Title: Seven Days (1/7)

Author: GaBo0

Pairing: HarryBlaise, DracoBlaise implied

Rating: T

Warnings: M/M. AU (Canon 'til the Epilogue). Post-Hogwarts.

Length: 1,324 words.

Time Period: Post-Hogwarts

Summary: Harry likes Blaise. Blaise likes Harry. Then, why does everything seem so complicated?

Disclaimer: Don't own any character.

Thanks to the wonderful Mara202 for beta-ing chapter this chapter and pointing out some serious mistakes I needed to correct. Since I've never written on present tense and first person, it turned out to be more difficult than I thought and I kept going from one tense to another.


Seven Days

By GaBo0

Day One, Monday: Blaise's uncertainty.

"So, what is it?"

I can see how the blond in front of me tries to read my face but it seems as if it isn't working for him. I know I probably look a little out of thought, but who wouldn't be? I've had this feeling for quite some time now and I desperately need to share it with someone. Smart of me to make that someone my ex-boyfriend.

Oh well, some things can't be helped. We've been working together for a couple of years and things are quite good between us now. Since we broke up some months before I started to work at the Ministry, all the awkwardness and resentment had finally dissolved by the time we got to see each other on the corridors. Right now, we're back at the stage we were at Hogwarts: best friends.

Which was the only explanation to why he'd let me drag him to this cheap bar in muggle London.

"Well…" I hesitate. This seems to piss him off because he glares at me impatiently and I sigh deeply, sure that I can't keep beating around the bush. "I think Harry Potter likes me."

There was a pause before he breaks down in hysterical laughter.

"Don't laugh, Draco!" I say aggravated. "I'm being serious."

"I'm sorry. You just sounded like a schoolgirl, lowering your eyes and playing with the tablecloth."

I punch him on the arm for his mocking tone, being more childish than I need to be and proving him right about how immature I am sometimes. Being collected and aloof is harder than usual when he is sitting in front of him. Draco Malfoy has a special talent for bringing out the worst in people.

"Look, I'm trying to tell you the Gryffindor likes me. Or has some kind of thing for me," I glare once again when he seems about to have another fit of laughter, which apparently makes him decide its better not to make any more fun of the conversation. At least for a while.

When Draco realizes I'm not going to add anything else, he says "And you're telling me this, because…?"

"Because I want you to observe him and tell me I'm not mad!"

He eyes me with disbelieve before a fit of uncontrollable laughter makes him shake on his seat again. I look uncomfortable around me, glaring at the curious eyes that were glancing at us with reprimand. After all, not only is he laughing like a maniac, but we also have our cloaks on, which is actually better than the robes underneath them but still weird on the muggle world. I finally get tired of it and stare angrily at Draco.

"Are you finished? Or you need to laugh some more?" I hiss with narrowed eyes, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Please, Blaise, don't act all mad when you know you're not", he says dismissively while trying to catch his breath and I know he's right. I'm not mad at him. What upsets me the most is the fact that something stirs inside of me with the Gryffindor's recent special attention and not Draco laughing at my request. "So you want me to spy on Potter?" he asks.

I weight his words. "No, not spy." I say, knowing that's the exact word for what I'm asking of him. "Just see if he's as caring and kind to everybody as he's with me. Don't start following him around or anything." At that, Draco pouts and the mischievous glint on his eye disappears for a moment.

"Then, what's the fun in it?" he murmurs upset. "What do I get if I do it?" he asks then and that glint is back on his silvery eyes, grinning at me from the other side of the old table. I should've known better.

"You, my friend," I start with an undertone he knows too well, "will get my deep gratitude."

Draco laughs but accepts it, if not with a little disappointment. His eyes wander over my face for a second before turning to the waitress. I wrinkle my nose at her cheap attire and turn to the window, not really paying attention to what Draco is ordering for us. I barely recognize that they're only drinks, different from the ones we had on the -now empty- first glasses.

"And why do you think Potter likes you?" he asks, going back to the main subject as if we haven't stopped at all. I sigh and slump down a little on my stool, placing my chin over my right hand.

"Today," I start, "I was just getting to the office when we ran into each other at the Atrium and he offered to walk me, even when he works on level 2 and I on level 4. You know the Aurors usually enjoy not having to go more levels than needed."

"You're overreacting. My office is on level 5 and I sometimes walk you to your office."

"You walk me out of the elevator" I say crooking an eyebrow, at which Draco smiles and chuckles.

"Fair enough. Continue."

I sigh. "And this wasn't the first time. Whenever I go downstairs to get a biscuit and he's around, he'll just… stay there. Making small talk but sometimes getting really into the conversation. He's also invited me to drinks a couple of times, but I always have something to do."

Draco's eyebrows arch upwards, but he stays silent waiting for me to continue, so I keep ranting on my own.

"I don't even know if he's gay" I blurt out before I realize I had mumbled the words and, if Draco hadn't been resting his arms on the table, he wouldn't have been able to hear me. This time, the laughter doesn't annoy me. It just makes me feel uncomfortably warm, as if I was blushing to the top of my ears.

"For god's sake, Blaise..."

I glare at him but immediately go back to sulking mode. Of course, Draco won't understand. The only man he's ever been with is me and I was blatantly gay by the time he asked me out, which is a nice way to say we started shagging and snogging in every possible corner. I can't very well go to Potter and tell him I like him because…

Well, do I really?

"Do you like him?"

So much for learning Occlumency.

"I… don't know" I respond defeated. Draco frowns and looks me up from his seat, angling his head and giving me that look, so I could feel more pathetic than I already do. I growl and hide my face on my hands, mumbling something he doesn't understand.

"I'm not sure if I like him," I snap at him when he tells me to speak up, "but I know I've been attracted to him since the war". When Draco makes a face, I add, "Not attracted like that. Just wanted to get close to him... as friends. He's a nice person."

Draco rolls his eyes, which is like saying he doesn't buy it at all, and rests his chin on his intertwined fingers.

"So you want to bugger Potter?"

My face flush fiercely, I can feel it, but I try to sound indignant, "Of course not! Haven't you heard a word I've said?"

"Yes. That you want to bugger Potter."

I huff upset and cross my arms tighter around me. Sometimes I don't know why I try so hard with Draco. He seems to not get me at all, which makes me wonder how we even ended up being friends on the first place.


I frown and look at him confused. He shrugs and lays back on his seat, a smile appearing on his handsome face.

"I'll do it. I'll spy on your crush." I can't help but smile a little, ignoring my previous thoughts of the blond not getting me at all. "You only have to do one thing for me."

At the lascivious smile and the look he gives me, I smirk and kick him on the shin. He jolts up surprised and I start to laugh. "No need to get violent!" he protests, but I'm still laughing when he joins in with a quiet chuckle.


Chapter Summary: Blaise and Draco talk about Harry's possible infatuation.

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