Okay I was rereading SOF and I thought what would happen if Max got shot in the stomach and was taken to Princeton Plainsburo. Where she should be safe right? Only problem her wings are discovered and she is separated from the flock. Toss in the fact that she acts like an animal when she wakes up the first time and a limping drug addicted doctor and we have a story.

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I watched Max out of the corner of my eye. Her light steps that matched the beat of a song that was playing and I smiled. My smile faded as I wished once more that I had been born normal. Just so I could have met her and gone out on a real date with her instead of kissing her and having her push me away. I noticed a few guys across the street leering at Max and I shot them glares that clearly said keep staring and I will rip you to shreds. They stopped staring, I grinned, just as I was mulling over how scary I could be Max bumped into me. Instantly I was on alert, to the casual observer that bump was an accident but I knew it was a warning and sure enough when he looked around, there they were. 8 or 9 Erasers were on the way over, I clenched my jaw. Max gave us the signal and we took off running. I swore to himself that I would protect Max with everything I possessed. After 10 minutes of running Max swerved into an alley and they followed. Max looked around and took off her windbreaker and knotted it and hid it along with her backpack.

"What're you doing?" I asked curiously this was no time to be dumping clothes Max just looked at me. Oh God I saw the look in here eyes and instantly I knew, she was going to run. We all were but she was going to lead more Erasers away as best she could. She was going to sacrifice herself. Just for us to be safe, she was going back to hell so that they could be free. My heart constricted at the thought of her being away from us, from me.

"No" I growled stepping up to grab her. She stepped away.

"Meet at the Empire State Building at midnight" She said softly at all of us he wanted to shake my head to tell her to stay with us, but I was frozen. "Wait 10 minutes and do a u and a, got it? She stepped towards me determination clear on her face and pressed her lips to mine quickly. My mind burst into fireworks but before I could react and whispered in my ear

"Take care of them." Then stepped back before I could grab her.

"It has to be done," She said, set her face with a mask of determination and ran into the bright daylight.


I allowed my steps to move to the light beat. I saw Fang smiling and ignored it, so what I was allowed to dance a little once in awhile. I looked up from my steps and saw model type people walking towards us and I growled then danced into Fang. He understood and I gave them the signal to run and we did. The plan formed in my mind as I spotted more Erasers and my heart sank as I did this. They had the wolf like tendency to go after the one who was alone so I decided to give them that chance. I signaled for us to run into an alley. I quickly shed my windbreaker and backpack as I prepared to separate myself and give my family a fighting chance. Fang caught on to what I was doing and growled at me. I just shook my head, set my face, told them where we were going to meet that night on the off chance I got away and kissed Fang. I smiled and ran into the daylight. My heart tore itself to pieces and all my nerves screamed at me to go back but I ignored them. I had to attract attention to myself as soon as I was far enough away from the alley so I yelled

"FREAKS OF THE WORLD UNITE" They followed me and I grinned, the chase was on. 2 minutes later I cursed the Erasers in my head as I kept running. I was actually allowing myself to dance a little, no one knew that I like to dance. Not even Fang. It was amazing the pure freedom especially when I did it in the air. The I shook my head as my feet pounded the pavement my pulse began to race. I could hear them pushing faster and I growled and pushed my self. I noticed an abandoned building with a roof access on top and tore into it. I ran up the stairs as fast as my mutant bird kid legs would go. Finally I reached the roof only to hear Ari pound up behind me. I reached the edge of the building.

"Give it up Maxy," He yelled pointing a gun at me. I looked at him and grinned.

"Yeah right" I let myself fall over the edge. Only to feel tough wire yanking a wing out of place and wrapping my arms around me and keeping them there. I saw the ground rushing at me and as it did A song flashed into my mind.

(AN I don't own this song and it's not the whole song, your guardian angel red jumpsuit apparatus.)


Then I crashed down to the pavement, that hurt and I blacked out from the pain. When I woke I was still on the pavement and I could feel people moving me. Knowing that this would be the last time I would ever see the sky I managed to open my eyes and stare at the deep blue of it that I would never soar through again and whispered


"I'm sorry." Then my lashes fluttered closed and I could have sworn I heard a cry of,

"Max" from somewhere. A small smile graced my lips as I realized what my last thought was.

I loved Fang and I always would.


My heart dropped as I saw Max crash down but Iggy held me back as I tried to get to her.

"Remember what she said" I nodded as tears swelled in my vision, she had sacrificed herself for us. To make us safe Maximum Ride had made the Maximum sacrifice, her freedom. I sobbed again as I realized that kiss had been a goodbye.


(An I'm not going to be changing character POV every other second but I need to do this for the first couple chapters so I can get all the characters in)

Max cracked her head on the pavement with a loud noise and blood began to pulse from the wound. But she had a slight smile on her face, as if she was thinking, I won; even in death I triumph. I growled and gave my team the order to move out. There was no point to bringing her back to the School. She was just meat now. Too bad, I thought. My and my team moved out.


'Too much to do today. Time to go pick up the kids'


She jumped. What the hell? There in front of her lay a girl who had dropped from the abandoned building. Her blood was beginning to stain the pavement as someone pulled out their cell phone and dialed 911. A few minutes later the paramedics showed up and took care of her. The girl was loaded into the ambulance but before she was her eyes opened wildly and stared at the sky and her shoulders twitched as if she was trying to push everyone away but couldn't. As she watched in disbelief the girl's mouth opened and a song lyrics poured out of her mouth. (AN See lyrics above.)


To little words exited as well.

"I'm sorry" she whispered and her eyes closed. A small smile made its way across the girl's face and stayed there.

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