"Oh, shit! I'm high, aren't I? Someone obviously slipped something into my can of Sprite at work, and It's just now kicking in," Kia mumbled, as she stared at what could possibly be the most impossible thing to ever happen to her.

Her mind was racing a mile a minute! Her body was shaking, and she could only stare numbly at the glowing and sound animated comic book that lay an arms length from her. From where she sat up against her bed post, she could see that the pictures were moving, and every once in a while, an animated head would pop out of the book!

"Hey, toots? Whats got you shaking like a wet dog?" Kia nearly screamed bloody murder, as she found herself staring at an animated man wearing a pinstriped suit and hat! He was tan and wearing sunglasses, that just barely shaded his obviously green eyes. Hanging from his lips was a toothpick, and a gun from his hip. Only half his body was out of the comic, and he had a grin on his face, showing pointed teeth.

Backing into her bedpost, Kia stared at him with her wide ice-blue eyes. "Get away from me you animated freak!" She sputtered, as the cartoon leaned towards her with an outstretched hand. The cartoon male stopped his hand, his grin turning to a frown, before crossing his hands over his broad chest. "You noids are so damn strange. No wonder there ain't many of yans in Cool World," he muttered at her, shaking his head, as Kia's ears perked, her interest being peeked.

Slightly forgetting her fear, Kia leaned forward with curiosity getting the better of her. "Cool World? Your from Cool World? As in the cartoon world?" She asked meekly, tilting her head to the side. The man's eyes popped out of head, literally, with disbelief, as he placed his hands on his hat, keeping it and his head from flying off. "Holy doodle! Don't tell me yas didn't know Cool World was real?" Kia shyly lowered her head, and gave a soft shrug. "Well it isn't. It's just a fictional world made up by some comic book writer... Right?"

The cartoon man let out an annoyed sigh, almost causing Kia to laugh, as sketched clouds came out of his mouth. "Noids," He mumbled, shaking his head as he stuffed his hands into his pinstriped suit. "I'm outta here. Ain't no reason for mes ta hang with a Noid who don't know nuttin," he gave a snort as he turned away from her. "'World made up by some comic book writer!' bah! Damn Noids are wack-a-doodles!" And with that said, Kia watched with wide eyed disbelief, as the man pushed himself down and back into the comic, disappearing with a small 'pop' sound.

"Wait!" Kia called, scrambling toward the comic book, forgetting her fear from earlier. Slowly sticking her head into the light, Kia gasped in aw, as she watched the moving cartoon drawings run around gleefully. Hesitatingly, Kia looked around her room, as if making sure no one was watching her in her bedroom, before turning back to the comic book, and reaching her hand towards the glowing comic. Becoming wide mouth with aw, she watched as her hand went right through and into the comic!

Pulling her hand back quickly, Kia examined it for any changes or marks it might have gotten. When she found none, Kia clinched her hands, and stared blankly at the comic. She ran her hand through her hair quickly, before nodding her head, coming to a quickly thought out decision.

Slowly pulling herself up, Kia grabbed her boots, slipped them on, before getting on her feet on her bed. "I've got to see more!" She mumbled to herself, staring down at the moving pictures. "This may be my only chance to go to a world I've only ever dreamed of going to." Taking a step forward, Kia stood just above the glowing comic, and let our a shaky breath.

She clinched her fist at her side. "Here goes nothing!" With gritted teeth, she jumped towards the comic, expecting to just land on top of it and find that she had just dreamed the whole thing.

A gush of air, and a pull of her heart later, Kia instead found herself hovering over a seemingly endless city! The wind whipped her hair around aimlessly, as she tried to make sense of her surroundings. Suddenly, with gut wrenching speed, she found herself free-falling towards the city!

"Ahhhhhh!" She screamed loudly, flailing her arms and legs wildly, as the ground speed towards her! 'I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die!' Her mind screamed, as she closed her eyes, gritted her teeth, and brought her arms to her face as she neared the ground. She prepared herself for a painful, possibly death-impacting, slam into the ground!

"WEEE! I Got it! Its mine now!" Startled, Kia's eyes shot open. She gaped like a fish out of water upon finding herself hovering only a few inches away from the ground! 'Oh great! I died free-fall didn't I?' She wondered as she made an attempt to put her feet on the ground.

She suddenly let out a cry of shock, as something touched her ass! Bringing her elbow and hand back, she made hard contact with something soft and fuzzy. She let out an 'Oomph!' as she suddenly crashed to the ground on her stomach.

"Hey Bunnie? What it do to ya?" Groaning, she propped herself onto her hands and knees, shaking as she raised her head. Her eyes widened as she came face to face with a pair of beady black eyes and crooked teeth? "Hey! It moved!" Kia jumped back with a cry of fear and with frightful speed, causing her to fly back onto her ass!

"Whoa! Lookit! Its a noid!" Calming her frantic heart, Kia clasped her chest, as she found herself staring at a, colorful, blue rabbit wearing green pants and white shoes, while carrying a large carrot club with spikes at the end. It was staring at her past his large sickly green noise and large teeth hanging from his mouth. Beside it stood a crooked teethed kid, with a large candy cane and wearing a pilot hat with goggles, purple jeans, and a white, almost tan, t-shirt. Next to it was a brown scruffy dog in a bolder hat, wife beater, and brown shorts with no shoes.

Slowly coming to her feet, Kia watched the three huddle together and stare up at her. They whispered to each other, as Kia calmed her shaking legs and voice. "Where am I?" She asked, beginning to look around, startled to find herself in an alleyway. The blue rabbit, who would have been cute if not for his eyes and tubby tummy, glared up at her, as he sat his carrot club on his shoulder.

"Wait a minute..." Kia mumbled, as she racked her brain, trying to remember were she'd seen the three before, their faces clicking something in her brain. "I know who you guys are! Your Bunnie, Winger, and Scruffy!" Kia exclaimed, causing the three to look at each other with disbelief, before turning back to her with guarded expressions. "Hey noid? How you know our names?" Winger asked, poking Kia's stomach with his candy cane.

Grunting, Kia pushed the candy cane away in annoyance, as she shook her head, still not fully believing that she was talking to cartoons! "From the-the Cool World comic. You-you three were always seen with Sparks." At the mention of her favorite Cool World character, Kia watched as the three toon's suddenly pounced on her, knocking her to the ground!

"Hey! Wha-! Cut it out!" Kia exclaimed, as she found herself wrapped up in colorful toon rope! "Heyy, Bunnie-ehhh! What are we gonna do with the noid?" Winger asked, as the three began to pull her, grunting with each tug.

Kia tried to remove the rope, as she heard Bunnie let out a grunt of annoyance. "We're gonna take the noid ta sparks! Sparks will know what ta do with 'er." Bunnie grunted, causing Kia's eyes to widen.

'Oh man!'

Hope you enjoyed :)