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SUMMARY: Five children mysteriously appear in Konoha. Bringing with them the mystery of who they are, and what their connection with Naruto and Sasuke are.

WARNINGS: SasuNaru-yaoi-male/male relationship. Graphic sexual scenes. Violence.

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Continuum of Chaos

Chapter one

Shadows Fading

A deafening explosion resounding through the air, engulfing a house in flames. The smoke that was rising in abundance could be seen from villagers from a mile away. Screams could vaguely be heard over the violent storm that decorated the sky above.

A crack of lightning flashed across the blackened sky. Slightly illuminating the two figures running through the dense forest. The thunder that followed making the ones they were carrying whimper and squirm in their arms. Rain was pouring down upon them mercilessly. Their feet sinking into the ground with each step. Their breathing coming in ragged breaths as they raced against their pursuers.

"Nii-san...they're catching up!" the young female yelled franticly over the howling wind. Her body numb from the freezing rain and her arms tired from her sibling she was carrying.

The young male glanced back at his sister. Yelling, "Just keep moving! We have to keep moving!" shifting his other two siblings in his arms as he kept running. Pushing his tiring legs to go farther, to keep at the pace they were at. Always making sure that his sister was right behind him.

The male whipped his ahead in different directions with his blood red eyes as he heard an eerie laughter echo around them. But couldn't pinpoint the location thanks to the storm raging overhead.

"There's no place to run, no place to hide! We're coming for you, don't you cry!"

Came a singsong voice ringing throughout the area. 'Damn they're playing with us...' he thought with fright. Swerving in another direction where he thought their pursuers weren't located. His sister following a few steps behind.

"We'll cut you to pieces, burn you to bits! You're gonna die slowly, don't resist!"

Sang the voice again before bursting into another fit of laughter. The boy's heart was thumping loudly in his chest with unadulterated fear. Mentally praying to every God that he could think of, that he would be able to protect his siblings from, what seemed like, a certain death.

He heard a soft scream from behind and immediately spun on his heels. His heart momentarily stopped when he saw his sister on the ground, clutching their other sister close to her with one hand and using the other one to keep herself propped up. He quickly moved to her and crouched down in front of her. Thinking she got hurt or something. He placed their brother and sister that he was carrying on the ground. "Chidori, are you alright? What's wrong?" he asked, his voice showing the obvious worry he was feeling.

Chidori looked up at her older brother with her own blood red eyes. The tears she was crying blending in the rain that was falling. "T-they're going to k-kill us..." she murmured out between sobs. "Nii-san, I-I w-want Tou-san!"

Raiden gently grabbed her head with both hands and looked at her in her eyes. "Tou-san isn't here! So we have to protect ourselves, you understand me?!" he yelled sternly over the storm. "We have to protect them!" indicating their three younger siblings. "Now come on, get up!" he ordered as he rose from the ground and picked up his brother and sister with shaky arms.

Chidori wiped her face, which only caused mud to be smeared all over her face. But that was the last thing she was going to worry about right now. She rose to her feet and adjusted her sister she had in her arms. This wasn't the time she should be breaking down. She needed to help her brother to protect their siblings. And with that, they sped off again.

As they weaved through the trees, Raiden could feel their pursuers getting closer. He looked in the direction where he could feel their presence with his blood red eyes. And sure enough, his eyes caught the movement of them. A lot closer than he expected they were. 'Dammit...' he thought as panic began to rise within him. He knew they were at least jounin and that he probably could hold them off for a little bit if he wasn't already tired. But he was, which made their chances even slimmer.

A kunai came soaring towards them. Which he managed to catch the movement of at the last minute, leaping out of the way from getting struck. When landing he slipped on the wet ground as he tried to reposition his footing. Falling painfully on his butt and back shoulder. His siblings in his arms crying uncontrollably.

Chidori stopped at his side. "Nii-san!" kneeling down and trying to help him up with one arm. Her other arm holding her surprisingly quiet sister. He quickly sat up, ignoring the pain in his backside and shoulder and handed his sister and brother toward his sister. "Here." he said as he got back on his feet.

They couldn't run any longer. The enemies were too close, they would never out run them. He scanned around the area for any movement while positioning himself in a fighting stance. "Stay back." he ordered his sister.

She took the three youngest to a safe distance and brought out two kunai from her weapons pouch. Ignoring her pounding heart as she held one kunai in each hand, ready to to protect her sibling at all cost.

"Oh looky! They think they stand a chance against us!" said a female voice in a mocking tone. With that eerie laughter following suit.

Raiden looked in the general direction where he thought the female's voice came from and saw a figure jump down from a branch. '1..' he thought, hoping to find at least all the locations of their pursuers. He snapped his head to the far left when he caught movement from the second person emerging from there hiding spot from behind a bush. '2..' blinking his eyes a couple of times from the falling rain. 'Where's the third?' Having a suspicion that it's a team of three that were trying to kill them.

"Three..." he heard close to his right ear. His eyes widened, not even sensing this person get so close. But before he could turn to look at the third person, he was violently punched in the side of his face. Sending him tumbling a good distance in the mud. He twisted his body so he could stop on his feet and looked up just in time as the third enemy shot toward him. He flipped himself out of the way and when he landed he blocked an oncoming attack from the second enemy. Then swirled around and blocked another punch from the third enemy with his leg. And this is how it continued with him being completely on the defensive. His body tiring more the longer this went on.

Chidori worriedly watched the battle going on a few yards in front of her. Knowing full well if it kept going like it was, her brother would be dead in no time. And she couldn't bare if that happened.

The first enemy looked in her direction and cocked her head weirdly. Then headed toward her at an alarming rate. Her breath quicken as she blocked a powerful kick directed at her side. Making her stumble on her back from the force of the impact.

"For being one of their daughters, you sure are a weak one." said the enemy as she walked closer to the younger ones. "Now you can watch me kill your sisters and brother." her singsong voice making Chidori shiver as the enemy brought out her sword and readying it above her head.

Chidori snapped her leg out and made brutal contact with the other's shins. Then she used her other leg and kicked the enemy in the face. Sending her to the ground. Chidori then flipped herself back on her feet. "You stay the hell away from them." she growled out. Her blood red eyes now with animalistic slits. 'I have to do something...anything!'

She put the kunai that she was still holding back into her weapon's pouch. Then brought her hands together and closed her eyes. She tried to calm her rapid heartbeat as she focused and began gathering chakra. 'Please know what I'm doing Nii-san.'

After a couple of moments, the howling wind began to swirl around her and her younger siblings. Creating a barrier out of a raging tornado. Her eyes screwed shut tightly from the intense concentrating to even keep this up. Her chakra rapidly decreasing.

Raiden flew through the air and hit a tree with brutal force. Sending agonizing pain through his body as he fell to the forest floor with a muddy splash. His mouth filling with the metallic taste of his own blood. His breathing coming in painful wheezing. Knowing that some of his ribs were broken. He looked up at his attackers that were advancing on him. He desperately struggled with his body to stand up. Each movement he did, sent new shots of pain through his battered body.

Then they suddenly stopped and looked in a certain direction. He did the same and saw his sister forming the wind around her and their siblings. He forced his body into a standing position and leaned up against a tree. A feral grin spreading over his features as he glared at his enemies. "This is your end of the road." he rasped out. Hastily forming hand seals and yelling, "Katon-Gouryuuka no Jutsu!"

A dragon head made out of the element of fire formed. But instead of sending it at the enemies standing a mere couple of yards in front of him, he sent it at his sister.

Once it connected with the wind in dispersed the fire throughout the tornado. Now circling Chidori and her siblings in blazing fire. She suddenly snapped her eyes opened and yelled, "Gufuu no hi!" Making the tornado rapidly expand in width. Engulfing everything in flames until it exploded violently...

Kakashi sat in a high branch of a tree reading his ever present Icha Icha Paradise book. Or as his students like to call it, his porn book. 'They just don't have the appreciative attitude for sexual art.' he thought he he turned to the next page.

He glanced up to make sure that his two male students weren't trying to kill each other, yet. When he saw that they were still letting their female teammate train with them, he was mildly surprised. Normally Sasuke would of said something by now that irritated Naruto. Which would result in said blond to blow up and attack randomly at the youngest Uchiha.

Yes, that would be a normal day. But since it hasn't happen just yet, he figured that either they came to a truce. 'Fat chance.' Or Naruto was in a good mood where he wouldn't blow up as easily as he usually would. But if that's the case, it's only a matter of time before his last nerve is shot down. And by the way he's looking at the moment it's about to come any time now.

Sasuke arrogantly smirk at Naruto. Who let out inhuman growl in return. "What's wrong idiot? Can't get a hit on me?" he sneered at the blond.

Sakura backed away slowly, like she was backing away from two wild animals. Definitely not wanting to draw their attention to herself. She knew how fierce their battles get and she wanted no part in them. She would most likely get herself seriously injured or killed. Not what she had planned for today really.

Naruto rushed forward in a blur of yellow. Raising his hand to hit that smirk right off of that pale bastard's face. But it was caught by Sasuke, who used the blond's momentum to throw him across the clearing. Which Naruto landed gracefully on his feet. Taking a few shuriken out of his weapon's pouch and throwing them at the other. Sasuke dodged out of range of being struck and sped toward Naruto. Initiating a close range taijutsu fight.

After an hour they were still at it. Still throwing powerful kicks and punches to each other. Both looking like they just came out of a fierce battle. Their skin was covered with dirt and blood from open wounds and their clothes were tattered beyond repair. Within that hour their fight moved from the clearing to the surrounding forest. With only a warning from their sensei not to use life threatening jutsu's. Which meant no chidori or rasengan.

Sasuke leaped out of the way of Naruto's leg that was meant to knock him off his feet. And swung his own leg toward the blond's head. Who backed up out of range of the offending leg. He was about to throw another punch at the Uchiha when something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. Which resulted in getting punched hard in the jaw. Knocking his balance off and landing hard on the forest floor. The familiar taste of metallic entering his mouth.

"Tiring dobe. That punch was easy to dodge, even for you." Sasuke stated with a smirk.

Naruto glared at him and sneered, "Shut up Teme! That was a fucking cheat shot and you know it!" getting back on his feet and looking in the direction where something yellowish caught his attention.

Sasuke shrugged, "Whatever, can we get back to fighting?"

"No." he said absentmindedly as he walked toward where the yellowish thing was protruding from behind a large tree. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the blond. "You're giving up?" he asked and for some reason he felt disappointed about it.

Naruto swirled on his heels at hearing something so ridiculous. Pointing an accusing finger at Sasuke. "Hell no would I EVER give up to a bastard like you!"

'Good.' Sasuke thought with satisfaction as once again he watched the blond turn in the opposite direction. "What the hell are you doing?" wondering why someone that didn't want to give up is walking in a different direction from said opponent.

"Seeing what that is." he said while pointing his finger at the yellowish blob a little in front of himself.

Sasuke furrowed his brows at the thing. His mind coming up with several ideas to what it was. He began walking toward Naruto, just in case it was something dangerous. Not quite understanding why he was worried for his blond teammate. He watched as Naruto looked behind the tree and as his eyes grew to the size of saucers. "Holy shit..." he heard his teammate murmur before running in the direction of the clearing where Kakashi and Sakura were at.

Sasuke approached the tree and glanced behind it. Gasping as he saw five kids laying unconscious on the ground. All of them filthy from head to toe. The two oldest with dried blood mixing with their dirt.

He bent down to one of the little girls with raven colored hair and brought his hand to her pulse at her neck. Seeing if she was still alive. When he received a heartbeat he let out a sigh of relief. He did this to all the others, finding out that they were all still breathing. But it seemed like the two eldest were the worst for wear. 'Damn that idiot better hurry.'

Naruto was running through the forest at high speed, reaching the clearing in record time. "Kakashi-sensei!!" he yelled at his sensei. Who didn't move a muscle from his spot in the tree. "Please say you didn't kill him. You know that would give Hokage-sama more paperwork. And I'm the one that would get yelled at for it."

"Kaka..." but before he could get anything else out Sakura began yelling, "You better not of seriously injured my Sasuke-kun, Naruto-baka!" clenching her fists together ready to strike the poor blond down. But he ignored her as best he could while she continued to yell at him. "Dammit Kakashi-sensei! We found these five kids in the forest unconscious!"

Once said, one shut up while the other immediately put his book away and jumped down to the ground. Asking simply, "Where." Naruto didn't waste anytime and ran toward where he came from with Kakashi and Sakura following right behind him.

A few seconds later, they reached where the five kids were with Sasuke standing impatiently to the side. His arms crossed in annoyance. "What the hell took you so long dobe." he asked as he glared at the blond.

Naruto growled at him sneering, "Ask your girlfriend?" inwardly grinning when he received a death glare from hell from the raven. While Sakura squalled and clutched to Sasuke arm asking hopefully, "Do you really think of me as your girlfriend?" her voice dripping with shrilly girliness.

"No." came the immediate answer. Yanking his arm out of Sakura's grasp and addressing Kakashi. "They're all still breathing but the two oldest seem to be fainter than the others."

Kakashi nodded, wondering what these five children were doing in the middle of the forest looking like they just rolled in several mud puddles. But that was impossible because it hasn't rained in over a week. "We need to take them to the hospital." stating the most obvious thing possible while bending down and grabbing the two oldest. "Each one of you grab one of the smaller ones and follow me."

All three did as told and followed their sensei toward the hospital...

Gufuu no hi--Tornado of Fire