Bella's POV

"This is ridiculous." Rose said, slamming her gray tray of food down on the lunch table. Green Soup Surprise went everywhere.

"Rose!" I growled picking up my already ratty book, Wuthering Heights, from the green meaty liquid covered table.

"Bella, I can't believe this. I have to work on Valentine's Day."

Rosalie Hale never had trouble getting a date for Valentine's Day. She had her share of dates, but most of the time the guy ended up being a jerk or 'below her standards' and she would just walk out. However, Rosalie was a true believer in love and Valentine's Day which meant that she would be on a date because… wouldn't it be a cute story to tell the grandchildren that you're first date with your future spouse was on Valentine's Day?

Jasper sat down next to me, pulling his iPod earphones out of his ears and stuffing them in his pocket. He was brown bagging it with me today.

"Bella, I need your help." Rose stated.

"I need green slime to get off my book." I said holding up my book.

"I'll buy you a new book."

"Rosalie." Jasper said, in his warning voice. She instantly stopped. Jasper had a weird effect on people.

He and Rosalie both knew that my mother had given me this book before she passed away. Inside she wrote me a lengthy message. I cherished this book with my whole heart.

"Jake also works at the garage." Rosalie told me.

"So… you want to date Jake?" I asked.

"Funny." Rosalie said flatly. "No, I want him to take my shift. It's from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon."

"I thought you went out at night for Valentine's Day?" I asked.

"I need to get ready." Rosalie explained.

"And why don't you ask Jake?" I asked.

"I tried and he doesn't like me because I'm not you."

"He doesn't like me." I said.

"How do you not feel the intensity of his feelings?" Jasper asked.

"Jazz, you're not helping me." I said.

"Just being honest."

"Well, be quiet." I said.

"Come on, Bella." Rosalie whined. She usually got her way.

"I could try," I began, "if you don't force me to go out."

"You want to be alone for Valentine's Day?"

"Yes." I said.

She sighed, "Fine. If he agrees then I won't force you out."

"Thank you." I said.

"When's Valentine's Day?" Jasper asked and was then met by the incredulous eyes of Rosalie.

"The fourteenth of February. The second Saturday, idiot."

I laughed and nudged Jasper subtly. He smiled. We liked to annoy Rosalie.

"Hey, Jasper, do you have plans?" I asked him.

"Why, no, Bella I do not."

"Would you like to have the Lord of the Rings marathon we've been promising to do for months?"

"I would love to." Jasper smiled.

"You two are insane." Rosalie said standing up. "I'm going to get something edible to eat."

She walked away and Jasper and I began to laugh. Jasper was just as quiet as me sometimes and a nice person to hang out with. Rose and he were my two best friends. Jasper was the one that I could talk to about losing my mom and feel like he understood. He hadn't lost his parents, but he understood somehow. Rosalie tried and she was great, but she didn't completely get what I felt.

"Were you being serious about the marathon?" Jasper asked.

"Only if you want to." I said. "I'm as free as a bird."

"Then marathon it is." He said pulling the contents of his lunch out.

We ate in peaceful silence until Rosalie came back complaining about how Mike Newton tried to grope her. Jasper looked pissed, but Rosalie shook it off. The bell rang and I began walking to History class with Jasper. He was a total Civil War freak. It was great to see him defend the confederacy's great generals. It made one of my classes entertaining. Of course, there was also the fact that a gorgeous guy with copper hair sat directly in front of Jasper. I didn't even know his name. Our school was huge. Our class alone was made up of 1,000 kids. This was an honors class, though, so it didn't have more than 20 people.

I was staring at the gorgeous guy when Jasper threw a piece of paper at my head. I gave him the stink eye and he laughed. "Day dreaming?"

"Somewhat." I muttered picking up the piece of paper and placing it back on Jasper's desk.

Mr. Emerson began his lesson then and I took notes until my hand began to cramp up. This teacher liked to stuff our heads with information the first day of the lesson and for the next day discuss it. The bell rang and I gathered up all of my books and began walking next to Jasper out of the classroom. When I walked out, though, I was rammed into by some quarter back looking man. He was smiling and his dimples were showing.

I'm already a klutz and having something else throw off my balance was just not good. My hands went up in the air while I fell to the ground. My books created a rainfall effect and began falling on top of my head.

"Bella, are you okay?" Jasper said crouching down next to me, not even worried about my books. The corners of his mouth were twitching like he wanted to laugh, but he refrained.

"I'll be fine." I muttered.

"Fuck. I'm sorry!" The muscle guy apologized about to offer me a hand, but Jasper gave him a get lost look so he just took his hand back.

I stood up with Jasper by my side. "It's not your fault." I said to muscles, while I grabbed my books. Jasper and I walked off after that to get to our last classes.

I had math. Jasper had science. Rosalie had English. We were all separated to different sides of the school. I liked math. It was easy. Plus, it gave me time to relax before heading home.

"Psst!" The girl behind me said poking me with her pencil.

I turned around and faced a girl who was like a fairy without her wings. She had short, short black spiky hair and bright blue eyes.

"What?" I whispered.

"Do you have a piece of gum?"


"Yeah." She said, while melodramatically clacking her teeth together to get me to understand the concept of gum.

"Hold on." I said digging through my bag, until I found a piece and handed it to the girl.

"Thanks." She smiled. "My friend took my last piece. He's double my size and some so I couldn't stop him."

"Not a big deal." I said turning back to my math problems. The teacher stopped the class ten minutes later, proclaiming that it was last period and we could have two minutes to socialize. I gathered my stuff together and the pixie girl made that "pssst!" sound again.

I turned around. "Yes?"

"I'm Alice."

"Hi?" I said.

"And you are…?"

"Oh," I said, "um, I'm Bella."

"Bella, do you happen to take honors history with Mr. Emerson?"

"Yeah." I said.

"Right before this class?"

"Yeah, are you in that class?" I asked.

"No." She said and smiled again. "I'm not a stalker." She explained. "I just have a friend who would not stop talking about how you and this confederate ass hole argued the other day in class about the Civil War."

"Oh." I said. "That was me and Jasper. He's not an ass hole. He's just a very strategy oriented person."

"Do you have a fling with him?"



"No." I said.

"Good." She said.

I raised an eyebrow.

"No, not, like, good good. Like, good – happy."

"Why good – happy?"

"Oh, no reason." She sang.

The bell rang and Alice walked next to me to the parking lot. She chattered away the whole way and when we got to the parking lot I saw Rosalie fixing her make-up in her red BMW convertible, I didn't know the kind, and Jasper was in his silver car next to her about to leave. My truck was next to their cars.

I was about to say goodbye to Alice when she sang out, "Edward!"

The beautiful man from my history class turned his head and gave a questioning look at Alice. Alice walked me over to him. At first I figured she was his girlfriend because honestly they were both gorgeous, but then I remembered her saying something about her – friend – in my class, not boyfriend.

"Bel-la." Alice sang. "This is Edward. I believe he has history with you." She winked at Edward. Was this some sort of joke? Get the ugly girl to have her heart crushed?

"Hello, Bella." Edward said.

"Hi." I said back.

"Bella is a life saver." Alice said.

"Really?" Edward asked intrigued.

"Yeah!" Alice said as if it was completely obvious. "She gave me gum. Remember how Emmett took my last piece?"

"That was nice of you." Edward said.

"It was a piece of gum." I said. "I… um, I have to go. My friends are waiting for me."

"That's so nice!" Alice said. "Emmett and Edward basically sprint out the door and don't even wait to see if I'm alive."

"It was nice talking to you. Bye?" I said like I was questioning myself.

"Bye, Bella." Edward said.

"See ya later!" Alice screamed after me.

Edward's POV

"Real smooth, Alice." I said walking to my car.

"Chill, Edward. I didn't tell her you thought she was pretty or that you thought she had an amazing voice or…"

"You make me sound like some crazed stalker."

"No, it's just cute." Alice said. "You have a crush. Admit it!"

"I don't even know her, Alice. She's just a girl."

"First, she's a woman. Second, you didn't deny it. Third," Alice said making me and her stop and she put a hand on my chest, "it's okay to crush."

I messed up her hair and continued walking with her trailing behind me. "Edward, I actually like Bella. She's not like any of your other girlfriends and plus I think you finally met your match."

"My match?" I asked, skeptically.

"She's not like those bim-boes you've dated where they like you and when you find out you hang out with them once and say something corny and get them to go make-out with you in the back of the Volvo by the end of your first date.

"Alice, I just said she was pretty. Not that she was some super-star-goddess."

"The Bella girl?" Emmett asked leaning against his car, which was parked two spots from mine and next to Alice's. All of us were not morning people and always got here too late to get a decent spot.

"Yes." Alice said and gave me a pointed look.

"She's hot." Emmett said and Alice stopped and looked at him. "You shut up. You cannot go after her. She is for Edward."

"Alice what is up with you?" I asked. She was acting weird, even for her.

"I just have this feeling." She said. "And Emmett how do you know her?"

"I ran into her, literally." Emmett laughed kindly.

Alice rolled her eyes and got into her car. "I'm going home. I'm cold."

"I thought we were hanging at Edward's?" Emmett asked.

"Yeah, well, you two are annoying me." Alice laughed. "Maybe I'll stop by later."

I got into my car and sped the whole way home with Emmett on my tail in his big jeep. We pulled into the long drive way into my, well my parents', white house on the lake. Emmett and I piled into the house and went straight to the kitchen. Emmett went to the refrigerator and I stood by the kitchen island ready to start cooking anything he placed on it. A frozen pizza came flying out, followed by some frozen mozzarella sticks, and followed by a ton of other junk food, until finally an apple hit me on the head. "Seriously?" I asked.

Emmett's booming laughter filled the kitchen. "We need some sort of fruit and veggies group."

"You don't eat apples, though."


"The pizza has tomato sauce." I suggested.

"That works." Emmett shrugged and slammed the refrigerator door shut.

Emmett and I heard the front door open and Alice floated through the house to the kitchen. "I'm starving and my mom is on that disgusting Atkins Diet where all you eat is meat."

"Food will be done in ten minutes." I said.

"Throw me the apple, Emmett." Alice ordered.

Emmett picked up the apple and began polishing it with his shirt, "How do you make an apple turnover?" He asked, while tossing the apple to Alice. She caught it and began eating.

"I don't know, Em." She said.

"You push it down a hill!" Emmett began laughing at his own joke. Alice was about to throw the apple at his head when I gave her a look telling her Esme would not be happy to get home from work and have to clean apple juice.

"Why can't one of you two be girls?" Alice asked suddenly.

"Edward's sort of like a girl." Emmett offered.

"Nice, Emmett." I said.

"You're more like a girl than I am. Could you imagine me as a girl? I'd be one ugly looking girl. All muscle and not an ounce of fat to…"

"See!" Alice said. "This is why I need a friend who's not a total pervert."

"I'm not." I said.

"Ugh, but you're a guy." Alice said sadly.

Alice didn't have friends who were girls and it wasn't because she would steal their boyfriends or because she would spread rumors, but because Alice was, well, Alice. She was a tiny person with a huge personality. She could be demanding and would be honest. If you went shopping with her she won't hesitate to tell you the truth, which is why Jessica Stanley started a rumor that Alice was anorexic. Alice isn't a bad person, but she's just very dominating and sometimes people didn't like that.

Alice and I have been friends since kindergarten when our moms began to chat. At the time my mom worked from home and so she was around a lot. Alice's parents were never home and being my neighbor she would just hang out with me. Emmett came into our little group in first grade when he sat at our lunch table because Mike Newton was dared to eat glue… and did and even at that age it repulsed Emmett enough to move his seat. We'd all been friends ever since then.

And yeah we fought and shit, but at the end of the day they were always there. We'd all had our shares of relationships. Emmett with his dumb-as-doorknob cheerleaders, me with talkative girls, and Alice with her guys. Whenever one of us had a relationship it strained our friendship. Maybe it was because we weren't used to adding someone in our circle or maybe because we all had bad taste in the opposite gender. Alice always hated Emmett's girlfriends because they'd be bitchy towards her and I could never stand how they couldn't hold a conversation for longer than a minute without bringing it to Brad Pitt. My girlfriends always pissed off Emmett and Alice for some reason. Alice always had it the hardest because Emmett and I would be cool with him, but he would never like it when Alice would just hang out with us.

'BING!' The timer to the oven went off and I ran to go grab it when Emmett threw the oven mittens at me, but they went into the oven and landed on top of the pizza getting stuck in the cheese.

"Now what?!" I asked rubbing the bridge of my nose.

"You're acting like you have PMS, man." Emmett said.

"Chill you two." Alice said going into the laundry room and grabbing a towel and using that as an oven mitten to get the pizza out. Alice placed another towel on the counter and placed the pizza down. Emmett was impatient to get his pizza and instead of waiting for the cheese to cool down he got a knife and tried cutting it, only to create a tangled mess of cheese. Then he looked like he was about to give up when Alice said, "Emmett you demolished it!"

Then we heard the door open followed by my parents holding two boxes of pizza. "Thank God!" Emmett screamed looking to the ceiling.