There was someone knocking on his door. He grumbles as he crawls out of bed; he checks the kitchen clock on the way to the front door. It is one in the morning, who the hell would visit him that early? Bones. That was all that came to his mind. His pace quickened at the thought something bad happened to his partner. Finally reaching the door, he yanked it open only to reveal someone entirely different. His eyes quickly glanced over the small petite girl before coming to the conclusion she was not hurt or in need of help.

"Hi, is there something I can help you with?" he asked being polite.

She did not say anything but instead hand him a note. He took it, his eyes never leaving her dark sad ones. 'Who is she?' is all that ran through his head. The note now in his hands, he opens it warily taking his eyes off her.

Dear Booth,

Remember me, Cecilia from Chemistry. Yea I thought so. Moreover, remember that night…mhmmm yea. Well the girl in front of you is the REAL reason I left in senior year. Ma and Pa were ashamed of and did not want everyone to find out. She is your daughter, take all the blood tests you want but just look at her and say she is not your daughter. After all, she acts a lot like you than anyone else I know. Oh, by the way, she is a straight A+ student but her grades tie-in with her emotions and since I am dead (well you know what I mean) her grades will start slipping. Make sure to keep her on track, make her happy. Connect with her. I know it will take time but you will become close.

Love, Cecilia

He stared at the note for what seemed like hours. The girl let out a small sneeze; she immediately regretted it because Booth returned his attention back to her. She was wearing a normal black jacket, blue jeans and black boots. The black jacket contrasted greatly against her beautiful pale skin. Her lips were turning blue, probably from the freezing temperature outside. She stood there waiting to be invited in; her hands frozen on the black straps of her red duffle bag that held everything she had. A few shirts and pants neatly folded, the large photo album that held memories that were truly dear to her, and then there was her favorite old teddy her mother gave her when she was a child. Ma told her that her daddy gave to it to Ma when they went to the state fair. Now she was standing there in front of her dad, she had no clue how to feel. She was just a bundle of mixed emotions. After five minutes of staring at each other not speaking, he finally took her in.


Special Agent Seeley Booth walked into the Jeffersonian as usual but today was different. Today he is to introduce his newly found daughter to everyone. He looked over at the sweet nervous child next to him. He took the weekend off just to talk to her and get to know her. It was awkward at first but they warmed up to each other. She seemed to be okay, not so depressed; seemed to be the key words there. She was wearing a thick gray wool jacket with large gray buttons, black denim jeans, and soft knee-high brown boots. Her fair wavy hair cascaded down to her lower back. The girl was twiddling with her large beady necklace as they approached the large sterile platform occupied by five people: four wearing blue lab coats and the other wearing a nice black suit. Booth put a hand on her shoulder, "Do not worry, everyone will like you."

She gave him a small smile, still playing with her necklace. Booth slid a card in a card ID matching ting and walked up the steps, the girl followed close behind him onto the platform. All heads popped up at him but all eyes were soon on her.

"Hi Booth," said a woman with a tight brown bun. "Is she related to our latest victim?"

"Hey Bones, no she is not," Booth said with a small smile. The girl bit her lip, a habit she had when she got nervous. Booth looked back at her; he put his arm around her shoulders and pushed her forward slightly. "She is my daughter."

All their jaws fell to the floor, eyes wide in shock.


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