooth lay on the ground, his back leg bloody and swollen. He glared up at Acidpaw.

"Why would you do this?!" he yowled.

Acidpaw pressed his paw down on Sharktooth's head, driving half of his face into the snow. He stared into Sharktooth's eyes and hissed in a low whisper:

"ForestClan means nothing to me."

"Are you ready to go, Acidpaw?" came Winterflame's voice.

Acidpaw turned to look at him. The white-furred tom had Falconbeak pinned down. Acidpaw nodded. They had to leave now, before other ForestClan cats came.

"We'll spare you this time," growled Winterflame, "Never forget that we let you live."

The two traitors released their opponents and dashed across the CanyonClan border. Once they were far from the patrol, they slowed down.

"Nice job back there," meowed Winterflame, "You're a pretty good actor."

Acidpaw stopped for a moment. He didn't turn around. "Believe me. For the most part, I wasn't acting."

ForestClan camp…

Redkit growled and opened her eyes. Who in the name of StarClan was making all that racket?! She glanced at Lionkit and rolled her eyes. Of course, Lionkit could sleep through all this commotion. She rose to her paws and poked her head outside of the nursery.

Redkit frowned. The brand new late-night patrol was back early. Sharktooth and Snakefang were both limping painfully, and Falconbeak looked absolutely humiliated: his ears and tail were twitching in irritation, and there was an embarrassed look on his face.

The ginger she-kit smirked. This is Acidpaw's doing. No doubt about it.

"What's going on?!" gasped Pantherstar, emerging from her den. Other cats were coming out as well.

"Acidpaw and Winterflame…" hissed Falconbeak, "Those little traitors."

"What happened?" asked Hawktalon.

"We saw then while we were on patrol," explained Snakefang, "I never really thought that they would attack us!"

"They said that this clan meant nothing to them!" added Sharktooth, "They've betrayed us, after all we've done for then! They've gone to join CanyonClan, those little foxdungs!"

Redkit rolled her eyes again.

"Really, the stupidity of these cats…" she muttered under her breath.

Lionkit, Soulkit, and Lightningkit joined her.

"You know the real reason that Acidpaw left, don't you?" meowed Lionkit.

"Of course."

Lightningkit and Soulkit gave them puzzled stares, which they didn't seem to notice.

"You should tell them," suggested Lionkit, "Before they get any ideas."

Redkit growled. "I'd rather not, but since it's for Acidpaw…"

The tiny tabby she-kit squirmed through the crowd, until she reached the center.

"I have something to say," she mewed.

No one was paying attention.

"Uh… hello? I want to say something."

The crowd was getting rowdy and the kit was being shoved around.

"Hey! I want to say something!"

"Hush, Redkit, not now!" growled Hollythorn in irritation.

"But it's about—"

"I say we go after them, give them a beating they'll never forget!" screeched one cat, interrupting Redkit.

"Yeah! We storm the desert and bring them back here!"

"That's right!"

"They're unforgiveable!"

Redkit could feel her temper quickly rising. She gritted her teeth and dug her claws into the snow.

Lionkit winced and looked to Soulkit and Lightningkit. "She's gonna blow."

Lightningkit whimpered, and the three of them crouched down and covered their ears with their paws.


The camp went silent. Everyone stared at the little ginger she-kit who was twitching in irritation.

"Redkit, watch your language!" scolded Feathersoul.

Redkit ignored her and addressed the Clan again.

"I have something to say," she mewed, then added sarcastically, "Is that alright with everyone, or am I going to have to yell some more?"

From where he was sitting, Lionkit rolled his eyes. No wonder she got into so much trouble, with that sharp tongue of hers.

"That's enough, Redkit," meowed Feathersoul sternly. She looked over to Pantherstar, "I'm so sorry about that, I'll make sure she watches her mouth from now on."

Pantherstar laughed. "No need to worry. It's alright. Kits that age are all like that."

I beg to differ, thought Lionkit.

"Come along now, Redkit," Feathersoul picked the kit up by the scruff. She started struggling.

"No! I need to say something! It's important! Put me down!"


Everyone turned to the direction the new voice came from. It was Hawktalon.

"I'd like to hear what Redkit has to say," he meowed. He glanced at the leader, "If that's okay with you."

Pantherstar nodded, and Redkit blinked in thanks as Feathersoul put her down.

"Well, little one, what is it that you wanted to say?" asked the leader.

Shut up. I'm not little, thought Redkit. She sat up straight and cleared her throat.

"I know that Acidpaw hates—um, I mean, doesn't really know you all very well, but I know him. Believe me when I say that he wouldn't betray this Clan at this time, and certainly not to CanyonClan," Redkit paused, "I'm positive that he and Winterflame went to save Rainpaw."

"That can't be," meowed Sharktooth, "The look of hatred on his face when he told me that ForestClan meant nothing to him was real."

"No kidding, smart ones," muttered Redkit sarcastically. Luckily, no one heard her.

"I asked if him if you and Lionkit were important to him," the gray-and-white tom went on, "And he said no."

"Ever heard of being stealthy? Having a plan? A cover story?" asked Redkit. Or a brain, for that matter?


"Never mind," Redkit glanced up at Pantherstar, "That's all. Thank you for letting me speak, mother."

Pantherstar smiled at her. "Of course. Any time, sweetheart."

Redkit padded back into the nursery, Lionkit by her side.

"StarClan, that went perfectly, didn't it?" he mewed, "I'm sure that they understand exactly what you meant, seeing as you explained it so well."

The ginger she-kit chuckled and nudged him playfully, "Since when did you start using sarcasm, dear brother?"

He shrugged, "I guess you've rubbed off on me." Lionkit took a more serious tone, "But really, Redkit. What are we going to do? They still think that Acidpaw's betrayed ForestClan."

Redkit stopped and looked around, making sure that Feathersoul and the other kits were just out of earshot. She turned to her brother.

"You'll see. By tomorrow, he'll be back," she promised, "He'll be back, and he'll have Rainpaw with him. He'll earn our Clan's respect. He'll be given the warrior name that he deserves."

Lionkit nodded, but he wasn't convinced. Will Pantherstar ever give Acidpaw his warrior name?


"There it is," meowed Acidpaw, "That's the entrance. Right here."

Winterflame let out a sigh of relief. "Thank StarClan! I'm exhausted!"

The two cats walked under the stone archway of the CanyonClan entrance. They turned a corner into camp.

"Well, well, this is unexpected," drawled Roaringstar.

Winterflame and Acidpaw stopped dead. In front of them was the entire population of CanyonClan.

"But… what… how… shouldn't you be… desert?" babbled the white-furred tom. His eyes were wide, his fur standing on end.

Acidpaw unsheathed his claws and gulped. What in the name of StarClan was CanyonClan doing back here in mid leaf-bare?! They were supposed to have gone south, into the desert!

Roaringstar leaped down from a low ledge, landing in front of the two younger cats. His icy blue eyes glinted.

"And what's the occasion for this visit, Acidpaw of ForestClan?"

There was a stunned silence in which Acidpaw and Winterflame didn't say anything.


Winterflame snapped out of his little trance. He shook his head, clearing his thoughts, before assuming the submissive pose that he learned from his time with Rebekka. He knelt down, his ears flat against his skull, his tail lowered, and his eyes on the ground.

"Honorable Roaringstar," he started, "My companion and I have grown weary of the ways of ForestClan."

Winterflame nudged Acidpaw, who blinked and imitated the white-furred tom.

"Oh?" Roaringstar was interested, "And why is that?"

Winterflame was about to speak, but Acidpaw beat him to it.

"You see," he meowed, "The two of us have been apprentices for nearly four and a half seasons, yet Pantherstar shows us no indication of giving us our warrior names."

"Four seasons, you say?" asked Roaringstar, "Yes, that is quite a long time to be an apprentice for."

"We don't understand why this is," added Winterflame, "I am a very good hunter, and Acidpaw is perhaps one of the most skilled fighters in the whole Clan."

"Is that so?"

"Please, Roaringstar," meowed Winterflame, "Let us prove to you that we can benefit you. Please don't send us back to those useless ForestClan foxdungs."

Roaringstar grinned. "Of course. But can you promise me that you can kill the ForestClan cats that you were raised with if I asked you to?"

"Yes, sir," both Acidpaw and Winterflame meowed.

The ginger tom's grin grew even wider. "Very well. Welcome to CanyonClan, Acidpaw and…?"

Winterflame hesitated. "Icepaw. My name is Icepaw."

"Icepaw. Welcome. Please make yourselves at home."

Roaringstar leaped up onto the ledge again.

"May all cats old enough to scale the canyon gather here for an important Clan meeting!" he yowled.

In the blink of an eye, every cat in the Clan stood underneath the ledge.

"As you can see, we have two new faces here," he meowed.

"What are two ForestClan fleabags doing here?!" yowled a warrior.

"Be quiet, Tornleaf," growled Roaringstar. He cleared his throat, "These two have been unfairly treated in their former home in ForestClan, and have decided to join the forces of CanyonClan. Please welcome Acidpaw and Icepaw."

"What? These two are still apprentices?" asked Stormstreak, a senior warrior.

"As I said, ForestClan has treated these two like dirt," meowed Roaringstar, "They have been neglected and ignored by Pantherstar time and time again, and have not yet received their warrior names."

"How do we know if they will stay loyal?" asked Coppersky, the deputy.

"That is a question I expected," replied Roaringstar, "Of course, seeing as we've had so many fights with ForestClan already, who knows if these two will remain on our side. I have decided that I will give them two tasks to prove their loyalty. If they pass these tasks, I will give them the warrior names that they deserve."

"And what are these tasks?" asked another warrior, a yellow tom. He looked almost frightened.

Roaringstar looked around the camp. "Everyone except for the Council, you are dismissed."

Acidpaw frowned. The what?

Instantly, all the queens and apprentices disappeared, as well as some of the younger warriors. Now only a small circle of senior warriors remained: Coppersky, Stormstreak, the yellow tom from before, and a black tom with one gray leg.

Roaringstar focused his icy blue gaze on Winterflame and Acidpaw. He leaped down from the ledge and approached, lowering his voice. "The first task shall be to steal two kits and bring them here. One from ForestClan, and one from PrairieClan."

Acidpaw and Winterflame exchanged glances.

"Fair enough," meowed Acidpaw, "I'll go to PrairieClan, and Icepaw will go to ForestClan."

"What if Icepaw blabs to ForestClan?" asked another warrior, the black-furred tom with the gray leg.

"You'll just have to go with him, won't you, Smokeleg?" replied Roaringstar, "That being said, who will accompany Acidpaw?"

"I will."

Acidpaw glanced at the cat who had spoken. It was the yellow tom who looked absolutely terrified.

"Very well then, Solarfur. You shall go with Acidpaw tonight," the leader looked out into the crowd, "There isn't much to teach Acidpaw and Icepaw about hunting or fighting. They're both very good at it already. However, they most likely do not know how to climb the canyon. Someone fetch Cherrypaw and Dappledpaw. They're our oldest apprentices, and they are the best at climbing. I'd like those two to teach them."

"I'll go, sir," meowed Stormstreak.

"This meeting is over, then. You're all dismissed," Roaringbreeze padded closer Acidpaw and Winterflame, "I promise you, as soon as you have completed the two tasks I have for you, I will give you your warrior names."

Acidpaw and Winterflame bowed their heads.

"We're eternally grateful," meowed the white-furred tom.

"Thank you so much," added Acidpaw. I think I'd rather die than be named by you, you mangy pile of foxdung.

"The other apprentices are waiting. Run along, now."

They nodded. The leader made sure that the two of them joined with the two she-cat apprentices before turning and heading towards a heavily guarded den.

With Dappledpaw, Acidpaw, Winterflame, and Cherrypaw…

"Hi! I'm Dappledpaw!" meowed one of the apprentices. Her silvery-blue fur was covered in black markings, and her yellow eyes gleamed brightly, "It's nice to meet you!"

"I-I'm Cherrypaw…" stuttered the other, a small ginger she-cat. She had pale blue eyes and had a posture that reminded Acidpaw of Quietpaw, "W-welcome to C-CanyonClan."

She muttered something else, but no one could hear it.

"Could you repeat that?" asked Winterflame. His tone was gentle, but Cherrypaw jumped and hid behind Dappledpaw.

"Don't mind her," Dappledpaw told them, "She's really shy around strangers. She's not always like this. It's normally just at Gatherings."

Dappledpaw turned to her friend, speaking softly.

"Come on Cherrypaw, nothing to be afraid of. Why don't you show them to climb the canyon? Go onto the Beginner's Ledge, and we'll work our way up from there. I'll direct them from the ground."

Cherrypaw nodded quickly and bounded up onto a small ledge. Once she was up, she sat down and resumed staring at her paws.

"You have to be really careful when you're climbing up the canyon. One small wrong move, and you could easily lose your life," explained the dappled she-at, "Climb up there are join her. Like I said, this is an easy one. Go ahead, Icepaw."

Winterflame gulped. "Easy for who, though? Think of trees, think of trees…" he muttered to himself.

In a few moments, Winterflame had also made it to the ledge.

"Not too bad," meowed Dappledpaw. She glanced at Acidpaw, "Okay, it's your turn, now."

Acidpaw tentatively placed his paw on a small rock jutting out from the surface of the canyon. He looked up, searching for similar ones. When he was ready, he climbed to the next one. In no time, he was standing next to Winterflame and Cherrypaw. The ginger she-cat looked so nervous she might explode.

"Next one, now," meowed Dappledpaw, "Go on, Cherrypaw!"

In seconds, she had made it to another ledge three foxlengths higher.

Acidpaw copied her movements. He took much longer than Cherrypaw had, but he got up as well.

"Wow, you're a natural at this!" meowed Dappledpaw. She looked genuinely impressed.

It must be in my blood. Roaringstar is my grandfather, after all… thought Acidpaw, "Thank you."

"Okay, Icepaw, go on up!"

Winterflame stumbled a few times as he went up, but he reached the next ledge as well.

"Listen carefully!" Dappledpaw was shouting up at them now, "Going down is a lot harder than going up! Explain it to them, Cherrypaw!"

"I-it's going to be t-tempting to go down t-tail-first, b-but you can't," Cherrypaw muttered, nearly inaudible, "I-if you go down tail-first, y-you're not g-going to be able to see wh-where you're putting y-your paws."

"And you will fall and you will die!" finished Dappledpaw, somehow able to hear Cherrypaw's mumbling, "And you don't want that, do you?"

Cherrypaw went down first, going back exactly the way she came. Her movements were very quick, and soon enough, she was at the Beginner's Ledge again. Acidpaw followed, looking carefully at where he was putting his paws. It seemed almost instinctive, no doubt thanks to his CanyonClan blood.

Now it was Winterflame's turn. He looked petrified. Shakily, he placed a paw on what looked like a firm rock, but as soon as he put more weight on it, it crumbled and fell to the ground. Winterflame pulled his paw back.

"Just look for another one!" yowled Dappledpaw, "Come on, Icepaw, you can do it!"

"I-I-I can't." Now it was Winterflame who was stuttering.

"It's fine! Even if you fall, you're not high up enough to seriously injure yourself!"

"I can't!" repeated Winterflame, "I'm terrified of heights!"

"There isn't a single CanyonClan cat who can't do this," reasoned Dappledpaw, "Come on, try again!"


Sighing, Dappledpaw turned to Cherrypaw. "Go back up and show him step by step. We can't have a CanyonClan cat that can't climb."

Cherrypaw nodded. She climbed back onto the higher ledge with Winterflame.

Dappledpaw looked at Acidpaw. "Let's leave them. There are some other places that you can practice on, since you're quite a bit better than I expected."

Acidpaw frowned. "Are you sure you should leave her by herself? She looked like her head might pop, she was so nervous."

The silver-and-black she-cat laughed. "Don't worry about it. She needs more friends, anyways."

Dappledpaw led the way to another rocky surface of the Canyon.

"Here, we'll try Intermediate Rock…"

In a hidden cleft…

"So, my little guest," meowed the ginger tom in is usual drawling voice, "I'm sure you heard all the commotion."

Rainpaw looked up at Roaringstar. She was curled up in the furthest corner of her prison as possible. She swallowed back her tears and nodded.

"Too bad. It looked like you really cared about young Acidpaw," continued the leader. He paused, "Isn't that against the warrior code? Ah well. It's a pity he doesn't care about you."

Shut up! Rainpaw looked away, squeezing her eyes shut, Shut up! Leave me alone!

Rainpaw couldn't believe that Acidpaw would do this. Maybe… maybe he had finally reached his limit after all. She remembered that deal she made with Acidpaw way back at her first Gathering, moons ago. She had gone over her six moon promise, that was for sure, but… she couldn't believe he actually did it. He actually betrayed ForestClan.

Roaringstar laughed. "Not to worry, little Rainpaw. Very soon you'll see a change of scenery."

He turned away and began padding out of the hidden cleft. The leader nodded at Stormstreak and Coppersky, informing them to continue keeping watch over their prisoner.

It'll be the last scenery you'll ever see.

Beginner's Cleft…

It had taken a long time, but Winterflame finally mastered the art of climbing in both directions. As Cherrypaw guided him through the steps, she stuttered less and less in her explanations.

"I think you've gr-grasped the basics," she meowed.

Winterflame chuckled. "Finally."

Cherrypaw glanced at the sky. "The sun is setting. We should go b-back to the apprentice den."

The little ginger she-cat led him to a wide opening in the canyon. Acidpaw and Dappledpaw were there as well.

"Hey, welcome back, Icepaw!" meowed Dappledpaw cheerfully, "I thought you were going to be stuck up there for all eternity!"

"Ha ha. Very funny," growled Winterflame.

She nudged him. "Oh come on, don't be such a stick in the mud!" she turned towards the three other apprentices, "These are Summerpaw, Dreampaw, and Rosepaw."

"Nice to meet you!" meowed Dreampaw, a silvery blue tom, "I'm glad you're here! I was the only tom up until now!"

The other two just nodded.

"I've been wondering… why is it that you're all in the canyon right now?" asked Winterflame, "I thought you went into the desert for leaf-bare."

"Normally, we do," replied a flame-colored she-cat, Rosepaw, "But Roaringstar took a patrol out when we got there, and he told us that there were a lot of coyotes this year, and it'd be safer back in the canyon. So we came back."

"It's a good thing we did, too," added a tortoishell she-cat, Summerpaw, "With all the ForestClan attacks we've been getting."

"Attacks?" meowed Acidpaw. What is she babbling about? Every time, it's been CanyonClan who's attacked ForestClan, not the other way around!

"Yeah," Dappledpaw sighed, "Ever since that horrible ForestClan apprentice killed Blueclaw during the time that she was here for the greencough incident, we've been getting attacked nonstop. I suppose it was Pantherstar who forced you all into attacking us."

"It was," meowed Winterflame quickly, "She's a terrible leader. She doesn't even nurse her own kits."

The CanyonClan apprentices shook their heads in dismay.

"Wait," Acidpaw stopped them, "A she-cat killed Blueclaw?"

Summerpaw nodded. "Yeah. Don't you know? She was part of your Clan, too. White she-cat, some grey markings. Calls herself a medicine cat, but really, she's a brute."

Acidpaw and Winterflame exchanged alarmed glances.

Rainpaw?! It wasn't Rainpaw! thought Acidpaw, It was me! Who told them it was Rainpaw?!

"Blueclaw was a good friend," meowed Dappledpaw, "She killed him when he was sick."

"The only time when we attacked ForestClan was to take her as a hostage," explained Dreampaw, "We don't like it either, but Roaringstar said it was the only way to stop the ForestClan cats from attacking."

"Why are you telling us all this?" asked Acidpaw, "Shouldn't this be confidential information?"

All of the CanyonClan apprentices looked at him, silent. It was Cherrypaw that spoke.

"We… we feel that you n-needed to know the truth about F-ForestClan. So that you understand what they really are, a-and that you won't be tempted to g-go back."

"We would never leave this place," promised Winterflame, "Not with what all you've told us."

"I have one last question," meowed Acidpaw, "What's the Council?"

Dappledpaw blinked. "Oh? The Council? It's just Roaringstar's special name for the senior warriors. He discusses battle plans with them, and warrior names and stuff. It's not important."

"I see," replied Acidpaw calmly. He turned to Winterflame, "Icepaw and I better get going. We have those secret tasks to accomplish. Come on."

The two of them left the apprentice den.

"What was that?!" whispered Winterflame, making sure he was out of earshot, "They're so snooty, saying that it's all ForestClan's fault when really, it's theirs!"

"No," meowed Acidpaw, "It isn't."

"Are you saying you believe them?!"

Acidpaw looked into Winterflame's eyes. "Don't you get it? It's Roaringstar and that "Council" of his! It's their fault! They've been feeding the rest of this Clan false information!"

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Chapter Six:

Tag-Team: Rescuing Rainpaw

Part Two: The Tasks

Acidpaw padded across the CanyonClan border, Council Member Solarfur at his heels. They traveled in silence for a few moments, until the yellow tom finally spoke up.

"Wait, Acidpaw."

Acidpaw turned around. "What?"

Solarfur looked around nervously, making sure that no one was nearby. He leaned close to Acidpaw.

"You don't know what you're getting yourself into!" he hissed quietly.

"What are talking about?"

The Council Member looked around again. "Go home. I know ForestClan isn't guilty of all the things the apprentices have been telling you. You need to run, now, before Roaringstar controls you completely," Solarfur looked down at his paws, "Like me."

"I don't understand."

Solarfur looked desperate now. "I… I don't want to be in CanyonClan, I don't want to be on the Council, but I have no choice. There's no one to protect me if I try to defy Roaringstar. There's no one I can run to or confide in. He's taken all of my family away, and threatened me to do as he says or it will cost me my life."

"Family…?" Everything was becoming clearer and clearer in Acidpaw's mind.

"I loved my sister and my nephew very dearly," Solarfur's voice was quivering, "But Roaringstar took them away from me. You must know them. Silentstar and Jaggedpaw."

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Also, the allegiances have changed a lot since I last posted them. I think it would be helpful to have them, you know? So here they are.




Pantherstar—Yellow-cream she-cat with green eyes. Apprentice: Stripepaw.


Falconbeak—Brown tom with ginger flecks. Apprentice: Wolfpaw

Medicine Cat:

Silverdiamond—Silver-and-black she-cat with orange eyes. Mother of the three red sons. Apprentice: Rainpaw


Hawktalon—Brown tom with sharp claws and a ginger tail. Apprentice: Acidpaw and Dogpaw

Foxclaw—Ginger she-cat with white on the tip of her tail. Tigerpelt's mate. Apprentice: Indigopaw

Sharktooth—Silvery grey tom with black eyes and a white belly. Apprentice: Oceanpaw

Snakefang—Slim grey tabby whose canine teeth stick out onto his lower lip. Apprentice: Breezepaw

Lavaflame—Flame she-cat. Mistypaw, Oceanpaw, and Breezepaw's mother. Lionclaw's mate. Apprentice: Spotpaw.

Hollythorn—Dark brown tabby. Falconbeak's mate. Apprentice: Lynxpaw and Quietpaw


Feathersoul—Pale brown tabby she-cat with very soft fur and green eyes. Lightningkit and Soulkit's mother. Hawktalon's mate. Currently nursing Redkit and Lionkit.


Lightningkit—Tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Soulkit—Peculiar pure white she-cat with odd silver eyes.

Redkit—Ginger she-cat with ice blue eyes. Mirror image of her father. Quite smart for her age.

Lionkit—Cream-colored tom with green eyes. Mirror image of Lionclaw. Loves to sleep.


Acidpaw—Pitch-black tom with acid green eyes.

Spotpaw—Silver she cat with black spots.

Stripepaw—Gray tabby tom. Spotpaw's brother.

Wolfpaw—Silver she-cat.

Lynxpaw—Tortoishell she-cat.

Rainpaw—White she-cat with grey markings. Found by Silverdiamond in the rain near the river.

Oceanpaw—Sand-colored she-cat with blue-green eyes.

Breezepaw—Pale grey tom with gentle grey eyes.

Indigopaw—Energetic dark grey tabby tom with indigo eyes. Idolizes Acidpaw.

Dogpaw—Long-furred ginger-and-white tom. Formerly a kittypet.

Quietpaw—Mute tabby she-cat. She was driven out of MountainClan for being the "Carrier of the Curses".


Blindnose—Ginger tom. Oldest cat in ForestClan. He lost his sense of smell with age.

Goosefang—Ill-tempered white she-cat with a yellowish muzzle.

Duckfoot—White tom with slightly webbed toes. Goosefang's brother, as well as Pantherstar and Lionclaw's father.

Stormkit—Quiet tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Retired extremely early because of blindness.



Roaringstar—Ambitious ginger tom with blazing ice blue eyes. Father of the three red sons: Scarletleaf, Redstar, and Blazingstar.


Coppersky—Golden brown tom with blue eyes. Apprentice: Summerpaw

Medicine Cat:



Tornleaf—Rust-colored tom who is missing a chunk of his ear. Apprentice: Cherrypaw

Stormstreak—Gray tom. Apprentice: Dreampaw

Solarfur—Yellow tom. Apprentice: Dappledpaw

Smokeleg—All-black tom with one grey leg. Apprentice: Rosepaw

Morningwind—Silver she-cat. Dreampaw, Rosepaw, and Summerpaw's mother. Tornleaf's mate.


Twistedcloud—White she-cat with a curled tail. Ivorykit and Whitekit's mother. Smokeleg's mate.

Goldenstream—Golden she-cat with blue eyes. Roaringstar's mate.


Ivorykit—Off-white she-cat.

Whitekit—Smoke-colored she-cat with one white paw.


Dappledpaw—Silvery-blue she-cat with black markings and yellow eyes.

Cherrypaw—Ginger she-cat.

Dreampaw—Silvery blue tom.

Rosepaw—Flame-colored she-cat.

Summerpaw—Tortoishell she-cat


Owlear—Brown tom. Both ears were torn off in a battle as an apprentice.



Blazingstar—Ginger tom with black ears and ice blue eyes.


Orangeear—Ginger tom with a slightly paler ear. Apprentice: Seapaw.

Medicine Cat:

Whitelily—All-white she cat with some grey markings. Apprentice: Oatpaw.


Honeystripe—Dark brown tom with one stripe of gold.

Gingerfeather—Long-furred ginger tom.

Blackfire—Black tom with orange eyes. Apprentice: Berrypaw

Arctichawk—White long-furred tom with yellow eyes.


Goldentail—Tortoishell she-cat with a golden tail. Goldwhisker's sister. Blackfire's mate. Violetkit and Tigerkit's mother. Also nursing Smallkit and Sleekkit.

Mapletail—White she-cat with a brown tail. Oatpaw and Berrypaw's mother. Honeystripe's mate. Also nursing Spottedkit, Rowankit, and Nightkit.


Violetkit—Black she-cat with violet eyes.

Tigerkit—Ginger tabby with amber eyes.

Spottedkit—White she-cat with black spots.

Rowankit—Ginger she-cat with huge blue eyes.

Smallkit—Long-furred black she-cat with chocolate brown eyes.

Sleekkit—Silver she-cat with one stripe of black. A spitting image of her mother.

Nightkit—Black she-cat that takes on a blue tinge in the sun.


Seapaw—Silvery-blue tom with a sand colored ear.

Oatpaw—Pale yellow tom.

Berrypaw—Brown tom with dark blue eyes.


Reedheart—Pale brown she-cat. Joined the elders because she had her eyes clawed out by a falcon.

Copperfeather—Golden brown tom with long fur.

Spiderear—Off-white tom with one black ear.

Goldwhisker—Golden tom with golden whiskers. Retired because he can no longer use his leg properly.



Silverstar—Black tom with silver around his eyes. Very nervous and jittery.


Hawkheart—Long-furred brown tom. Basilbrook and Opalcloud's son. It is obvious that he weaseled his way into being deputy. Apprentice: Clawpaw

Medicine Cat:

Scarletleaf—Ginger tom with green-blue eyes. Apprentice: Mangledpaw


Basilbrook—Dust colored tom with dark green eyes. Apprentice: Ivypaw

Topazpelt—Dark yellow tom. Apprentice: Talonpaw

Blackspot—All-white tom with one black spot. Apprentice: Hazelpaw

Owltail—Brown tom with white flecks. He has an extremely bushy tail. Apprentice: Hollypaw

Littlebreeze—Small gray tom. Apprentice: Mosspaw

Sandbelly—White she-cat with a sand-colored belly. Hollypaw and Ivypaw's mother. Topazpelt's mate.

Marblewhisker—Tortoiseshell she-cat with black and white whiskers. Owltail's mate.


Cloudface—Black she-cat with a white face. Flameshadow's mate.

Opalcloud—White she-cat with green-blue eyes. Basilbrook's mate.


Shadowkit—Black tom with ginger patches. Looks exactly like his father (Flameshadow)


Mangledpaw—Long-furred white tom with blue eyes. Littermate of Hazelpaw, Hawkpaw, and Mosspaw.

Hazelpaw—Dark brown she-cat with hazel eyes. Basilbrook and Opalcloud's daughter.

Mosspaw—Long-furred tabby she-cat. Basilbrook and Opalcloud's daughter.

Ivypaw—Long-tailed yellow she-cat.

Hollypaw—Yellow tom with a ginger belly.

Talonpaw—Tortoishell tom with yellow paws.

Clawpaw—Brown tom with long fangs.


Roughbreeze—Battered old tabby tom.

Wetfeather—Tabby tom. His name was chosen because he often acts like a bird with wet feathers. Grumpy.

Splashlily—White she-cat with blue eyes. There are a few gray markings here and there.


Flowerheart— Golden she-cat with a mark in the shape of a daisy on her chest. Died of greencough.

Lizardfang— Gold and black tom with blazing orange eyes. Died of greencough.

Redstar—Ginger tom with blue eyes. Died of greencough

Oakstump—Grumpy honey-colored tom with a short tail. Was murdered.

Blueclaw—Gray tom whose claws were stained blue using berries. Acidpaw killed him.

Sleekbrook—Silver she-cat. Tigerfoot's mate. Died giving birth to her kits.

Tigerfoot—Ginger tabby with enormous paws. Ate deathberries.

Lionclaw—Pale cream tom. Pantherstar's brother. Former ForestClan deputy. Killed by a dog.

Shadelion—Black she-cat. She died saving Oceanpaw from a dog.

Sorrelstar—Tortoishell she-cat. Struck by lightning.

Duskfern—Dark brown tom. Died of old age.

Graykit—Ginger tabby she-cat with gray eyes. Died of hunger.

Flickerkit—Flame-colored she-cat with yellow splotches. Died of hunger.

Silentstar—Quiet golden she-cat with blue eyes. She is deaf, but can smell and see better than most cats. Some believe that she can read another's mind. Died of an "accident" where she fell off the canyon.

Flameshadow—Ginger and black tom. Killed by his own apprentice, Hawkheart.

Tigerpelt—Ginger tabby with green eyes. Foxclaw's mate. Killed by Roaringstar


???—Mysterious black she-cat with pale green eyes. She often walks in the dreams of Acidpaw and a mysterious cat named Lapis. Once walked in Spotpaw's dreams.

Cats Outside of Clans and Other Animals

Mistytail—White she-cat with a gray tail. Fled into the Twolegplace.

Jaggedtail—Tabby tom with a crooked tail. Fled from CanyonClan and into the Twolegplace with Mistytail.

Seth—Doberman responsible for Lionclaw and Shadelion's deaths and Dogpaw's injuries.

The Badger—A vicious badger living on ForestClan territory.

Ember—Savage black-furred tom with orange eyes. Responsible for the death of Whitefire.

Greenstone—Legendary grey-furred tom with emerald eyes. He is the one who saved Winterflame, Seth, Dogpaw, and Maddie back when they were at the hoarder's.

Lapis—Black she-cat with blue eyes. Not much is known about her other than she receives dreams from the same cat as Acidpaw.

Ebony—Black she-cat with pale grey eyes. Not much is known about her, other than she lives with Lapis and speaks of cats named "Jet" and "Sable".

Sable—Nothing is known about Sable other than the fact that she is extremely violent.

Jet—Nothing is known about Jet other than he annoyed Sable, and as a result, lost an ear.

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