"Wow, it's already been two years..." I said, pausing as I turned to stare at Mitsuki.

"You're right! How could I forget?" She grabbed ahold of my hand and we ran down the street, smiling as if nothing ever happened. Not a thing.

"Should we tell them?" I slowed down and we eventually stopped. I smiled at her.

"Hm... why not?"

"Okay... It was about three years ago. In class, we had just met. There were many things pulling us together, but there were just as many things pulling us apart..."

"Wow, it's such a beautiful, sunny day, isn't?" I circled around a desk, cleaning up after school. It was hard to pay attention to what I was supposed to be doing with such a beautiful sky gazing into our classroom. I sighed happily and sat in a desk, laughing to myself about the sudden happiness I was feeling at that moment.

"Yo, Nanaka! What're you just sitting there for?!"

I looked back, and saw Hiroshi. I popped right out my seat and apologized repeatedly, until he rubbed my head and smiled. As usual, I blushed and turned away. I grabbed a broom and started to sweep the floor.

"Haha, that's my girl." He slipped up behind me, hugging me tightly and laughing. I just sat there and blushed, my hands threatening to break loose from the broom. It was so hard to keep focused with Hiroshi around.

"Look at Nanaka, that girl's always blushing!"

I broke free from Hiroshi's grasp, and looked towards the door. Standing there was Mitsuki and her gang of both guys and girls. The biggest bullies in the entire school.

"Oh, hush!" Hiroshi laughed and walked over to Mitsuki, hugging her and pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Mitsuki pulled away, laughing heavily. "Don't be such a tease. Nana-chan is watching."

My face lit up instantly, and I dropped the broom to find a dust pan. I concentrated on trying to clean the floors, but Mitsuki's gang grabbed my shoulders and arms, tugging me away from what I was doing.

"Wanna have some fun... Nana-chan?" I saw the smirk on Mitsuki's face and knew she was up to no good.

"Uh.. no.. I'm okay..."

"No good. Let's go." Mitsuki snapped, and started walking out of the room. Her gang just dragged me along, despite my protests. I looked pleadingly to Hiroshi, but he just laughed, raised his hands, and shrugged.

"No, really, it's fine. Really. I have to do something. My mom doesn't want me out tonight!" I cried, but they paid no mind and just kept dragging me forth.

After a while, I gave up protesting against them, and then, finally, Mitsuki acknowledged me.

"Nanaka... remember... The more you protest, the more it will cost you. I advise that you just... hush, okay? Nana-chan?" She flashed a smile. I glanced her over. She was a very beautiful girl, with long and wavy red hair, very radical compared to the usual Japanese student. On top of that, it was natural. There were rumors going around that Mitsuki's dad has cheated on his wife and had a mistress, one who was a redhead woman from America. Apparently, businessmen tend to sleep around.

I didn't answer her, though. In fact, I just chose to remain quiet. Mitsuki had many connections, and I didn't want to risk my family or my friends. It was just smart to keep quiet.

"Nana-chan... why are you so quiet? You can answer me now."

"Because... I, uh, don't know what to say."

"Well, that's okay. I'll help you, Nana-chan. C'mon guys, let's go." She pulled out a small remote and pressed a button on it. I heard a car honk and I realized that the car was hers. She opened her door and hopped in, and then I was pulled in the back by her friends.

"Strip her and make her put this on." Mitsuki grabbed a bag from the floor and threw it in the back. One of the guys caught it and handed it to me, and the girls started to undress me. The guys looked away.

Half an hour later, I was wearing a pretty blue jean mini skirt and a red tank top, paired with deep black boots and a black, old school cap. She also took off her leather jacket and threw it at me, and I put that on as well.

"Wow, you look hot." Hiroshi winked at me.

I wrapped my arms around me, just now noticing how cold it was. I sighed. It was going to be another long night, and I knew my mom was going to kick my ass.

The car started off towards a place that I recognized quickly, mostly from all the times Hiroshi would take me.

Seemingly reading my mind, Mitsuki commented, "Don't worry, Nana-chan... I told your mom you'd be spending time at my house for a week or so. She happily agreed."

A sigh left my lips, and the car stopped. The doors opened, and Mitsuki's friends pulled me out the car and surrounded me. Mitsuki checked me out.

"It looks good on you. You're ready to hang with us." Mitsuki walked forward, and the gang let me go.

I instinctively knew that I couldn't protest this time. I was already dressed and ready for a hot time, and I was more than outnumbered by her friends, let alone all the people she knew at the place.

"Nanaka... welcome to Le Chaude et Sexy." She smiled and walked passed the long waiting line, right to the front and showed the body guard her ID. He let us in with no questions, despite me looking underage.

Hiroshi disappeared for a minute, and I just leaned against a wall. Many guys made a pass at me, but I turned them all down.

When I walked through the club, I passed a corner and noticed Hiroshi kissing up and down Mitsuki's chest. She barely had her shirt on. They appeared to be having a good time, and Mitsuki noticed me but didn't say anything. Instead, she just turned on the sex appeal and gave into Hiroshi. I didn't stay around them long enough to see where it led, because I wasn't sure that I wanted to see it.

I went to a more secluded part of the second floor, sitting in a booth alone. Roughly twenty minutes later, a guy walked over and leaned onto the seat. "Hey, girl, you wanna dance? Maybe we can get to know each other better."

"No... I'm okay... I'm just waiting for a friend." I stood up and was about to leave the second floor, but he grabbed my arm and threw me against the table.

"I said... do you want to dance or not?"

"I'm sorry!" I broke free and ran down the steps as fast as I could, but I tripped and fell to the bottom. A lot of people noticed and just laughed, calling me a dumbass among other names.

I ran to where Mitsuki and Hiroshi were, but they weren't there anymore. I walked through the hall, knocking on doors and asking for them, but most were just people moaning and having a great time. When I got to the end of the hall, though, I heard noise from the ice room. I peeked in and found Mitsuki and Hiroshi, the guy pulling off his shirt and Mitsuki with no shirt or bra on. I ran out, and Hiroshi caught a glimpse of me.

I found myself facing the man who had assaulted me upstairs, and he grabbed my wrist, insisting I follow him. Only, Hiroshi came out of nowhere and punched him straight in the nose. I heard it crack and realized it was broken.

I covered my head, frightened and scared, and Hiroshi wrapped his arms around me.

"You okay?"

I didn't answer, and just pulled away from him. I leaned against the wall and slid down it until I was sitting on the floor, knees to my chest.

Mitsuki looked from around the corner. "Hey... what happened? Sheesh. Nanaka, you're always getting in trouble. Silly girl." She returned to where she was earlier.

"Sorry, Nana-chan... you gotta make it without me this time." Hiroshi left me sitting there, and not before long did I hear Mitsuki crying out his name.

I fell asleep sitting against that wall, and dreamed about Mitsuki and Hiroshi's good time in that back room.

When I awoke, I was laying in a bed inside a large and very lonely room. The walls were painted a soft pink, and the bed was bigger than that of a king's. It was a very classy room, a chandelier hanging from the cieling and no television, but instead a fireplace blazing and popping.

Where the hell was I?