A Summer of Change chapter three

Summary-Bill and Barb share some flashbacks.

Bill leads Barb into the hotel room he got them. It was not the room they met up for their affair but was the room where they shared their wedding night.

Barbs whole face lights up

"You got to be kidding me. You got the same room . "Barb said with a laugh

"I resent that because that's like saying you didn't think Id recall what room we shared our wedding night." Bill said in a half hurt voice.

Barb smiles weakly at him as she recalls it…….

"You ready?" Bill whispers. They where undressed, under the covers. About to make love for the first time as man and wife-and ever.

Barb slowly nods and Bill kisses. And he makes loves to her holding her close as she winces at first. Two hearts and two souls final becoming one with one another

And then nine months later he holds her hand as she screams out in pain and she pushes and the sound of a baby girl's scream fill the air….

"We made Sarah in this room. "Bill said with a grin

He goes over and cups Barbs cheeks in his hands and tenderly kisses her "I love you."He whispers.

"I love you two." Barb whispers back