So basically, Bella and Edward are back together and everything's going to perfect right? Wrong! Expect many cliff hangers and dramatic events, but also good times J

Bella POV

A week had gone by since living with Carlisle. It has been one of the most enjoyable times I've had in a long time. Edward and I have spent so much time talking about our past and our memories. Its amazing how much he still remembers.

The entire family was sitting in the living room, just enjoying each others company. Ruth broke the silence. "Mom, tell us about stories with you and Carlisle!" She exclaimed happily. She loved hearing our adventures. "Tell us about climbing to the top of the Eifel Tower just to prove Carlisle wrong." I laughed at the child.

"Do you remember that one Carlisle?" I asked him, humorously. He let out a soft laugh as he nodded.

"Why'd you climb to the top?" Emmett asked, confused like a lost puppy. Carlisle and I both burst out laughing. Everyone was amused.

"When I first was in Paris, around 1899, I scaled to the top and left my initials. Carlisle was not there at the time, he was off, doing God knows what. A few hundred years later, Carlisle and I had gone back to Paris. I had told him about my initials being on the tower. He didn't believe me. Claiming that he's been to the top so many times and never saw a B.S." I explained. Everyone was intrigued in the story.

"Then we made a bet." Carlisle said, groaning from the memory. "If there was her initials on the tower, then I had to climb back down naked and streak through all of Paris." Esme let out a snicker.

"We climbed all the way to the top just to find a lovely B.S carved into the tower." I grinned. "So, we can say Paris got a nice view of Carlisle's cheeks." The entire room erupted with laughter.

"I cannot even imagine him doing something crazy like that!" Alice said, humor lacing her voice. Carlisle smirked, proud of making a new thought in their minds.

"Carlisle will actually surprise you. If you guys would have been there with him and I so long ago, you would think he was a totally different person." I hummed, looking at Carlisle playfully. A mutual laugh traveled throughout the room.

"Bella, have you always been a vegetarian?" Jasper asked, curiosity filling his voice. I was told that he was the newest to the lifestyle. I sighed, knowing my answer.

"My first 200 years I drank human blood. I had control still, I was able to be amongst the human population without killing everyone in sight." The room was silent, for we all knew how much baggage killing humans brings along. "One evening, I was just outside of London, and a heard of elk passed by me. Their blood didn't smell repulsive, so I figured that I should try it. I hated killing humans, no matter how much I tried to justify it. I built up my control until it was superior. I taught Carlisle the way of drinking animals, and his control was superior to mine in a short amount of time. I built mine up till it was almost unbreakable. Until I met my La Tua Cantante." I smiled softly at Edward. He grinned cheekily back at me.

"Tell us what you have been doing for the past thousand years it seems." Esme laughed, smiling softly towards me.

"Well I'm only 556 years old," I laughed lightly. "I spent the first 200 years of my life on my own, hunting humans, and getting into all kinds of trouble." Carlisle shook his head, remembering how I was when he met me. "I lived with Carlisle for 256 years almost. Then, after I changed Edward, I spent the last 100 years of my life with Ruth." Their eyes all were absorbed in my story. "I've been working with the Volturi for a long time actually. I just quit and came here." All of their eyes got wide. The Volturi were known as the killers in the vampire world. Nobody messes with them. "They actually are very better now. I converted them to vegetarian life." Everyone showed their relief.

"I heard you killed Brux?" Emmett said, his eyes full of excitement. I nodded. "The most powerful vampire in the world! Edward, you have cool points now!" Emmett boomed, laughing.

"Why'd you kill him though?" Rosalie asked, pondering. I laughed once more. Carlisle laughed along with me. I never really could justify my killing.

"Carlisle and I just figured he had been around too long and we wanted to see if I could do it." Everyone smirked. It was crazy to think of how Carlisle and I use to be, and how we are now. Our personalities haven't changed much, but we aren't as wild as we use to be. I guess you could say that we've settled down. "What are all of your powers?" I asked, knowing that I had not figured them out yet.

"I can see the future." Alice said, smiling. "Pretty cool."

"Controlling emotions." Jasper said, wrapping his arm around his wife.

"Reading minds." Edward noted. I grinned at him. "But I cannot read yours." He frowned. I laughed.

"I wonder how you saw that memory then." I said, confused at the fact. Edward shrugged. Carlisle laughed. We both looked to him for the answer.

"I'll research it." He promised. "Bella, you remember that parade in Texas?" He asked me. I busted out laughing. His family looked at us for an explanation. "See-" Carlisle started, but I rushed over and covered his mouth with my hand.

"No! You aren't going to tell them!" I shrieked as Carlisle flipped me over his shoulders. I landed on the ground in front of him and jumped back up to cover his mouth. Carlisle laughed, attempting to bite me. His entire family watched us, amused. I was sure that they had never seen Carlisle behave like this before.

"She fell off a horse." He managed to get out while throwing me over his shoulders. I kicked and threw my arms at him. It reminded me so much of the time where I was trying to get human blood and he was restraining me. That actually happened more than once. Carlisle must have had the same thought, because he put me back on the ground. His family was in hysterics.

"I've never heard of a vampire falling off of a horse." Jasper laughed. Emmett would never let me live this one down, I already knew that to be certain.

"So, how did you fall off anyways?" Emmett asked through his fit of giggles. I groaned, rolling my eyes at Carlisle. He smiled sheepishly.

"She got on the wrong way and the horse took off, leaving her to fall on her face." Carlisle explained. I threw a pillow at him, hitting him in the head. "I guess it was afraid of her, and she just didn't have her balance." Edward laughed along with everyone, pulling me into his arms and stroking my hair. I sighed, succumbing into the laughter with everyone.

"If you guys only knew half of the stories." I laughed, giving Carlisle a threatening look. I know some pretty bad stories about him. He gave me a challenging look back. I started to tell on the embarrassing stories about Carlisle when a loud clattering sound filled the house. All of us were on our feet, erect. I sniffed the air.


Dun dun dun


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