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Gold/Silver - PokeSupe

Slash, aka shonen-ai, yaoi, boyxboy, whatever. Leave if you don't want to see it.

"A statue, huh?"

Gold gave a heavy sigh, extending a hand to touch the stone form of his best friend. It was hard and cool to his fingertips, which felt strange compared to how Silver's skin felt normally. It was unfamiliar and unwelcome. The trainer frowned, biting his lip slightly.

"That's not fair at all." he complained quietly. "You're wearing a crazy costume and looking all epic. It sounds like a hella crazy story. I want to hear it."

Silver didn't react. Maybe because he was currently made of stone.

Gold sighed for what must have been the quadrillionth time since he had arrived to visit the statues of the Pokedex owners. Most of them, anyway. Not the new ones in Hoenn. Or Chris. Or him. And that's the worst part, you see. He would have much preferred to be up there with Silver and the others, in a dramatic pose and being "displayed" in Battle Frontier. That would be the life.

He didn't like being outdone by his crush, it was just unfair. Come on, they needed at least a bit of equality in their relationship, right? This was just cruel. He got all the fame here, where as Gold got regulated to nearly no presence. The writers here were obviously playing favorites. I mean, come on! BREEDING? Couldn't they give him ANYTHING better?!

Being lonely without Silver might have had something to do with it too. Just a little.

Quickly realizing being angsty about his best friend's status as a statue and his own lack of status as a statue was extremely stale, he released his now bleeding lip from the grip of his teeth and smiled. Oh well. There were some ups to this...

Combing through gloved fingers through his hair provocatively, Gold gave his most stunning grin and threw his arms around the motionless stone in front of him.

"Silver... why are you being so cold towards me?" the breeder whispered, pouting slightly in a cute way. "Are you worried about my reaction to...." he released one arm to gesture along the rest of the statue experimentally, before deciding he liked the hug position better and curled it back to its earlier position roughly. "... that?"

Silver still didn't react.

Gold laughed huskily, pretending he had. "I really don't mind about such silly things, Sil. You should know that." he purred to the smooth stone, leaning in even closer to give the statue what would have been a passionate kiss if it wasn't made extremely uncomfortable by the fact that one of the two was currently made of rock. Which, in case you haven't tried, I'll let you know that it definitely isn't something you need to run out and try.

Silver still didn't react. But Crystal, who stood in the doorway, did, with a dog-whistle.

"Oo la la." She called, smirking widely. Ruby and Sapphire didn't have the stamina to say anything at this point, and just stood staring.

Gold jumped a foot backwards, off of Silver and onto the marble floor, and spun around, face bright red. "C-C-CHRIS!"

"I see you forgot we were supposed to meet you here." Crystal said elegantly, the ends of her labcoat fluttering as she turned to the two younger trainers behind her. "You'll have to excuse Gold. He's got a small statue fetish."

"T-that's not true and you know it! Don't listen to her, you two!" Gold yelled.

Crystal just giggled incessantly at his reaction and the blank, scared faces of the Hoenn trainers. "You just wait, when they're better, I'm so telling him..."

"You better not! I'll kill you if you try!!"

Little did they both know, though Silver might have been a hunk of rock at the moment, he still had complete consciousness. And it was Gold that was going to be killed here for this incident, oh yes it would...