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SUMMARY: Six years since Naruto disappeared. Four years presumed dead. Now Sasuke and Sakura have a mission to find Tatsuo and his team. A team of elite assassins, to help protect Konoha in a time of war. But who is the leader with the Fox mask and what deathly secret is he hiding?

WARNINGS: SasuNaru-Yaoi-Male/Male Relationship. Graphic Sexual Scenes. Violence. Mention Mpreg.

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Webs of Deception

Chapter One

False Truths

Sasuke walked slowly through the crowds of Konohagakure, his hands deep in his pockets, ignoring the lust filled gazes and hated glares directed at him. He was heading in the direction of the training grounds. Its been six years. he thought solemnly.

Six years since Team Seven was an actual team—since his dobe left for a mission and never came back. He admitted that he had fallen in love with his teammate, a little too late, during the time that they were together. The blond's personality drew him in, making the loneliness he had felt for years go away with his smiling face. Naruto saw him as him, not the last surviving heir to the Uchiha clan. And that meant more to the raven than anything. To be acknowledged for his own strength and to be acknowledge by his secret love made it even better. But that one night had changed everything. Those few hours of passion,of giving everything they had to the other. Yes, he would never forget that one night, no matter how hard he tried to erase it from his memory. He could never forget. This made the blond's disappearance ache in his heart more.

Soon after his disappearance, Sakura and himself had entered the Chuunin Exams with a new teammate named Sai. He was meant to replace Naruto, but to him, nothing would ever be the same and he knew that Sakura felt the same. To his surprise, she took his disappearance pretty hard, crying for weeks because she seemed to blame herself for not being nicer to the blond. Her fan girl crush dissipated quite quickly after that. If the blond's disappearance affected Kakashi any, he didn't show it. Well, he didn't show it in front of his students anyway, but he was always the first to volunteer to search for Naruto. And each time when Kakashi came back with the same response, a little of Sasuke's hope died with it.

During the exams was when he first met Orochimaru and got the curse seal. Then a couple of months later he betrayed his village and went to Oto. Nobody bothered to stop him, but he hadn't expected them to. He didn't really care as there was nothing left in that village for him. Not anymore. The one person he fell in love with was gone, making Konoha a mere shell of what it used to be. Just like himself with his heart steeled away with unbreakable walls in which protected him from the pain he knew was still there.

Three years later, he had become stronger, thanks to Orochimaru's strenuous training. But too bad for the snake, Sasuke had no intentions of letting him take over his body. Not when it already belonged to someone else. He killed Orochimaru and Kabuto with techniques that they had taught him. That gave him some satisfaction. After that, when he began to travel around, he debated with himself on whether to return to the village or find and kill his brother. It was that small nagging hope in his heart that guided his feet back to his home village, only to learn that the blond was never found nor was there any news of him either. But that wasn't what sent the steel walls around his heart crumbling and the pain stabbing through his heart. What did that was the fact that they had put Naruto's name on the memorial stone, confirming that he would never see the blond ever again. And for the first time since the blond disappeared, he cried. He cried out the pain and loss he'd been holding in for years.

After coming back, he received a year of house arrest and another year of probation for his betrayal. The Hokage was planning on having him executed but the council members wanted to keep the last surviving member of the Uchiha clan alive, even though Sasuke had no intentions of rebuilding his clan. But if they had known that they probably wouldn't have been so lenient. Over the next few years, he became an Anbu captain, hardly ever seeing or speaking with Kakashi or Sakura anymore. And as for the rest of the rookie nine, team Gai and half of the shinobi ignored him like the plague. Like he was on the verge of betraying the village every day. Though he didn't care, sending the term ice prince to a whole new level. He only spoke with others when it was necessary and ignored everyone else.

Trying not to think of the past, he arrived at the training grounds and was about to start practicing his aim when an Anbu wearing a Bear mask appeared. He took a small glance over at the Anbu, recognizing immediately that the person behind the mask was Hyuuga Neji.

"Taichou, Hokage-sama wants to see you in her office." he said before disappearing, already knowing that he wasn't going to get any kind of response.

Sasuke put the kunai he had taken out back into his weapons holder. He then disappeared from the grounds and reappeared in the Hokage's office. "You wanted to see me Hokage-sama?" he asked without emotion.

She didn't answer though, or even acknowledge his presence until one other person appeared in the office. And that person happened to be his ex-teammate Haruno Sakura. "Ah good. I have a mission for you two." she spoke mostly to Sakura, her dislike for the Uchiha was well known throughout the village.

Sakura glanced over at her ex-teammate, sending a small glare his way. They had stopped getting along after Naruto had disappeared, and since he betrayed the village, they got along even less. "What kind of mission, Shishou?" Ignoring the others' presence.

"I want you two to hunt down and give this scroll to Tatsuo and his team." Indicating the scroll she was presently writing.

"You mean the dangerous assassin team, Akuma?" Sakura asked in shock, the name alone sanding shivers down her spine.

Tsunade nodded her head, not lifting her gaze from what she was writing. "Yes I do. With the war that's going on, I need their help."

Sakura blinked a couple of times, not really sure if her Shishou has finally lost her mind or not. Maybe she's drunk... she tried to reason. "Do you think they'll actually help?" Her disbelief was evident in her voice.

The Hokage lifted her head and gave the other a knowing smile. "Yes. . . because Tatsuo has a promise to keep."

A promise? Sakura repeated in her mind.

Throughout all this, Sasuke remained silent—which really wasn't really a big surprise. He was remembering the one and only time that he actually met with this Tatsuo. . .

Sasuke was walking through a forest heading back to Orochimaru's hideout. He had just finished with a mission that was assigned to him. He walked at a slow pace not looking forward to returning in the presence of that snake. Then he felt the presence of five shinobi heading in his direction, but he didn't pay it any mind, to him this was just another opportunity to become stronger. He stopped only when the group was in front of him.

They were all wearing black cloaks with hoods, their faces covered with masks like those of the Anbu. The one in the middle wore a Fox mask, the one to his left wore a Dog mask, the one to his far left wore a Dragon mask, the one to his right wore a Weasel mask, and the one to his far right wore a Tiger mask.

Sasuke pulled out his Kusanagi and positioned himself in a fighting stance.

"We have no interest in fighting you." stated the Fox.

Sasuke gave the group an emotionless smirk. "You have no choice." his voice as emotionless as his expression.

The Dragon turned his head to the Fox, chuckling under his mask. "He's a foolish boy, isn't he."

Sasuke glared at the Dragon, annoyed that he dared to underestimate him. He noticed the Weasel whispering something to the Fox. 'He's obviously the leader.' he thought as the Fox shook his head and then whispered something back. The Weasel nodded and the Fox walked forward.

"I'll be your opponent." he said, his next comment directed at his team. "And none of you interfere."

He stopped a yard away from Sasuke. "I hope the snake's teachings are worth betraying your village, Uchiha Sasuke." the Fox sneered at the Uchiha who glared back at the Fox. 'How does he know me and my situation?' he thought bitterly, not liking that some complete stranger knew anything about him.

"I try to keep up with what's happening in Konoha." the Fox stated, answering Sasuke's unspoken question. "And it's become common knowledge that the surviving Uchiha went to become the toy of Orochimaru." he continued, putting as much contempt as possible into his sentence.

Sasuke was pissed. He didn't even know this guy and he was passing judgment on him. He was speaking in a superior tone as if he knew everything and had a right to say something. 'Bullshit!' He knows nothing about anything. Sasuke lunged forward then and swiped his sword at him.

The Fox didn't even give an attempt to dodge; he lifted his arm and blocked Kusanagi with a dagger that suddenly appeared. "Kusanagi, glass cutter, supposed to be able to cut through anything. But not when the object is made impossible to break." he said when he saw the barely noticeable shocked expression on the others' face. A dagger appeared in his other hand and he swiped it toward Sasuke who jumped back to avoid being struck.

Sasuke formed hand seals and senbon formed from lightning appeared and shot toward his opponent. The Fox jumped and flipped through the air to dodge the threat, landing on a nearby tree branch. "Cute." the Fox said, bringing his left hand up and grabbing a crystal bead off his bracelet.

The Weasel saw the danger and told the rest of the team. "I think it's best for us to put some distance between us and them. It's going to become quite destructive." The others fully agreed and got as far as they could while still having a good view of the fight.

"This is going to end fast." The Fox masked man threw the crystal bead as close to the raven as possible. This last one was eying the bead closely, wondering how the other could have so much confidence in a fucking bead. He took a couple of steps back though, not lowering his guard just because of the simplicity of the attack.

Once the crystal bead made contact with the ground, an enormous futon chakra exploded throughout the area, leaving a crater which had a radius of ten feet. The force of the explosion knocked over all of the trees in the surrounding area.

The violent explosion threw Sasuke a good fifty feet, rendering him bloody and unconscious from the fierce impact.

To this day, he still doesn't know exactly what happened. Only that when he regained consciousness, the group was already long gone. Once he managed to get back to the hideout, Orochimaru told him that the man was Tatsuo; the leader of the deadly team Akuma. This surprised him to no end. He had heard some not so comforting rumors about the group. And it was because of these rumors that he kept wondering to himself why they had even left him alive...

It took him close to a month to fully recover from the damage done by that dinky bead. Oh yes, there was some resentment there. He was not looking forward to meeting that guy again. The same guy who kicked his ass within the first five minutes of their meeting.

"When do you want us to leave?" Sakura asked, not liking the fact that she has to spend time alone with the youngest Uchiha.

"Since it might take weeks or months to find them, I want you to leave within the next twenty minutes. That means I want you two back here all packed for a six month mission and out the front gates within that time."

Months...with him. Sakura thought as she stared dumbly at her Shishou. She was on the verge of throwing a three year old fit. Oh God...someone shoot me...

Tsunade looked at the two still in front of her desk, lifting an eyebrow, "What are you two still doing here. You're both down to nineteen minutes. Shoo..." she said, waving her hand dramatically at the two who, upon hearing this, immediately disappeared to their respective homes to pack, not wanting to deal with the wrath of the Hokage.

Within ten minutes they were back in front of the Hokage's desk. They were both dressed in their white and black Anbu outfits, Sasuke's Wolf mask and Sakura's Hawk mask hanging from their hips, and each having a backpack on their backs.

Tsunade silently lifted her arm with the scroll in it towards Sasuke. He stepped forward and took the scroll from her hand, stashing it in his backpack without a word. This was normal for the two. Both of them wanted to speak as little as possible to the other. The same was valid for him and Sakura and possibly most of the Konoha shinobi population.

"Now go. I want them here as soon as possible."

Sakura nodded and said, "Yes, Shishou."

While Sasuke merely grunted, "Hmn." before they both disappeared and reappeared outside of the of the closed gates of the village.

"We should head to Iwagakure. Supposedly they were last seen there doing some kind of mission. Then we can move on from there." Sakura said without looking at Sasuke. The faster we get this done the faster I can get away from him...

Sasuke didn't give any reply and sped in the direction of Iwagakure, not caring if that temporary thorn in his side could keep up or not.

Sakura mentally growled at him, thinking of a thousand deaths that could be inflicted on the raven. She could barely keep up with his high speed, but she absolutely refused to ask him to slow down. That would be like willing admitting defeat to the bastard. I would rather ask to be boiled alive... she thought, her angry glare boring into his back like daggers.

After about a couple of hours of non-stop running, she was so tempted to throw a few kunai into that ass' legs. But she refrained from doing so, knowing full well that attacking her Taichou would be considered an illegal offense.

Sasuke suddenly stopped in a well hidden clearing. Sakura stopped half a minute later, being a good distance behind and panting heavily from the assertion. "We'll rest here." stated Sasuke. "I'll take first watch." He jumped high into a tree before Sakura could argue.

She sent a glare full of venom to where she knew the Uchiha was standing guard, grudgingly plopping herself on the ground and leaning her back against a tree. She brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, poorly shielding her body from the night air.

Her thoughts suddenly wandered to the time when Team Seven actually existed, when her feelings for her ex-teammate weren't so negative. When she was a rabid fan girl, but in reality, secretly liked Naruto and not Sasuke; only thinking of the raven as a friend. But she kept up her facade because she stupidly cared about what other people thought. For some reason, the villagers hated the blond and she couldn't understand why. She had asked her parents once—though they also hated him—but they had just sputtered and kept quiet. So she continued to show her fake annoyance toward him., not wanting to make her parents mad or be considered weird by her peers.

Then when Naruto disappeared, she was heartbroken. She blamed herself for caring about what everyone else thought and not liking the boy, like she wanted to. But she also blamed Sasuke for being such a bastard to him and loving him at the same time. And this spiteful attitude only worsened when she found out that Naruto was also in love with Sasuke and not herself. That all the times the blond asked her out weren't real—that all the feelings he claimed he had for her were lies. All these facts only made her more bitter...

Even though she didn't like the raven she was still civil to him. He was still her teammate after all. They trained together and took the Chuunin Exams with their new teammate Sai. But when Sasuke left for Sound, the reason why she disliked him changed drastically. Since then, it wasn't because of some crush but because he had betrayed Konoha, everyone in it, and everyone who once lived in the village. Her dislike brutally turned into hatred the day he willingly went to Orochimaru.

During the time that Sasuke was gone, she became the student to Tsunade, strengthening herself so she could become the best medic nin that she could be. She also found someone she truly fell in love with which filled in that hole in her heart that had been empty since Team Seven stopped being just that. She also stopped listening to anyone who tried to deter her feelings to somewhere else.

When she first heard that Sasuke was back, she sought him out and went up to him, staring at him blankly for a moment. She then hit him without so much as a word, sending him crashing through a wall or two. After that she didn't speak to him for over a year. Once he got reinstated as a shinobi she still wouldn't speak with him unless it was a requirement. And as the years passed her feelings towards him never changed. He was considered a traitor in her mind and nothing more...

Sakura tiredly stared at the tree in front of her for a minute, before her eyes began to droop and then completely closed as her thoughts continued to wonder into dreamland.

Meanwhile, Sasuke sat in a high branch, his whole body on high alert. His Sharingan was activated and was glancing at anything that moved, ready to attack if any possible threat arrived. This was a time of war after all; attacks were common nowadays. If a team didn't get attacked during a mission, it was considered extremely odd or lucky. But it never happened more than twice to the same team.

After a hour, his vision seemed to wandered to the sky, which was full of sparkling stars. He couldn't pull his eyes away as he continued to stare up at the star filled sky, remembering a time when Team Seven had done the exact same thing...

Team Seven were sprawled on the grass, staring up at the starry night sky. They were presently on a team outing, camping to be more precise. And after a full day of hiking, setting up the tent, gathering firewood, catching food and fixing dinner; they got to relax. So Naruto had the idea to watch the stars above and Sakura happily agreed while Sasuke grunted 'Hmn' .

"Ne, Kakashi." Naruto began, "Do you think that stars are people who've died?" His eyes didn't once move from the beautiful sky above as he asked the question.

Kakashi wasn't the one who answered, because Sasuke beat him to it. "No idiot."

Naruto turned on his side to face Sasuke who laid to his right. "And how would you know that teme!"

Sasuke glared at the blond, ready to tell him the scientific answer but Sakura interrupted, "I think it sounds nice even if it's not real. To think that your loved ones that passed away are staring down at you and watching over you. It's a whole different perspective at how you can view stars." she finished with a peaceful smile gently graced her features.

Sasuke found himself considering this perspective. And after a moment of contemplation, he murmured reluctantly, "I guess you could think of it that way..." He slightly liked the idea that his family was watching over him right at that very moment.

Naruto turned slightly to Sasuke at this comment with a loving smile directed at the raven. Then he turned fully to Sakura, grinning at her widely. "Thanks Sakura-chan! My thoughts exactly!"

Sasuke continued to stare at the separate stars, solemnly wondering if a certain blond angel could see him. Are you watching over me Naruto...?