I found this from when I had written it in 2006. I completely forgot about it. Bella POV.

I sighed and checked my hair in the mirror. It was flawless as always. Why am I so scared to go in there? I am Bella! I have been around since 1450! I've been through nearly everything. I've been through Titanic's sinking, the epidemic, the Holocaust, the Great Depression, World War I, II, and almost everything else. Why am I terrified of just going in there. It is not that big of a deal: just friends reminiscing. God, why is this so hard? Maybe it is from all those pleasant and horrid memories that I had with him. I shouldn't be this scared. This should be easy. I was chanting to myself as I primped my hair again. This is just too hard. Maybe I should just go back to Aro. It would be much easier than this. No, dammit, I have to do this.

I turned my key in the ignition and sped up the driveway. It was a narrow and curved road. My car was silent on the gravel. My car was the only one outside of the house. I smoothed my unwrinkled dress. The house was nearly made of glass. There was a small creek just a few miles away. A garden full of gorgeous flowers went around the entire home. I took one last gulp of air, even without needing it to survive. I walked slowly up to the door. The only noise was the wind and the sound of my heels clicking on the gravel. I wonder if his family will accept me? I wonder if he has even told them? Once again, I smoothed my dress. I took another deep breath and gently knocked on the wood door. It opened hastily as a petite woman answered. She had spiky pixie style hair. She couldn't have been taller than 4'10. Her golden eyes shimmered with joy and excitement.

"Bella!" She cried, throwing her arms around me. I was shocked. Nobody has ever randomly thrown their arms around me. I kept my arms pinned at my side. "We are going to be the best of friends!" I heard an office chair being broke. I then heard the silent thudding of feet racing down the stairs. Carlisle came out of the stairwell. I immediately was filled with happiness and love. God, I've missed Carlisle! It has been decades!

"Carlisle!" I shouted with glee. His smile was as bright as the August sun. I ran to him. The sound was like boulders crashing together when we embraced. I inhaled deeply of his scent. It was the best aroma ever. It was like honey and caramel mixed together in a heavenly scent. We stood there for a moment, then we realized that we were too close for the comfort of others. I looked down at my feet and took a step back. "It is wondrous to see you Carlisle." I murmured, staring into his eyes. Carlisle smiled brightly.

"Ah, it is quite wonderful to see you too Bella." Carlisle said, smiling brightly. He has always had the perfect smile.

"Care to introduce your family?" I asked, inquiringly. Carlisle chuckled.

"Well, I see you've already met Alice. This is her husband Jasper. Over there is Rosalie and Emmett. Esme and Edward are hunting. They should be back quite soon." Carlisle said, pointing each of his family members out. Rosalie had long blonde hair that went down to her waist. She had a model like figure and a hard pose. Emmett was the size of a grizzly bear. His hair was curly and a dark brown, almost black color. Jasper had creamy blonde hair and a military stance. It was very like Carlisle to create a family that is so different from each other. Just like him.

"How have you been Carlisle?" I asked, questioningly staring at him. Our goodbye was not one of my favorite moments. It was actually one of the worst. Carlisle smiled lovingly at me. I knew we would be nothing more than best friends. It has been that way for centuries.

"I've been doing good. I've finally settled down and got married. To Esme." Carlisle said smiling brightly. I grinned also. I was honestly happy for him to have found somebody that he would want to spend eternity with. "What about you? How have you been managing all these years? I see you've stuck to the diet that I showed you." Carlisle said, grinning cheekily. I nodded.

"I've been better. Rough times here and there but that is just life." As I spoke, the front door of the house opened. A delicious aroma of human blood filled the room. It was freesia and strawberries. The aroma layered the home quickly. I saw Jasper tighten his structure. I did also. It was the sweetest blood I have smelt in a long time.

"Esme and Edward must have picked up Izzy." Carlisle murmured, smelling the air. Knowing that it was useless. He would never be tempted. His control is superior. There is not a human soul that was put in his hands that died. He has never killed a human. I've taught him well. I have been around longer than he has, but his control is superior over my own. I gaped at Carlisle. Was he talking about my Edward?

"Edward Masen?" I whispered into his ear at vampire speed. Carlisle nodded solemnly. I winced. "I must leave. He will hate me. He should hate me. I bid you farewell Carlisle." I turned to leave, but Carlisle caught my wrist. I cannot let him see me. I have no death wish.

"Bella, calm down. He doesn't remember. I never spoke a word about you to him. All he knows is that you're an old friend of mine. I have never spoken a word otherwise. " Carlisle said soothingly. "Even though I wanted to so badly." I instantly calmed down. A vampire with hair the shade of caramel and a frame that was average height for most women entered the room. Her eyes were loving. Esme. Carlisle was so fortunate. Though, I'd miss him so. It is always hard to let go of a loved one for another lady.

"Hello Bella. Carlisle has told me many good things about you." Esme hugged me softly. This hug was not as exuberant as Alice's. I hugged her back softly. If this woman makes Carlisle happy, she is alright in my book. I stared at Edward carefully hiding my eyes emotion. They have always been so easy to read. Edward looked like a statuesque god that fell from the heavens. His hair was the famous bronze tousled mess that I loved. His eyes a bright topaz color. He was muscular, but lean and lanky. He seemed lighter and happier than I ever imagined possible. A human lady was wrapped around his arm. This lady looked drastically like me. Her hair was a luscious shade of brown and it went mid-back on her. Her eyes a dense and deep brown. Her skin was deathly pale. She was fairly short. Maybe five foot. She had a widows peak and a slender nose. Her posture said low self esteem. Who is this human that these vampires, minus Rosalie and Jasper, seem to accept into their lives.

"Bella, this is Edward, and his girlfriend, Izzy." Carlisle said, keeping a steady hand on my shoulder. I nodded curtly toward them both.

"She knows of our kind?" I asked, looking up at Carlisle. He nodded calmly. How does he seem so un-phased by this? "Hello." I greeted. My mother had always said to be polite, even if your angry. Carlisle smiled softly. Edward slightly gaped at me for a moment or so.

"Do I know you? You look so familiar. I feel as if I've know you all my life." Edward murmured, his face crunching in confusion. I gulped silently. Does he know who I am? I pray not, but then again, I would love for him to remember me, just before everything turned bad.

"You really should know me, Edward." I murmured delicately. Carlisle gazed at me through the corner of his eye. I nodded, subtly. He needs to know the truth of who I am. "I am your wife." The human gasped, her chocolate brown eyes filling with pure shock.

"Catch her." Alice said, almost annoyed. Edward put his arms out just in time to catch the fainting human. Humans had always amused me. They were so naïve and gullible. Plus, with vampire lying skills, it makes it so unproblematic. I tried my best to hide my smirk.

Edward carried the girl to the couch, and he laid her down gently whilst stroking her hair. How could he care so much about an insignificant human? It is preposterous! The entire clan of vampires was shocked at my statement. I guess, Carlisle didn't tell them anything. Edward reluctantly left the humans side. He came to a halt in front of me. It was silent, just scowls between us both.

"You are lying! How dare you come in my home, lie to my family and I, and try to get them all on your side. You little lying bastard." Edward snarled out in one breath. I was shocked. This is not my Edward. My Edward would treat women with proper respect. Invisible tears welled up in my eyes. His words burned deep, almost as bad as the thirst I felt when I was first changed. Edward's face showed no regret or remorse; only hatred and anger. His entire family was glaring at him with immense displease. Carlisle showed a side of him that I have only had to witness a few times, thankfully. Carlisle grabbed Edward by his throat, and slammed him against the wall. My anger is worse than his, by far.

"What did you say to her?" Carlisle asked, his voice shaking. He could never stand a woman, most preferably me, being hurt. The entire coven was shocked once more, Edward included. I softly grabbed Carlisle's arm. His golden eyes peered into mine, clearly seeing the message I was sending. He calmed down instantly. He released Edward and turned his full attention to me.

"Carlisle, I'm a woman. I can take care of myself. Thank you for trying." Carlisle knew the real side of me. This show was for his family's sake. He knew how pissy I could get. He knew that my anger, when fired, was sheer insanity.

Edward was going to be hearing from me. Oh, he has hell to pay. I turned sharply on my heel and faced Edward. "Edward Anthony Masen," I sighed in disapproval, looking at the man that I'd fallen in love with so long ago. "Did your mother not raise you to treat women with respect?" Edward's faced twitched slightly, but he was very good at keeping up his façade. "Elizabeth had always reminded you of that! Who the hell do you think you are, calling me a liar. Nobody in this damned world calls me a liar. You don't have the slightest idea on how I was raised. You don't know my life. You don't know my regrets. You don't know anything!" My voice shook with the fury of my words. If I could cry, I'm sure I'd be bawling my eyes out. Edward just looked up at me with a hazy expression.

"You knew my mother?" He asked, raising one, perfectly sculpted eyebrow. (A thing that Carlisle had tried to teach me for nearly a decade.)

"I should, she is the one who helped set up our entire wedding, letting me wear her dress." I hissed venomously. Edward cowered slightly, his eyes glazed over with utter confusion. I huffed and turned to Carlisle. "I'll be back. I promise. I have to pick Ruth up from the airport. I let her travel on her own for once. I'll be back, I swear to you Carlisle." I pecked his cheek softly and ran out of the house before I could see his expression.

I slipped into my car and sped out of the driveway. My car was sleek and fast as I sped to the airport. It was crowded, more crowded than I imagined it to be. Ruth would be easy to spot though. I've grown so accustomed to her over the years. I saw her reddish brown hair in the distance. I waved my hand in the air. I smiled as I saw her. She had on a white dress that ended at her knees and black flats. She looked beautiful, as always. Her golden eyes were bright and joy filled when they saw me. I hugged her tightly when she reached me.

"I've missed you, Mom." She murmured into my torso. I smiled and stroked her hair. She had only a backpack. I put it in the trunk and sped back towards the Cullen household. Ruth was talkative the entire time. She told me of what a wondrous time she had visiting the Titanic's sinking spot. That is the place were I changed her. She was dying from the coldness of the water. She was only twelve at the time. I couldn't let her suffer like that. I took her out of the water and onto land. Then, I changed her, and took her home to my house.

"So, do you want to finally meet Carlisle?" I asked, once we pulled onto the drive. Ruth's golden eyes brightened. She nodded her head fiercely. I smiled. I've told her about all the stories and memories I have had of Carlisle. Although, I haven't told her of the demons who walk with me every moment. My past isn't the one to be most proud of. I sighed, shaking off the thought as I parked. I helped Ruth out of the car, and we walked together up the steps to the door. Alice had it opened, and she was bouncing. I laughed, placing one arm around Ruth's shoulders.

Ruth inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of the human girl laying on the couch. Ruth had made many mistakes in her newborn years, but with my guidance, I helped show her how to live off of animals. Her strength is incredible for the equivalent of a twelve year old. "She smells delicious." Ruth murmured quietly to me. I squeezed her shoulder tighter, giving her a warning look. She rolled her eyes, giving me the look that said 'You know I won't.'. Sometimes I forget that she is actually eighty-two years old, when she acts like such a little girl. Carlisle and Edward were having a intense conversation upstairs. I tried my best not to eavesdrop, but that was nearly impossible with my hearing.

"Your not going to make me leave Izzy. I don't care about Bella. I don't know her." Edward hissed. I winced at the words. I knew that if I had never made the mistake I did, that things would never be like this. Carlisle heard me clear my throat, for the talking stopped. Carlisle appeared at the end of the stairs almost instantly.

"Bella! This must be Ruth, the one you have written to me about." He smiled gently towards the smaller vampire. "Hello Ruth. She's adorable." Carlisle said, shaking her hand softly. Ruth smiled brightly.

"Thank you. I'm charmed to meet you, Carlisle. I've heard much about you." Ruth smiled generously. I could hear Izzy groan. I looked over at her to see her rubbing her forehead as she sat up on the couch.

"Hello Isabella." I greeted her, calmly. "Have a nice nap?" Jasper and Emmett snickered. Edward growled, running down the stairs. Esme gave him a warning look, as did Carlisle.

"Do not speak to her." Edward growled, hovering protectively over Izzy. I smiled, curtly, but coldly.

"Ruth and I will be staying in a nearby hotel, until we have finished reminiscing." I told Carlisle, and his family. Edward was too wrapped up in the human to possibly care about what I was saying. Carlisle gaped at me.

"Nonsense. You'll stay in our spare bedroom. I will not let my best friend live in a ratty hotel. Come, I will show you." Ruth darted outside, and got our bags. I gave her a warning look, as we walked upstairs with Carlisle. She gave a pleading look back. I sighed, rolling my eyes, as he led us to the bedroom.

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