Okay. Here is what I was thinking when I decided to write this:

'That was sad. I'm going to share my sadness and make other people sad! GO ME!'

That was it... except the GO ME! part.

Nobody cared. That was all I thought. Nobody cared. Everyday I sat in the same corner yet nobody cared. Everyday I cried for the same reason yet nobody cared. You may be thinking, 'There's no way that that can be the same Max that fought white coat after white coat. The one who killed Eraser after Eraser.' Well, news flash. It is.

All it took was one mutant boy, and of course one mutant girl to bring me down. Of course that would mean a lot more if somebody cared, if anybody cared. You care don't you? You want to know what happened to make me, Maximum Ride, cry. Of course you do, you're here for the story, doesn't matter who got hurt along the way, as long as it is a good story.

Sad, depressed, broken. Me. I'll give you your story! I'll give you a damn good story too! Doesn't matter what her name was, she came. And when that god damn girl came! Well, she brought sorrow, tears, and anger. Only to me.

To everybody else she was a ray of sunshine, casting eternal happiness for everyone. Her long brown hair, her deep green eyes, her beautiful body. That was what they all saw. Not me, I saw her for what see was. A monster. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little. She was nice enough at first, almost too nice.

So nice in fact, that I didn't even notice her taking the flock away, person by person. Until she was the flocks leader. I first noticed when I saw my boyfriend, Fang, kiss her. Not like the Lissa incident where she kissed first, but after a long speech, made by Fang, about why that girl was better than Max could ever be.

Then the first set of tears came, and they came again the next night, and again, and again, and again. So many times I lost count. Nobody cared. Hell, I cried in front of Angel and Nudge and they acted like it was no big deal

One day I woke up and the flock was gone. A simple note was all that was left.


Were gone and don't look for us. We don't want you. You don't want Nickole. It seems simple. Leaving you was the only answer. Go to the School, it's the only place that might want you now.

-Members of the new flock.

So I didn't look, didn't turn myself in either. Until the flyboys over powered me and took me to the School. I would like to say, the flock was there, Nickole had turned on them, they love me and want me back, they're sorry for all that they said and we escaped and lived happily ever after blah, blah, blah.

But that wouldn't be a good story would it?