What's Your Poison?

Harley Quinn is taken to the Arkham Asylum and is surprised to find herself spill out her guts and talking about her life to an intern there, much like she was with her puddin' the first time they met… JokerHarley and a bit of HarleyPoison.

Disclaimer: I don't own Batman, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, or any DC characters, or the plot, since I am only following the comics, but I am adding some twists to adjust to the movie. However, I do own Lucy Hart, and her story. Also, the whole concept of this story.

A/N: Yeah I know, I'm taking more than I can chew, but this idea has been eating me since it popped into my head. I hardly ever do canon characters with anything, but Harley Quinn is my favourite female character out of anything, and I love her with Joker and Poison Ivy.


Chapter one: Life has a sense of humour

This wasn't like any Asylum she had been to. On many levels Arkham Asylum was so much more extreme than the other mental institutions Lucy Hart had been to. For starters, the most obvious reason is that it holds the most notorious villains of all Gotham City. Some of which she used to be terrified of before she started to study psychology. Another reason was what she now witnessed. The rooms weren't ordinary rooms, but looked like to the best of their capabilities of being comfy and high-tech. They weren't in padded rooms, but the wall dividing their rooms to the hallway was thick glass, so doctors and nurses were able to see what patients were doing, in case one might escape.

"This is the woman's ward," pointed out the nurse Lucy had been shadowing all day. "We used to keep all the patients in the same ward, but things got a little hectic."

Lucy nodded, understanding, "No privacy for the girls, what with all the guys watching."

The nurse shook her head, "No, the girls were encouraging it," she gave a little laugh as they continued on.

The tour continued on, with the nurse telling varies stories, mainly those of which people have escaped. Though this did not intimidated Lucy, as she realized the Nurse was trying to do. Instead, this excited her. Arkham would be much more interesting than St. Francis' Mental Institution in Essex, New York.

"I was talking to Dr. Arkham, and he wants you to start with someone in the woman's ward. Now I understand that you've dealt with women who have Post Partum Depression, as well as Suicide Watch, am I correct?"

Lucy nodded, pushing up her thick-rimmed glasses up her nose, "And I have nursed a 19 year old with Chronic Schizophrenia."

"Oh yes, the Darlington case," the nurse nodded, "That's why Dr. Arkham demanded you. Your communications skills are outstanding."

Lucy blushed, not very comfortable around compliments, "It was only a matter of making sure she trusted me, is all."

The nurse smiled at her modesty. "Which is exactly what we need. Someone the patients could trust. It seems that no one trusts our doctors or nurses. And you shouldn't be so modest, Miss Hart. Having a Chronic Schizophrenic talk is one of the best accomplishments a psychiatrist could have. Especially since you have only been in the field for such a short period of time."

Lucy smiled genuinely proud. She never thought she accomplished a lot. Since her career of choice was being a psychiatrist, she didn't think that getting a few works from a patient was much of accomplishment. Not like curing the girl's schizophrenia over all, or even convincing her that it was all in her head.

She hoped, upon working at Arkham, that she might "save" one of these mass murderers, or criminals, so they can walk down the street with a straight head and a second chance at living a normal life. But, Lucy had a feeling that many doctors and nurses that worked here wanted that, so chances are that she succeeds are slim.

The nurse's voice snapped Miss Hart out of her thoughts. "Hm, I think I'll put you with Miss Quinzel. She has been depressed since she arrived."

Lucy blinked. Miss Quinzel? She hadn't recognized that name, ever. It was certainly not a name of one of the villains that Batman had faced, well, not one she could remember.

"Miss Quinzel?"

The nurse nodded, and smiled knowingly. "Miss Harleen Quinzel, otherwise known as Harley Quinn."

That was name that Lucy recognized. She knew it well. After all, she remembered herself being under the thumb of one of the Joker's disgusting ideas of a joke.

From what she could remember, Harley Quinn had just recently had taken into Arkham. For about the 5th or so time, since she kept on being released, or escaping.

"All we got from her was she was like a mirror image of the Joker, if he would be female," The nurse shrugged, handing over Harley's personal file. "We want you to see if there is anything left of Harleen Quinzel in her. Dig to her core, and see why she is so obsessed with the Joker."

Lucy nodded as she flipped through the file. "Find the root, and move up from there," she added. "But why don't you think she was already on this route to begin with? Why do you think the Joker is the cause of it?"

The nurse began to lead to way to Lucy's office, "Because," she began, "Harley was once Dr. Harleen Quinzel here at Arkham. In fact," the nurse turned to look at Lucy, "she was an intern, and her first patient was the Joker."

This all sounded very familiar. Lucy was an intern, and her first patient was the female counterpart of the Joker. Life certainly had a sense of humour.


A/n: So, this was the first chapter. Just wanted you to get an idea of the plot and how it will start. So yeah, this is a bit of a slash story, but the Joker plays a main role in Quinn's romance. Next chapter Harley will be in it, no questions asked. Also, I'd like to point out that my Joker, and Harley, may be a bit cartoon-ish at times, this is because I've been watching the animated series a lot, for research purposes, but the Joker's character in the animated series is much more different as to Heath Ledger's.