Notes: set shortly after Cyberwoman, before any subsequent episodes.

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Not Another Suzie

Right after the whole Lisa disaster, Gwen had asked Jack if Ianto's betrayal was the worst one that Torchwood Three had ever endured. Of course, it was and it wasn't. It was the first of its kind, but no team members had died and he hadn't done it as a betrayal. So Jack hadn't really known what to say, but the question had nagged at him.

Some time later, waking from a dream about a bullet scything through the top of a young woman's head, and brilliant, intelligent eyes going horrifyingly blank, Jack realises what Ianto reminds him of.

In a way, Ianto is like Suzie.

Like Ianto, Suzie had kept herself very much to herself. She hadn't been one for socialising much in the team, and had, when it suited her, become totally invisible to the rest of them. Like Ianto, she showed flashes of a brilliant, sarcastic, amazing mind, but she never let them see just how clever she was.

Like Ianto, Suzie knew everything. Or at least a heck of a lot.

The worst thing is that Jack never puts Suzie's actions, really, on a par with Ianto's. She was using Torchwood, just like he had, and killed innocents. But until tonight, Jack has never quite equated them. Ianto's betrayal killed two or three. Who knew how many Suzie had really killed, how many she'd botched, how many she had intended to kill?

And she had meant to, as well.

Jack is frightened to realise that Ianto hadn't really registered the death of innocents. He had been angry with Lisa at the death of the doctor - because now nobody would help her. He had been upset at the death of the pizza girl - because she wasn't his Lisa. He had been furious with them for killing Lisa, even though he knew she was a murderer. He had hid the body of the Japanese doctor, for God's sake.

Ianto is too good at this.

Ianto is calculated and calm. Ianto rarely - if ever - breaks down (at work, anyway) and has shown too many talents for things that he shouldn't know how to do. Like hide a body. Ianto is efficient and invisible and everywhere at once. Ianto can do anything that is asked of him. Ianto knows things...that Suzie knew.

The thing that stops Jack from really, finally clicking Ianto equals Suzie in his mind is that Ianto is grieving. Somehow, Ianto mourns. Certainly for the team. Suzie never did put the team in danger like that, so Jack has no basis for comparison, but he can see that Ianto is, at least, sorry for putting the team in danger like that.

Ianto did it for love. Suzie did it for...Suzie.

Lying there in the dark, Jack bites his lip and wonders if maybe he needs to ease up a little. Maybe in the morning, he should go over to Ianto's flat and check up on him. Give him an actual to come back to work, tell him what he needs to do.

Because if Ianto is so like Suzie, Ianto might well do what Suzie did, at the very end. Jack doesn't know Ianto well enough - and he hates to admit that - to know what he would do at the end of his rope. He'd known Suzie much longer, and didn't know anything about her either.

Jack decides to keep a better eye on his team, and tries to sleep again.

In the morning, he'll begin to put the pieces back together.

He doesn't want another Suzie.