All It Takes Is One Moment.

Summery- In one blink of an eye she was gone. As the family struggles to say good by-will they come out of it the same?

Nikki was curled up with Bill behind her when the phone rings off the hook.

"Ugh Bill just unplug it." Nikki mutters.

Bill sighs and was about to answer when Ben slams his way into their bedroom.

"Ben!" Bill cries

"Dad! You gotta come to Moms." Ben said "There was an accident with Sarah!"

Bill rushes up and throws on his sneakers and runs down the stairs and out Nikkis back door. Rushing into Barb his feet skid to a stop when he sees cops…and his first wife sobbing so hard.

"What's going on?" Bill demands as he kneels down by Barb. "I was out by our pool and my son came and said there was an accident with our daughter?"

"Im sorry sir." The state trooper takes his hat off. "There was an accident. A drunk driver-your daughter was-"

"NO!" Barb screams to cut him off.

One hour later Bill finds himself at the county morgue, his hands shaking violently as he nods yes to identify Sarah's body.

"That's…that's my baby. "Bill whispers in pain