Hello my charming readers! It's seems to have been forever since this story was updated hasn't it? But I miss you guys:(

I'm positing this Authors note for three reasons (I'm sorry all those who thought it was a chapter)

1. I have written a new story if you haven't read it yet I would love for some of my original readers to check it out and tell me what you think; I realize this may not be many of your's favorite genre but it would mean a ton if you did:)

2. I hate SUPER COOL NEWS! I'm on the web! Yeah, it's pretty sweet right??? Go to http://2carm2carm2[dot]weebly[dot]com (obviously take out the [dpt] and replace it with a . and go to it. There's a scrapbook from the story! It's so cool, and I have the playlist from karaoke night and you just need to check it out!!

3. I've thought of making another sequal to this story. It wouldn't be one of my serious stories but more of a, 'Ugh-I'm-starting-to-get-sick-of-period-drama-and-need-to-write-something-funny-story' whatever it may be I will be definately writing another humor story in the future, they are just too fun to stay away from;)

I think that's the only things I needed to say! Send me ANY MESSAGES, of suggestions, ideas or any like one shots you would want me to write!

You guys seriously are the greatest, like as awesome as my other reviews (maybe awesomer -shh, don't tell them-)

Love you all!