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Chapter 4: Consider us friends

Duzell fell backwards onto his back and breathed out. 'I have completed my mission. She's back.' Ishtar looked at Duzell and finally summoned up the courage to ask her question.

"Hey Duzie, why did you come back for me?" Duzell sat up and looked at her.

"Ishtar its because I consider you my friend. I get this feeling that you still have a role to play here in the "past" or to me the present." He explained and Ishtar nodded her head.

"Well I'm glad you did come back for me." She leaned on his shoulder and sighed. 'Duzie I'm glad you wanted me to return. I know you well enough to know that you wanted me back.' She stared at Duzell, who had his eyes closed. 'Ishtar does have an important role to play. Even though she won't like it, I am going to have her help me with destroying Pheliosta. Once and for all. That might even give her a chance to meet Phelios. I don't know though. It might break her heart. Actually I'm going to have her help me in finding those vampires who had helped those humans to kill my parents.' Duzell opened his eyes.

"Ishtar I hope you won't hate me for whatever I do."

"Duzie I could never hate you. Wait where are you going with this?"

"You'll find out eventually. But I think your going to hate me." He closed his eyes again.

"Oh Duzie....Whatever you do, please don't go to fight Phelios."

"Why not?" He opened his eyes to look at her.

"Because If you do, he will use the "La Gamme" spell on you. Then you'll be reincarnated 100 years later as a Kyawl." Ishtar explained to him.

"I see. So If I don't fight Phelios, he won't use the "La Gamme" spell?"

"Yes you've got that right Duzie!" She held up two fingers and smiled.

"Ishtar you can be so confusing too me."

"I know! That's why you like me!" Ishtar stood and walked back to her room. Duzell's eyes were wide. 'Like her?! I like her?! I guess I do but, how can she tell?! Wait she's from the future and probably my reincarnation likes her and thats how she knows. Oh well.'

~With Ishtar~

'Well I have another adventure to look forward to now! And I'm not alone. I have Duzie now with me again. I am so happy. No matter what happens next I shall forever stay by Duzie's side.' Ishtar gave a happy sigh before falling asleep on her bed.

To Be Continued...........

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