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Previously: "One more item to go," Henry said, checking off the second to last box.


Henry jumped about a foot in his seat. He hadn't heard Shawn come in. Quickly he shoved the paper in his pocket, just as his son came into the kitchen.

"Brought the truck back," Shawn smirked, tossing the keys to his dad.

Henry caught them, and set them on the table.

"Something wrong?" Shawn asked, setting a grocery bag on the counter. "Feeling guilty about eating your murder victim?"

"What?" Henry demanded.

Shawn nodded at the plate of, now cold, fish that sat in front of him.

"Cute," Henry growled, pushing the plate of food away.

"You're mad about the truck," Shawn observed. "I know. I shouldn't have run off with it like that. But on the bright side, I solved the case."

Henry folded his arms across his chest and just looked at his son.

"You know what," Shawn said, not fazed by his father's reaction, "I figured that you'd feel that way. So…" reaching into the grocery bag he pulled out a Tupperware container, "I come bearing gifts." Shawn set the container on the table in front of his father. "It's custard. Gus made it. He's been channeling the Iron Chef, ever since he got that double boiler, so... It's actually pretty good."

Henry didn't react to the bribe.

"I also brought this." Shawn reached back into the bag, when he saw that his first offering didn't have any effect, and pulled out a pineapple.

"I already have one," Henry said, indicating to the pineapple that on the counter a few feet away from Shawn.

"Well yeah, but you can't ever have too many pineapple. Can you?"

Henry cocked an eyebrow.

"Fine," Shawn sighed. "Yes you can. I bought some in bulk and now I have ten perfectly ripe pineapples that I won't be able to eat all of in time. But if the heavenly custard and luscious pineapple aren't enough for you, I also have some peaches for you, from that fruit stand by what used to be Deacon Walker Farms."

"What?" Of course Shawn would do that, he didn't pay for the gas that was being used.

"They are quite amazing, have you ever actually tried one?"


"I also filled up the tank," Shawn said quickly.

"You did?" Henry asked, surprised. He hadn't expected that.

"Well, Gus made me, but yeah."

Henry shook his head. Only his son would steal a car for two and a half days, and then try to get out of trouble by bribing with peaches, a pineapple, and custard.

"Do you promise to never run off with the truck like that again?"

Shawn instantly perked up, sensing a victory. "Yes."

"Okay then. You can make it up to me, by coming over for dinner tomorrow."

"Why tomorrow?"

"Because you took my truck and I have no food in my house," Henry snapped.

Shawn had the decency to look sheepish. "I'll be over tomorrow," he promised.

"Good," Henry said, keeping his tone hard so that Shawn would know that he was still angry about what happened. "Do you need a lift back to your apartment?"

"No. I had Gus follow me in his car."

At least Shawn had been responsible enough to think of that.

"Alright then, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye Dad." Shawn grinned, before turning to leave.

"And answer your phone once in a while," Henry called out after him.

Shawn waved as he went out the front door, to show that he had heard his dad, but probably wouldn't listen anyways.

Henry shook his head. He would probably never understand his son.

Reaching into his pocket, Henry pulled out the list. He no longerfelt a driving need to finish going through the list. But, there was only one more item left, and what kind of example would he be if he didn't finish what he started.

Henry opened the paper and smoothed it out. Then his eyes moved down to the bottom of the list.

The corner of his lips twitched upward ever so slightly.

6. Make my Dad proud of me.


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