I started smiling because you were smiling...

I sigh as I drop on to the couch next to Dark.

That ass is so annoying and has an ego the size of texas...

I should smack him.

I shake my head, nah, then he'd bitch about me breaking his preciously perfect features.

Ugh, some man he is.


"... and she screamed so i ah-bviously had to shut her up or the cops would come..."

"ooohhh! What did you do dark?"

"i kissed her."


Ugh, Risa is getting him to tell that stupid story AGAIN?!

God damn, that was a total flash back of his first meeting with Riku.

Stupid, petty thief.

God, i don't even know why i bother, it's not like he doesn't enjoy telling that story, a BILLION times a day.

"...RIGHT chi?" he asks, throwing his arm around me.

I shrug it off and throw him a dirty look.

He shrugs and looks back to Risa and Daisuke before launching into a detailed description of my reaction AFTER the kiss.

But then, as I let my mind wander i remember the time i pushed him off the Niwa's roof in hopes that he'd splatter on the pavement and stop bothering me.

Whoa, im sick...


I smile evilly to myself, then as i sence Dark's amethyst eyes on me, i turn and look at him.

He's... smiling... a sweet smile...

What the hell happened to his smirk?!

"where's your smirk oh great phantom thief?" i ask, genuinely confused.

"i can't smile some times?"
"why are you smiling?"

We ignore everyone around us as Dark says the cutest thing i've ever heard and i jump into his arms and hug him tightly.

"i started smiling because you were smiling."