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Is what happens next in your control?/ Are you doing what you want, or what you've been told? - John Siegler, "One More Move" (Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie)


He refers to himself as "God".

It is impossible for him to see himself any other way. To attempt otherwise would shatter his already distorted reality.

The beginnings of this belief are long forgotten. Perhaps when his friend Yahiko died defending him was the true beginning. At this time, while aware a few of the abilities of the Rinnegan he was unaware of the most dangerous ones. A masked man approached him when he and his remaining comrade were preparing Yahiko's pyre. How this man knew of the Rinnegan, Nagato did not ask or care, all he wanted was his comrade back and would do anything to have them together. This was all the masked individual needed to hear, and he gave Nagato the information. The masked man, calling himself "Tobi", informed Nagato as Jiraiya did not, that his Rinnegan was in actuality a powerful weapon, giving its possessor power over all chakra. "Tobi" went further and told Nagato it was the doujutsu of a god, giving him power over all life and death.

This information was the cause of restoring Yahiko to life. A heavy price was involved, however as the life was one of Nagato's control. Yahiko as an individual no longer existed; only Nagato's voice spoke through him.

But Nagato no longer cared, for Tobi had planted the seeds of a dangerous insanity within him. As the years passed, not even his surviving comrade dared speak a word against his actions as they grew more reckless or his statements as he became more convinced of his "superiority over mortals". Nagato became Pein, changing his name to one reflecting his beliefs.

Thanks to the Rinnegan, he has never lost a battle and has gained many puppets from corpses of those he has killed or who were brought to him by others of his village. He killed Hanzou, his whole family and supporters. He killed Jiraiya and countless others who stood against him. He has never received a serious injury, and has no reason to consider himself mortal. He believes he is in perfect control of every situation, and in the end will stand the master of the new world once the bijuu are captured.

Yet, Pein is blind to one large fact: he is not the one in control. Once "Tobi" gave Nagato this dangerous information, Nagato unwittingly gave control to Uchiha Madara. Everything Pein does now is Madara's will, not his own, for Pein is in service to him. Konan sees it, but does not argue, knowing she cannot convince him. In a way, she is afraid to admit the truth to herself, much less Pein, even as she lives with that knowledge. She knows that admitting to that truth will bring heavy consequences, and she refuses to live with that burden.

And what is the truth?

Pein believes himself to be "God", the supreme puppetmaster.

In reality, he is merely the puppet of another man's vengeance.

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