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Webs of Deception

Chapter Thirty-Four

Stay With Me

The moment Naruto stepped foot in the Uchiha manor, he was bar barred by a brunette boy and a raven-haired girl. Their unsuspected added weight knocking him back and falling to the ground, taking the brunt of the impact. A loud gasp was then heard, only for it to be drowned out by the two in his arms.



"You brats!" The loud voice of Temari yelled. "He just got out of the hospital!"

He chuckled at the twos' antics and waved his hand dismissively at the older blond. "It's fine Temari. I'm fine." he reassured her as he laid underneath the two kids. He wiggled, maneuvering the two who clung to his middle relentlessly until he was in a sitting position. "Mou. . . Chicklet, Kyosuke. . . did you miss me that much?"

Cho was the first to lift her head from his chest. "Don't call me that!" she yelled with a choked sob, tears sparkling in her eyes. Then Kyosuke looked up with tears running down his chubby cheeks. His crying so bad that he couldn't even speak properly.

The playful grin that was previously featured on his face, fell with the sadness that filled the girl's bright green jewels and flooded the entire features of the small boy. "Hey. . ." he spoke softly, lifting his hand to wipe the building tears away from Cho's eyes, and with his other hand, he gently rubbed Kyosuke's back since his face was buried back into his chest. "Don't cry guys. See, I'm fine. There's nothing for you two to worry about."

"B-But. . ." Cho struggled to speak. Her lip quivering while tears flowed over and fell down her cheeks. ". . .w-we heard t-t-that it was p-p-pretty b-bad t-this time."

He could have killed whoever let them overhear something like that. He's always tried to keep his. . . 'illness' as quiet as possible. He believe it better if the younger ones didn't have to worry about his well being. They didn't need that weighing down on their shoulders. It was mostly his burden to bear, not theirs. And he wouldn't be the cause of their unhappiness.

"Look at me, don't I look fine?" It took a moment before they both tentatively looked up. "Nee, don't I?" He pushed, getting a small nod from Kyosuke. But Cho. . . she still looked unconvinced. Non the less, she offered a small smile. "Now come on, the both of you. I'll treat you to a nice big ice cream cone if you stop crying right now." he bargained with. Crying was the one thing he couldn't stand anyone doing. It always caused his heart to ache in an unpleasant way.

A smile split its way across Kyosuke's face at the prospect of sweets. "Double chocolate chip?"

Nodding like a soldier, he confirmed, "Double chocolate chip."

"Yay!" Kyosuke cheered, clapping his hands. "Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, ice—"

"That's low, Naruto-sempai—bargaining with sweets." came a arrogant voice from the entrance to the living room, interrupting Kyosuke's chant of his favorite dessert. Naruto knew who that voice belonged to before his eyes landed on Jun. The glare directed at him more fierce than usual. Probably for making Cho cry, he thought.

For a second, the glare diverted to Sasuke who was standing right behind him, then it was right back on him. What joy.

Sasuke glared at the boy that reminded him too much of himself. There was something about watching how he knew he acted when he was younger that unnerved him. Maybe it showed how much of an ass he used to be. And trust him, he wasn't blind of his actions, which clearly showed how much of an ass he still was. That's probably why the boy rubbed him the wrong way. They were too much alike. Although the boy was way more brash about it than he.

"Yeah, as low as using Kyosuke as bait." Naruto countered with a smirk that could almost match his own. His brow quirked when Jun's face changed to shock before settling down with narrowed eyes at the blond.

"That's wasn't even real!" Jun shouted in an indignant tone, his fist clenching by his sides.

Naruto chuckled evilly. "All training should be taken seriously." His shoulders lifted then dropped. "It's not my fault you actually thought I would let that slide."

Low grumbles came from the stubborn boy as the other boy on his team came around the corner and stood by him, placing his arm on his shoulder only for it to be knocked off. And if Sasuke remembered right, the midnight haired boy was named, Yuuto. The quieter one of them both.

"Hey, sempai, glad to see you're alright. You gave everyone quite a scare."

"Aniki's fine now!" Kyosuke said with his bottom lip sticking out, eyes puffy from crying, and his arms crossed over his small chest. The combination resembling someone who was offended by something someone said. Sasuke had to admit it, it was an adorable sight. It almost reminded him of Naruto when they were younger. At times when the blond would know he lost but wouldn't accept it. The side of his mouth lifted softly as the brunette brightened and reminded everyone present like it was the only evidence that the blond was fine. "He's going to treat us to ice cream!"

Both eyebrows of the taller boy's lifted. "Really? Chocolate chip?"

"Double chocolate chip!"

The way the little brunette spoke and the expression he wore caused several of the others to chuckle. Like what he said was the most surprising thing in the world. He could see why everyone adored the child. The boy was just too cute.

A cough brought everyone's attention to Itachi, whose mask was removed and held an impassive expression. But deep within the seemingly cold eyes, amusement could be seen if one looked close enough. "Can we move this into the dining room?" Yet, just underneath the amusement, a deadly seriousness was clearly present.

And apparently, Naruto also noticed this because his smiled faltered before he nodded. He shifted Kyosuke as he began to lift himself from the ground, lifting the child and propping him on his hip. Sasuke sucked in a sharp breath at the sight of the pair. Kyosuke leaning his head on the blond's shoulder and gazing out at everyone innocently. It looked so natural for his dobe to be holding a child. If only things were different, then Naruto would have been able to hold their daughter. . .

Pain racked through his chest, his lips down turning at the thought of his deceased daughter and the reason why she never got the chance to live. Glancing over at his dobe, he wondered how he was going to tell him. How do you tell the 'mother' of your child that their daughter was killed, not because of a sealed demon, but because of a group of humans that were hungry for power. How does he explain something like that?

Solemnly, he followed Naruto and the others into the dining room, the boxes and folders another reminded of what he must discuss with his blond. Naruto sat in one of the kitchen chairs, adjusting Kyosuke onto his lap, while he stood, leaning up against the wall behind him. Cho sat next to Naruto with the males of her team standing next to each other at the other end of the room, closest to the kitchen. Itachi stood on the other side of the table with his arms crossed, an unmasked Ruri sitting in the chair to his right while both Kyoko and Miki stood a few feet from his left. Gaara was leaned against the entrance of the dining room and Temari was seated in the chair near the front of the table, her expression slightly anxious.

There was a moment when Itachi looked up at him, a mixture of sorrow and guilt mixed in the dark depths of determination was revealed. And in that one glance, he knew what his brother was about to do. No. . . His eyes widened a fraction, hopefully an indication that he didn't want the other to say anything. Not now. He wanted to be the one to inform Naruto. Not his brother. And not like this.

But apparently his brother didn't get the message or was choosing to ignore him, because he turned to Naruto and said, "There's something you need to know Naruto."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed dangerously. "No Itachi." he particularly growled out. His eyes burning from his Kekkei Genkai threatening to show itself.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Naruto twist his head to look up at him while at the same time that Itachi glanced at him; a silent argument being warred between them. This lasted for what seemed like minutes, until the older Uchiha relented, nodding his head slightly before saying, "We decoded the documents."

He turned, seeing as Naruto's face fell flat and pain shadowed his sapphire orbs. "Oh." he said simply before continuing on softly, "Then you know."

"Know?" both he and Itachi asked in unison.

"About Asuka."

And everything just went downhill from there. . .

This path of conversation quickly led to Ouroboros' plans and their full knowledge of the blond's pregnancy upon injection. This information had Naruto eyes closing while his head lowered, clearly taking his example and hiding his emotions. Because once his head rose, his face was as blank as a white canvas, yet, his eyes shown the pain that was within. They never could lie. This pain only doubled when the conversation slid right into the massacre of the Yuugure's villagers. Though his expression never changed, remaining stoic with his jaw set firm.

Then, by the time the reactions calmed a little; Kakashi, Sakura, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Neji came into the house. Itachi's mask was already in place by the time the five entered the kitchen. The males expressions were solemn while Sakura's appeared to be torn between sadness and guilt. This caused his worry to rise instinctively.

"What happened?" Itachi was the first to speak. He couldn't. He was too afraid of what would be said next.

"To cut a tense confrontation short. . ." Shikamaru said while walking around the table casually. Yet the tenseness of his shoulders showed how the situation was affecting him. "It'll be best if you're all out of Konoha by morning. If I predict the Council's moves correctly, then their probably search this place first before moving on from there."

Unsurprisingly, his stomach dropped, even though he already knew that this was coming and that he had a solution planned out. It still didn't stop the emotions that were raging at the possibility that something along that caliber could happen—that it did happen.

A glance over at Naruto, he searched for any sort of reaction out of him. Yet, all he could decipher from the bland expression the blonde was wearing, was the sickly paleness of his skin. Though the negative reaction didn't slow the rapid beat of his heart, nor take his nerves down a single notch. His muscles were still tight with his hands twitching now and again.

"Hmn." Itachi grunted in the Uchiha's form of agreement, his stare being redirected at Sasuke. "I agree. The longer we stay, the longer we take the chance of the Council apprehending Naruto."

It was then that Itachi turned to him with a clear question etched in his eyes. He stared right back, tilting his head a moment later to indicate the entryway to the side—a silent demand that he wanted the other to follow.

He moved, heading toward the entryway with the confidence that his older brother would follow.

Naruto turned when Sasuke moved, watching him and then Itachi leave the dining room, wondering what the two had to discuss that couldn't be said in front of everyone else.

When the discussion of leaving Konoha came up, he couldn't look at Sasuke. It was his fear that prevented him from doing so. His fear that maybe his leaving didn't mean a thing to the raven. A fear in which he, himself, found ridiculous.

There was no reason for him to feel that way. Sasuke had proved that he loved him without a reason of a doubt. He didn't even doubt that the raven would leave Konoha if he asked him to. But the question was, should he?

He tried once, and failed in forming the words. . . But should he form that sentence and ask Sasuke to leave his home—to leave the place where he was born, where all his memories of his family lay? Could he ask such a large sacrifice from his love? Was it selfish of him if he did?

There was so many questions that were being left unanswered. So many uncertainties he couldn't push out of his mind. It made his stomach clench, made him queasy, and brought a jumpy tremble to his body that he could barely repress.

He hadn't realized that his stare had stayed on the dining room's entryway until he was addressed by Kakashi, snapping his head to the opposite direction. He looked up into the visible eye of the man, seeing rather than him asking what the other wanted.


Like anything else, can be a nagging tick at the back of your head. And as he looked deeper, that tick ran far and wide. Yet, right now, with the information that was still biting and ripping through him like a rabid animal, he wanted nothing more than to sneak away and hide someplace where he could mourn his pains alone.

The determination though made it clear that he wasn't going to get away this time. No time to let everything sink in, no time to repress his anguish, Kakashi wanted to know now before he could slip far away forever, leaving him with nothing more than his own suspicions. And your own made up suspicions could slowly eat away at your mind, slowly driving one insane.

So, in order to get through this long discussion of a past that wasn't nearly as healed as many others suspected, he took a deep breath in and released it slowly. He told him to sit, and after he did with Sakura and Kiba standing close to his side, he began at the beginning and retold how and why he was banned from Konoha. Leaving out the parts about the night with Sasuke and everything that involved his pregnancy. Those things were too personal and still too raw for him to speak so openly about them.

When he was finished, he immediately stood and left the kitchen without waiting for them to react and respond. He didn't want to hear their questions, nor their apologies—nothing—he just wanted to get away. Away from the past, away from everything that wished to stab him brutally in the heart and cause him to want to scream out in despair.

He was so tired of feeling like he was choking. With no way out, no way of relieving the pressure. Not until he turned into the hall and saw Sasuke leaning against the wall nearest the entryway. A breath washed through his deprived lungs, bringing relief and a sense of peace from his pain.

"Where'd you go?" He winced at the neediness of his own voice.

Sasuke didn't answer him, instead he stared at him with a gleam in his eyes and a smirk uplifting the corner of his lips that he couldn't understand. The raven moved toward him, placing his hand on his arm. "Come on dobe, lets get you away from the others before they decide it's time to bombard you again."

Naruto didn't fight against the raven's hold, or the way he guided him toward and up the stairs to Sasuke's bedroom. When the door closed behind them, Naruto went to the bed and sat down, dropping his defenses completely as his body sagged and he buried his face in his hands.

Too much to deal with—too much surging frantically through his emotions.

Hot, calloused hands grabbed his wrists and pulled them from his face. Sasuke knelled before him, the gleam in them previously gone and replaced with a sadness that stroked his already frayed emotions.

"I'm fine." he said with a smile that he forced.

Sasuke frowned. "You don't have to hide from me Naruto. I know your hurting. It hurt when I found out, so I can't even imagine what you're going through." His hand rose and cupped his quivering jaw. "Don't hide. Let me comfort you."

It was like Sasuke made his words into sledgehammers, each one drove right into the wall that surrounded the burning despair he hid. It chipped, crumbled, and fell away until there was only raw emotion left, leaving him bare and unable to resist the burn at the corner of his eyes. Tears fell like rivers, sobs broke from his lips as he fell apart. His body quaked from the tremors racking his body, falling forward only to be caught and held against a hard, warm body.

Arms encircled him, pressing him closer as he buried his wet face into the covered chest before him. Seeking the protection and security that the scent surrounding him offered willingly.

Naruto didn't know how long he stayed like that, or how Sasuke managed to calm him down, but eventually he lifted his head, keeping his gaze to the floor. Embarrassed was a strong motivator to keep his eyes glued to the floor, especially when the others' dark gaze lingered on him. If he didn't, and saw the same deep despair that pierced his own soul within those onyx depths, then there was a high chance he would burst into a whole new set of tears.

The same heated hand from before turned his head so he faced the raven who loved him, his thumb gently wiping away the tear stains. But sadness wasn't what he saw within those dark orbs, there was only adoration and love with restrained fury being held back and overshadowed. He knew though, the fury wasn't directed at him but at the monsters who took their child away from them.

Tears brimmed his eyes at the loyalty he showed to a daughter he never got the chance to see or hold. A daughter he only recently learned about and still loved her all the same. It was a sight to behold, and only made him adorn him even more.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips almost desperately to Sasuke's, wanting to lose himself in the other so badly, wanting to be as close to him as he could. Sasuke's tongue slid sensually into his mouth, swiping over every nook and cranny it could reach. He moaned at the intrusion, his blood heating as he used his tongue to play back boldly without any hesitation like their other intimate moments.

Sasuke's hands wrapped around his hips, pulling and coaxing him to his lap. He straddled the raven's hips and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, tugging at the black hair at his disposal. The kiss deepened in time with the fire raging through his veins. It flared and blistered across his skin, traveling all the way down to his groin.

Hips grind together in a rhythm that had them panting and swallowing each others' moans of pleasure. Sasuke's hand slithered along the bare flesh just above his waistband. Then it moved under his shirt and up the span of his back. He arched, the tingles of flesh against flesh jolting him just right. He wanted more though. More bare skin against his own, more of the man in front of him.

The hands moved from his back to his chest, and he growled at the heat that bubbled and threatened to lash out. He broke the kiss, tearing his shirt over his head and throwing it away. Scorching, deliciously wicked lips attached to his bare chest and licked, sucked, and nipped along his taut stomach.

Naruto barely gave the raven time enjoy himself before he had his shirt stripped from his body. He took in the heaving, pale chest before him, practically devouring it with his eyes. His hands splayed along the chest, pushing slightly so Sasuke had to lean on his hands behind him. Moving like a snake would slither so slowly—inch by inch—he ran his hands across and up the tight muscles, over every dip and contour. Another growl of possession tore from his mouth as he met the smoldering, seductive gaze of his lover.

Sasuke smirked, "Enjoying yourself dobe?"

Instead of shying away, he grinned like a predator. "Not as much as I will be." The smirk fell, along with his brows in anticipation mixed with curiosity.

Without moving his gaze, he unbutton the raven's pants. Watching and waiting for the other to figure out what he had planned. And as he pulled down the zipper of his jeans and slipped his hand inside, dark eyes widened in understanding. He grinned, showing him that his guess was right on target.

Unexpectedly though, those eyes hardened in a determination that had him confused. His hands were grabbed, stopping him before he took the erect member from the confines of the black boxers.

"Don't think you're going to get the first taste Naruto." Sasuke said before he was tackled to the floor with his hands being restrained above his head. Desire burned brighter at the new position, his hips unconsciously thrusting upward to relieve the pressure.

A groan above him had him opening his eyes and peering up at contorted features of his lover. Like he was trying to hold onto the last strands of his self-control. A low rumble of his chest and a sharp lift of his hips had him wanting to break that restrain. Wanting all of the man above him without any restrictions or hold-backs.

Sasuke lowered his head to his neck, licking and sucking at his racing pulse point. His body arched for him, displaying the effort he had over him.

He nibbled his earlobe, whispering huskily, "I'm going to wrap my mouth around your cock and taste the very essence of you." He sucked the sensitive lobe between his lips. "Will you like that Naruto?"

His breath was coming in heavy pants, his cock jumping and dampening his boxers at the dirty talk. Hips pressed roughly against his own, pushing the breath right out of him, while the mouth on his neck bit harshly.

"I didn't hear you dobe."

The pleasure was so intense he barely heard the words Sasuke spoke. But he did, the meaning behind them, and the demand that came with it. He nodded his head vigorously, unable to form any words. Apparently that was enough for Sasuke, since his hands loosened around his wrists and his mouth began to descend, creating a blistering trail of fire to the waistband of his pants.

He moved his now unrestrained hands and leaned up on his elbows, seeing through lidded eyelids as Sasuke undid the button of his pants and pulled down the zipper. Anticipation flared wildly when he yanked on his pants 'til they were shortly passed his hips. So close. So close in experiencing an oral sex he's only heard about, but never thought about participating in. The requirements were too intimate for anyone other than Sasuke to perform.

Sasuke glanced up, his eyes completely black with lust, and locked his gaze with his. His boxers were pulled down, exposing the hard erection that begged for his attention, was damn near weeping in desperation.

Parted lips lowered, and Naruto sworn to God that nobody better not interrupt them this time. He didn't think he could hold back from killing them, not this time, not with the powerful lust bringing the animal closer to the surface. Too close to remain calm and unaffected with his needs unfulfilled.

Movement so slow he thought his reality was turned down to slow motion, he watched as Sasuke widened his mouth just a little, watched as a pink tongue slipped out, closing the miniscule distance, and sending his world into a abyss of sensations.

His moan was practically ripped from his lungs at the unbelievable pleasure that one lick had caused him. Just one lick that had him on the edge of cumming. Tittering so close he had to grit his teeth to keep it from happening. Now he understood why other males enjoyed this particular act so much. It felt too good to just participate in it once.

His hips jerked upward, trying to push his cock into that hot mouth, but strong hands held him steady. He opened his eyes and gazed down longingly at the man between his thighs. The smirk only causing him to glare halfheartedly. He was torturing him on purpose, he could see it in the amusement in his eyes. The bastard. If he could resist those deliciously sinful lips, he would definitely push the bastard off him right now. But the raven already had him in his web, and he had no real desire to leave.

Didn't mean though, he was the only one who was going to lose control.

He smiled, hoping it was as sensual as he wanted it to be, and threaded his fingers through dark strands. Deepening his voice so it sounded needy. Which really wasn't as hard as he'd liked it to be. "Sasuke, stop t-teasing me." Okay, so his voice wasn't that steady. Not everyone can be like Uchiha Sasuke and have a coherent—fucking—conversation even during the height of sex. "Suck me off teme. Let's see h-how much of my s-sanity you t-take from me."

Eyes darkened impossibly further. Hah. Looks like someone likes dirty talk as must as he does. If only he knew there wasn't much sanity left. His touch was sure taking it all away by itself.

In one quick drive—a drive that had him screaming—Sasuke engulfed his whole cock. Wet, scorching heat surrounded his member, causing white splotches to momentarily invade his vision as white-hot pleasure shot through every cell of his body. A kind of intimate, intense pleasure he's never known.

"Hmm. . . you didn't last long." The sex-dipped tone of his lover came through the thick haze of his lust. "But you taste so good."

When he had the strength to open his eyes, he looked down at Sasuke as he finished licking the cum from his half-harden cock. And that's when he realized the reason of the intensity of the pleasure—he cummed.

He groaned in combination of the raven's tongue against his sensitive cock and his premature ejaculation. He swung his arm over his eyes in embarrassment. "Sorry." he muttered against his arm, trying to ignore the shifting of the raven's body.

His body heated, and he could already feel it pooling in his groin. His arm was pulled away and was met with amused onyx. Scowling, he tried to push at the others' shoulder. Though there wasn't much strength put behind it, his member was already growing to full hardness with the others' body towering over his.

Sasuke leaned in, his lips ghosting over the shell of his ear. "Don't be sorry, dobe." His hips were straddled, grinding his jean clad erection down into his. Moaning, Naruto let his arm fall limp to the side of his head while Sasuke moved lower, his lips barely touching his flesh. His tongue on the other hand, slipped out and licked a fiery trail down to his nipple.

He arched as that sinful tongue circled around the erect bud. Sucking it into his mouth and nibbling it until he was a whimpering mess. Then he switched to its twin, providing the same treatment he could never deny had him whining when he released his hold.

"Get on the bed." the raven ordered, followed by the cold biting into his skin. The lack of warmth producing yet another whine from his throat. Such a needy sound that he was slightly surprised that it came from his own mouth. Slightly. But not completely. Sasuke did things to his body that no other could possibly come close to doing.

With his eyes, he followed the jean covered legs up to the pale, chiseled chest until he stopped at the expecting—yet demanding look he was receiving from his lover. Such dominance had him moving, even when he could barely make his body coordinate with his own demands. That's how much the other affected him. Insanity. Lack of control. Everything that was opposite of what he had to be when he was in the persona of Tatsuo. Everything that was really him, everything that Sasuke truly loved.

He rose to his feet, letting his pants and boxers drop the rest of the way to the floor and stepping out of them. Now he was clad in nothing but his socks, in which he quickly slipped off.

Before he could place himself on the bed—as instructed—Sasuke grabbed him around the waist and kissed what little breath he had left. It made his weakened body dizzy and he had to grab onto his shoulders to keep from falling. His hips moved forward, rubbing his inflamed cock on the rough material of the raven's jeans. The friction had him moaning out his lover's name. So good.

Sasuke maneuvered him back, until the back of his legs hit the bed. He was so lost in the sensations that he fell back onto the mattress with a small yelp. He didn't have time to feel embarrassed about the sound as he looked back at Sasuke and felt his mouth water. Watering like he was viewing the most delectable sweet. And with the way Sasuke had his thumbs hooked into the waistband of his boxers and the motion of pulling them down, it definitely sure was the sweetest of treats.

The small seductive twist of his hips, the slow deliberate way he pulled both his boxers and his undone jeans down, it had him entranced. Such a sensual act that pre-cum bubbled and oozed down his shaft. He watched intently as jeans and boxers went down, caution being taken when he uncovered his engorged cock. Such a beautiful specimen of a male organ—all swollen and red for him. He wanted to just take it into his mouth and let the raven know the pleasures of a blow-job. The mind blowing pleasure that a single mouth could create.

Once the material hit the ground, Sasuke stepped out of them and approached the bed. Where he lay, needing the raven so badly that it hurt. Subconsciously, his legs spread wide to accommodate the man, but Sasuke only smirked and pushed his legs down; crawling on the bed and straddling his stomach.

Confused, he tilted his head in question. "Sasuke—"

He was cut off by a forceful tongue invading his mouth. Hot and demanding. Frizzing his mind of the confusion and flushing his body with need.

His moan was consumed by Sasuke, his hips grinding up and with moans growing in volume when his cock slid into the cleft of Sasuke's ass. The action being met with groan and a push down of his rear along his dick that had him on the edge of oblivion.

"Ah Sasuke." he groaned against bruised lips.

"You like that." Those naughty hips falling roughly, his cock sliding between those delectable ass cheeks. He bucked, wanting—no needing more. "I want to give you all of me Naruto." Those hips never stopped. "Everything."

He vaguely felt Sasuke grabbed his hand and pull it to him. He wasn't sure what the other was up to, but when he felt flames licking his fingers, he snapped his eyes open. And he swears to God, he almost died. Sasuke had his fingers to his mouth and were sucking and licking them wickedly with his tongue. That evil muscle in which was torturing him with its erotic strokes.

For a moment, he half-expected Sasuke to prepare him with his own fingers, but when he moved the now well saturated digits from his mouth and guided them to his own rear—the same one that's been driving him closer to his release—a sense of nervous panic erupted.

Eyes widening, his breath hitching when the tip of his fingers touched burning flesh, he stuttered out, "S-Sasuke, w-what are y-you doing?" His breath coming out in short pants as the tip of his index finger breached the ring of muscles.

Sasuke gasped at the small intrusion while Naruto moaned beneath him. Sasuke knew how wonderful it was to fill someone, the ecstasy, to know you're inside and as close as you can be with the one you love. And he wanted to share that with Naruto. To ensure that everything between them belonged to each other.

Deeper he pushed the finger, pushing until it was all the way inside him. "I'm giving you all of me dobe. That's what I'm doing."

Sapphires that were darkened and lidded with lust glittered with undeniable love. Love that was his to take, his to keep, his to never let go of.

"I don't know what to do." His voice filled with doubt. . . with fear? Fear that he'll hurt him?

His brows knitted together with discomfort when he pulled the finger out some then pushed it back in. "Just copy what I've done to you."

Doubt shadowed his face, his teeth nibbling his bottom lip. "What if I hurt you?" So he was right. Naruto was worried about the pain that will inevitably occur. Like he was breakable. This couldn't break him. Not in the slightest. Now aim at his heart and you'll see a different story—shattering like thin glass.

He leaned down and took that bottom lip he was abusing in his mouth, suckling the flesh tenderly. "I'm not a doll dobe." he said once he released his captive. Then took out the finger from his ass and shoved in two with hesitation. Grunting at the pain, he hoped that Naruto didn't see his hand gripping the blanket with a vice hold. "I can take a little pain."

Still, even with the lust shining brightly in his eyes, the blond looked undecided. And it was starting to grate on his nerves. "Dammit, Naruto. I want your cock in my ass. NOT your fingers. So will you grow some balls and fuck me already."

He watched in satisfaction as eyes widened in mild surprise before they narrowed in determination. If one wanted to get the best results out of the man below him, all you had to do was put even the smallest hint of a challenge in your tone, and you had him baited. It was almost too easy to entice the competitor out of him. He was glad that yet another characteristic hadn't changed.

Sasuke could have smirked in triumph, if Naruto didn't choose that moment to roughly remove his fingers halfway and push them back in. Another gasp, mostly out of surprise, left his lips and it was enough to have a grin spread across the blond's features. A grin he could tell wasn't just all smug, but held concern underneath its thin layer.

"Thought you could handle it." Though the silent meaning ringing underneath it was all he heard: If you ask me to stop, I will.

If only he knew, he didn't want to stop. He wanted Naruto to have all of him. He needed him to have all of him. Everything is what he held of the blond man, and everything is what he wanted to return in full.

Was that so bad? Couldn't Naruto understand why he needed this so badly?

He looked deep in the others' eyes. So strongly that the little bit of smugness that tainted his features vanished in curved lines of wonder. "Will you just make love to me Naruto. Is that so hard to get from you?"

Body stiffened and mouth parted in shock. It would have been amusing if he wasn't dead serious about what he said. Then the shock faded, replaced blatantly with a soft smile and sparkle of tears that showed the love the other held for him. And he could feel his heart trying to beat out of his chest in response to the declaration.

The dual digits up his ass moved slowly, gently, like the sweetest caress. And he couldn't suppress the downward motion his hips were performing. In and out. The fingers plunged deeper with every inward stroke. Nerves that have never been touched were now being awakened and flaring with an intensity that had him closing his eyes at the bombard of sensations.

His hips pushed hard against the blond's fingers when they brushed against something inside him. A knot of nerves that caused him to groan and his back to arch responsively. Pleasure coursed like a striking rattlesnake through his sensitized nerve endings.

Just now, he knew that his prostate was just struck. Such a heavenly shot of pleasure.

"Right there." He told the blond.

The fingers paused for a mere second—a second that was long enough to form a glare—before they resumed. Only this time, they aimed for that specific spot that resulted in his sight being blurred with white. With each strike to his prostate, pushed him closer to his impending orgasm. Which he couldn't have.

He reached behind and wrenched the fingers from his rear, gazed down hungrily at Naruto, seeing the result of the show he unknowingly put on. Naruto's face was flushed, his lips parted and glistening, his chest heaving with heavy pants, and—glancing behind him to see—his cock nearing purple with a steady stream of pre-cum that's puddled in his pubic hairs. If he hadn't fully committed to being taken by the blond tonight, he would have surely thrown him on his stomach and pound that sweet little ass of his into submission.

But since he was, he denied the primitive impulse that was almost to strong to push aside. Too dominating to allow himself to submit.

He lifted his hips, maneuvering himself until his ass was aliened with the blond's cock. Reaching behind, he grabbed the stiff cock, pumping the length and using the pre-cum to lubricate the hard flesh. He didn't care that it might not be slick enough. He wanted to feel the burn, wanted to feel the evidence of Naruto's cock inside him.

Slowly—oh so slowly—he lowered his hips on the head of the swollen cock. He could feel Naruto beneath him trembling and the tight grip on his hips telling him that the other was having a hard time in controlling himself. Well, he wasn't the only one. It hurt. It did, he admits it. But there was something else. Something that over road the pain and filled the nerve-endings with a sense of pleasure. It wasn't that it actually felt good, it was the fact that Naruto was finally inside him. Finally taking what was always his.

And that sent him over his edge of control.

In one swift push, he impaled the rest of the way, taking in the half of cock that wasn't inside him yet. The hands on his hips tightened to bruising, but the small tang of pain didn't even register when the fullness was taking his whole attention.

"Dam-dam-mit, S-Sasuke." Naruto hissed. His tone a cross between trying to yell and moan at once. Plus, he could hear panic just underneath the ecstasy he couldn't quite push back. "Y-You weren't fully s-s-stretched."

He didn't respond, only smashed his lips to the others' in a passionate kiss. When he parted for air, he said in tone that held no arguments, "Shut up, Naruto." Oh yeah, even he was surprised that came out straight.

He swirled his hips a little, testing for any pain. There was only some discomfort and weirdness of having something this large shoved up his ass, but other than that, it was perfect. Gingerly, he lifted his hips before slowly lowering them again, taking the blond's cock back in inch by inch. If was so different to be filled rather than filling someone. A different kind of pleasure. One that didn't just surround his cock, but resounded throughout his backside and shot tingling bursts to his groin.

His hips were practically had their own mind as they met the blond's upward thrusts, grinding down hard to find that one spot. Within a moment it was found, forcing his muscles to tighten, which in turn had Naruto voicing out his pleasure even more. Even when he's technically bottoming, Naruto was still the more vocal partner between them. Moaning and screaming his name. It was such a turn on for him, that he was glad the swapped roles hadn't changed that.

So close. He was so close to the heavenly bliss of his orgasm. It was there, right on the edge of oblivion, yet still out of his reach.

He drove himself down hard, enjoying the slapping sound of their flesh meeting and the moan that followed from Naruto. It was all erotic. All sending jolts of the pleasure through him. But not enough to push him over.

Both their breaths were coming in heavy pants, their bodies slick with sweat. He leaned forward, close to Naruto's ear, the sweat making it easier to slide along the tan body, and whispered a command, "Touch me Naruto. Fucking take what's yours."

If he wasn't being driven insane with desire, he would have been surprised by the feral growl that came from the man below him. So animalistic that just one pump of his calloused hand had him bursting. Every pore of his body felt like it was coming undone as his body stiffened to breaking point. Such ecstasy blinded his vision with white. His cock jerked, spurting hot ribbons of cum over his and Naruto's chests. Wave after wave of heaven roared destructively through him, making him think for a second that it would destroy him.

Spent, Sasuke collapsed on the rising and falling chest of Naruto. Leaning his head against the sweaty skin and trying to calm his rapid breathing. Warmth filled him, and in a slow trickle, the warmth of the blond's cum was sliding down his inner thigh. The fact that it was Naruto's and was inside him had his cock twitching. This surprised him. He came so hard he shouldn't be able to become hard this quickly.

He didn't ponder on this for long, he took it as his never-ending desire for his blond-dobe. Instead, he listened closely to rapid beating of the others' heartbeat and the gasping of air from above his lying head. After a moment, he tilted his head up and nuzzled the blond's neck before placing a well aimed lick on the tender spot right behind his ear.

"Hmm. . ." moaned Naruto when he sucked the spot.

Lifting himself up on his elbows, Sasuke nipped and licked the spot with fever. A gasp was his reward, and twitch in his rear which indicated that his little blond was getting aroused from his minor ministrations. He smirked, lifting his head to gaze down into his blond's face.

Sapphire pools stared up at him. From first glance, they appear drowsy, but easily he could feel the desire and need taking over. He lifted his hips, allowing the half hard cock to escape his sheath.

Licking his lips like a predator would do with his eyes on his next meal, he said, "My turn."

Drowsy, Naruto rubbed at his eye, unsure of what woke him. With a groan of displeasure, he rolled over, subconsciously reaching out for Sasuke so he could go back to sleep. Only he came up empty. With his mind clearing a little more, his brows furrowed as he patted around the cold mattress where Sasuke was suppose to be.

He snapped his eyes open and jackknifed in the bed, fully awake now. He scanned the room, seeing rather than feeling that Sasuke wasn't in sight. He tried to calm the dread that was quickly building in his stomach. It was uncalled for. Sasuke was here.

"Sasuke." he called as he jumped out of bed—uncaring of his nakedness—and checked the bathroom. But still no Sasuke.

His heart was pounding loudly in his chest. So loud in the silence in the room. And he felt the familiar rise of panic consuming him. Which was ridiculous. Sasuke was probably downstairs. So to ease his overreacting mind, he closed his eyes and searched the house for the raven's chakra signature. His throat constricted when he was nowhere to be found. Nowhere. Not even in the Uchiha compound. Where'd he go?

Don't worry so much, Kit. He probably had to do something. God, he'll be back. Damn brat can't stay away.

He was already compulsively nodding his head with Kyuubi before the fox even finished. That had to be it. That had to be. Yeah, you're right. I'm being silly. But even he could tell the uncertainty in his own words.

Damn right you are.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down. No need to worry. No need to worry. I'm just overreacting. Sasuke'll be back. Why wouldn't he?

With that in mind, he looked around to find the pair of pants that were discarded the night before. He needed them to get across the hall to his room to get changed. Then he would hunt Sasuke down and hit him for leaving him like this. Whatever he was doing it better be worth getting punched.

He grinned at that, but the grin quickly fell when all he found on the floor were his own clothes. Just his clothes. . .

Kyuu. . . tell me there's a good explanation for this. He thought of the laundry. But if that was the case, why wouldn't he take his also. Kyuu. . .

The silence had him dashing to Sasuke's closet, praying he was just being paranoid. He yanked open the door and breath whooshed out of his lungs when he found the closest empty of personal belongings. No. . . He moved to the dresser, wrenched it open, and found. . . nothing. No. . .

Tears leaked down his cheeks, his heart breaking at the evidence that Sasuke left him. A sob clogged his throat. Sasuke left him. He left him.

This was all too familiar. He slowly turned his head toward the window, and laughed hollowly. The sun was rising. How ironic. . . was this some kind of revenge? Was Sasuke getting back at him for what he did in the past?

It was cruel.

In a violent impulse, he threw the dresser drawer across the room. The impact dented the wall and filled the room with a loud thud. He grabbed another drawer and repeated the action. God, it hurt. Agonizing pressure building in his chest. Pressure that swelled and condensed, twisted and mangled until he just wanted to curl up and die, screaming and howling in pain.

Footsteps thundered up the stairs, but they didn't matter, none of them were Sasuke. None of them could ease the scream that howled from his soul. The door slammed open, hitting the wall with another resounding bang, and Itachi was the first to enter with weapon in hand. Gaara, Ruri, and Miki followed, crowding the doorway.

"He left me!" he screamed at them. Finding it impossible to find control, impossible to calm down when everything was falling away from him. When the one thing that he loved more than anything. . . left him.

Stunned silence and the stiffening of their bodies were the only things he received from them. Then the way Miki and Ruri turned their heads to each other snap something further in him. Because that was a guilty gesture. A gesture that was filled with the knowledge of this happening. . .

A snarl filled with such feral force ripped from his lips. The animal in him rising to the surface, showing its' violent reaction from his mate leaving him. His. He howled as he attacked the room with a vengeance. Destroying every inch just like he was being destroyed within.

In a sudden jerk, his arm was grabbed. "Naruto that's enough." Itachi said.

He sagged against the grip. Losing the strength to fight. . . losing the strength to live. . .

"Why would he leave me. . ." he half-sobbed, defeated.

He fell to floor, his body leaning up against the wall, and curled himself into a fetal position. A frail attempt at protection. Nothing could protect him from the utter loss that ripped and teared through him. Like a starving beast devouring his very soul.

Sobs fell from his mouth unhindered. There was no stopping them. He didn't care. Didn't feel embarrassment as each one was released. Didn't feel much of anything besides the excruciating rips of himself being torn and thrown away.

Itachi was the last to step out of the room, closing the door, unable to watch the heart-wrenching scene any further. Oh otoutou, you're going to regret doing this. He passed by Kyoko, Ruri, and Miki on one side of the hall, and Gaara and Shikamaru on the other side.

"Did Uchiha actually leave?" Miki asked, anger hardening his voice.

He stopped at the foot of the stairs, the back of his neck tingling from the stares being focused on him. Those stairs waiting on his answer, like he was expected to know. He closed his eyes briefly, sighing at the situation he's gotten himself into.

"It appears so." he spoke lowly, cursing his little brother under his words. How Sasuke could even think of doing this to Naruto was beyond him. Even he wouldn't subject this to the blond for his own schemes.

Silence, tense and stifling, settled within the hall for a long moment, then the noise erupted that canceled out the silence and flooded it with their questions—their outrage. Too close to where one's muffled cries could still be heard. Too close to where one's soul was screaming.

He spun around, glaring fiercely through his mask and sending a killing intent that dared to be challenged. "Be silent." he ordered. His voice was low but it carried a warning that wouldn't be ignored.

The hall quickly lost the abyss of noise. He turned and walked down to the dining room where Kakashi stood leaning against the wall reading his favorite book. Unlike Kiba and Sakura who left hours ago, Kakashi refused to leave. Apparently, he was going to be a permanent fixture until they left.

"So Sasuke left." Kakashi said when he entered. His gaze not being removed from his book.

Itachi stopped and narrowed his eyes at the jounin. He wondered how he knew. The man didn't leave the dining room when the first initial thud occurred, so he wouldn't have witnessed what the rest of them had. Though, he could have heard Naruto's yelling from down there. He didn't answer as he moved to take a seat at the table.

"What are you and your brother planning, Itachi? It must be something important to hurt Naruto like this."

He sat down, unfazed that Kakashi knew of his identity. He worked with the man in Anbu. It was no surprise.

"Why so concerned about his well being now, Kakashi?" he asked tersely.

"He's my student—"


"Was my student. I care what happens to him."

"Hmn." Itachi grunted. His eyes staring straight in the ones now staring back. "Then where were you when he was abused under your tutelage. When the men that you've worked with took a hand to him. Even before then, as a child, the abuse he went through by the villagers. The attempts on his life. And now you care. Your own sensei's son, when you knew all along." He was glaring now, searing from the anger that Kakashi thought he had the right to speak how he was hurting Naruto. Hurting him!

He's done all he can to keep that boy safe from harm. He admits he wasn't always there to keep the other villagers from him, but when he learned of it, he went after the ones responsible. Done to them exactly—if not more so—what they did to Naruto.

"I didn't know—"

"What? That he was Namikaze-sama's son. It mattered? So if he wasn't, a child deserves to be terrorized, beaten half to death, poisoned. Is that more honorable for you, Kakashi. Do you feel shame that you didn't even try—probably didn't even think—of protecting your sensei's son. Not to mention, a defenseless child."

The one visible eye of Kakashi's was filled with anguish at his words, but he didn't care. "I didn't understand then." he said sorrowfully.

Itachi's eyes narrowed, his killing intent expanding to fill the room, understanding the meaning behind those words. "You make me sick." he sneered. Because back then, Kakashi didn't understand that a harmless, little boy wasn't the great Kyuubi. A demon who deserved the harsh beatings that were given to him. So, he turned a blind eye and allowed it to happen, possibly participated for all he knew. It made his stomach roll over in disgust.

Anger rolled off Kakashi. "Don't judge me you little shit. You killed your own family."

"I did what I had to, to protect Sasuke and Naruto." And that's all that matter to him. Those twos' safety. Yet, right now, he was hurting one to please the other. His little brother asked him of this. And he's left him alone for a decade to make sure Naruto would survive the years, so he couldn't deny his brother's request. He kind of owned him.

At that moment, when his words circulated through Kakashi's mind and came out with the conclusion, Miki came into the kitchen followed by Kyoko. Miki's posture was rigid, so taut that it showed his desire of violence. Kyoko was trembling like a leaf, her chest hitching at the silent sobs she was attempting to hold in.

Itachi stood from his stair, silently indicating that his and Kakashi's conversation was over. "Ryutaro, I need you to pack Naruto's things. We'll be leaving in two hours."

"But what about—"

"Don't make me repeat myself." he spoke calmly, yet firmly.

Miki grumbled something along the line of 'Damn Uchihas' before he stormed out of the dining room. "Inform Kaku to head over to Temari-san's and make sure they're packed within the hour." he said before Miki was out of earshot and up the stairs with heavy footfalls. Like a petulant child. Sometimes dealing with a child in a grown man's body just wasn't worth his time.

"Hikko." he addressed Kyoko. She faced him, but he could tell she was having a hard time keeping herself together. She was so sensitive when any of them were in pain. It was her weakness—probably most of their weaknesses—referring to each other as family instead as merely comrades. "You'll help Tara and I with packing everything else." She nodded obediently without her usual cheerfulness.

He pulled out scrolls in which their things would be sealed in, disregarding Kakashi all together as he and Kyoko proceeded to make the house appear like they never arrived.

Naruto didn't know how long he sat there, trying to hide from reality, but now the tears were dried and the sobs were gone. They were replaced with a hollowness that left him with nothing to feel. Unnatural calmness. Possibly completely dead inside. He stared at the bed in front of him, yet the bed wasn't what he saw at all. His mind ran over what he could have done to make Sasuke leave. An ache he felt at the name of his lover, but it was distance, unable to reach him anymore.

Maybe it was the deceit he's done. Lying about big, even small things could have made him leave. Or maybe the forgiveness he thought he received for his betrayal was false. Maybe Sasuke never forgave him at all. Just played a game to get him to love him even more before he did the same atrocity that he did to him years ago. It was so close to those six years ago when he had to leave Konoha at sunrise, leaving Sasuke to wake up alone. Was all the pain, abandonment, the betrayal, was that what he felt when he realized he wasn't dead at all but alive and able to see him at any point during those years.

It was all fair, he guessed. Didn't he deserve it? Because he knew, happiness was far from what he deserved. Not after all he's done. Not after what he willingly put Sasuke through. He should have known, happiness was never his to claim.

At a distance, he heard a noise. A creak maybe. The door might have opened. Then footsteps. He kept his eyes straight though, not bothering to look. Not caring.

Black clothed legs blocked his vision of the bed. It didn't matter. They bent, lowering so the face of Itachi loomed in from his line of vision. He lacked his weasel mask and he could see the compassion and guilt within those darkened depths. So similar to Sasuke's that tears sprung to the corner of his eyes. Tears he thought he couldn't cry anymore. Tears he thought he couldn't feel enough to affect. And it was then he felt the burning agony in his chest at the sight of those familiar dark eyes.

"Naruto." Such sorrow was spoken in that one word. The intonation of his voice different from Sasuke's. It helped that they didn't share that also. If only he would stop looking at him. "It's time to leave."

It took a moment for those words to register. He didn't want to leave. What if Sasuke came back?

Fool, his mind unwillingly supplied for him. He wasn't coming back. Everything was gone, there was no reason to come back. Except him. And it's quite clear Sasuke doesn't want him anymore. He doesn't want me. . . Numbly, his head nodded, though he wasn't sure if it was a respond to Itachi or a respond to his own thought.

He didn't try to stand. His legs only moved when Itachi grabbed his arms and helped him to his feet, still naked. Everything after that was a blur to him. A blur of faces, movements, colors. They all blended, but one thing was sure as the coming darkness in his mind: Why, Sasuke?

His mind eventually lost the trance, lost the blissful oblivion, focusing on the cruel world. They were walking, his gaze lowered to the ground. Sometime as he zoned-out, someone must have dressed him in clothes and put his cloak and mask on because he felt there familiar weight and fabric. Itachi and Ruri walked on his right and Gaara, Kyoko, and Miki on his left, all silent. He would have found it strange if he had it in him to feel anything. But he was dulled out. Nothing mattered anymore.

He could tell they were close to the front gates by the little to no traffic. Or it could have been the early hour. This was it, though. This was the end. There'd be nothing left for him outside those walls. There really wasn't anything left within these walls either. Nothing but pain and death. And here he thought coming to Konoha was a good idea. If only he knew just weeks ago that the temptation of happiness was nothing more than a trap for despair.

There was no happily-ever-after for a Jinchuuriki.

Chakra signatures could be read, individuals waiting to say goodbye. There was Tsunade baa-chan and Ero Sennen, he could hear from here that the two were bickering about different sakes. Close to them, there was Shikamaru, Neji, Gaara, Temari and the Suna team. Temari flirted with Shikamaru while Neji and Gaara talked in quiet whispers that he chose to ignore. When he felt Kakashi, Kiba and Sakura, he was kind of surprised. More surprised about Sakura than the other two. He suspected she wanted to get rid of them without giving any sort of farewells. Guess he couldn't be sure about anybody anymore.

There was one more chakra signature there. One that had him stopping and his head snapping up to looked at the entrance to the village. Sasuke. . .

Sasuke was leaned up against a pillar, his body drowned in a black cloak. His eyes were closed and his head lowered, like he didn't have a care in the world. Naruto's blood rushed to his ears, unable to hear the words that thundered out of Miki's mouth. That's when Sasuke turned and locked eyes with his own. His breath stopped and his body trembled. He was lost. What was going on?

He watched as Sasuke pushed off the pillar and headed his way. Watched the graceful movements, so smooth, he would swear they belonged to a dancer. Sasuke stood before him, and still he couldn't open his mouth. Part of him wanted to punch him, scream at him, then the other part wanted to hug him, kiss him. But still he wasn't sure what was going on. Why Sasuke was here? Was he going to say goodbye to his face? He knew he couldn't take anything more.

So he stood there and stared through his mask. Waiting. Waiting to hear the words form so nothing else could find his soul. Because there wouldn't be anything left to find. He would be dead. He would be unable to care about anything else.

"I knew you wouldn't ask." Sasuke spoke softly, but the words seemed to thunder in his ears. "So I made the decision for you." He reached inside his cloak and pulled out an Anbu mask. His Wolf Anbu mask and lifted it so it covered his face. "I'd always choose you." And the implication was quite clear.

Naruto burst into tears. Sasuke could hear the sobs from behind the Fox mask. Filled with such emotion that it left him confused. Here I thought he'd be happy, he thought right before Naruto threw himself at him. Arms circled around his neck while hard edges of the mask dug into his neck. He didn't push the blond away though, he pulled him closer, wondering what he was suppose to do when he didn't know what he did wrong to begin with.

"I thought you left me." The answer came between broken sobs.

It was then he knew his mistake. Stupid. He didn't think. He didn't think Naruto would come to that conclusion. He expected Naruto to be a hundred percent sure of his feelings, what he meant to him. He didn't expect the insecurity. "I wanted to surprise you." he said lamely. Nothing could excuse what he done. What misery he inflicted on the blond without intentionally doing it.

He sighed dejectedly when Naruto continued in his sobs. "I'm sorry." he apologized with his whole heart. "I didn't think."

It took long moments before Naruto calmed enough where he pulled back and punched him hard enough to make him stagger back. Now that was what he was expecting. He rubbed his jaw. The punch didn't hold enough strength to break it. Even though a break was well deserved. He stared at the blond as he approached, he didn't tense nor even flinched to fight back, he anticipated this part. The violence with each other was how they dealt with things. They took it out on the other. So he stood his ground, waiting for the blond's punishment.

He must admit though, when Naruto ripped his mask off and kissed him, it only happened in his most hopeful fantasies. That's why he stood rock solid for half a minute, with Naruto's lips sensually moving against his, before he responded back. It was a lot better than being punched, he must say. He slipped his tongue into the others' mouth, trying to draw the pain and despair out of the man. To caress the doubt and uncertainty away.

When they separated, Sasuke pressed his forward to Naruto's, staring him in the eye. "I love you." he said in a whisper, and more tears silently fell from those sapphire eyes. "I thought you knew that."

Eyes closed and hands came up to wipe the tears away. "I do." came the whispered response. He rubbed his eyes more fiercely. "I do." But the conviction in his voice was weak. Did he do this bad in conveying what he meant to him? That living without him wasn't an option anymore. It wasn't really an option to begin with, but he never had a choice in that. He had a choice now though, and the only choice he'll make is to follow his love. Even if it leads to hell and back.

He grabbed the blond's face with both hands and lifted so Naruto was only an inch away from his face. Sapphire eyes stared back at him with such overwhelming joy that it broke his heart. That he had to be reminded, that his insecurities were so severe he didn't believe in him. "You're mine, dobe. There's no question where I belong." Sasuke leaned in closer, his lips close to Naruto's ear. "No question where my home is."

A soft sob came from the man before him, wetness damping his fingers. There was no doubt in the words he said. Konoha was never his home. He never felt right in the village unless he was with Naruto. Those were the only times he truly felt at ease, truly felt he belonged somewhere. Naruto had easily became his everything when they were young, and to this day—through everything—that hasn't changed. All he saw was still his dobe.

A smile spread across those beautiful features that were all his, and leaned up until his lips were pressed against his. Just a soft touch that was more intimate than any other kiss they shared. "I love you." Naruto spoke against his lips. "God, don't terrify me like that again." Before he could respond, Naruto kissed him again.

It was perfect, this moment, that is until someone that he suspects was his brother interrupted with a loud cough. It was proven to be Itachi when he spoke, "We really need to move along. And standing out here in the middle of the street with Naruto's face uncovered isn't a great idea either." These were the times when Sasuke wanted to kill his brother, even when he was right.

He expanded his attention further out than being focused solely on Naruto, and he felt every single pair of eyes on them. It definitely was uncomfortable. He glanced to the side, seeing Miki holding onto Naruto's discarded Fox mask. Lifting his hand out to the other man, he silently ask for it to be handed over.

There was a small hesitation and he could sense the hostility coming off Miki, but he stepped forward and placed the mask in his hand. He didn't waste any time pulling up Naruto's hood and secured the mask over his features, hiding him from others' eyes. It was too dangerous for Naruto here, they really did need to go. Anbu will be searching for them soon, if they aren't already. That had him moving, he lifted his hood and secured his own Wolf mask before facing Itachi. "Right. Let's go."

Naruto sniffled loudly for the last time and grabbed Sasuke's sleeve, stopping him before he reach the others waiting for them. "You know doing this will mean you follow my orders." His voice was small and tentative, afraid that bringing this up would change the raven's mind. "Can you deal with that?"

Sasuke sighed that held a hint of annoyance. "I'm not an idiot, dobe. My alliance has always been with you."

The hand still holding Sasuke's sleeve was detached and held in the raven's hand as he continued toward the others, bringing him along with him. He watched the back of his head with admiration that couldn't be seen. Soon a smile spread widely across his face, letting the happiness fill him and drive away the hollow, cold agony that took resistance. He squeezed Sasuke's hand for reassurance of his existence, and a squeeze in response is what he received. And in that one gesture was everything he needed.

The goodbyes had to be made quick because the sun had already been up for about three hours and it was getting too late. The Anbu should have already been to Sasuke's house to search for them, now where they would go from there would probably be the surrounding compound. From there though, it was only guessing.

It was time to leave.

Akuma and the Suna team walked through the front gates, Naruto turned and waved enthusiastically at the group of Konoha shinobi who they could call their friends. It was funny, five members of Akuma entered Konoha while now seven leave. Interesting how things change in a short period of time. He looked over at Sasuke, but at least now the change is worth living.

They hit the trees, running to put some distance between them and Konoha. Who knows when and if the Anbu will take chase. For a hour they kept at this pace before they felt like they put enough distance and began walking. It was then that Kyoko asked, "Where are we heading to anyway?"

He didn't think of that. His mind has been so overwhelmed with everything that he didn't plan on what they would do once they left Konoha. They had no missions on hold or any knowledge of any available. "Well, dropping them off in Suna is obviously first."

"Do we look like we need your babysitting!" Jun growled.

Naruto ignored him. "From there. . ." he trailed off, tilting his head up in thought.

"You have no idea, do you?" Itachi stated.

He glared at him, jutting out his bottom lip stubbornly. He was about to retort when Sasuke said, "I would like to go to Yuugure to visit Asuka's grave."

Silence settled, and a tense atmosphere rose around them. Naruto stared with widened eyes at Sasuke, remembering when he spoke of wanting to visit her. His abused emotions stirred, thinking of their deceased daughter. The pain of knowing it all could have been prevented. A silent tear fell from his eye, his throat tight, he could only nod his head to confirm.

"We do need to pay our respects." Ruri murmured. "Not only to Asuka-chan but to the rest of the villagers as well."

He couldn't have agreed more. The others also agreed by not objecting, it was their way without causing anymore discomfort. They continued walking, the Suna team the only ones speaking among themselves. Kyosuke slept silently in Temari's arms while the rest of them remained silent.

"You know. . ." Miki began, breaking the silence and probably making an attempt to lighten the mood. "Takai's a new member isn't he?"

Oh no, he knew where this was going.

Kyoko turned her head toward Miki. "Yes he is." The smile in her voice practically oozing out.

"You know what this means right."

"Initiation party!"

The End

Yes 'Webs of Deception' is over. . . But guess what, it's not completely over! I couldn't just leave it there, now could I? We don't know what happened with Ouroboros or anything. So. . . SURPRISE! I'm planning on writing a sequel called, 'Veils of Deceit'. If you want to read the summary go to my profile and you can find it there. Though it won't be written until I'm finished with 'Continuum of Chaos'. So wait till then and you'll find out what became of everyone.