Kid Flash stretched his back out as he closed the door to what would be his new home away from home in Jump City. Robin had asked him to look after the place (the city that was) while he was away fighting the brotherhood of evil, he was a little hurt that this was the first time Robin had invited him here since he'd started the Titans and he was even going to be there, but hey, that was Robin for you. Still, he mused as he walked to the wind and looked out at his new city, it'd be nice to get some time away from his aunt and uncle for a change and get some real freedom.

He spied a note on the kitchen table and strolled over to get it.

"Dear KF," He read aloud,

"We already stocked the fridge up for you, it ought to last you even a day or two- oh very funny Robin. Please look after the city, stop evildoers…. Blah blah blah." Kid Flash read rout rolling his eyes at the letter until a bit at the bottom caught his eye.

"Also, stop reading aloud to yourself; it makes you look like a halfwit. Now go back to the part where you starting saying 'blah blah blah' and actually read it." Kid Flash read out in disbelief.

"Smartass." Kid Flash grumbled crumpling up the note and throwing it over his shoulder.

Suddenly he heard the distant sound of police sirens and grinned.

"Listen Robin, they're playing our song." He chuckled to himself before speeding out of the room.

"Sever hours later Kid Flash found himself grinning like a maniac at a very disgruntled police officer, this guy was the 25th criminal he'd brought in since arriving to the city a few hours ago. He'd brought in every purse snatcher, shop lifter, car jacket, burglar and even one very determined jaywalker, in short, everyone he could find doing anything wrong. He knew how this sort of thing went, people would see him, realise the other Titans weren't there and go haywire, thinking that they could get away with taking the new guy for a ride and generally causing mayhem. Robin didn't like mayhem at all. Kid Flash wasn't going to let it happen on his watch either, the best thing to do was to send a firm, clear message, and that message was that with Kid Flash around you couldn't so much as sneeze without him knowing.

Unfortunately for him this approach has the effect of filling up the local holding cells in the police station pretty fast and running the officers ragged, something which police officers never appreciated. This much alone was plane by the expression of the officer before him.

"Look, kid, you-" the officer sighed.

"Flash." Kid Flash interjected.

"Sorry, Flash, you can't-" The officer tried again.

"No, no, it's Kid Flash, not kid, not Flash, but Kid Flash." Kid Flash explained patiently, it seemed as if the guy was just slow or something. Having said that when you were Kid Flash everyone seemed slow.

"Kid Flash. You can't keep doing this." The officer said through gritted teeth.

"Sure I can. Listen, you've gotta send a message to these people or you'll have anarchy." Kid Flash said soothingly.

"What do you mean 'these people'?!" The black guy Kid Flash had just arrested exclaimed indignantly.

"Don't you even think of trying to pull that one on me!" Kid Flash shot back waving a finger at him warningly.

"Anyway, you really can't keep doing this, we've only got an absolute maximum of five possible places left, we're full to bursting down at the cells!" The officer exclaimed as the black detainee was led off amidst shouts about police brutality and racists in spandex. At that moment the police radio crackled into life:

"Control, we have a sighting of the criminal HIVE five gang entering the museum in possibly suspicious circumstances. Over." The radio announced.

"Define 'possibly suspicious' officer." The annoyed police officer in front of Kid Flash ordered the officer on the other end.

"Well… the doors are about twenty feet away from where they were in the doorframe a moment ago." The officer mumbled embarrassed as he realised that such an incident probably counted as more than just possibly suspicious.

"See? Five guys, five places, then I'll call it a day okay?" Kid Flash said already backing out of the station with a grin on his face.

"Kid Flash! Wait!" The officer called, but it was too late, the teenager was already long gone.

"Tell me he's not just gone to do what I think he's gone to do." The other officer said having just returned to the room.

"Unfortunately he has." The first officer groaned unhappily.

Jinx watched nervously as the hex that had flown from her fingers did its work on the doors as they rather noisily exploded outwards.

"Come on, in!" Jinx ordered as they all sprinted for the inside of the museum. Mammoth grabbed the doors and hastily repositioned them back in the frame not seeing the undercover police car parked opposite the museum and the officer inside already on the radio.

"Let's go, let's GO people! We're on our third strike and you all know what that means!" Jinx said hurriedly as they ran to the key exhibition room.

"We shouldn't even be doing this Jinx! You know what they'll do if they catch us this time!" See-More hissed nervously.

"Look, I told you, the Titans are off fighting the brotherhood of evil. One last score and we'll be fine, then we can run for the border and be free forever!" Jinx reassured him as she walked towards the podium at the head of the room.

"But-" See-More protested.

"Just get it done and get it done fast!" Jinx snapped, her eyes glowing dangerously.

"Fast? That's my middle name." Kid Flash smiled cockily from the door.

"He's not a cop! He looks like a Titan!" Gizmo yelped terrified.

"MY my, you don't miss a trick do you?" Kid Flash said teasingly.

"You know the plan boys." Jinx said planting her foot on the ground firmly. Kid Flash tensed clearly expecting an attack but none came. Jinx was no amateur; she wasn't going to go in all guns blazing against some super without working out his power first.

"That's it? A lot of glaring and an aggressive posture? You're not going to attack me?" Kid Flash asked surprised.

"We're not scuzz-munching idiots like you clearly are." Gizmo snorted at him.

"Ah yes, I forgot, only idiots fight in fights. You've now moved onto the little known martial art of passive aggression." Kid Flash said mockingly. Jinx frowned at the red head, what was he doing? Was he just playing dumb or had he really not figured out their tactic yet? Robin would have recognised this in a heartbeat.

"You're pretty slow for a Titan you know." Jinx said incredulously, who knows, maybe she had gotten lucky and this guy wasn't a Titan but just some newbie in a suit playing hero.

"Actually," Kid Flash said zipping across the room to stand next to her, "I think you'll find I'm pretty quick."

"Super speed huh?" Jinx grinned in a catlike way, it his powers were just super speed this was practically hero-fighting 101.

"Yup, I find it comes in hands." He smiled almost charmingly at her. Jinx seemed to consider this before sending out a lighting fast jab towards the boy's middle which would have struck even the nimble Robin at that range, if he'd been dumb enough to get that close, which of course he wasn't. God this guy was a moron. Jinx didn't even see the movement, the redhead just disappeared.

"Moments like that for example." He said casually leaning on an exhibit case near Gizmo across the other side of the room. Jinx did some quick mental arithmetic, the length of the room, the speed she knew she could punch and the fact that she'd not even seen him move. The boy was FAST, probably one of the fastest. She knew all she needed to.

"Get him!" Jinx roared as they all simultaneously leapt into action, they all knew what they had to do to beat a speedster. Billy's clones jumped him, or at least where he'd been a mere nanosecond before. To his credit See-More was already tracking the speedster's heat train just as Jinx thought to order him to do so. Gizmo fired a series of explosives at him which he dodged effortlessly. Kid Flash watched almost bored as the others attacked him but didn't even come close to touching him.

"Tell you what." Kid Flash proposed ducking a swipe of Jinx's that should have connected with his head without even batting an eyelid.

"I'm gonna go get a coffee, from Brazil, and I'll give you guys until then to consider a peaceful surrender." He said promptly disappearing. His pearly white grin burned into Jinx's mind like a flare and she could almost swear it was still hanging in the air after him like a Cheshire cat.

"Let's get the hell out of here." Jinx breathed scared.

The Hive five hadn't even all turned towards the door before they heard a sharp hiss of breath being drawn in behind them.

"Ouch, I spilled some." He hissed sucking his scorched thumb. Jinx turned to see him holding a steaming mug of hot coffee in his hand.

"Bullshit, no way you got that from Brazil. You just zipped off to some coffee place downtown." Jinx said folding her arms over her chest and scowling at him. Wordlessly he turned the mug around to reveal words written in… in… in whatever the hell it was they spoke in Brazil. Jinx's eyes widened and she quickly recalculated the math. No one was that fast, not even Superman, the Flash himself might be that fast but no one had ever had the reaction time to clock his top speed and he'd declined to state it to the media. Jinx bit her lip, they were screwed, no wonder their normal tactics weren't working. Kid Flash watched her carefully and sipped at his coffee cup.

"Ah, too hot." His said gingerly placing the cup on top of a glass display case.

"I'll tell you what, you've got until this coffee cools before I haul all of your asses to jail." Kid Flash said folding his arms and regarding the HIVE five quietly.

"You heard him Jinx! Let's get out of here!" Gizmo yelled at Jinx who was staring fixedly at Kid Flash like she expected him to move at any second.

"Don't be stupid. We couldn't get anywhere far enough away from here fast enough for him to loose track of us." Jinx said dismissively without ever taking her eyes off of Kid Flash.

"Smart girl. In fact you seem far too smart to be with these losers." Kid Flash pointed out as he looked disdainfully at the HIVE five, bar Jinx of course.

"I've often thought the same." Jinx replied with a wry smile. Kid Flash tilted his head to the side, this pink haired girl was fascinating.

"So why stay here? Why not switch sides?" He asked gently. Jinx's face suddenly hardened and at this her eyes began to glow dangerously.

"Switch sides? Become one of you? You monsters make me sick!" Jinx snarled spitting on the floor as if the very mention of the side of good tainted her mouth. Kid Flash's eyes widened, that was a surprisingly strong reaction to his suggestion.

"You know for a 'hero' you're not all that bright. You've not worked out what it is that we all have in common that you don't." Jinx said her eyes glowing fiercely.

"And what would that be?" Kid Flash asked.

"Hmm… horrible dress sense maybe?" Kid Flash suggested after a feigned moment of thought.

"Pft. From the boy in spandex." Gizmo snorted pulling his goggles over his eyes.

"I'll let you figure it out." Jinx grinned dangerously as the light above her exploded and Kid Flash could hear the distinctive sound of the city's electrical grid grinding to a halt. A bright pink light tattering out from Jinx's hands and glowing from the two bright orbs that were her eyes briefly illuminated the room before quickly fading. This was shortly followed by the sounds of falling masonry and shattering glass. He spun around tensely in the cacophony of noise, he couldn't make out any small sounds like footsteps over all that racket. How was me meant to catch anyone if he couldn't hear them or see past the end of his nose?!

Something hard hit him on the back of his head and he crumpled unconsciously to the floor.

"Kid? Kid, wake up." A police officer said gruffly shaking him awake.

"My head." Kid Flash moaned opening his eyes. They widened as he saw the state of the museum, the whole place was destroyed. It looked like a bomb had gone off in the place, everything was in pieces. He looked down, the only untouched thing in the whole place was his Brazilian coffee mug. He touched the side of it, it was stone cold.

"What happened here?" The police officer sighed looking at the devastation.

"I was caught by surprise. And I learned something." Kid Flash said standing up.

"How to get your ass kicked?" The officer suggested.

"No. I learnt that there's one very important difference between them and me." Kid Flash said thoughtfully.

"They're all evil?" The officer sighed.

"No. They can all see in the dark." Kid Flash said walking towards the museum entrance.

"But, yeah, that too." He added before dashing off.