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There was a knock on the TARDIS, and the Doctor went to open it. He wasn't surprised, he was always guaranteed a visit when he landed on Earth, but it was still a little unnerving opening the door, to find standing there was a gorgeous nineteen year old girl with flaming red hair and deep blue eyes that could capture any boy they fancied.

Blimey, his Goddaughter had to be a heart breaker as well a trouble maker.

"Tiffany." The Doctor said happily. "How'd you find me?"

She rolled her eyes; it was typical of the Doctor. Most people liked to ask how you were, but the Doctor? He liked to find out instantly how you'd found him, as if he were some sort of competitor in a world wide game of hide and seek!

"Doctor Detector." She said. "Dad made another one when your ear got cut off." And sure enough, she showed the Doctor a glass case, bubbling with an eerie blue liquid in it around an amputated ear. It made the Doctor ill just looking at it.

"Lovely." The Doctor said, obviously disgusted. "A lovely man your father, with an interesting choice of souvenirs might I just add..."

"You promised me when I was ten that as soon as I was old enough you'd take me to see the Universe, like you did with Mum." Tiffany interrupted, getting straight to the point.

The Doctor paled, but he quickly pulled himself up straight and crossed his arms, trying to give an air of authority but failing miserably. Realising this, he sighed, and leant against the doorway of his beloved TARDIS with a scowl.

"I only said that so you'd stop throwing that temper tantrum!" He reminded her, at which she smirked mischievously. "You refused to let go of my hair! What else was I supposed to do?!"

Tiffany giggled as the Doctor ran a paranoid hand through his thick brown hair, as if trying to protect it should she try to make a grab for it again.

"I always did know how to get my way." She said with a grin. "But I've grown out of hair pulling and temper tantrums."

The Doctor snorted in disbelief, and then raised an eyebrow.

"How old are you anyway? Nineteen? Still a bit young don't you think?"

Tiffany snorted.

"I'm the same age as Aunty Rose when you took her on." She pointed out. "Is she in? Because I'm sure she'd support my decision!"

"She's sleeping." The Doctor said after a minute, scowling at his Goddaughter. She really was a little pest! But then he smiled.

It always made him happy to remember Rose was back with him, and as immortal as Jack and Tiffany were. After journey's end he'd thought she would live a normal life with his human metacrisis, but eventually he'd died and she was still as young as ever. He'd always be thankful Pete had still kept the one dimension canon so she could come back and find him.

She'd been furious of course, that he'd stranded her and made her live through her husband dying, but at long last they were together, and would be for all eternity as far as the Doctor was concerned.

"Well then, I'm coming." Tiffany said mischievously. "I'm sure Aunty Rose would approve, and since neither of us want to wake her up, I think we should both just agree that you're stuck with me!" She smiled smugly.

The Doctor stared at her with indecision, before sighing, giving in.

"If I'd known this when Donna made me your Godfather, I wouldn't have bothered sticking around." The Doctor said with a groan.

Tiffany tutted, ever the optimist.

"I doubt that Godfather, you love me way too much." She said grinning happily, with a wink that screamed 'Captain Jack Harkness' daughter'!

But she was right, the Doctor did love her, everyone did. It was impossible not to love someone with Jack's easy going manner, and Donna's cheeky retorts... She certainly took after both parents!

"But if I take you on, Geoff will only want to come too when he bloody turns nineteen!" He pointed out. Good grief, he was going to get stuck with all Jack's offspring! He shuddered at the thought of hundreds of mini Jack's storming the TARDIS....

Although he had to bear in mind, Geoff was more of a mini male version of Donna, with the same fiery temper. It was marvel to everyone how messy he was, but both Jack and the Doctor could testify to the fact that Donna herself was an extremely messy person as well, although she always denied it, claiming temps weren't messy!

"And his girlfriend." Tiffany added with relish. "He's adamant that Carys gets to come too." She rolled her eyes. "It makes me gag every time I catch them at it in the weevil cells!"

The Doctor cringed, that was information he could have lived the rest of his life out without knowing.

"Carys is Gwen's kid right?" He asked, wondering how her daughter got away with it with Gwen working for Torchwood herself.

"Yeah." Tiff said. "She's only a couple of months younger than Geoff, and they're both nearly eighteen." She added, sensing the Doctor's non-verbal question.

The Doctor sighed.

"Well, you can come, but only if you promise that you'll behave, and that you'll talk your little sister Danielle out of coming when she's old enough!"

"Oh she won't, Mum's made sure of that." Tiff teased. "Mum refuses to let all her children go off with you." She rolled her eyes. "Besides, she already wants to work for Torchwood, bless her heart, but she's only nine! She hasn't a clue how much paperwork there is to do, unlike travelling! Not to mention cleaning the weevil cells, feeding Myfanwy, dealing with Owen, and..."

"I'm beginning to think you'd be the wrong person to persuade her to stick with Torchwood." The Doctor interrupted. "You sure this is OK with your parents?"

"Yes." Tiffany lied, crossing her fingers behind her back. She was ever the trouble maker, and this was her only chance to escape the punishment surely awaiting her. Not that she didn't want to see the Universe, because of course she did, but at the moment getting away before they caught up with her was top of her priorities.

"Well you better come aboard then." The Doctor said reluctantly, standing aside to let her in.

He had a feeling he'd soon live to regret it, but he quickly brushed it off. Underneath all that troublemaking, Tiffany was a good girl at heart.

As the TARDIS disappeared, Donna could be seen running up to it.

"TIFFANY COME BACK THIS INSTANCE!" She yelled, before groaning, and going back into the hub.

Jack laughed as she walked in empty handed.

"Didn't catch her in time then?" Jack asked, smiling proudly from where he stood with a mop. How Tiffany had managed to explode that gloop Donna had no idea, but it had gone everywhere!

"Damn right I didn't." Donna said, with a sigh. "How'd we end up with such a troublemaker?"

"That's my girl!" Jack said cheerfully. "Come on Donna; don't pretend you're not even the slightest bit impressed."

Donna scowled, but she couldn't hold it for long. Within seconds she was grinning just as proudly.

"Of course I'm impressed, but you won't catch me telling her that!" She laughed. "She reminds me so much of myself at her age!" She smiled fondly. "Do you remember what I said, right when she was born?"

Jack's smile fell.

"'Don't come bloody near me Jack Harkness or I will tear your heart out through your kneecaps?'"

"No, after that!" Donna said, rolling her eyes. When Jack didn't say anything, she sighed. "I said to her, 'you're always going to be my little baby girl, no matter what'." She sighed. "I should have added, 'unless you explode a ridiculous amount of green slobbery gloop in the hub, and abandon us to clean it all up!'" She scowled again, looking at the mess SHE would have to clean up!

"Oh yeah." Jack said, scratching his head as a smile lit up his eyes. "Our little girl."

"Little monster more like!" Owen moaned, as he walked up behind them and took in the sight before him. "What the bloody hell did she do THIS time!?!"

Donna smiled in spite of herself, and picked up a nearby bucket to help the team clear up the hub. She was soon laughing with the rest of them, and remembering other occasions her daughter had driven them all up the wall!

There was the time she'd set fire to the Doctor's hair, the time she'd "accidentally" set alien fireworks off in the medbay, and oh God, the time she'd put superglue on all the chairs in the boardroom… it had taken months before they could sit down without checking the chair first!

Her favourite stunt though had been when she'd dressed up a plastic skeleton in Owen's clothes and sat it at his computer. Jack had nearly shat himself when he found it.

Donna giggled just remembering the innocent look on Tiffany's face, and the twinkle in her eyes, when he'd confronted her with it.

Like she'd said, Tiffany was their little girl, their little baby, and she always would be no matter what.

Not for the first time Donna found herself thanking the stars for getting her knocked up.