In Cool World, there is only one rule. And that rule is used to keep the balance of the real world, and the cartoon world. Breaking the rule is not an option. It never has been and it never will be.

And what is that rule one may wonder? Well its simple, really. Anything goes around that world, because anything can happen their. And the one thing that is not allowed is:

Noids do not have sex with doodles.

You follow this rule, live this rule, and you'll have no trouble they say. Your time in Cool World will be a blast. You'll be perfectly fine.



The distance from the front door to the doorway of her apartment seems impossibly long. She had never had to take this many steps before, had she? I mean seriously, it should not take this long to walk down the damn hallway! Its like three feet long, and she's still walking towards it after three steps!

"You owe me last weeks rent, Hawkins!" She stopped her pursuit to her ever distancing door, as she turned to look at the crusty, dreadful cheap booze smelling, old woman that owned her apartment building. "Miss Helswind, I told you! I'll get you this week and last weeks rent tomorrow," she sighed, as the shorter woman wobbled over to her. "Kia? Do I hear a lip coming from you?" Miss Helswind asked, as she knocked her cane into Kia's kneecap.

Hissing in pain, she bit back a long line of dreadful names she wanted to call the woman. "No! No, of course not, Miss Helswind! I was just reminding you. Your always so busy, I didn't know if you'd forgotten," Kia lied through her teeth, as she rubbed her possibly bruised kneecap, attempting to hide her bag of recently bought goods from the old women. They would just cause her trouble at the moment.

Miss Helswind let out a fit of coughs, as she growled at Kia, giving her a slanted glare past her greasy, salt and pepper, strands of unrully hair. Turning back to her door, the old women held up her index finger. "One last chance, Hawkins." She cackled with a cough. "One last chance, or I'm throwing you out on the streets!" With that, the older woman retreated into her cat-piss stinking and cigarette smoke covered room.

Kia found herself staring at the old woman's door, before she turned to her own door. Pulling her bag of goodies out from behind her she threw the bag over her shoulders, before stalking angrily to her small apartment door, which now seemed to close for her comfort.

Closing the door behind her, Kia looked around at her poor excuse for a home. It was a one bedroom apartment, with a crappy city view, a bathroom with pealing and fading walls, and a poorly carpeted floor. But seeing as her only source of income was her job at a nearby gas station, with a pay of seven twenty-five an hour, it was the best she could afford at the moment.

Throwing her orange "Don't Mess With Texas" cap onto her bed, she happily let her mid-back length, raven black, hair cascade down her back and onto her shoulders, as she wiped the sleep from her ice-blue eyes.

"Damn wench. She needs to find some poor, blind and horny bastard so she can get fuckin laid!" Kia mumbled hotly, as she slipped out of her work uniform and into a cotton white t-shirt, ripped acid washed jeans, and her favorite black army boots. Turning on her radio, she grinned as "Heart of Rock and Roll" by Huey Lewis and the News came on. Bobbing her head along to the music, Kia walked to her small wooden desk, before taking to her bed.

Plopping down on her bed with a pencil, some paper, and a book to write on, Kia slowly went to work on her life time project. Her comic book, Cool World Sally. She had, with honor, been given permission a year ago by thee Jack Deebs to use his creation, Cool World, for her story idea! Of course her story took place on another side of Cool World from Jack's, making it a little more original.

She still couldn't believe Deeb's had agreed! When she had heard he was out of jail, Kia had searched everywhere for his address, so she could mail him a permissions form to use his idea world for her character. A character which Jack Deebs himself approved of! Even giving her tips to improve it! And when she had received a copy of a signed legal rights form for the comic, she had practically fainted!

But the real thing she wanted to faint over was Jack's approval of her character. Her character, named Sally Bell, was a somewhat tamer, black haired version of Deeb's character, Holli Would. The girls had about the same build, but Sally was more of a sexy fighter girl. While Holli danced, Sally punched and beat her way through life troubles in Cool World. Kia usually dressed her in ripped jeans, black tank-top, ripped up denim vest, fingerless black gloves, and black boots!

Kia was proud of her character, and had spent hours upon hours working on her and the comic story. Every chance she got, she would work on it! And tonight would be another chance for her to continue her work. So, getting comfortable on her bed, Kia went straight to work on her new comic page. She was happy to say she only had three more pages to go, before she could mail it to Jack Deebs and get his opinion on her work.

Plus it would be nice to hear from the man she hadn't heard from since he'd given her permission to use his idea a year ago.

Kia sat down her pencil, as she let out a great big sigh. She had been working for six hours now, and was in need of some screw off time to herself. Carefully, she slipped her new page into a vanilla folder with the others, before slipping it under the bed. After stretching out her stiff limbs and taking a drink of her Sprite, Kia reached from her spot on her bed, to a single wooden chair were her goodie bag sat.

Shaking with happiness, Kia sat up in her bed, and removed a handful of the newest season of Cool World. Spreading each out on her bed, Kia smiled as she looked at each cover with respect and slight envy. God how she wished she was this talented.

Plopping down on her stomach near the edge of her bed, Kia reached under with both hands, and removed a large, clear, basket of Cool World comics, grunting as she sat the basket beside her and plopped herself on her ass again. Opening the basket like bucket, Kia removed a pile of individually rubber-band wrapped Cool World comics, sitting them on the other side of her.

She had three whole baskets similar to this one, and they were all full of Cool World comics. She was an obsessed fan, and she knew it. And frankly, she didn't give a damn what anyone thought of her for it.

Grabbing one of the newer comics she had spread out on her bed, Kia found herself flipping through it, before sitting it down, not finding what she wanted. Going through each of the new ones, Kia removed three of them from the group of six. Slipping the newer ones back into the bag she'd brought them in, she looked at the three she left out. She smiled as she flipped through one of them, and found her favorite Cool World character.

He wasn't a really popular character, and he was only shown when it involved getting with Holli. "Sparks! You could do way better than her." Kia said with a sigh, as she tapped her finger on the broad chested purple man with white swirled hair, and black specks over beady red eyes.

She rolled her eyes at herself. Her friends had always thought she was a nut for having a thing for a fictional characters. She use to simply blow them off, and go back to daydreaming, because she didn't care for their opinions. She had known it was strange, but she couldn't help it! Fictional characters were more appealing then some of the jackasses she had to deal with on a daily basis.

Back when she was younger, she would have done anything to be with a cartoon, than one of the "real boys". But now that she was older, she found herself scolding her affection for the fictional characters like Sparks.

"Get a grip Hawkins. It ain't ever gonna happen," She sighed, as she grabbed the newest Cool World comic, and opened it to the first page. "So just grow up." Continuing to flip through the comic, she stopped and frowned when she found Holli and the super-powered Jackman having a 'love bird' fight. Again.

Rolling her eyes, Kia skipped over Holli and Jackman's fight, to find her favorite, and the most popular, and newest, couple, Frank Harris and Lonett the sexy waitress. Kia had fallen for the two after their premier in Jack Deeb's season final for Cool World; "Holli Would in Real Vegas." The final comic had been a number one seller for the Cool World Fandom, and Kia had two copies of it; one in mint packaged condition and one out of its cover for her to read.

"Jack Deebs does it again," Kia sighed with a sad smile, as she scanned over the interesting pages full of fun looking characters and backgrounds. "Man! I wish I could be apart of Cool World. Then maybe things would be more interesting for me." With that mumbled wish, Kia went to close the comic. Her attempt was stopped as a sudden blast of wind erupted from the pages of comic, blasting Kia back against her bed post and startling her!

The wind suddenly died, as Kia shock her hair out of her face, caught her breath, and stared wide eyed and ash faced at the comic book, which was now glowing and tinkling with a faint sound of a city as it lay open on her bed!

"Holly shit the bed Fred!"


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