Chapter 6: Explanations and Goodbyes

Dean parked in the same parking spot as before. Sam and Dean got out of the car. Cassandra crawled over the seat, and step out of the car also. They walked to the motel's entrance. "Well Dean, I think I'm going to head on home. It's almost sunrise." Cassandra said as she looked out towards the forest trees. Dean nodded. "Yeah, I gotta get this dude back to the room to rest." Dean's thumb pointed backwards to Sam. Cassandra stepped closer to Dean. "It was nice…um…going on the trip with you Dean, and saving your brother and all." She said as she looked into Dean's eyes. Sam could sense that there was a moment here. "I think I'll just go up to the room." Sam nodded, and entered the motel. Cassandra laughed. "Your brother knows well." Dean shrugged, "He got it all from the boss." He pointed to himself. Cassandra grinned. She reached up, and touched Dean's face. Dean grabbed her waist, and leaned down. Their eyes closed, and lips met. After a couple seconds, Cassandra parted with Dean, letting her hand slide down his face, and onto his chest. "I'll see you later Dean. And, thank you." Her eyes sparkled in the motel lights. Dean smiled. "You too Cassandra. Thank you."

Cassandra turned around, and walked down the road. Dean sighed. "Another hot one gone." He turned around, and headed up to the motel room. Sam was sitting on the bed, staring at the wall. He turned around when he heard the door opened and shut. "Dean." He said. "Sam." Dean was happy to know that his brother was back in his sight. He sat on the other bed and faced the one true thing that he was living for. "Dean, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you like that And I—" Sam was interrupted. "Eh! Sam." Dean's hands went into the air in defense. "No need to apologize brother. I was worried about you, but now, you're safe, and that's all that matters. But I do have one question for you. What exactly happened?" Dean asked. Sam took in a deep breath and explained the whole situation. Dean nodded after each couple sentences. "Well, next time, just don't get drunk without me. You know that Sam." Sam's arms flew into the air. "What?! Dean! You were out on the job, and you told me to stay here. I couldn't just call you and be like 'Hey Dean, let's go have a drink!'" Sam's voice rose to an uproar. Dean chuckled. "What?" Sam's face expressed confusion and frustration. "Nothin." Dean smiled. Sam looked away, then back at Dean. "Jerk." Dean's face grew serious. "Bitch." Sam and Dean smiled at the same time, and exchanged laughter. "It's good to have you back little brother." Dean placed a hand on Sam's shoulder. "It's good to be back big brother." Sam's smile grew wider, along with Dean's. The brothers, back together, once again.