Chapter 2: Blood Stained

The tears flowed freely, cascading down his face mixing freely with the falling rain. He opened his eyes slowly, just staring at the bloodied body of his sister.

'Why?' He thought, as many of the witnesses whispered at each other, just looking at him. The truck driver gasped at what he just did.

'Why' Daichi thought again, looking up at the clouds, just staying there as if mocking his very existence.

Daichi looked once more to his sisters lifeless body, uncontrollably sobbing. In the distance he could hear the ambulance sirens above the pitter patter of the rain. The ambulance pulled around the corner where Daichi was laying.

"WHY!" Daichi screamed, as he started to cry uncontrollably.


Kate was sitting on her couch, playing her DS. She had no idea what had just happened to her best friend.

The sudden blast of thunder sounded as Kate looked up from her DS to look up at the ceiling.

The door bell rang as she went to answer the door. Standing in front of her was a very wet and soaked Daichi.

"Daichi-kun!" Kate squealed, hugging the poor boy. He just stood still not saying a thing. Kate looked at him. He was being so out of character. It was then that he noticed that Riku was not with him.

"Where is Ku-chan?" Kate asked quietly, as if she suspected she was dead. How right she was.

"Riku-Nee…" Daichi chocked back a sob ", Was hit by a truck. She died… instantly…"

Kate chuckled nervously. "No, seriously Daichi, where is she?" Kate was shaking, and tears where forming near her hazel green eyes. She looked up at Daichi. "Tell me the truth!"

Daichi turned his head away, a tear going down his face.

"So, its true. Riku… is dead?" Kate dropped to the ground. She put her hands to her face. "No!"

The rain fell rhythmically, going along with the falling of tears.

"What is your name?" Hiashi asked, looking at the purple haired girl. She looked up at him. She never really liked him. He had given up on Hinata. She just didn't.

She turned to Neji, then back.

Riku looked at Hiashi with a bored expression.

"Riku…" She replied back, pushing a lock of her purple hair behind her ear. Hiashi looked at her with a glare.

"Riku what?"

"Riku Tsukiyomi, daughter of Hiroto and Tenma Tsukiyomi. Twin sister of Daichi Tsukiyomi. Friend of Kate Atsumeta. Need anymore info there?" She smirked. Hiashi sighed. Obviously this girl was not going to listen to him.

"Neji?" Hiashi asked, sighing once more.

"Yes, Hiashi-sama?" Neji asked. He was standing next to Hiashi the whole time. She bowed to him slightly, in respect.

Hiashi turned to him. "Ask her to activate the Byakugan. If she can, then we will surely know she is a Hyuuga", he whispered.

"But Hiashi-sama, why are you asking me to do it?" Neji asked, confused.

"She wont listen to me, she mist listen to you…"

"As you wish…." Neji said, sitting on Riku's hospital bed. Hiashi did not miss the slight blush Riku had when he sat down.

"Riku-san, we need you to try and activate the Byakkugan for us. Its really important," Neji said, smiling slightly. Riku looked at him and blushed, playing with her fingers.

"I don't know if I can do it though…." Riku mumbled, looking down as red as a tomato. Neji just looked at her, taking in what she was doing. He sighed.

"You can do it, Riku-san. Just try, please? We are trying to help you", he coaxed. Riku looked up at him, then grinned.

"I-I'll try… Neji…" Riku said. Neji blushed. Why wasn't she using honorifics? It was the polite thing to do. Maybe where she was from they didn't use honorifics. He'll have to find out later.

Riku took a deep breath, then started to focus on her eyes. Power surged, and she felt the raw power going strait to her eyes.


"Daichi, you and Riku where orphans right?" Kate asked, whipping her tears away. Daichi nodded solemnly.

"Riku was my best friend. I know she would want my parents to adopt you so…" Kate couldn't finish the statement, she just started bawling uncontrollably. Daichi looked at her sadly.

"Byakkugan…" Some one whispered. Daichi head snapped up. Riku. It was Riku's voice. Could he be hearing things? Could he just be imagining it?

As he thought about this, he felt searing pain course through his head. Was this a sign from Riku?

When he opened his eyes, he was not in Kate's house.

Riku panted. She had to use so much Chakra, trying and succeeding in activating her bloodline trait.

Hiashi looked at the girl, the Hyuuga bloodline activated, the smiled.

"You are a Hyuuga, Riku-san. I'm accepting you into the clan…" Hiashi stated.

"Im finally getting a family?" Riku asked, tears in her eyes.

"Finally?" Neji asked.

"Yes, I did give you my parents names but they died when I was around 1. My brother and I have been alone since. Daichi was my best friend since we were young", she smiled, at the fond memories. "Im just so… happy. I wish Diachi was here too-"

Riku stopped. Clutching her head. Pain was shooting through her head. It felt like a truck hit it, oh wait one did.

"Eyah!" Riku screamed, she opened her eyes Byakkugan gone.

The pain stopped, then she heard it. Daichi's voice.

Where am I?

"Daichi?" Riku asked aloud, Neji & Hiashi giving weird looks.


"Yes, its me. Im in the Konoha hospital if that what you wanted to know", she said now to herself.

So your still alive? He asked hopefully.

"Yes, but sadly not my body there though. Here I am. I seem to be a Hyuuga…" I mused to myself.

Really, I- Oh no, Nee-chan. Im returning to the other world. We will try to find away to find you. Kate and I. Just remember I love you!

"Me too Daichi… forever!"

And then he was gone. Riku looked to Neji and Hiashi, tears falling down her face.

Neji smiled sadly, like he had explained earlier, he knew what it was like to lose someone dear to you.

He moved in closer to her, then hugged her tightly. Hiashi just smiled at them. He seemed to know what Riku felt for his Nephew and he had a plan…

Kate looked at the sleeping form of Daichi on her couch when he had fainted. Why must everyone close to her get hurt? She just didn't find it fair. She started to tear again as she felt a hand clamp on her shoulder. She looked to see Daichi.

"She is alive, Kate," he smiled, happier then hes ever been.

"Who is Daichi?" Kate asked sobbing.


Riku stood in front of the Hyuuga compound. It was huge. And Riku knew huge. Kokoro, another friend of hers, family was pretty upper middle class and her house was big. This though took the cake.

"Woooow, this is huuuge!" Riku exasperated. Okay, not really. It was bigger than the football fields near her old school.

"Neji here will show you to your room," Hiashi stated, walking towards the main house.

Neji took her hand, then started to walk to one of the houses. She didn't want to bring it up, but she had to.

"Neji, will I get the bird cage seal?" Neji cringed. Riku knew the answer already, but wanted to ask to make sure.

"Most likely yes", he sighed. Riku frowned. She need to cheer him up.

"Do you think… that destiny brought us together?" Neji looked at her, then smiled.

"Yes, I do…"


Riku liked her room. It was really spacious. Oh and by room, apparently Hiashi meant house.

"I think I like Hiashi better now. I don't forgive him completely but…" Riku muttered to herself.

A knock on her door, snapped her out of her thoughts. She went over and opened the door. There standing was Hinata.

"H-hello. I-I'm Hinata. My father wishes for you to come to the dinner party tonight", she stuttered.

"No need to be shy. My name is Riku. Please tell your father I will come…" Hinata nodded and walked away, leaving me panicking.

"Eep! What will I wear?!"


"Welcome to the Hyuuga family dinner. Today I want to introduce a new member of the family. Riku-san, please come up here…" Hiashi asked, as Riku Shyly went up their.

She could see Neji in a corner. She blushed as he saw how he was smiling at her.

Next to her Hiashi smirked.

"I also want to announce something. Neji come here?" Neji looked confused, but came up anyway.

"I want to announce the engagement of Riku and Neji Hyuuga", Hiashi smirked Riku blushed, then screamed.


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