The Uniform

These good fellows don't belong to me but I promise when I'm done to pick um up, dust um off and with a kiss on the cheek return them safely home.

"The issue is not whether you are paranoid, the issue is whether you are paranoid enough." Max.

Chapter 3

Roy knelt down and slipped off his mask, "You two alright." He knew it was a drill but it unnerved him to see his two friends on the floor of a burning building.

Chet groaned, "I hurt my leg but Johnny's hurt worse." He paused, "As usual."

Johnny rolled his eyes but held his tongue. He was critically injured you know.

Roy smirked, he knew the routine. "Did you hurt your neck or back?" He asked Chet.

Chet nodded no, just the leg. Assessing him as not critically injured he called to Marco, "You take him out and I'll get Johnny."

Roy helped him sling Chet over the shoulder in the fireman's hold and watched him head back down the hallway with Chet talking nonstop. He next turned his attention to his partner. "Where are you hurting?"

"Who are you?" Johnny asked in a pathetic voice.

Roy looked up at the monitor then back at his smart ass partner, "It's Roy. Do you know your name?"


"No, I'm Roy. What's your name?"

"You said my name was Roy. Why are you taking my name?"

Roy just sighed as he examined his head for injury, "Sounds like you might have a concussion. Are you hurt anywhere else?"

"My back hurts."

Roy reached back and felt down his neck, "Anywhere else?" He palpated his ribs and had to bear Johnny laughing at being tickled, then his abdomen.

"Ouch! Don't do that."

"Can you please behave so I can check you for injuries." He picked up the HT in an annoyed voice, "51 to HT. I need a backboard and C-collar up here."

"10-4 Roy," Hank replied.

"Are you going to take care of me?" Poor Johnny asked.

Roy was ready to grit his teeth by now. "Yea I'm gonna to take care of you. Now just sit back and shu…uh …be quiet for me."

"I think I'm going to throw up," Johnny sat up some.

Roy wasn't sure if he was kidding or not, "Try and be still. Moving around will only make it worse."

"I wanta be a fireman when I grow up too," Johnny said with a crooked grin.

"We'll don't worry Johnny you have plenty of years to try and grow up," Roy smiled back as he patted him on the head.

Johnny's face fell in a dramatic fashion, "Who's Johnny?"

"You're Johnny, don't you remember?" Where was that damn backboard and collar? An IV would be nice too about now. 16 gauge, yea.

"I'm Roy remember? Maybe that other man's name was Johnny?" Johnny continued his babbling.

Hank came up behind him with the equipment, "Here ya go Roy. Need anything else?"

Johnny smiled, "Thanks Cap."

Roy shot a look at him, "Oh him you remember."

"Sorry, a momentary lapse in amnesia," Johnny said with a crooked smile.

Roy rolled his eyes, "Cap, get his legs. I'll get his neck." They rolled him over and then positioned him onto the board after the c-collar was in place. Picking him up, they headed down the hall.

"Don't drop me now," Johnny warned.

"New therapy Johnny. It's called sliding down the stairs treatment." Roy didn't look back at him.

Johnny realized how venerable he was at the moment, "You wouldn't dare."

"Keep it up Junior and you will go on a ride."

Hank knew the monitor was observing them, "Will you two shut up."

"Sorry Cap," they said in unison.

Johnny was almost blinded by the bright sun as they emerged from the building and he quickly squinted his eyes and tried to put his hand up until he remembered he was still restrained. They put him down in the triage area and he could hear a lot of hustle bustle around him.

He looked and tried to turn his head but the c-collar was quite snug, thanks to Roy. Out of his peripheral vision he could see Roy tending to Chet. And they were talking. Roy shot a glare to Johnny.

Great. He closed his eyes trying to figure out how he would get back at Chet over this.

"Glad to see your pathetic broken body made it out of the blazing inferno pally," Chet said.

"See you didn't die, unfortunately," Johnny said.

"Nope but you might. You don't look so good buddy," Chet said as he knelt down and poked him.

"Ouch, quit poking," Johnny protested. "Okay, can I get up now?"

"Not yet partner. I have to triage you first," Roy said.

Johnny did not like the sound of Roy's voice. "Triage? Like what?"

Roy smiled a smile that scared Johnny, "Remember how I said I would take care of ya partner?" He looked up, "Marco, can you get my IV set up?"

"IV? No way! I'm not letting you stick me just for your jollies," Johnny started struggling against the restraints.

"He might need some sedation Roy," Hank said as he looked down on his poor crew member. Johnny noticed the biophone in his hand.

"Think you're right Cap. Better start a second IV just to be safe."

Hank added, "He did say his abdomen hurt didn't he?"

"That's very true Cap. Internal injuries," Roy poked at his belly.

"You're enjoying this aren't you? Let me up right now," Johnny was really struggling now.

"You don't want me to have to make this an order do you Gage?" Hank said in a serious tone.

"Aww Cap. Come on," Johnny whined.

Mike leaned over him next, "He is an easier patient when he's unconscious."

"Should I knock him out Cap?" Marco asked.

"Now now, that wouldn't be proper first aid Lopez. I'm leaving this all up to our kind and compassionate well trained medic," Hank replied as he patted Roy on the shoulder.

"I'm not letting any of you touch me, get me UP!"

"Problem here DeSoto?" Chief asked walking up to the group.

Johnny froze at the Chief's voice then he came into his view.

"Got a non-compliant patient sir," Roy said trying not to laugh.

"Hmm, I see that. Can you intubate him please? He's making too much noise and disturbing the other victims," he said looking down to Johnny. "Take it easy son. We're gonna take good care of you. These men only want what's best for ya."

Johnny bit his lip and laid back. Fine. Roy would get his. Soon. He would have to let him up eventually.

They all broke out laughing at him and he felt his restraints loosened. He reached up and pulled off the c-collar. "Funny you guys, very funny." He looked over to Roy, "Just wait."

"Just wait for what? You and you're big mouth partner. Now I have to deal with Chet trying to set Joanne up with someone he knows."

"I'm sorry Roy. I didn't mean to tell him but he's, we'll he's tricky." Johnny said as he pulled off his turnout coat and remembered he was wearing the horrid uniform shirt. Being a near Code F was enough for him. This stupid shirt was cursed. He was sure of it.

Roy had to grin. It's not like his issues with his ex wife were a secret from this crew. Everyone got up and headed over by the engine. As they put up equipment Johnny looked at the triage area and his chin dropped.

"I told you! Didn't I tell you?" He said slapping Roy across the back and pointing.

Roy was lost, "What are you talking about now?"

"Look, just look." He saw Roy wasn't getting it. "Exactly what color of uniform do you see taking up the entire triage area?" He put his hands on his hips as he stood in front of Roy some to make sure his own shirt was seen. Then realizing Chet was close to him he snatched his arm and pulled him right beside him. His finger now pointing between him, Chet and the triage area. "Color Roy, what color do you see?"

Roy looked at the area and with sudden realization he then looked at Hank. Everyone's eyes then met the Chief's, standing in front of them, who just took a deep breath.

"Okay, okay I get it. I will put in my recommendation for no change in the uniform. At least not this one."

Roy patted Johnny on the shoulder as they walked away from the 'injured and numerous dead', everyone of them wearing the new redshirts with black collars.

"Told ya, no one would listen to me but I was right wasn't I. Think I'm nuts but I knew didn't I. Lucky I wasn't a Code F in that mess. Target, didn't I say target? Big... giant... red... target. Yea, kill the guy in the red shirt. Am I the only one that knows that? Just go ahead and make um polyester while you're at it, with long sleeves. Red shirt, show up one day nobody knows who you are then poof your dead and never seen again…" Johnny continue to ramble on and on and on.

Roy took his partner by the shoulder as they walked to the squad.

"Okay Junior, you and Chris are officially grounded from watching Star Trek for a while."

AN: LOL, when I typed in Google search for redshirt it came up with an official definition of "the unknown guy in the redshirt on Star Trek that always seemed to die by the end of the episode."