"Magic drifted through the air
Touching everybody there
You came into my life so small
Altering, everything changed"

---Everything Changed, Aqualung

Bella's POV

Ten o'clock at night rolled around fast with Alice, Jasper, and the one who I was currently snuggled against – Edward. He wouldn't leave my side, even after Jasper and Alice came back down the stairs. He probably thought that I might freak out… or maybe, just maybe, he cared and didn't want to let go. I could hope it was the latter.

The Lord of the Rings was getting too serious for Alice after so many hours, so we decided to watch corny Valentine's Day movies. Currently, we were on our second cheesy movie – How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days. It was cute, but extremely fun to make fun of.

"The royals of Valentine's Day are here!" Emmett said coming down the stairs. All of us turned to Rose and Emmett. They were still dressed up. Rosalie was in a fire-engine red dress that made her look even more gorgeous. Emmett was in a suit and had on a tie that matched Rose's dress.

The funny thing, though, was that they were both wearing goofy crowns on the top of their heads.

"Why are you wearing a crown, Emmett?" Edward asked.

"Apparently his name was on the ballet too." Rosalie laughed and sat with Emmett on the last couch.

"Every princess needs a prince." Emmett smiled.

"Shut up, Prince Charming." Rose said.

"No way, Sleeping Beauty." Emmett said.

"I'm not Sleeping Beauty that title goes to Bella." Rose laughed.

"What?" I asked.

"You just are." Rose sighed.

"So who would I be?" Alice asked bouncing up and down.

"Snow White." I said.

"Then who's Jasper?" Alice asked.

"They never gave the prince a name." I laughed. "So, I guess Jasper could just be one of the dwarfs."

"Very funny, Sleepy." Jasper mumbled.

"Rose would be Rapunzel." Alice chimed in.

Edward laughed and said, "That would make Emmett what?"

"Prince Bastion. Duh." Alice said.

"So if Bella is Sleeping Beauty, then what's Edward?" Emmett asked.

"Prince Phillip." I said.

"How do you know this?" Edward asked.

I shrugged.

"Cause she's Sleeping Beauty and she would know your name, Edward." Alice said sarcastically.

"What'd you guys win?" Jasper asked later that night.

"Oh! Oh! Rosie let me tell them." Emmett said.

"Well," Rose pretended to think about it, "I guess."

"Yes!" Emmett said. "Hold on I left it upstairs."

Emmett bounded up the stairs and back down in about ten seconds. He was now holding a large basket. It was filled with roses and candies. It also had a scrapbook and a few coupons for restaurants.

"What's so exciting?" Jasper asked after looking at the flowers.

"This." Emmett said holding up the scrap book.

"Why?" Edward asked.

"Because… look." Emmett opened up the book and it was already filled with numerous photos of… all of us.

"Who did this?" I asked.

"Eric Yorkie." Rose said.

"Why?" Alice asked.

"He was in charge of creating a scrap book for me in case I won… he may have taken his job a little too seriously. He seemed to have stalked us all a little bit."

All of the photos depicted us all and our relationship with one another perfectly. There was a photo of us all eating lunch together, Alice had her hands raised in a story and Emmett was laughing while Rose was rolling her eyes, Jasper had a hand on Alice's shoulder to calm her down and Edward and I were looking on laughing. This album was filled with photos.

"Wait." I said. "What are you guys doing back so soon? Doesn't the dance end around 11 or 12?"

"We're too cool for that shit." Emmett said.

"Hey," Jasper said, "let's go to our diner."

"After I get out of this dress." Rosalie said. "I've got my bag in Emmett's car."

All of us piled out of Jasper's house. Edward tugged my hand and led me to his car. I got in slowly, but he stopped me.

"Here." He said handing me back his book.

I took the book from him and then surprised him by kissing him. The cold air of February was replaced by the warmth of his mouth. I realized then how much I cared about Edward, loved even. I'd never had a kiss with someone who I cared so much for. When we parted I ducked my head and said, "Wow."

Edward laughed at me and pulled me back to him.



"You owe me ten bucks, Emmett!"


"This is wonderful!"

"Damn it. Couldn't you have waited three more days?"

And that wasn't embarrassing enough because they all started applauding. I was mortified. I began to take a step away from Edward, but he grabbed my side and let me lean my face into his chest to hide my reddening face.

"Shut up everyone." Edward said. "Let's get to our diner."

"Fine, but you're paying for my food 'cause I'm out ten bucks…" Emmett began, but Rose hit the back of his head.

I was about to hop into Edward's car, when he laughed and leaned down to grab my book that I dropped in the snow during the kiss. "Let's put this in your car." He suggested.

I walked to my truck with Edward and took the book from his hands and placed it gingerly inside. I would leave it in my house from now on.

"Come on lovebirds!" Emmett called. "We're all taking the jeep!"

I laughed and said, "Hold on."

I grabbed my sketchbook from my car. I had finished the cover for Alice and I needed to show it to her… and everyone else.

The ride in the jeep was filled with crude remarks from Emmett, Rose would punch him every once in awhile, Alice would look from me to Edward and smile, Jasper leaned his head against the window, Edward grasped my hand and looked at my sketchbook curiously, and I just smiled.

We were all seated at our circular table in the corner with coffees and hot chocolates and more whipped cream than ever. We all had different platters of food that were all being shared and we were all laughing and having fun.

Now or never.

"Guys," I said to them and they faced me, "I… um… have something to show you."

I took out my sketchbook and Alice, who was sitting next to me, grabbed it before I could even flip to the correct page. When she found it she stared for a few moments with a full on smile.

"I wanna see!" Emmett complained.

"Me too." Edward said.

"Tilt it so I can see." Jasper said. He was sitting next to Alice and she was holding it so only she could see.

"Share, Mary Alice." Rose commanded.

"That doesn't work on me like it does Emmett." Alice laughed still studying the drawing. "Bella, this is perfect!"

Edward reached over me and grabbed the book from Alice and she shrieked.

"This is…" He said.

"Unbelievable." Rose finished for him. She was sitting on his other side and Edward actually shared.

"Well, let me see!" Emmett said.

"And me." Jasper said.

Rosalie handed the sketchbook to Emmett and allowed Jasper and Emmett to look.

"Sleeping Beauty this is great!" Emmett said. "It shows all my manly muscle."

The drawing was something that I finished last night. It didn't follow the original outline of what it was supposed to be, but then again, nothing ever really follows any sort of outline.

The original was only supposed to have me in casual clothes, Jasper in a classical outfit, and Rose in elegant clothing. I expanded the photo to include Edward next to me in causal clothes, Alice next to Jasper looking classy, and then huge Emmett next to Rosalie wearing a tux that was similar to what he wore earlier. It was our little group together just being who we were and having fun while doing just that.


Andddd it's over :[

But, hey, it is a Valentine's Day story and today is Valentine's Day, so….

I hope all of you are having a fun Valentine's Day with someone special or with some friends watching crappy romance movies. I enjoyed writing this and look for stuff that I'll do in the future. Oh and thanks!