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Ziva David sighed. Today was a long day at work; she couldn't wait to get home. The only thing keeping her at work was Gibbs's paperwork assignment.

"Ziva, after this work, you want to grab a drink" Tony said, standing up from his chair, walking up to her.

"No, Tony I am busy." Ziva replied back simply, she just wanted to go home, and be with her loved one.

"Ok, maybe another day." Tony said, aggravated that Ziva wouldn't go with him. She used to go places with him all the time, but then, she stopped, about 3 years ago. Tony heavy sighed and walked back to his desk.

Ziva was slightly upset with herself that she was hurting her partner in this way. She wanted to spend time with him, but she was busy with someone back home. Ziva finished up her work, grabbed her stuff, and went to walk towards the elevator. She hit the button, and then she waited. She looked towards Tony, and her heart broke. He was sitting their, with his head on his arms, leaning over his desk. He had this depressed look on his face. Ziva couldn't see him sad, so once the elevator arrived, she got on and left.


Tony looked up from his desk and looked to where he last saw Ziva standing. He didn't understand why she had been so distant lately. He decided that after work, he would head over to her place and find out what's wrong. Hopefully he won't find her walking around her apartment half naked with a man she met at a bar. He shuddered at the thought. Now, he had to go see what Ziva was doing, he couldn't stop thinking about it. Yet, he had to get his mind on his work, so he could see what Ziva was doing.


Ziva arrived back at her apartment home. She decided to take a walk, and so she walked up the stairs of her apartment. She walked down the hallway, which her room was located, but stopped one door before her own door. She knocked, and was answered by a nice looking old lady.

"Oh Ziva, Welcome back. How was work today?" Ziva's elderly neighbor, Mrs. Sacco asked.

"It was… interesting" Ziva answered nicely, giving off a small smile as she said.

"You must want to come in. Aaron has been wonderful today" Mrs. Sacco said, walking into her living room, Ziva followed suit, closing the door as she walked in. "Today, we played Candy land… well tried to play. And we had a wonderful lunch, with all the food groups. He had half a peanut butter sandwich, with an apple slice, milk, and a pickle. We watched Seseame Street, and then I let him play in the play pen. About 7 o'clock, he fell asleep. And here his is" Mrs. Sacco said, pointing towards the little child, rolled up in a ball. His thumb was in his mouth and he was clutching his teddy bear named Teddy. He was covered up by a hand made blanket, which was checkerd blue and green. His hair was medium length, and his tan skin was shining in the light reflecting off of the teveviosion. Ziva walked up to the boy and carefully picked him up, careful not to wake him. The boy moved slightly once he was in familiar arms, he buried his head in Ziva's neck, and slumped against her, falling back into a deep slumber.

"Thank you for watching him today. I have the day off tomorrow, so I should not need your assistance. Aaron will be seeing you again on Monday." Ziva said, in a soft whisper.

"Your welcome my dear. I will see you later" Mrs. Sacco said, shutting the door as Ziva walked out.


Tony stood at the outside of Ziva's apartment complex, wondering if he should go in. He considered the pros and cons. The pros being that he could fix the problem between him and Ziva's growing relationship. The cons being that she can kill him 18 different ways with a paperclip. He decided that the pros won, and boldly made his way up, towards the familiar direction to her room. Once he got outside her door, he took a deep breath and knocked. He heard Ziva say something, what seemed to be a curse in Hebrew, before she made her way to the door. She opened looked through the peephole, and heavy sighed at the sight of Tony, standing on the opposite side. She opened the door a smidge, So Tony couldn't see the hole inside of her apartment, which was a little messy.

"Yes Tony" Ziva said.

"Um…I was hoping that we could talk" Tony said, feeling awakward at her, not inviting him in all the way. He could only see Ziva's face because she wasn't opening the door for him all the way.

"Now is not the time Tony." Ziva said, trying to close the door. Tony stuck his arm out, his elbow locking into place, so he could hold the door open, and have it not be slammed in his face.

"It's never time for you Ziva. We need to talk." Tony said. Ziva could tell that he was being serious. He wasn't being the normal Tony, who joked about everything. Right now he was being caring, wanting to know what is bugging her.

"We can talk another time." Ziva said, trying to lure him away from her door.

"No, we have to talk now Ziva" Tony said, trying to push his way into her apartment. Ziva was strong, but Tony was stronger. He pushed the door with all his might, and the door opened enough for him to squeeze through. When he got into her apartment, Ziva shut the door and lent her head against the wooden door. Tony looked at her and walked up to her.

"Ziva, what's wrong." Tony asked simply. Ziva sank down and sat on the floor, facing the rest of her apartment, her back resting on the door. Tony bent down to her level, and looked her straight in the eyes.

"Nothing" Ziva said, giving him a cold-stone look, filled with absolutely no emotion. "Why would anything be wrong?"

"You don't talk to me anymore. We used to hang out, talk, watch movies, together, and now, now you won't even look at me anymore. When we finish work, you head straight homes. You've been cancelling movie nights, and now, you refuse to let me into your apartment.

"It is nothing worth worrying over" Ziva said. Tony heavy sighed; he wasn't going to get a straight answer from her. Tony and Ziva where staring each other in the eyes, each waiting for the other one to break. Both of them broke apart when a small voice came from the back of the room.



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