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Chapter 1: Another boring day

Duzell sighed as he stared at the rising sun. Today would be another boring day, just like all the days in the past. He groaned when someone knocked on the door.

"Lord Duzell? Are you ready?" Duzell rolled his eyes. One of his many servants, puppets, was asking him if he was ready. He was a creature of the night, he didn't sleep anymore. Especially after the murder of his parents. He didn't trust anyone anymore. He walked out of the room, barely even glancing at Rishas. Some of his servants stopped what they were doing as he walked down the halls of his home. They could tell, he wasn't in a very pleasing mood today. Rishas appeared in front of him.

"Lord Duzell, are you ready to deal with the villagers' problems? You could always leave it up to me." Duzell stopped to look at him.

"No. I will be present. A Vampire King, should not hide in his kingdom. All that I know is that my main priority right now is planning my attack on St. Phelios of Pheliosta." He went back to walking. 'Nothing shall suprise me today.' He stopped walking however, when he thought he saw himself disappear down the hall.

"Lord Duzell? What is it?" Rishas asked, anxious.

"Its nothing."

~A few hours later~

Finally the villagers were gone, and Duzell was watching the sun set. It had once again been a boring day, afterall. 'But why did I see myself disappear at the end of the hall? Was I hallucinating? Or was it really me? No, it couldn't have been me. . .It was at the end of the hall for crying out loud! Maybe. . .It was my father's ghost.' Duzell narrowed his eyes, as his precious memories replayed his moments with his parents. Even though no one knew that the old King and Queen were in fact his parents. Rishas then entered the room.

"Lord Duzell, do you want to try again?" He turned slightly to look at him.

"You really want to be a vampire so badly, don't you Rishas?" He saw Rishas blush.

"Yes Lord Duzell. . .So I can serve you forever." (A/N: No people there is no Yaoi in this story. . .I've just always had the impression that this guy had a crush on Duzell, ok?) Duzell walked towards him, and leaned towards his neck.

"Fine. But this is the last night I'll try. I need to sleep." Even though he doesn't sleep, it was the only excuse he had to get Rishas and everyone to leave him alone during the night.

"I understand Lord Duzell." Duzell heard Rishas gasp as his fangs pierced his neck. He still couldn't understand why Rishas wasn't already a vampire. . .He's been bitten by him so many times, he should have the venom in his veins.

~The Next morning~ (A/N: For those who have read Meeting the Original Duzell part 1, this is the day Ishtar shows up.)

Duzell sighed as he went into his pure black outfit, with black shoes. He stared out the window, and caught his reflection. He looked scary a bit. 'Good. I need to look scary in order to get those humans to leave me alone for good.' Duzell walked out of his room, Rishas right behind him. He kept a lookout though, for his look-alike. But he didn't see him again. After a few hours in the same room, Duzell sighed. He had sent Rishas on a little adventure for a while, and he had nothing to entertain himself with. Though the white flash that appeared in the room got his attention. There in front of him almost was a very pale person. 'She must be a vampire!' He saw her look up at him and looked quite pleased with herself. He motioned for her to come forward.

"You don't look like someone whose a peasant. . .Are you a Princess or something?" He realized that she looked surprised about something. 'Must've never heard of me before. Or is it that I have very cold eyes?' It took her a few moments to speak.

"Yes in fact King Duzell, I am a Princess. My name is Princess Ishtar. I am . . ." He cut her off before she could finish.

"I can tell what you are. You are a vampire." She nodded her head. "Alright then go stand over there." He motioned toward his right, in the darkness. He watched her slowly walk to the spot indicated. 'Hmm, something about her reminds me of someone that I know. I must find out more about her.'

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