Harry Potter/X-men crossover

Jubilee, after being kidnapped by Bastion, just after Everett dies. Jubilee and the rest of Gen X were going to spend the summer at the X-Mansion, while the Mass school was getting renovated.

There are people at the Mansion who aren't supposed to be there but this doesn't exactly fit into continuity anyway. Also, I know Jackshite about Stephen Strange, but I am twisting him for my own purposes anyway.

In Harry Potter time this is in the summer just after the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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"Excuse me Professor, but there is someone to see you." Bishop's voice crackled over the intercom.

Professor Xavier looked up from his book in surprise. He had not felt anyone approaching the estate.

"Send them in Bishop."

Almost immediately the door to his private library opened.

"Stephen! I hadn't been expecting you." Charles allowed a smile to show on his otherwise blank face as his old friend appeared. Stephan Strange, also known as the Supreme Sorcerer of Earth, brushed imaginary dust from his plain brown coat and walked stiffly to the chair that faced his telepathic friend. By his wording, it wasn't that hard to tell that the Professor wanted to know why the Sorcerer had come to the house under a telepathic shield.

"Hello Charles. I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a hurry, so you must forgive me for being so abrupt. And I came the way I did because I did not want to draw attention from your students. I come with a message from the Ministry of Magic."

Charles Xavier's eyebrows rose in shock. Even though he himself was of a Muggle family who had often bred wizards for the various schools, the last of which had been fifty-eight years ago, the Ministry was not often mentioned, as there were no more children in the Xavier blood line and no more were likely to be bred.

"You haven't been around the Magic peoples of this world lately so you probably have never heard about the Lost Witch of the Pyronian?" Charles shook his head and Stephen gave a world-weary sigh. "Let me start at the beginning. Thirteen years ago, nearly fourteen now, Lord Voldemort, you have heard of him? Good. Anyway, nearly fourteen years gone, a young boy defeated Lord Voldemort; an infant named Harry Potter. But just a few weeks before that defeat Voldemort attacked a highly acclaimed witch by the name of Janelle. Jae was married to a Muggle man who came from a family much like your own. It was not unusual for wizards and witches to come from that family, and married to a strong witch, it was no wonder that they had a very strong daughter. Just after she was born, it became obvious that the young girl was a true Pyronian."

"And that would be?"

"A Pyronian is someone who deals in the realms of Fire, Creation, Destruction and Psychic ability as if they already knew all they needed to know about these powers and just had to remember. They often deal with Dragons and the Great Phoenixes best because of these natural abilities.

"At first it was impossible to tell if she really was Pyronic because at the age of two weeks she had befriended a water nymph and had talked a Grindylow into letting go of her father after he had fallen in to the pond in their back yard. At TWO WEEKS! Even if she wasn't Pyronian they knew she would be a powerful witch. A Sorceress even. Then, during a visit with her mother to Gringotts, one of the guard dragons got into a conversation with the little girl. Completely ignored the mother or the fact that he was talking to a two week old, just asked how she liked the world so far and what she thought of the gold patterns it had just had magically put on to its scales. It became obvious then that she was Pyronic."

During this long speech, he had stood up and begun to pace. Now he stopped dead and sat back down again.

"Well a girl that powerful would obviously become a very great Sorceress, and that she was a Pyronian with Water powers made her even more special. And this special-ness attracted the attention of Voldemort. He attacked her family when she was three months old, his intention had been to take her and raise her to obey him, or so he declared to his followers just before the attack. He hadn't reckoned on the little girl staying over night at her godmother's house to give her parents a night off."

"Voldemort killed the girls parents, but the girl got away?" Charles laced his hands together and rested his chin on them. Though he had no idea where Stephen was going with this, he was intrigued and willing to listen.

"Yes, and not in anyway the Ministry expected. Apparently after his attack on Janelle and her husband, he went to find the girl at her godmothers', but the dragons had beat him to it. The Godmother had been taken to a witch safe-house and the baby had been taken to the home of a Muggle family who were well versed in the laws of Dragon's though they knew nothing about Witches and Wizards. Ever since, no one had been able to find a trace of the girl until the dragons sent a message to the Ministry that she was now ten years old and ready to go to one of the Schools."

He sat in silence for a full minute and then suddenly burst out.

"The girls foster parents were slaughtered the day before the Post Owl arrived with the invitation. The girl once again disappeared. That was four years ago. The girl became known as the Lost Witch of Pyronian. And she had so far remained lost until one month ago when her presence was felt as she attended a funeral."

Xavier's eyes widened in suspicion.

"Why couldn't she be found?"

"Because she has Stealth Shields, Charles. A mixture of both mutant and Magic that is so strong no one could have found her."

Xavier closed his eyes and then opened them in shocked recognition.

"Jubilation Lee. She's a Witch."

"Yes. And now that she had been found it is time to reintroduce her to her natural heritage."

Charles Xavier, Professor X, the most formidable telepath on the planet, lowered his head and closed his eyes in resignation. He was about to lose another student. If she had already lost three years of training, she would spend the next two years or so trying to catch up, leaving no time for her family.

Lifting his head he nodded and opened his mind.

~ Jubilation. Please come to my office immediately. ~

One hour later.

Jubilee walked in shock up to her bedroom and, on automatic pilot, began to stuff her clothes and treasured things into a suitcase.

She was a witch. Her parents were not really her parents. She was a witch. A mad wizard had slaughtered her real parents. She was a witch. She had been rescued by Dragons and sent to live with a foster home.

"I'm a Witch." Tears welled up in her eyes as she realised that she was not really Jubilation Lee. She was Jubilation…what was her last name? 'Guess I'll have ta ask Dr Strange, later. I wonder if my first name is really Jubilation?' She finished packing and looked around her room. There were still posters on the walls and clothes in the cupboard but other then that it was bare. There were no longer little ornaments on her bedside table and her favourite pillowcase with the stars and moon on it had disappeared into the bag.

Shivering in apprehension, she moved out the door, bag over her shoulder and walked down the stairs. She knew she wouldn't bump into anyone, they were all in the dining room having lunch. The reason she was leaving now was because she would not be seen leaving and her friends would not be allowed to ask awkward questions she was forbidden answer.

"All set?" Stephen watched as the young Asian trudged slowly down the stairs.

"Yeah, sure." She turned silently to the Professor and lent over to kiss him good by. "I'll send a letter every week."

"We say sending an owl." For a second Jubilee looked rebellious and then her lips quivered into a small smile.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'll send you an owl. I can just imagine an owl tapping on your window in the middle of the night." The two men smiled in response and then Jubilee was ushered out of the house and into Stephen's waiting car.

"Professor? Where, might I ask, is Jubilee going?" The Professor turned in his hover chair to see Bishop standing by the door holding his third biggest gun.

'Or is it his second biggest?'

"Jubilee just found out that she still had family. She has gone with Dr Strange to meet them." He looked at the burly security officer who had once told him Jubilee would be the greatest of the X-men. "Bishop? What do you know of Magic?"

Bishop gave a strangled yelp, and then settled down as it dawned on him.

"The rumours sometimes said that she was Magic, but others said she just had extra mutant powers." He looked after the departing car that was just turning past the gates. "…She really does have magic?"

"Stephen is going to train her. We will not see her for a long time and the most we will be allowed to hear from her is a letter every once in a while. No one must be allowed to know that she is learning magic, Bishop. Not even Logan or Emma." Bishop nodded and headed back in side. He would wait until the last X-men returned, and resume guarding her then. Until that time he had upwards of thirty other X-People to keep alive.

New York City

"Wow. Nice pad, dude."

"Judging from the amount of awe I can feel coming from you, you are impressed?" Stephen put his briefcase down on the lounge room table and watched the girl prowl around his penthouse in the fashion of a Wolverine trained ninja.

"Totally. I thought only Wings and Frostie had this kind of money. With the 'ception of the Prof. But he doesn't do penthouses. He usually just buys a townhouse and we stay there for however long it's needed." She stopped prowling in front of a mirror. It was one of the few magic mirrors that were spread around the room.

An old silver frame worked in the shapes of roses and thorns, with a dragon rising out of the petals of the rose that sat at the top of the mirror.

He watched as she lifted a hand to touch the dragon, and suddenly recoiled away from it, walking to the other side of the room and pretending nothing had happened. Stephen watched her rub her hand as if it was burned and returned his sight to the mirror itself. Opening up his Second Sight, he noticed that an aura was hovering around the dragon. Looking at the girl once more he noticed that her own aura was identical to the one around the silver dragon.


"What?" Stephen looked up at the girl again as he realised he had said that out loud.

"What did you feel when you tried to touch it?" He indicated the dragon carving. She looked as if she wouldn't answer, then seemed to remember that she was talking to a Sorcerer.

"Heat, cold, numbness and the feeling that now would not be a good time." She glared at him. "Where'd ya get that thing?"

He gave her an amused look as he tried to figure out what her response could have meant.

"Hmm? Oh, it belonged to you great-grandmother. She gifted it to me in her will, it's twin mirror went to your grandmother, and was passed down to your mother and now it belongs to you. At the moment though it is held safe in the main branch of the Wizard bank, Gringotts." He gave her another smile and looked pointedly at the dragon figure. "You may or may not remember befriending a Guard-Dragon there. You were only two weeks old then."

She blinked in disbelief and looked at the mirror one more time before she sat down by the window that over looked Ellis Island.

"So. What am I going to be learning and when do we start. You did say something about learning three years work in one year right?"

"Right. Here." He walked stiffly over to the bookshelf and grabbed the beginner book Minister Fudge had said to start her from.

"A History of Magic. Cool. You want me to read this contents to index, right?" She seemed not the least bit disturbed by this.

"I was under the impression you didn't like to read." They gave each other calculating looks. She seemed to come to a decision about something.

"Alright, I'll tell. I keep people thinking I'm dim on purpose. If someone underestimates you it gives you the upper hand in a fight. The only reason I'm telling you is that you want me to learn everything in a short time. It's easier without you having a coronary every time I finish a book or perfect a spell or something." He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Dude, I'm a straight A student who happens to be one of the best hackers on the planet and alternately lives with a Psychology Professor, a Geneticist and a lot of other brains. You can't survive around the X-men without picking up a lot of boring, yet useful information." He raised his other eyebrow at her.

She sighed in annoyance.

"Fine, already! I'm an insomniac, ok? I've read every single book in both X-school libraries. I can survive on two hours of sleep a night. Hank says I'm nearly nocturnal."

"You probably are nocturnal. Pyronian witches tend to be night-dwellers. They are also the best stargazers and get along very well with the Centaurs."

"Oh." This revelation seemed to make her happier. "Cool, so I get to make friends with the Horse-people? Major." She leant back against the wall and looked out the window again, then opened the book and started to read. She stopped and looked at him one more time. "Any chance of lunch before I dive head first into the great world of magic?"

"I'll call room service and have them send something up. My room is down the hallway to the left and there are two more to the right that you can choose from." He took his coat off and walked to the phone. "We'll have lunch and then we can go down to one of the Wizard Alleys to get the things you'll need to learn with."

"Cool." She went back to her book and he rang room service, not quite sure how he was going to deal with this strange girl.

'Damn, unflappable mutants.'