A drabble-like piece that came to me when I first heard the quote below. Not like 'Once upon a time', because I do actually love this book, not to mention Wanda/Ian. I promise. I just have a messed-up mind. Sorry.

A Host FanFiction
By Musings of a Broken Mind

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.
--Martin Luther King Jr.

When he first saw her, he hated her. It was true. She had been curled up against the hard ground, in the foetal position. She had been vulnerable, and pathetic… and he'd hated her.

Not just her, though—it was what she stood for. Her whole race. The parasites.

They had destroyed humanity. Destroyed his parents, his brother's Jodi. They had come, trying to make things better, and they had made things worse. They were the reason that he and everyone else had to live underground. In the dark, constantly. With little company, or human interaction. With food meant for arctic expeditions, or other such inhospitable conditions. That was their fault. Her fault.

He was all for killing her, at the start. He still believes that the only reason she survived, in the beginning, was the fact that she was in Melanie's body. Jeb had saved her. He'd spared her life. But of course he had-- he had been Melanie's Uncle, after all.

And then… Jared. He had hated her, but at the same time, he had loved her… because in a way, she was Melanie… though they had not realised how much Melanie was a part of her until much later.

Ian had hated her for the first few weeks… he had hated her until he had begun to love her. When he'd finally realised, when it had eventually dawned on him, he had been shocked. No… not shocked… more like completely and utterly gobsmacked. But it had been undeniable.

He was never really sure what it had actually been that had made him fall in love with her. It had crawled up on him, stalked him in the night, when she visited him in his dreams. But fall in love with her, he had.