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When Severus Snape decides to switch sides after hearing part of the prophecy Moody knows he has to speak to the young man to make sure Dumbledore has made the right choice. He is a feared Auror and in this fiction Severus Snape is going to find out exactly why he is feared and it is not going to be for any reason Severus Snape would have expected.


Chapter One: The Dark Prisoner:

Hogwarts: November 1981:

Alastor Moody knew the war was not over, hell he knew Voldemort would be back. He knew his old friend Albus Dumbledore knew that too. Which was why he probably had taken the Snape boy under his wing and was now having the boy apprentice with Slughorn for a year or so before he took over as head of Slytherin and potions teacher. So much prestige for such a young poor boy from the slums if Moody remembered correctly, if not for his mother and father having put aside enough for Snape to come to Hogwarts the boy would have shown up in patched and ragged robes as so many of the pureblood families who had fallen on hard times did. No matter the boy was dangerous, had been in school if the rumors were correct, yet nothing could be pinned on the boy. The heads of houses thought highly of him but did not do much to curb his anger or that of four other boys hell bent on trying to kill each other.

Alastor sat in his chair in the headmaster's office calmly, the boy would be brought to him and both he and Dumbledore knew this had to be done. The two men could not have looked more different, Moody was of average height for his day, a powerfully built man under his Auror robes and dragonskin armor. He had one real leg and as his right leg ended just below the knee (courtesy of a now dead death eater) he had one fashioned of oak that ended in a clawed foot. His face was so scared and savaged due to his long time practice of doing all he could to take his prisoners alive so he could learn what they knew (and he really did not like killing if he could avoid it) he had got many a scar from very powerful wizards and the old witch or two. His long grizzled gray hair hung about his face and he had one normal beady eye and one vivid blue magical one again courtesy of a death eater. Dumbledore was a tall lean man clad today in robes of blue with silver stars on them. He had long silvery hair and beard that came to his waist, a long nose that had been broken several times in his youth and behind half moon spectacles twinkling blue eyes.

"I don't want you hurting him." Dumbledore said, "he has been through too much as it is."

"Much his own fault." Moody replied, "as an Auror and head of the dark arts division I must take him, if what you say is true about the boy I will bring him back to you. If not I will personally kill him, there will be no choice in the matter."

"I understand, but you know my power, you know I searched his mind fully and put him under an oath." Dumbledore replied.

"Yes you should have done a blood oath not one on relics." Moody growled.

"Blood oaths are dark and evil, no my boy swore on what he sees as sacred, he would never betray me." Dumbledore replied.

"I will find the truth from this boy of yours." Moody said.

"Very well, he will go with you, I will call him." Dumbledore said going to the fireplace.

He threw a pinch of floo powder on the fire and called out Snape's quarters and stepped back. In a moment a shape spinning in the fireplace stopped and a young man clad all in black stepped from the flames, dusted off his robes and stood up. Moody was shocked at how young this boy looked, he could not be hardly any older than a seventh year! He was tall, lean with long black hair that hung parted like curtains on either side of his lean pale face. He had a large hooked nose and his eyes were black as night and showed little emotion. His robes were plain black and he had just managed to get new boots, these were black dragonskin, just what a potions maker like him dearly needed. What Moody did not know was they were a gift from Lucius Malfoy, one of Snape's mentors and friends from his time in school. Snape turned those black emotionless eyes on Moody and he knew what he was here for. Snape looked to the headmaster and Moody saw a hint of fear in those dark eyes.

"Headmaster you wished to see me?" Snape asked, his rich deep voicing not matching his boyish, common looks at all.

"Yes, you know the law Severus, Auror Moody will conduct the interrogation." Dumbledore said.

"I am going to Azkaban then?" Snape replied a deep sadness about him.

"No, I don't need that place to interrogate, too full of Dementors to get a proper interrogation." Moody said glad to see that the boy could show fear no matter how faint. "You cooperate and it will go well, don't an ye know what I kin do to ye as an Auror."

"Headmaster?" Snape said almost as a plea.

"It is the law, you have to go." Dumbledore said, "even my vouching for you cannot keep Alastor from his right to interrogate you."

"Yes headmaster, I will go." Snape said.

"It would be best if I have you leave your wand and empty your pockets here." Dumbledore said and with a look he stifled Moody's protest. "I will return them to you when you are brought back."

"Yes headmaster." Snape said.

"Come boy, in here, no-one need see ye taken out by me." Moody said motioning to a trunk that he had opened with his wand.

Snape gave Dumbledore one last pleading look but did as he was told. He landed in a small stone room and curled up in a corner wondering just how badly he was to be tortured. A few hours later he was allowed out of the trunk with no idea where he was. He did not dare look at Moody, he kept his eyes on the floor as he was sure he was going to get hit. Moody had to process him before anything else and as he knew potions masters had plenty of ways of inventing potions to resist interrogation he would go through strict precautions with this one time death eater. Just because Snape had pledged loyalty to Dumbledore did not mean he was not still dangerous. That was why Moody did what he did next, he called over three goblins who guarded this smaller but no less guarded prison and ordered Snape to go with them. He was led to a bare stone room with a toilet cube in the corner, drain in the floor and showerhead in the corner, Snape knew what was coming and felt sick at the thought of the humiliation.

"Ye know the drill boy, get undressed." Moody said from the doorway taking a swig from his hip flask.

"Sir I am loyal." Snape said starting to panic, he had heard about Aurors with certain tastes and he did not want to find out if Moody was that kind of Auror. "I will swear on anything just please…"

"Boy if ye think I am that kind of man ye are no' as bright as I thought." Moody snarled. "I am no rapist boy, that kind of thing is best left fer yer kind."

"I never did, I could not!" Severus said looking scared and defiant all at once.

"Just do as yer told, no-one here will do anything like that to ye, but I will give ye a beating if ye do not do as ye are told."

"We don't like humans that way." A goblin grinned nastily, "more like in the pot stewed up nice and tender."

"Enough Raga." Moody growled, "no eating anyone on my watch."

Severus got undressed hating every moment of this. He was very modest and hated this kind of thing, he very nearly started to panic as he remembered a horrible so called "prank" pulled on him in his fifth year. If Flitwick had not come by and saved him from total humiliation he hated to think what those boys would have done to him. Now there was no rescue and he was forced to strip naked and toss his clothing into the bin beside the door. He covered himself with his hands as Moody walked around him wand out looking over his captive. He saw Snape did take good care of himself, he was very lean but had good muscle structure and was well proportioned in limb and body. He had little hair on his body and was very pale, the dark mark was very faint on his arm, just a gray outline and Moody did not like it much. The boy was mostly unscarred and clearly in good health despite his sallow completion.

"Now fer the fun part." Moody said taking out a vial, "ye may not like this part."

"Not poison please!" Severus said backing from Moody.

"Boy that is enough! This is not poison, only a purging draught, ye must think I am a monster, I am not, I will interrogate you boy, an if ye step out of line beat ye. However you speak the truth t' me an are cooperative it will go well with ye."

"I have not taken anything…"

"Just take this and shut up!" Moody snapped grabbing Snape who went rigid at the move and took the potion as he knew he had no choice, "good boy, now ye do no' need a beating."

He left Severus in the cold stone room and Severus started to react to the potion. It was the most powerful purging drought known and he spent the next day emptying his system of everything. Between vomiting and emptying his bowels to sweating he was surprised there was anything left of him at the end of the ordeal. The goblins were of no help, true they came and got him cleaned up but they were not nice about it, jeering at him, calling him names and abusing him as much as they were allowed. They forced him to shower not allowing him any privacy and when done they left him naked, cold and wet in the room. Severus was not allowed even to curl up in the corner but was forced to sit in the center of the room. Here he remained cold, angry, scared and humiliated at his treatment and this is how Moody found him, shivering, naked and curled up as best he could.

"So seems the goblins do listen." Moody said doing his best to keep the boy on edge, it was best with interrogation, torture was not as effective as what the muggles used and he had studied muggle interrogation ways and found them better than the torture that was still, still! Used by many Aurors, but not in Moody's division, he would not allow it as that made them as bad as Voldemort. "Then again ye probably would not make a good morsel for them."

"Sod off." Severus snapped really not caring what happened now.

"Excuse me but what did ye say boy?" Moody asked coming up and nudging Severus with his staff. "You been disrespectful boy? Ye wan' t' have me beat ye?"

"I doubt the headmaster would approve, that is the reason you cannot torture me isn't it?" Severus said believing this was the reason Moody had not tortured him as yet. "You promised the headmaster."

"Boy…" Moody reached down and grabbed the boy by the ear getting a yelp of protest and getting Severus's attention as he drug him to his feet and out the door. "That is enough boy ye will learn to cooperate or you will never see Hogwarts again! I have the' power to send ye to Azkaban, ye wan' that boy?"


"No what boy?"

"No sir." Severus bit out.

"Good, now put this on, an' sit down!"

Moody shoved a gray prison robe and Severus who put it on and looked at it disdainfully. It was four inches too short in the leg and wrist and was too loose but it was that or Severus would go naked and Moody knew the boy did not want that. Severus took a seat and Moody bound him to the chair before he took a seat across the table from the boy. He would leave Severus like this for a few hours to wear down the boy enough to start talking. In the meantime Moody had tea prepared for him by the only person, rather elf he trusted and proceeded to have tea before a very hungry and probably thirst young boy. Oh he would not starve Severus but he would bring him into line and one way to get his attention and bring him into line was to use mind games like this. The smell of food and drink did get Severus's attention and he watched as the aged Auror enjoyed his tea while he was so very hungry and thirsty!


Like I said Moody is not going to torture Severus, what he has done had to be done. He had to detox the young potions master if you will and he will keep him in line. As stated above he will not use torture or anything like it, no but he will get Severus to fear and respect him in the end. He already has him fearing him and he has not even beat him, hexed or tortured him at all. The majority of the processing techniques are in line with modern police departments around the world and are used even in my homeland of America. All but the purging drought but Severus is a potions master and this was really the only way to make sure he had no poisons or antidotes to Veritaserum in him.