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Those blood stained pure white eyes

Chapter one: A pure red Stain

A young purple haired girl was talking quickly with a boy who had a dark shade of purple, hair. There onyx colored eyes shown with excitement. The girl smiled at her companion with a fierce love, as if she cared about nothing more than the boy.

"Big sister, I cant wait for Friday. Its Kates birthday! I hear she will be having chocolate cake! Chocolate!" The now established little brother said running in front of his sister, causing some of the puddles from the rain that was currently going on, to splash about.

"Daichi…" She said happily smiling at her younger twin brothers attitude. She was currently listening to her iPod, but she heard what came next. A loud honk echoed the intersection where they were waling and the girl looked to the sound to see the source of the ghastly noise.

She looked at the truck that was skidding all of the place from the wet rain, she then looked to her brother who was still talking adamantly about cake. She frowned and threw her umbrella away before rushing over and pushing Daichi away.

A large thud noise sounded in the immediate area and then just the soft pattering of the rain. Daichi looked at the bloody mass recently know as his sister , half under the tire of the truck, tears cascading down his face in bucketfuls.

"B-big S-sister…?" Daichi looked to the now blood stained screen of his sisters I-pod, and heard one thing from the earphones before everything quitted down….

'And I'll never be with you…'

"There is something over there!" An AMBU yelled to his companion as they quickly jumped down to the forests main layer. The looked at the blooded body of a young girl. Her cloths were stained a bright crimson and her face had a large gash on it. Her cloths were tattered and her light purple hair with mixed with crusting blood. She was still bleeding. The cuts were profound, and bleeding like no tomorrow.

The girl opened her eyes just a bit, and the AMBU gasped in shock. Her eyes where pure wjite. Either she was blind or she was a Hyuuga. Both AMBU nodded at each other as the one who originally found her picked her up and started jumping back to Konoha.

"Daichi!" The girl screamed as she suddenly sat up quickly, causing herself to get whiplash and falling back down onto her pillows. "Daichi…" The girl murmured once more before a lonely tear rolled down her pale white skin.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you, girl", the voice of a women said as the injured girl looked to the source of the voice.

"T-this cant be. Your Tsunade! The 5 Hokage! I cant be in my favorite anime!" The girl cried.

"Well, well. Seems to be that you know my name. Its only polite to me your name now, isn't it?" Tsunade smiled.

"Uhm, Riku. My name is Riku", Riku responded. Tsunade looked Riku over.

"Are you a Hyuuga? Your eyes are pure white and Im pretty sure you aren't blind…" Tsunade said walking closer to the girl.

"I don't know. Im not even from around here. All I remember before waking up here is pushing my brother out of the way from an incoming truck and getting hit. Considering I'm here, back home I'm probably…" Her voice croaked at the last word but she did whisper it ", dead…"

Tsunade looked at the poor girl, even though she had no idea what a truck was. This girl was obviously alive. She sighed.

"I have to go for the day, I will leave you in the hands of the staff here", she turned toward the door ", I want the 2 AMBU's that found her to guard her from any harm! Shizune!" Shizune rushed to her masters words.

"Call Hyuuga Hiashi here. I want him to meet this young girl to see if she really is a Hyuuga or not!" Tsunade barked out, rushing out of the room almost immediately.

"H-hai, Tsunade-sama!" Shizune said running out as well, leaving Riku there, just staring.

"Oh yea, I shall go. If it has anything to do with the Hyuuga clan you most insure that I will be there", Hyuuga Hiashi stated, putting down the phone after he heard the beeping. "Neji!" He called, his nephew immediately rushing to his side.

"Yes, Hiashi-sama?" Neji said, kneeling on one of his knees.

"You are to come with me to the hospital. There might be one of our clans people in there and I want you to be there with me because she might be more comfortable with talking to someone with her own age."

"Yes, Hiashi-sama…"

Neji walked into the gardens of the hospital. He looked around and then heard the soft cries of a young girl coming from one of the benches. He looked over to see a girl with waist length light purple hair and Hyuuga type eyes crying.

"Whats wrong?" Neji said walking over to the girl. The girl looked up, tears threatening to fall even as he was walking towards her. Riku smiled at him, still sobbing. Neji was one of her favorite characters. She ran up to him and hugged him tightly, sobbing gently into his chest.

"I… Cant go back home. I died at home! I cant see my brother, my mom, dad, even my friends. No one. Im stuck here. I thought this would be great, the center of most of my dreams, but this is a nightmare. The only good thing is that Im with you!" She cried out. Neji just smiled at her.

"Its okay, I understand. It was like that with me and losing my father. I will never see him again but I know he will always be with me. And I'm not alone I have Hinata-sama, Hiashi-sama, and my friends. And if you want, I have you with me…" She looked up to him and smiled a true smile.

"Y-yes, Neji-kun…" Riku responded. Neji wondered how she knew his name as they walked back into the hospital.

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