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Crystal/Yellow (SweetHeartShipping) – PokeSupe

Shojo-ai, yuri, girlxgirl, femmeslash, whatever you call it. Plus AU. Don't like, don't read. Oh yeah, and there's also a high dose of epic fail. This came out really sort of OOC and lame, imo

It had taken quite a few tries and lots of advice and help from Blue and Gold, but at long last Yellow had managed to get the excitable blue-haired girl alone, under the shade of an overgrown Pecha tree. The night was quickly falling, and the Illumise were flying around, making it even more romantic. Perfect. If not extremely intimidating.

This intimidating environment was only increased by the completely clueless air of the shy girl's crush, a certain other girl named Crystal. She had no idea why Blue and Gold suddenly had to both leave to go do something at the same time, or why Yellow was absolutely bright red. Hell, with Yellow's crossdressing tenancies, she didn't even have any idea that one of her best friends was actually female.

What can you say? Some people are just slow.

"Hey, Yellow? Are you okay? You're all red..." Crystal asked, further perpetrating the cliché.

Yellow, turning an even more furious shade of red, spazzed and fidgeted even more heavily.

"U-um, c-Crystal...? I h-have something to tell you..."

The naïve girl blinked, completely oblivious to the obvious implications of that statement. "Okay... what is it?"

Yellow bit her lip and fidgeted even more, making Blue and Gold worry from their stalking hideout in the bushes.

"She better not ditch. I'll sue." Gold muttered, barely audible.

"c-Crystal... I-i..." Yellow tripped over her words, so desperate to explain. "I... I... I LIKE YOU!! PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME!!"

For someone who couldn't even say her crush's name without stumbling, she managed to yell that pretty damn loud. The air rang with pure awkwardness.

Now it was Crystal's turn to stutter. She stared at the ground. "U-um... thank you for that, but..."

Yellow's heart broke on the spot. She could already feel tears welling up in her eyes as she awaited the expected rejection.

"... I can't, because..." She took a deep breath. "I'm a lesbian."

"...wait, what?" Gold whispered.

"And, so, um... it's not you, it's just, um, I don't like boys..."

Now it was silent for a completely different reason. Yellow stared at Crystal blankly, suddenly feeling extremely smart for some reason.

"... Crystal, I have something else to tell you." she said quietly, taking off her hat and letting her ponytailed hair hang loose. "I'm a girl."

The next thing Yellow knew, she was on the ground in a severe glomp, ears being assaulted with an overflow of "YESYESYESYESYESOMGYES!!"s and being kissed repeatedly on the cheek.

...and then Gold got some "hawt pix", and Blue got to kick his ass.