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Summary: After defeating the Dark Lord Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy decide to escape the wizarding world for good, with the help of Draco's father they decide to move to the small town of Forks, Washington.

Pairings: Harry x Emmett , Draco x Edward , Carlisle x Esme , Rosalie x Jasper x Alice

xXx There will also be Bella bashing because I hate her. xXx


Harry Potter was on his way to Forks, Washington with his best friend Draco Malfoy They have been friends since the beginning of fourth year after they settled their differences, Harry could remember when they first became friends.


Late one night Draco was walking past an empty classroom and heard hushed whispers coming from inside, curiosity getting the better of him he leaned in close enough to figure out the voices where that of the Weasel and Granger thinking that they were having a lovers spat he was about to leave: until he heard Harry's name being mentioned, listening closer he could make out some of the words that where being said, "Dumbledore...Money...Potter..Plan..?"

Having heard enough he turned to leave only to come face to face with a red eyed Harry Potter, wiping his eyes angrily Harry turned and ran.

Coming out of his shock at seeing the Great Harry Potter cry Draco took off after him .After looking almost everywhere for Harry, Draco finally came across the Room of Requirements the sight he came upon would make even the coldest of Slytherin's heart break: Harry was sitting in front of the fire place crying, he looked like a broken child asking why over and over again it was just so sad, making his way over to sit beside him Draco pulled the crying teen into his arms.

A little while later after Harry calmed down he finally asked Draco why, "Because," Draco said, "Those Bloody gits only wanted to be your friends for the fame and money."

Nodding his head a little Harry agreed, "So If I asked you to be my friend would you accept it?" Draco answered after a little while when he calmed down.

Not getting an answer he looked down at Harry and saw the first smile of the day on his face, his whole face shining through the tears and Draco couldn't help but smile to.

That day was the day Harry lost two so called friends, and gained a brother.

Their friends on the other hand didn't like it one bit, especially Ron and Hermione, Draco's friends got over it quickly though after he told them to sod off.

Harry on the other hand was having a bit more trouble with his friends, or should I say ex-friends, he quit being friends with them in fourth year the day he and Draco over heard them talking about Dumbledore's plan and how they were being paid to be his friends.

After Harry calmed down later that day they decided that after Voldemort was defeated they would leave the wizarding world for good.

Draco's father Lucius Malfoy, who now thought of Harry as a second son, said he would help them find somewhere to go far away from everything that has to do with magic ,after searching through some maps they finally came across the small town of Forks, Washington.


So that's where they are now on an airplane heading to Forks.

Too caught up in his thoughts Harry didn't realize they landed, until he felt someone shaking him, "What is it?"

"Were here get up." he heard Draco say.

Sighing Harry grabbed his stuff and headed off the plane. Stepping off the platform he notices a brand new midnight blue Lamborghini, "Hey, Dray whose is that?"

"That my lovely is our new car, well mine actually yours is at the manor."

"Hey I thought you didn't like anything muggle?" Harry answered confused as to why Draco would use something so muggle.

"Well, Harry dear, we can't just apparate everywhere now can we? Besides I have to get over my hate for muggles if we want to live a normal life. Don't ya think I'm doing well so far?" Draco replied.

"Yeah, yeah let's just get out of here I want to see my new home."

After they packed all their stuff in the trunk and got settled they got in and left the airport.

On their way they noticed a sign that said 'WELCOME TO FORKS' in big letters.

Harry looked out the window at the place that's going to be his new home and hoped that everything would be alright.