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Donna Noble had always been sensible.

She'd gone through most of her life, taking precautions at almost every turn. With a mother like hers, it was hardly surprising, but it never occurred to anyone that Donna Noble of all people would make such a life changing mistake.

That one day, she'd suddenly come face to face with every single woman's worst nightmare.

Otherwise know as, the Pregnancy test.

Fortunately, she'd never needed it for herself before, but she'd been there for her a few of her friends when they'd needed it.

It had rarely been pretty, even when it showed up as negative. Just looking at the thing had made her and her many friends sick with worry in their teen years.

She'd been there when Eva and Diana took their pregnancy tests. She'd held them as they trembled in her arms, and joined in their relief when the negative turned up sounding the all clear.

But Janine hadn't been so lucky. Donna, along with Diana, had taken her to the abortion clinic herself.

Donna had promised herself that day that she would never find herself in that situation.

Now it looked like she had.

Stupid! Idiot! Why had she let her guard down? She'd always been so careful...

She froze.

What if she was pregnant?

… What would the father think?

She wasn't sure he would want a baby, let alone one with her. Sleepless nights and constant crying, and nappy changing... she was certain he wouldn't want that.

He was nice, and she'd practically fallen in love with him on sight, but she didn't know him. Not really. Not enough to know whether she could rely on him to help her.

Then what about her life in the TARDIS?

She began to tremble.

No! She couldn't leave! But she couldn't stay either, not with a baby! Running from a rampaging monster while trying to bottle feed a wailing baby wasn't exactly ideal...

No. If she had a baby, she couldn't stay on the TARDIS.

Donna's thoughts came to rest on her other options, and she felt even more ill.

Adoption or Abortion.

The two A's that resulted in tears and regrets.

She couldn't give a baby up for adoption, she knew she couldn't. She wasn't strong enough; she'd seen the wreck her friend's cousin had become.

"What's wrong with Jess?" She'd asked her friend Namita once, who just looked sad.

"She gave her baby up for adoption. She's regretted it ever since."

There was no way Donna would be able to cope with that at the back of her mind, that little voice reminding her she had a child out there somewhere, calling someone else Mummy... No, she just couldn't do it!

Abortion... Donna felt sick. Janine's face when she stepped out of that room... it would haunt Donna until the day she died. It had been an internal war within to bring herself to put a comforting arm around her, when the word "MURDERER" blazed before her eyes in blood red.

But Donna hadn't judged Janine. How could she? Janine had only been sixteen, they had both been. They'd both seen those teenage girls pushing babies along in prams, dark circles under their eyes and....

'No! You're not a teenager anymore!' Donna thought angrily, but she was still scared.

And now it seemed she had no options left to consider.

Each option that came up, she had discarded hastily, knowing either that she just couldn't bring herself to do it, or she just didn't want to.

A small beeping noise alerted Donna from her thoughts, who gulped.

It all relied on this moment.

It would either make her, or break her.

When Donna finally brought up the courage to look at the Pregnancy test, she sat in silence staring at it for a few seconds, before bursting into tears.

There, as clear as day, were two little blue lines. Insignificant to anyone who didn't know the drill, but to Donna, it was everything she just didn't want to deal with.

Donna Noble was pregnant.

"Donna?" A voice called from outside the door. "Are you alright? You've been in there ages."

"I'm fine!" Donna insisted, but she wasn't fine. It was anything but fine.

There came a moment of silence.

"Donna, let me in."

"I told you I'm fine!" Donna continued, but tears were pouring out of her eyes, and her voice was going higher and higher with every syllable.

"Donna, I'm coming in."

"No!" Donna yelled. "I'm fine!"

She could hear the buzzing of the sonic screw driver, and before she could do anything, the Doctor had burst in.

And Donna still had the pregnancy test in her hand.

The Doctor saw it, and his eyes widened.

He knew what it meant.

She knew what it meant.

But what came next?


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