Prologue: Of Odds and Ends

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Earth. Such an ambiguous term when referring to the celebrated planet holding the only complex organisms for light years. It's more than just the planet, more than the oxygen, and nitrogen, the carbon, the layers of atmosphere and the thick and thin crusts. It contains complex infrastructures, intricate societies, has developed a detailed history of discovery, violence, resolve and growth. The planet holds one of the most complicated organisms to walk its solid grounds; an organism that has developed speech, ideas, expression; that organism is mankind.

Mankind had aged. It had started out young, creating countries and leaning on faith. It developed difficult thought, sought power and killed over large sums, morals and petty disagreements. Mankind edged into the modern ages, humans developed cars, cell phones, plasma screens and destructive military weapons. It sleuthed on further to borders beyond its own and extended the hand of technology to the unknown, black chasm of space. Homelands formed, named Colonies, and more war was waged on the already weary planet. Military personnel mauled its land and disastrous machines called Mobile Suits were the optimum mode for attack. The large, bestial mechanisms were brought to their height with the discovery and utilization of Gundanium Alloy. This, in turn, brought about contraptions that were virtually unstoppable, maneuvered by five emotionally distraught and hard-willed men.

What Mankind had forgotten, however, was the supernatural, almost magical phenomenon that had been predestined before humans singularly ruled the planet. Some remembered, those old enough to be witness to the grandeur of the ones leisurely dubbed the Sailor Senshi. Some recalled the mention of a crystal city, a paradise of purity amidst the muck that had been slopped to mar the rest of the world. What most had forgotten was the natural explosion of intense marvel, a phenom that rocked the norm and, instead of containing itself to the island it had been predetermined to devour, it spread like a virus over the entire planet.

The Great Freeze.

For one whole year the Great Freeze enveloped Earth and all that it had become. It transformed the planet, the scarred orb Mankind had left behind, and cleansed its filaments in order to sift out all of the toxins implanted in its firm body. Purity seeped into its core and transformed the lives of the people of Earth. However, instead of creating a paradise hub, focusing all of its energy on one secure location, something urged the freeze on. An unknown, indistinct force acted upon it as the phenomenon surged over the globe and covered every inch of land and water. The cleansing was spread amongst the entire planet and, instead of completely eradicating corruption, merely gave the planet a new start.

The only result that had been expected was the rise of Crystal Tokyo and its Queen. Mankind was confused, their previous lives humming within their body, their skills still fresh in their bones. Memories, however, were hazy, but an unclear, almost forced accepting disposition buzzed in the back of their minds. It was as if they couldn't resist the now literally shining new planet. That ever-present distinction between past and present was still evident in Mankind's mind and an uneasy move towards life started again, but not without consequence.

Some remembered the old Earth a little too well. Some wanted to revert back to their home, the Earth they knew, and rid themselves of the seemingly fake and cotton candy-esque falsity that they faced. New history was formed when, seventeen years after the Great Freeze, those who remembered revolted. They were led by the ever young and radically minded Duo Maxwell. He wrote books on the human mind, on what he called the memories of the Previous Earth, P. E. He criticized the world for following like drones and published more on ways to live happily while rejecting the newly determined outlook on life and Earth. Followers of his ideals sprung up all across the planet. They gathered in mass numbers, and when the revolt turned violent, Crystal Earth was scratched with its first blemish.

Thousands were injured in a simple effort to express dissatisfaction against those who were simply trying to live happily. Lines were muddied and none were found to be at fault but the insinuator of the entire motion: Duo Maxwell. He was charged with treason and sent to Crystal Tokyo, where he was locked securely in the highest tower. One window faced North towards the glittering city in spite of his contemptuous beliefs. Breakfast was served every day at exactly seven o'clock. Lunch was at one and dinner was promptly at eight.

In the western corner there stood an old, yet finely tuned, piano. Its cover was always open and the ivory keys shimmered continuously throughout the day. In the eastern corner there stood a small, four-post bed, which was just long enough for him to fit on. His blanket stopped shy of his feet and a sink and a bathing seat stood lonely in the southern corner. His clothes were stuffed unceremoniously into a wooden trunk against the wall and a light with a fan hung over his head, too high to reach. Every day he was commissioned to make blankets and deliver finished products with his empty lunch trays. Some two he kept for himself, one, the awkwardly make blanket that rested on his bed just short of full length, and another he manufactured into a pillow; two pleasantries he'd been denied upon his first arrival. He was forbidden to write for the rest of his life and stayed quiet and alone.

Our story begins en media res. All people had moved on. The Senshi, however, maintained their full memories and powers, as they'd seen themselves have when they visited the future. After the threat of Galaxia had been terminated, the Cauldron had yet to manifest Chaos once again and the protectors of Neo-Queen Serenity moved on to lead the normal lives they never thought they'd have. All accept one.

Minako Aino, alternately known as Sailor Venus, remained at the side of Neo-Queen Serenity. The leader of the Inner Senshi preserved the idea that her Queen should be surrounded with those who were meant to protect her. She explained that they'd been given their powers for a purpose, their lives had been pre-ordained and they had a duty to fulfill. The opposing arguments were stronger in number, but not in will. When Chaos returned they would be called upon. They would know when they would need to be called back in to the line of duty. Hard feelings were not manifested but friendships drifted and bonds dissipated.

A new protective service was put in place in Crystal Tokyo. There was the Royal Guard, those who protected the Crystal Palace both inside and out. Integrated to a position alongside Sailor Venus herself was the ambitious WuFei. He was originally from China, but felt that his ability to protect with extreme precision would serve best by a Queen's side. The Sailor Senshi of Love, however, disapproved of a new security member so close to her Queen. The only people she believed should be even relatively near Neo-Queen Serenity were herself, Mamoru, or any of the other Senshi.

Below the Royal Guard was an organization called Black Ops. It was a system that operated all around the world and had concrete bases stationed in several main countries. Here, authorities dealt with high-ranking, classified missions, ones in foreign relations and frankly, matters that just arent discussed in every day life. In this department was the still emotionally drained and deprived protective agent Heero Yui.

Below Black Ops was the Crystal Services. While the hub of the Great Freeze, Crystal Tokyo, maintained a less corrupted population than other countries, that didn't stop the human urge to kill. It was Mankind's flaw, the one eerie thing that they could not escape, as if destruction of life was imbedded in the human mind. This department was medium sized and handled petty theft, civil disobedience and murder. Stationed in this unfortunate region were Makoto Kino and Ami Mizuno. Ami relished in their lackluster job, doing the things that she loved in a large forensics lab while Makoto pouted continuously at being stuck in a dead end position. Ami knew that she just wanted to get moved up to Black Ops, where they could both exercise their actual abilities more freely but unfortunately one cannot just jump to the top. They remained close friends, due to them working in the same department, but things would never be how they were.

Haruka and Michiru had moved on to become performers. Finding two women unfortunately still did not gain much recognition they decided to add a third member on to their party. After several auditions the spritely, kind violinist Quatre Winner was added to their team. Their success became easy and their popularity grew. Classical music had become far more acceptable after the Great Freeze. They played in various countries and sometimes even for the Queen, a nice reunion between old friends. Over the years Quatre had acquired an unfortunate love for Michiru. Of course he knew that she and Haruka were together, the two open around him, but there was something in her gracefulness, her kindness, and her unbelievable ability to play the violin that kept him in the tide of her step. Quatre knew his love went unrequited but that never kept down his continuous admiration. The only person who didn't seem to know of his affection towards the aqua haired beauty was her lover, Haruka, and frankly, nobody was going to tell her.

Rei and Trowa had drifted the most from their previous friends. During the days Rei cared for her grandfather at their still standing Shinto Temple. At nights she performed as a singer in a small, classy bar; it was a fun job where she could escape from daily duty and immerse herself in something she actually loved to do. She became very quiet, however; reserved. Despite all her efforts to remain normal her abnormal beauty caught many eyes and her slightly flirtatious voice and sensual presence on stage brought too many visitors to her small shows.

Trowa had fallen off the deep end. His memory already blitzed from his previous life he awoke with no buzz of reminiscence at all of his skill. The only familiarity that burned in his veins was his uncanny ability to fight. He joined an underground fighting ring where he earned money for winning matches. He struggled his days as a waiter in a small, run down restaurant and wasn't opposed to sleeping on the street--an unfortunate happening that he'd come across many times.

All of their lives had begun to run different paths, a winding road towards individuality. But one thing, one singular yet shell shocking happening, was going to rock Crystal Tokyo for all it was worth and cause all of those straying, snake like paths of individuality to become sucked back together in a singular road full of mayhem. It started with a note, one small seemingly insignificant piece of paper sent directly to the director of Black Ops's office; Sally Po. It was the words on the paper that held the meaning. One bloody fingerprint was embossed on the side as if it was a stamp, and in the middle of the card, neatly written in capital letters, were two cold words:

First Victim.

First chapter is short, I know. Have no worries, as the story progresses the chapters will elongate. Like I said, it's almost like a condition where I have to be writing more than one story at a time. I watched so much crime TV over break that I felt an unbearable urge to write a fun, crime-like story. However, you're going to have to ignore my unfortunate stupidity when it comes to technical terms and whatnot. I'll do my best but I cant promise anything. Unlike in my other story, where I think there will mostly be flings and sexual tension, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have concrete pairings in this one and they'll most likely be blatantly obvious.

Hope you enjoyed :)