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A Cloak of Lies

Prologue: A New Age

Chancellor Ocato's coronation party was going well. All he had invited had attended, beautiful music was playing, food and drink were plentiful, and the new Emperor watched over it all, sitting calmly on his throne, which had been placed at the end of the hall, high above the festivities.

The death of the last Emperor and his heir had been sudden, and had struck a grievous blow to the Empire, one made all the worse by the invasion of the Daedra, a period of time later known as the Oblivion Crisis. Everyone panicked; they thought that Armageddon had come and that they were all going to die. Many did.

But then, out of the blue, a great champion of the Empire arrived and struck down the demonic hordes and their vile masters, the cult of the Mythic Dawn. The period afterwards was a time of great peace, at least for the Imperial province, which had been ravaged by the Oblivion Crisis. Ocato ruled as the Chancellor, leading the Elder Council towards a hopefully brighter future. The Champion became a great general of the Empire; leading countless campaigns and putting down many rebellions in the foreign provinces, Morrowind and Skyrim especially.

It was not for ten more years that Ocato dared to attempt to usurp the throne of the Empire. Though there were no more heirs, the mythology and history of the position was so great, that it seemed almost a travesty to attempt and take it. However, after many lengthy meetings of the Elder Council, and due to the many accomplishments Ocato achieved during his rule as Chancellor, he was eventually accepted as the new Emperor.

Which leads us back to today, the night after his coronation. It was getting late, and many of the people attending were looking upwards towards Ocato, expecting him to make a speech. A great silence overtook the crowd gathered in Ocato's new estate, a massive mansion located in the center of the Talos Plaza District.

He rose out of his throne, made to look like the famous Dragon throne, and began to speak. But before his first sentence could be completed, a collective gasp ran through the crowd. A blade pierced through Ocato's stomach, lifting him off the ground as blood flew through the air. The blade retracted, and his now lifeless body fell to the ground. Behind him, flickering in the light, was a vague form with only an outline.

As the crowd watched in horror, the form coalesced into a solid body. A tall Dunmer stood there, garbed completely in a blue cloak, blue gloves, and blue boots. His bright clothing contrasted with his dark skin and his blazing, red eyes; eyes filled with rage. A snarl formed on his lips, and he raised his sword, still dripping with blood, and pointed it at the crowd. All around the room men appeared, as if out of thin air. They were all garbed in the same clothing as the Dunmer, completely in blue. They drew their swords at the same time as the Legion guards in the room regained their senses and drew theirs. But before combat could be joined, arrows whistled through the air, impaling the guards. They all fell over, as each had been hit by at least five arrows each. Those in the crowd screamed and finally had the good sense to run.

Unfortunately, they would not get away. The Dunmer flicked a finger, and all of the doors closed with a slam. He calmly sat down in Ocato's now vacant throne and shouted but one sentence in a loud, harsh voice. "Kill them all."

The guards that rushed through the building towards the hall where the party was being hosted tried in vain to force open the doors, but it was no use. They could only listen to the screams of agony from those who died within.


Meanwhile, far above the Imperial City, a single figure floated in the air. He was cloaked in same clothing as those who had killed the Chancellor, but he was far, far more powerful than any of them. He snapped his fingers and then began to speak, but his voice was loud and booming, loud enough to wake all the denizens of the city from their slumber. Those outside looked up, but all they could see was a blinding, blue light.

"Hear me, all you who live in ignorance. We have lurked in the shadows of your almighty Empire for too long. We have witnessed your supreme arrogance, watching as you conquered all those around you and began pushing the world ever closer to destruction. You thought yourselves invincible, relying on your precious Legion and your Blades to protect you. Now, I have decided that it is time for you to be destroyed. For we tolerated you for many years, but now, with your great lineage of kings extinct, we shall watch no longer. Now, we will act. It shall begin here, your destruction, with this city that represents the heart of your power, the jewel of your Empire. Then, we shall destroy your Legion and your Blades, remove from power this Dark Brotherhood, annihilate this vile Thieves Guild, and wipe clean the slate of the world. All shall perish before us and none shall be spared. Here and now, I declare the end of not only this Empire, but of you as a people as well. Now bear witness to the power of the Order of the Blue Rose!"

When his speech was finished, the ground beneath the Imperial City began to shake, and the ground cracked. Flames rose from the ground and chaos erupted in the streets as people ran for their lives. The figure in the air raised his arms and the sapphire amulet around his neck began to glow even brighter. In a massive explosion, the ground underneath the city exploded in a brilliant flash that could be seen for miles and miles. More explosions followed, and it wasn't long before the entire city was completely leveled. The figure allowed himself to float back down to the ground and landed beside the Dunmer and his soldiers.

"Now, with this first step completed, we can move on to the next stage. Darnmon, go to Skyrim and eliminate the leader of the Empire's army. He has aged some since the Oblivion Crisis, but do not underestimate him, as he still holds great power. The others are already completing their tasks as we speak, so you must be quick if you wish to catch up."

The Dunmer bowed his head and backed up, withdrawing a scroll from underneath his cloak. He muttered a few words and he and all the soldiers vanished in a flash of red light. The hooded figure that had just destroyed the Imperial City remained on the hill where he had been standing, watching the smoldering ruins of what had, until just a few moments ago, been the grandest city in the world.

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