Chapter 4

Endive: That's impossible!

Mung: Go, Chowder, go!

Chowder was at the same number of pies Panini had. If Chowder ate that last one, he would win!

Panini: Go ahead, Chowder. You can win. It's just that last piece. Piece of cake, right?

Chowder: No. I thought it was a piece of pie.

Panini: Just eat the pie!

Chowder picked up the pie to take a bite, but then he stopped and broke it in half.

Chowder: Here, Panini. We can both win. This doesn't mean I'm your boyfriend, though.

Panini: Gee, thanks, Chowder. You're the best boyfr-

Chowder: I'm not your boyfriend!

Right when the two were about to take a bite, Panini stopped. She looked sick.

Panini: *dramatically* Go on, Chowder! It's your destiny! Eat the pie!

Panini lied on the ground and made a scene.

Chowder: Okay.

Chowder ate it whole and the crowd went wild!

Mung: Yay! You did it, Chowder! You won!

The announcer got the trucks in of pie and cooking ingredients. He handed the trophy to Chowder.

Announcer: So, Chowder, as the champion, anything you'd like to say?

Chowder: Yes! It's if you're going to be in a pie-eating contest don't eat too much food to keep your belly empty and if you do, burn it off or go to the bathroom.

Everyone cheered.

Panini: Congratulations, Chowder.

Chowder: Thanks. But I feel that I should share my prizes with the one who helped me win.

Chowder looked at the trophy and went over to Gorgonzola.

Gorgonzola: What do you want!?

Chowder: I want to give you this. It's a thank you present for helping me with the contest.

Gorgonzola looked at his reflection in the shiny piece of gold. His eyes started to water.

Gorgonzola: Yes! I am a winner! In your face, Chowder!

Gorgonzola then ran off with the trophy.

Chowder turned to Panini.

Chowder: I forget what you did, but I still want to thank you, so I'm going to share my fortune of pie with you.

Panini covered her mouth and puffed out her cheeks.

Panini: Wow, Chowder, that's very sweet of you, but I don't think I can eat another pi- pi- I have to go!

Panini dashed toward the bathroom.

Chowder went to Mung.

Chowder: And Mung, I'd like you to have all those cooking ingredients, for believing in me.

Mung: Why, thanks, Chowder, but that was the plot all along. You were supposed to give me the ingredients if you won.

Chowder: Oh.

Mung: Well, how about we go home and celebrate. Want to eat some pie?

Shnitzel: Radda, radda. Radda, radda.

Mung: I know, but that's pretty much all we have now. Pie, pie and more pie. That pie will last us a life-time. Ooh, how about this? If you're tired of that store-bought pie, how about I use my truck load of cooking ingredients to make a pie, myself.

Shnitzel and Chowder: No/Radda!

Chowder: I'll go for the store-bought pie.

Shnitzel: Radda, radda.