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Pairing: TsukasaXMisao

Before I begin, I would like to thank RezleVettems for encouragement and help given, as well as inspiring me to write a Lucky Star fiction. If not for Rezle, then none of this fiction would have been created. The Lucky Summer series - despite all its clichés and flaws - is still among the best things I've read, and I will be happy if my fictions ever get that good.

The warmth of the early afternoon sun felt refreshing to the girl, as she practically skipped down the road from the train, swinging her handbag as she went. Encouraged by the weather she had worn nothing more than a pair of short jeans and a thin blue lace top, and was now appreciating the wisdom of her choice, relishing the warm feeling she got through the shirt's material. On her feet were a pair of rarely worn sandals that had also seemed like a good idea, but she did find it slightly annoying having to take a second to slip them back on after every dozen steps or so.

Humming an old tune lightly to herself, Misao stopped for a second and took a look around, quickly locating Kagami's house. It felt slightly weird going there alone after so many years of going with Ayano beside her, but her other friend had gone out with her boyfriend and would be arriving from another direction, so it couldn't be helped. Hoping the study session was going to have less studying than had been implied, the brown haired girl approached the front door, noticing the family car wasn't in the driveway.

"Hiiragi-Chan~~" She called lightly through the door whilst firmly pressing the doorbell with her thumb, though she didn't think the she would actually hear her through the door. The bell continued on a constant ring as the grinning girl refused to let go, knowing that the continuous buzzer would annoy her friend (a duty she adored performing, which apart from being incredibly fun also distracted the Kagami from studying).

"I'm coming!" Misao was just able to hear the voice calling from somewhere inside the house, and a second later she heard the stamping of feet as someone ran down the stairs.

"Hey Hiiragi-Chan!" Misao said happily as the door was flung open, yearning for the angry retribution that was sure to come. "Oh, wrong Hiiragi-Chan, I didn't expect Hiiragi's little sister." Tsukasa peered out shyly from behind the door so only her head was visible. Her hair was wet and hanging down from her head, heavy with water.

"Oh, Kusakabe-San. Are you looking for Oneechan?"

"Yep," Misao nodded her head vigorously, stopping only when it made her slightly dizzy. "We're gonna have a study session." She added gloomily before perking up again, changing mood in an instant. "Didn't Hiiragi tell you?"

"No, I just woke up…" Tsukasa said sheepishly, knowing full well it was almost two in the afternoon. "Um… please come in, I don't think she's here at the moment, but you're welcome to wait for her." The door was opened and Misao stepped through. "I was just having a shower when you started ringing. I thought it was an emergency or something…"

"I wouldn't have guessed." Misao smirked as she saw what the girl was wearing, or rather, what she wasn't. A single dampening towel was all that protected her decency, but the tightness with which she held it around herself left very little to the imagination.

Tsukasa blushed heavily under her gaze, and stuttered out an invitation upstairs. Misao followed happily, smirking as she saw the shy girl attempt to run out of her gaze whilst still holding the towel tightly enough to avoid accidentally showing anything off, two goals that worked against each other. The entire display was nothing short of adorable to her guest, who watched with a poorly concealed grin.

"Um, if you'd like to go into Oneechan's room and wait for her, I'll go get dressed properly." Without another word, Tsukasa ran into her own room, leaving Misao to go into Kagami's.

'Hiiragi's sister is pretty sweet, cute too.' Misao thought to herself as she jumped heavily onto Kagami's bed, relishing the way the covers were thrown upwards, transforming the ridiculously neat bed into a good, respectable mess. 'But for twins they're really not alike. She's more like Ayano than anyone else.' Misao nodded as the thought passed through her head, as if she was agreeing with herself. Though for some reason she doubted the girl had her best friend's rare but terrifying temper, something she herself had only ever seen twice. Tsukasa seemed like someone who could never ever get mad at anyone. 'Then again, so did Ayano until I saw it…'

Had this been Kagami, Misao would have set up a situation sure to make her mad to test out just how scary she could be. But since it was not her easily annoyed friend, she really didn't feel like it. Playing a trick on someone who was so innocent and childlike seemed too much like bad sportsmanship.

Misao got up from the bed and looked around for something else to mess up, but found her ammunition was scarce. Kagami's room was, but for a few light novels and some pictures, pretty plain. At least compared to most teenaged girls she knew. It was bizarre how clean and neat the room was, where were the sweet wrappers? Where were the clothes thrown haphazardly around? Where were the sheets of unfinished homework, drifting around the room but never being done? It was like no one even lived here!

The golden eyed girl hoped that Tsukasa hadn't fallen to the same routine with her room, bedrooms were supposed to have the character of the person they belonged to! What did this place say about Kagami? 'That she's cold and barren? Actually, that fits pretty well.' Misao chuckled to herself, before getting bored and searching around the room for something to do. 'If they fit the person, I bet Tsukasa's is filled with stuffed animals.' Misao thought to herself. 'And blankets. She's probably got a bed filled with fluffy things.'

When Tsukasa came in she had to look again to make sure she what she was seeing was really happening, and not just taken out of context. Her first impression had been spot on however. Her sister's long time friend had located her underwear draw and was now rooting through it, making the occasional interested sound.

"Erm… Kusakabe-San? What are you doing?" She asked gingerly, expecting her to stop. Instead, Misao kept going without even jumping. Making it obvious she didn't care that someone knew she was going through an underwear drawer.

"Just looking for something." She answered happily, before holding up a bra between hands. "Wow, Hiiragi is bigger than I thought she was." Misao turned and smiled at the smaller girl, noting her choice of clothing in amusement. 'Pyjamas and a dressing gown, at two in the afternoon? I see, so she's the type who doesn't like to get dressed properly until they have to.'

"Is that what you were looking for??" Tsukasa's frantic and embarrassed voice pulled her from her thoughts.

"No, I just thought it was interesting." She replied, flinging the item back into the drawer. "What I'm really looking for is Hiiragi's diary!"


"Yep!" Misao paused briefly to remove something pink and frilly that had attached itself to her hand. "I thought they were always hidden in underwear drawers, so people wont find them when they look around." She remarked, sounding slightly disappointed as she closed the drawer for not finding anything.

"Um…" 'That trick doesn't seem to have worked on you…"

"Say… you wouldn't know where Hiiragi keeps her diary, eh Imouto?" Misao turned and asked her, her voice thick with mischief.

"N-No." Tsukasa stuttered. "I don't think she has one." She said, sitting down on the floor with her head against the bed.

"Oh, of course. Why would someone like Hiiragi have a diary?" Misao huffed, sitting down next to Tsukasa with her head on her knees and her arms around her legs, waiting for a new idea to come. Tsukasa noted the disappointment in her voice, and felt slightly guilty for ruining her fun.


"Ah its okay Tsukasa-Chan." Misao replied happily, the life returning to her speech instantly.

"Why did you want it?"

"I want to figure out if Hiiragi likes anyone." Misao said shamelessly. "She's acting really jumpy lately, especially when I point it out. I think there's a crush involved."

"Um, I don't think she does." Tsukasa answered nervously. "You'd have to ask her."

"Nah, that won't work." Misao said waving her hand. "She's too scary for that."


"Yeah, and angry." She added cheerfully.

"Um…" 'Aren't you supposed to be one of Oneechan's best friends?'

"Say Imouto…" Misao started, smirking widely. "How about you? I bet you've got plenty of crushes!"

Tsukasa went redder than most tomatoes, suddenly finding her dressing gown too hot for her to wear comfortably.

"N-N-No." She stuttered even worse than before, leaning back slightly as the older girl leaned forwards grinning from ear to ear.

"Are you absolutely sure? Lil' Tsukasa-Chan~~" Their faces were inches apart, and Tsukasa felt sure a blood vessel would burst if she carried on blushing. It was the voice that did it. Misao had long ago perfected her drawn out suggestive croon to the point that it could have made statues sweat.

"Y-Yeah." Tsukasa managed to get out. "I don't really get a lot of people interested in me anyway." She said sadly. "Or any people actually…"

"What??" Misao asked, genuinely amazed. "Anyone who'd pass up someone as good-looking as you would have to be nuts!"

"Good-looking?" Tsukasa asked, surprised.

"What? Don't you think so?" The younger twin shook her head timidly. "Why not??"

"I'm nowhere near as thin or pretty as Oneechan…"

"Eh? What are you talking about?" Tsukasa jumped backwards, her back pressing hard into the side of the bed when she found that Misao had moved. The brown haired girl was now kneeling in front of her, staring her in the eyes. The movement had been so quick Tsukasa hadn't even seen it, but now the two of them were face to face, the taller girl examining her carefully. "I think you're just as good looking as your sister. Actually, I kinda always thought you were the better looking one." She admitted.

"Me? Why?"

"Because you've always got a sweet expression on you're face." Misao told her earnestly, her reddened cheeks showing the slightest hint of an embarrassment, which soon passed. "Unlike some people, you're always smiling and happy to see people, and you always looks really youthful. I've met girls who would kill to be as attractive as you!"


"Of course!"

If there was one thing Misao really had, it was confidence. The way she charged around boisterously - often with no regard for what people around her thought - was evidence of that. To Tsukasa, who had little confidence and relied on her sister for most things, it had often struck her as an amazing quality. It was for this reason that Tsukasa was entirely unable to disagree with her, and simply found herself smiling at the thought that perhaps she had misjudged her own appeal.

"Hey, you're smiling. Feeling better already?"

"Yep, thanks Kusakabe-San." Tsukasa told her guest warmly.

"I don't know. You sound like you still need cheering up…" Misao suggested playfully.

"Huh? What do you me-AHH!" Tsukasa couldn't help but jump violently as the girl above her began to wiggle her fingers at her sides, tickling her and forcing out hysterical giggles.

"Wow, I figured you'd be the type to be ticklish, but I didn't think it'd be this bad." Misao's voice announced her victory above her, a grin spreading across her face.

"Ah! Stop Kusakabe-San!!" She shrieked, trying but unable to get away as Misao pinned both of her hands to the bed behind her with just one arm, making it clear that despite her slim frame she was strong. It was at this point that Misao went for Tsukasa's unprotected armpits, and found the uncontrollable laughter could be upgraded to hysterical pleas for mercy.

"Nah. Why would I do that?" Misao answered mischievously, running her free hand up and down the weaker girl's stomach, finding every spot was sensitive to her ministrations.

"P-Please Kusakabe-San!!!" Tsukasa managed to get out through her laughter, trying everything she could to get the larger stronger, girl off of her, throwing her small weight around as violently as she could.

"Maybe if you call me something less formal."

"Please Misao!"

"Hmm… I don't know, still seems very formal." Misao barely paused before she began to tickle her again.

"Please Misa-Chan!!" Misao was surprised for a moment, as the name Tsukasa had thought of was identical to the one Ayano constantly called her. Another almost creepy reminder of their similarities, but she quickly dismissed it as nothing more than the coincidence it was.

"Good girl. See? Now I can stop doing this." Misao stopped her torturous administrations and Tsukasa collapsed below her as the tension suddenly left her body. The two had, in their combined struggles against each other, worked their way into the carpet in the middle of the room, allowing the exhausted girl to lie down fully.

Tsukasa closed her eyes and lay on the floor panting, feeling the weight shift above her as Misao moved to a more comfortable position for the both of them. And when the smaller girl reopened her eyes, she found herself fixated on Misao's face, as she looked down on her with a mixture of tenderness and amusement. For the next few minutes they stared at each other, a heavy blush coating Tsukasa's face as she stared into the eyes of the girl who kneeled over her. Slowly, with an uncertainty in her movements, Tsukasa propped herself up on her elbows so she could be closer to her. Misao responded by leaning in, her face giving nothing away about what exactly she thought was happening. Eventually they reached the point where only a few centimetres of air separated them, and where they could feel each others breath on their faces. By this point Tsukasa's face had reached a rosy red tint, which only increased the longer she stared into the large golden eyes. Misao's in contrast seemed to show no other emotion than innocent curiosity at the smaller girl's actions.

That expression was instantly replaced with confusion when she was all but thrown off of Tsukasa's stomach as the young twin jumped up and practically ran to the door. Misao lay sprawled on the carpet dazed at the speed of the movement, her wide eyes fixed on the blushing girl who had manoeuvred herself so the table was suddenly between them. 'Hiiragi's sister looks… scared.' She thought to herself worriedly, automatically coming to the conclusion that she herself had done something wrong.

"Do you want a drink Misa-Chan?" Tsukasa said suddenly, forcing a smile onto her still red face.


"A drink?"

"Um… Sure. Orange juice if you have it." Misao answered, confused more now than ever before. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine."

"But-" Before she could ask what the hell was going on, the girl had sprinted out the door and downstairs.

Tsukasa bustled around the kitchen, doing anything she could to keep her mind off whatever had happened. Their drinks were already made and waiting, and now she had moved onto tidying away what little mess there was. Once that was done however she found herself at loss. Simple tasks had kept her from thinking, but now it came flooding back. In a way she didn't even know exactly what had gone on, but whatever it was she was pretty sure it wasn't supposed to happen.

As she lifted her hand to her face she could feel the warmth of her blush, and spent the next few seconds pressing a cold washcloth to her face, trying to get rid of it. Still, she felt the rosy warmth across her body, and quickly discarded her dressing gown to try and cool down.

Even once that was done, and she had gotten herself back to a more steady composure, she really didn't want to go back upstairs. Perhaps if she had simply walked out calmly she could have gotten away with it all, but she had practically ran out the room. Misao had to know something was wrong, even if she had no idea of what, since the other girl didn't seem to be affected like her.

Her problem was compounded when she heard the door open and close.

"Tsukasa! I'm back!" Kagami called.

"Oneechan, where were you?" Tsukasa went quickly into the hall, where she found her sister standing next to Ayano, holding several grocery bags. "Oh, hello Minegishi-San."

"Hello." Ayano replied, smiling.

"We were short on snacks and stuff, so I went to the store." Kagami answered. "I met Ayano on the way back, so I came back with her."

"Has Misa-Chan arrived yet?" Ayano asked.

"Yes, she's upstairs." Tsukasa told her, trying to disguise any sense that anything was wrong. The orange haired girl thanked her and began walking upstairs, neither of the other two spotting the entirely understanding smile she sent at her friend's blushing unsettled sister.

"Are you okay Tsukasa?" Kagami asked her.


"'Cause you look kinda red, and wet."

"I just got out of the shower before." It wasn't a lie, not exactly, but it still made her feel bad to keep the truth from her sister. Still, even had she wanted to tell the truth she had no idea what she would have said. Even she wasn't sure precisely what was wrong.

Quickly, Tsukasa made more drinks and followed her sister upstairs, walking into the room she had left Misao in. 'I'll just act like nothing happened.' She told herself. 'After all, nothing really did happen.' The thought filling her with confidence, she walked upstairs with the tray in her hands, setting it down on the table in Kagami's room.

The girls thanked her as they took out their textbooks, and Tsukasa turned to leave. For some strange reason she had never really gotten to know Misao or Ayano, and considered it rude for her to hang around when her sister had her friends over, thinking she would want her privacy with them. Kagami had never encouraged this, but she had never objected either. Likely she just hadn't noticed, so as usual the younger of the twins exited the room quietly, already at a loss for what she could do now her sister and best friend was engaged, but vaguely relieved she wouldn't have to explain herself Misao.

"Hey Tsukasa, where ya goin?" The cause of her worries asked, making the girl jump slightly.

"N-Nowhere. I just don't want to impose…" She answered timidly, relieved that Misao had only been giving an invitation and hadn't pushed her on her odd behaviour.

"Don't be silly, you're not imposing. Besides, its not fair if we're enjoying ourselves and you aren't."

"Enjoying ourselves? This is a study session." Kagami muttered in the background.

"Ayano, any objections?"

"Of course not. I'd love for Tsukasa-Chan to join in with us." Ayano told her, smiling warmly.

"Then its unanimous!" Misao announced.

"I don't have any objections either, but why don't I get asked? This is my room." Kagami said again, beginning to notice Misao wasn't paying attention to her.

"Thanks." Tsukasa sat down with them, and smiled despite herself as Misao began digging through her sister's bags for the snacks, head first.

"Hey! Get out of there." Kagami shouted.

"Never!" Came the muffled reply.

"And why is my underwear drawer open??"

"Sorry Oneechan, Misa-Chan was looking around."

"What?! Stop rooting around in my things!" Kagami shouted. "Minegishi, do something about her."

"I'm not sure I can." Ayano answered honestly. "Misa-Chan is a free spirit."

All who were present looked at the girl, who had managed to trap her arm in the strap of the plastic bag, and had one head in the bag itself, rustling around in the snacks for something she wanted.

"Free spirit my foot. Tsukasa, do we still have some of that repellent spray from when the neighbours dog kept chewing our newspapers?"

"Uh-huh." She nodded. "But will that really help?"

"Its bound to do something." Kagami replied darkly.

When the study session ended four hours later, Tsukasa guessed only around half had been spent doing work. Still, she was glad she had been invited in. The strange behaviour from before had passed into the depths of her memory, aided by her deep desire to ignore it, and she had been happy to see that Misao hadn't asked her about it either.

The day had gone well. She had made two new friends, had a lot of fun and of course, she had been lucky. After all, if Misao had checked her underwear drawer, she would definitely have found a diary.

Tsukasa would move that tonight.

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