It was too loud, he was uncomfortable, and there was a strange smell that lingered in the air. He rested his head on the table trying to block out the loud chattering and laughing that circulated the room, closing his eyes he was knocked out of his drifting by a young bleach blond girl, her hair in a high ponytail, her fringe covered her left eye completely, Shikamaru groaned.

"what do you want Ino?" he drawled, rubbing his eye's hoping that when he opened them he would be in his bed or somewhere out to watch the clouds drift by. Ino scowled at her team mate, her hands on her hips giving him a glare.

"Shikamaru we came here to have some fun not for you to go back to sleep again" She screamed over all the noise, Shikamaru studied his surroundings they were currently in a karaoke bar, it was Ino and Sakura's idea that the whole of rookie nine and team Gai would go out to celebrate Shikamaru's promotion to chunin and the end of the 'war'. They currently were all sitting near the stage where four microphones were situated on top all an equal distance apart. Team Gai, ten, eight, were all there as well as three-quarters of team seven, the whole group was waiting for one person to arrive.

Sakura clicked her tongue in annoyance before giving out a frustrated scream "Where is that baka!" she yelled stamping her foot. Ino sighed agreeing with her pink haired rival, Hinata looked around worriedly for her friend.

"I'm sure she just got caught up with some business and should be here soon" Kakashi said not raising his head from his little orange book, flipping a page he giggled. Gai backed up Kakashi going on about how youthful it was that Kakashi would never think his friends would keep them waiting with out a reasonable explanation behind it.

Everyone besides Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai who were used this and Lee who joined Gai in ranting about how youthful his rivals were, groaned. Shikamaru sighed once again putting his head down on the table wishing every single noise were to go away and leave him be.

Peeking out from over his arm which his head had been resting on he saw Asuma and Kurenai trying to calm Gai and Lee down while Kakashi just giggled flipping another page of the book. Sakura and Ino were once again locked in a fight about who was to win over 'their Sasuke-kun' while Sasuke himself tried his hardest to ignore everyone around him.

Shino was doing something weird with his bugs, which flew around him and over to other tables, while Kiba was chatting away animatedly to a blushing Hinata who held Akumaru in her arms and Chouji who was happily munching on his chips. Tenten had her weapons laid out in front of her on the table checking and polishing them while explaining to an uninterested Neji the correct way to handle and take care of them properly.

Never one to let an opportunity pass he carefully slipped out of his chair and disappeared into the surrounding crowds before exiting the bar. Smiling Shikamaru inhaled as much fresh air as he could before giving out a relieved sigh, putting his hands in his pockets he made his way down the deserted streets, heading in no particular direction, his mother knew where he was and he had just left the house, so home was not an option. Wondering the streets he heard a muffled yell from a nearby alley-way, stopping mid-step he listened to his surroundings, not hearing anything afterwards he thought his ears were playing tricks on him, damn it he told his mother he needed his sleep but she never listened.

Continuing down the road he heard in again, a pained yell shredded through the nights sky, Shikamaru's heart skipped a beat, turning around he ran back to the alley-way. Hiding in the shadows he peered into the narrow area, and almost threw-up at the scene, turning away from the sight so fast he thought he might have gotten whiplash, he knew that image would be implanted in his mind for all eternity.

Four males surrounding one mangled and bloodied female, her clothing soaked with the crimson liquid, large gashes rans down her body and disjointed arms and legs. Her back was against the wall as one of the men thrust into her, the others keeping her down and stopping her from moving. All the while they had time to drive knives into her every once in a while, holding their hands over her mouth to keep her from screaming, tugging on her tattered dirty blond hair.

Wasting no time he concealed himself within the darkness and made his way through the alley-way, he smirked too bad for them at night he controlled the streets and everyone in it. Muttering his famous jutsu and doing the correct hand signals he watched as his shadow extended towards the other five shadows capturing four of them. Suddenly the four males froze their actions, the female underneath slumped down against the wall, Shikamaru grimaced at the loud thud and squelching sound that occurred when he took a step back making the male pull out of the girl.

Stepping forward making sure none of the males touched her as they also stepped forward, pulling back his head he shot it forwards as fast and hard as he could, hearing four sickening cracks before same amount of thuds as each male hit the ground did he release the jutsu and run up to the girl. He stopped dead in his tracks when the girl flinched away from him trying her best to cover herself, he hesitated debating with himself whether he should ignore her resisting and patch her up or wait and gain her trust.

Sighing he sat down pulling off his cloak he threw it towards her, out of reflex she caught it, also revealing her face which seemed surprising untouched. Shikamaru's heart leaped out of his chest into his throat before he emptied his stomach on the floor next to him. Sitting across from him, with her dirtied blond hair, sparkling azure eyes, tanned and mangled skin, six whisker marks and all….was Naruto.

Shikamaru looked back at her tears shining in his eyes staring at her, nothing but shock resided in his expression, wasting no time, trust be damned, he rushed to her side, taking the cloak out of her hands he wrapped it securely around her careful not to touch any of the wounds. About to pick her up he stopped at the sound of her voice "Not the hospital" She chocked out, Shikamaru peered down at her with a frown planted on his face, here she was slowly bleeding to death and she said she didn't want to go to the hospital.

"Naruto, your wounds are severe you cold die in within hours if you aren't treated properly" He said annoyed that she would even suggest that they didn't go there, he went to pick her up again.

"they won't help" She said her voice barely above a whisper, Shikamaru froze his actions once more, glancing back down at the girl in his arms he realized why exactly this had happened, he knew for quite some time, it didn't change anything in his mind, but he saw how people treated her. Looking back down at her a pained expression made it's way onto his face, he didn't know it was this bad.

He thought it was only the glares, only the name calling, he knew about her tenant, he knew the villagers hated her, he was her friend, yet he wasn't able to protect her, why was it he didn't notice any of the signs. He should have been able to pick up on it, he had an IQ of 203 for God's sake, cursing he picked her up in his arms and headed straight for her apartment.

Upon arriving there he entered through the window and laid Naruto down gently onto her bed unwrapping the cloak which was around her he surveyed the wounds. Naruto stared at him as he inspected her wounds, she jumped as he shot up and wondered around the apartment in search for a first-aid kit, rummaging through closets and drawers he was in no luck.

"B-bathoom" Naruto croaked, her eyes fluttering as she fought to stay conscience, he ran down the hall in search for the bathroom, entering he searched from the doorway, eyes lighting up as he found what he needed. Running back to the blond he grabbed a wash towel and filled a container with water on the way, stopping in front of her he hesitated as he went to remove her clothing.

"I-i-it's o-okay" Naruto chocked out, Shikamaru looked back up at the blond nodding he carefully peeled her top off, stopping every time she hissed in pain, finally relieving her from her top he grabbed the wash-cloth and cleaned the wounds that lay scattered upon her body. After washing her wounds he grabbed the first aid kit ripping the lid off he grabbed a healing ointment and smeared it onto her wounds, this time ignoring the pained moans the came from her mouth. Grabbing bandages he wrapped it around her body, noticing before hand that the wounds were almost completely healed.

He looked back at her arms and legs as he bandaged her torso, the cuts and stab wounds were healing but her dislocated limbs were in the same condition that he found her in. He grimaced as he realised that he would have to pop them back into place. Finishing patching her stab wounds he hesitantly touched her dislocated shoulder. She groaned in pain under the touch, Shikamaru's hand shot back, he gritted his teeth

"Gomen Naruto, but you're going to have to bare with me for a few minutes" Squeezing her eye's shut she turned away from him as he grabbed her arm, and forced it back into it's proper place. Naruto's scream pierced through the room, Shikamaru ignored the guilt that ate up inside of him, as he moved to her leg. Looking back up at Naruto already getting ready to pop it back into place, the blond looked at him before hesitantly nodding her head, tears streaming down her face. Shikamaru once again applied the force and pushed the limb back into place, Naruto screamed with all her might.

The lazy shinobi rushed to the blonds side holding her as she cried on his chest, the male rocked her back and forth calming her wrapping the blanket around her so she wouldn't get cold. He could hear her breathing calmed, the sobbing stopped, soon she was fast asleep in his arms, Shikamaru looked down at her tear-stained face, he held her tighter as the guilt came back wrapping around him like a blanket. He continued to rock her back and forth even though she was in a deep sleep, salty crystals made there was down his cheeks.

Wiping them away he stayed like that until he too was asleep, resting peacefully against the wall, Naruto in his arms.

Outside in a nearby tree a silver haired individual crouched on a branch peering through the window at the two children, a sad smile covered by his navy mask. Next to him was four unconscious and bloody figures of the same males in the alleyway, picking all four of them at once he made his way towards the Hokage tower to give his testimony and report based on what he saw, and to make sure they get punished properly.

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