"Waking" by Jezunya

Chapter I: We All Die

Okay, this is sort of like a sequel to "Dream," but it's not really necessary to read that first. *Sigh* I was kinda disappointed that no one seems to have caught the thing at the end of the fic. (Hint: what day was it when Kagome first got pulled through the well?)

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** ** ** ** ** **

He was dying. They both knew it. He used the last of his strength to gently brush her cheek with his fingertips. "Kagome... Ai shiteru," he rasped.

The girl's eyes widened even as his closed forever.

"No..." she whispered.

Her mind raced.

"No..! No! Inuyasha!!"

She'd seen this before... somewhere...


A long time ago... in a dream. She'd forgotten 'til now.

"It can't end like this..." she sobbed into his shoulder. "Inuyasha, please..." I never even got to tell you... that I love you... "Ai shiteru, Inuyasha," she whispered as she leaned down and kissed his still slightly warm lips. I wish we could have a second chance together...

No sooner had the words gone through her mind, than the now completed Shikon Jewel began to glow. She gasped and moved to touch it. As her fingers brushed it, there was flash of bright, white light, and then there was nothing.


Where...? Where was she? Everywhere she looked there was gold mist.


She spun around and found herself face to face with the strangest -- and cutest -- boy she had ever seen in her life.

"So you decided to follow after all." He smiled, his slitted gold eyes holding nothing but love and adoration.


He held up a hand to quiet her as he glanced to the side and slightly behind him. A point of white light had begun to pulse, and he cocked an ear as if listening to what it had to say. After a few moments he sighed and turned back to her. "I have to go now," he said, then grinned. "Come quickly," he whispered as he began to back away. "I'll be waiting." Then he turned and ran, following the pulsing white light into the depths of the mist.

Kagome stared after the boy, thoroughly confused.

** ** ** ** **

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