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Huh, I better say this before I start. I will be using other people's characters in this story, as the people come from the Legends Hollow RP (which recently died, I think…so sad). I know some characters may be out of personality, but I can't change how I'm going to write the story. I know pretty much exactly what's going to happen and what characters are going to do what. So if used characters do not have their perfect disposition, I'm very sorry, especially to you, ESP. :P

The song 'Lessons Learned', hence the title, was written by Carrie Underwood, not me.

Lessons Learned

Chapter One

The Deal

It was a calm, ordinary afternoon in the beautiful Sinnoh region. The northern area had another snowfall, children running out of their homes and having snowball fights. The eastern side of the continent, it was bright and sunny, and yet another hopeful champion was defeated by the Elite Four. The western side of the island was foggy, as usual for the townspeople there. A small snowfall gently covered the Coronet mountain tops. People were going to work smiling, and both trainers and Pokémon were out training their hardest in the hopes of one day becoming the best of the best.

Yes, in Sinnoh, it was an ordinary day.

However…it was not an ordinary day at the Hall of Origin.

And how would someone like me know that?

…because nothing had been blown up yet.

You heard me correctly; it was an off-day when a pair among the Legendaries wasn't fighting, when some punishment wasn't being doled out to someone. They're supposed to be good role models; however, when they're all together, the stupidest arguments begin. Like, who put this there without asking, who ate this person's pie, who pulled this prank on this legendary, who threw the refrigerator off the mountain again – you get the idea.

And, oddly enough, today was all peace and qui-

"Excuse me? I'm a workaholic?"

Okay, maybe not. Maybe it was an ordinary after all.

As of now, most of the Legendaries were gathered for no particular reason in the main hall, which most of them did in all of the free time they had (gained by skipping work). They lazed about on couches mostly, except for the Azelf, Uxie, Phione, Darkrai, and mini Giratina who were playing a game of Monopoly on the floor. If you're curious, the Giratina was winning, though the Darkrai was in vain attempting to cheat.

Unusual, however, was the presence of the lunar swan known as Cresselia in the Main Hall, as she was so often out doing her work. And it was a bit unfortunate that in the first time she had been there in quite a while, that someone had to make another comment about her work.

"Knock it into your thick skull, Brendon, that just because I work harder than everyone else here," The Cresselia was saying heatedly to the Manaphy lounging on the couch. "Does NOT mean I'm a workaholic, thank you!"

Brendon, the Legendary nickname for Manaphy, scoffed and set down his copy of the latest issue of Sinnoh Fashion. "It's obvious by the very way you dress, Miss Swan."

"Excuse me? How do clothes tell you how hard you work or not?" The Legendary said impatiently, much to the disapproval of the surrounding Legendaries.

"It's easy to tell." Brendon said simply. "You just compare it to what you wear."

"Please, Brendon, don't torture her today." The Uxie said as he moved his piece on the game board. "Don't we get enough of that from Hekiashi?"

"It's fun to torture her." A voice volunteered.

"Shut up, Hekiashi." Several other people chorused together.

"Oh, please! We don't even wear clothes!" Luna said exasperatedly. "Except for you, and all you wear is that stupid little business suit-thing! What's so great about fashion to people who don't even wear clothes anyway?"

Brendon glared at her. "That's what the human world thrives on, Luna. It's what they live for." He said as if speaking to a little child. "They all need to look good, especially us, we set an example for the rest of the world. Fashion is how others judge you, how you get jobs, and dates – which, obviously, you don't get much of - and bragging rights, and everything else. And you happen to dress horribly." He picked his magazine back up and started to read it again.

"Yeah righ - This isn't even on topic!" She snapped. "Maybe, before you all start calling me a workaholic, you actually try to do some work for once, and you see how hard it is! A word of warning to everybody!" And with that, she stormed over the round table at the back of the Hall and sat down on the scarlet cushions, fuming.

She didn't even hear a certain ghost get up and float towards her.

"You know what I think, Luna?" A deeper voice whispered, sliding- as far as a phantom can slide, anyway-into the chair across from her. "I think you are a workaholic."

The Cresselia sighed, tilting her head to look at her counterpart.

"Did I really want to know what you thought, Hekiashi?" She asked mildly.

"You should, Luna."

"And since when have you had anything worth me listening to?" Luna tilted her crescent head as she looked at him, a smile playing on her lips.

"Since now."

She had to give up there. "Okay then, my good Sir Wisdom," Luna rested on the cushion, one eyebrow raised. "Tell me what is so worth listening to. What is so urgent that I need to hear it?"

"You have some very, very serious problems." He said, battling with himself not to laugh. "It's not normal for someone to work so hard every second of the day, you know. The world doesn't need you every second of the day. So…" He shrugged his black shoulders. "That's why I've come to help you."

Luna snorted. "Oh, so I need help now, is that it?"

Hekiashi paused.

"I'd rather not answer that question, Luna."

"Please, don't you provoke her today, Hekiashi, just get to the point. Let's not have anything blown up again." Groudon sighed as he flipped the pages of his book.

"Hey! Stop eavesdropping on our conversation!" Luna said indignantly, glancing back at them.

"It's a bit hard not to eavesdrop when you two talk loudly in a room that's silent and full of people." The Azelf commented as he handed play money over to the Giratina.

"But really, Luna," Hekiashi continued in a matter-of-factly tone as she turned around again. "When was the last time you spent some time not working? A thousand years ago? Two?"

When her expression remained stony, he grinned.

"See? What did I tell you? You need help, and I can provide that. You need a day out."

Luna's brow furrowed, but her expression quickly smoothed itself out. "And what exactly do you mean by 'a day out', oh Wise One?" She asked him curiously.

"Well, that's simple." He said, calmly now, his claws folded before him. "Obviously, not here – what's great here? Nothing, pretty much - but in the human world. Disguise yourself as a human, which, if I remember correctly, you've done before-" The color of the swan's cheeks darkened, and she opened her mouth to protest. "You would just stay there for an afternoon or so," He cut her off. "Actually relax, hang out, do fun things for once - do you even know the meaning of that word? I wonder - and since being a Legendary Pokémon seems to attract certain trouble… I would come with you."

Luna paused for a moment, and then, very slowly, a triumphant grin spread across her face.

"Could you possibly be asking me on a date, Hekiashi?"

Hekiashi's eye twitched, but he stopped just before she could notice it. He knew before he spoke she wasn't going to give it up. "Well, does that mean you're accepting?" He countered in return, raising both eyebrows.

"Is it going to be a date?" She pestered further.

"Does that mean you accept?" He asked simply in response.

"Is it going to be a date?"

"Does that mean you accept?"

"Is it going to be a date?"

"Does that mean you accept?"

"Is it-"

"Arceus, it possible for you two to not argue about something impossibly stupid?" sighed a high voice over in the direction of the couch. A small, pink cat-like head popped up to glower at them both. "I can't even hear myself think! Do you guys know how annoying the two of you are?"

The Cresselia and Darkrai glanced at each other.


The Mew, who was called Wish, rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, then. You two act like children, I'll treat you as such. I'm officially your spokesperson now, Luna. It's harder for him to argue with me." Mew said coolly, turning her head to look at the Darkrai. "Yes, Hekiashi, she would love to come." The feline completely ignored the glares the lunar swan was now giving her. "I speak on her behalf when I say it would be nice to spend some time together. Maybe it would be good for the two of you to do something together other than trying to annoy each other constantly."

Hekiashi turned to look at the cat.

"Tomorrow at nine, then?" He asked, trying to suppress his snickering.

"At nine, then. She'll be there." The cat raised her eyebrows at the swan, who now looked mortified. "Yes, you will be there." She said threateningly. "Yes, you will. I might actually have a chance of having a few hours to myself, so you skip it over my dead body."

Luna sighed in defeat.

"That could be arranged." She muttered under her breath.

"Just try it, Luna." Wish challenged as she took her book and lay back on the couch. "Bring it on, lunar swan."

Luna rolled her eyes as she lifted up from the chair again.

"So I'll be seeing you tomorrow?" Hekiashi didn't even bother attempting to keep the grin off his face now.

"Whatever." She muttered to herself.

One of his nonexistent eyebrows shot up and, with a small smile now, he leaned across the table. "Five bucks you're not going to last the first five minutes."

What? He was saying she was so weak she couldn't spend five minutes with him without running away? Right. She would prove that hypothesis was woefully, woefully wrong. "You are so on." She said in a low voice, and no one but him could hear her.

"See you tomorrow, then, Luna." Hekiashi smirked, his mind already calculating the usual incessantly evil plots to torment her.

"It's a bet – I mean, it's all set!" Luna said, grinning to herself for the same reasons Hekiashi was.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" The Giratina cheered as soon as they nodded to each other, jumping into the air and doing back flips in the air all around the room.

"I thought we told you all not to eavesdrop!" Luna and Hekiashi said in unison, both cross.

"She wasn't cheering about your conversation; she was cheering because she won the flipping Monopoly game." The Phione said, shrugging. "But congrats on the date, dude."

"It's not a da-" Hekiashi protested once again, but then paused. "Wait, Rantai won the game?" He asked, and then the three nodded, with the exception of the flipping Giratina. "What did you guys do with my properties?"

The Azelf shrugged. "You were a bit occupied, so we split them between the four of us."

"Damn. Mark my words, Tellah, Rantai, Providen and Kyle, I swear to you and the Monopoly game that I WILL avenge this defeat!" Hekiashi declared as he turned and floated in the direction of his room.

"Huh..." Tellah said wonderingly.

"What's the matter, Tellah?" Rantai asked, ceasing her mad-flipping to float over to his side.

"Why," Tellah began, staring after the ghost curiously. "When he says that he will avenge his defeat…why do I get a strange vision of…a small pink bucket, haunting us?"

Luna (Cresselia), Kyle (Phione), Providen (Uxie) and Brendon (Manaphy) – All mine

The totally awesome Hekiashi (Darkrai) – EternalShiningPikmin

Wish (Mew) – HopeThePixii

Tellah (Azelf) – Slazer

Rantai (Giratina) - CIAD

Thank you all so much for letting me involuntarily use your characters for this chapter! XD