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PDA777: Hi, everyone. Welcome to my next story, Pokémon Heroes Destiny. This story has characters for the Pokémon Anime Series and various Hero Pokémon from across different worlds join up to go on a fantastic new adventure together.

This is what I would call the semi-sequel to Heroines Destiny: The Hero Pokémon's Shine. It's not a direct sequel, but it does involve Hero Pokémon like that story did. Plus, there are elements from that story that will be featured in this story.

So for the opening chapter, the Heroes come together because of an interesting call conversation from four Hero Pokémon. We meet new Heroes, and they discover that there is a new region to explore, in an area where they would never expect it to be.

So with that, the first episode shall now start. Enjoy!

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[Oh, and by the way, if you see A/N, it stands for Author's Note. That indicates that I have added any extra information for your need to know basis.]

Episode 1: The Amazing 12 Unite

Ah, the Pokémon World. Such a beautiful and vast place full of lots and lots of Pokémon. A wide variety of almost 500 Pokemon can be found across four different regions. And yet, we still don't know every Pokémon out there. In fact, the number of existing Pokémon out there can go as far as infinite, because of the endless possibilities.

Various regions that can be explored within includes Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and other lesser regions around the world... including other major undiscovered regions. However, known to only a few is a new region. But, this region is much different from the others. It is said that this region takes place on a gigantic floating island, surrounded by a strange barrier to keep it hidden. Rumors has it that this island is home to many mysterious creatures... including, the likes of Hero Pokemon.

Hero Pokemon... very strange and unusual creatures that supposedly came from other worlds. How did they come here? Why are they so attached the human society? And how strong they are compared to Legendary? These answers and more shall soon be discovered.

Now, onto our Heroes. The Hero Pokemon that are currently with our Heroes now are: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles 'Tails' Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Blaze the Cat, all of the them being from the Sonic World.

It has been about three months after Ash, Dawn, and Brock's Sinnoh journey were over. Ash and Blaze are back at Pallet Town. Brock is back as Gym Leader in Pewter City. Misty and Sonic continue their lives in the Cerulean City Gym. May and Tails are home with Max in Petalburg City. And Dawn and Knuckles are relaxing in Twinleaf Town. These four partners have a very special bond that they have formed. They are, what the Hero Pokemon are called, Partners-for-life.

Before we get to the storyline, it's time you learn the tale of how how Ash and Blaze became Partners-for-life, and how Hero Pokemon are like to the humans of the world.

It was back in the Johto Region. It was when Ash and Friends were on the road to Olivine City. Our Heroes were walking along the path. Suddenly, they heard a female cry, "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Ash heard the sound, "What was that?"

Misty replied, "I don't know. It sounded like a scream."

Sonic pondered, "... Did we just imagine it?" The same cry was heard again. "Okay, I guess we didn't imagine it."

Brock discovered it, "Guys, that scream came from over there."

He pointed to the east of their current path. They headed in that direction, past some trees. Until finally, they saw a mysterious humanoid cat Pokémon who was crying.

Our Heroes approached the Pokémon to find out what's wrong. Ash spoke to her, "There now, it's okay. What happened to you?"

The Pokémon spoke back, "It's not much... It's just, I can't find my partner."

Sonic exclaimed, "Whoa, you can talk! Does that mean that you're a Hero Pokémon?"

She introduced herself, "Yes, I am. My name is Blaze the Cat, nice to meet you..."

Sonic asked, "So Blaze, you are crying because you can't find your partner?"

Blaze nodded, "That's right..."

Misty asked, "Do you remember where your partner was last seen?"

Blaze shook her head, "No, I think you misunderstood me. I can't find my partner because I don't have one. I've been looking for one for many months now."

Misty frowned, "Oh my... that's terrible!"

Brock supported her, "Is there anything we can do for you?"

Blaze said, "No... Not unless you can help me find someone who can be my Partner-for-life."

Ash smiled, "Hey now, don't worry. You can come with us if you like. We can take care of you while we try to find you a partner."

Blaze's tears started drying up, "Really?"

Ash introduced, "Yep! Oh, my name is Ash. And this is my good buddy, Pikachu."

Pikachu greeted, "Pika Pikachu!"

Blaze greeted and smiled, "Hi Pikachu."

Misty introduced, "Hi, my name is Misty. This is my Partner-for-life, Sonic the Hedgehog."

Sonic smiled, "I'm sure we'll be great friends, Blaze."

Brock blushed and held Blaze's hand, "My name is Brock. You know, for a Hero Pokémon, you sure have ravishing good looks."

Blaze smiled, "Why, thank you Brock. I finally see someone who thinks I'm decent."

Brock said, "Much more than that, beautiful. Your eyes feel like their on fire."

Blaze said, "And so does my hands, doesn't it?"

Brock said, "It makes me feel all tingling inside."

Sonic wondered, "Is it love?"

Blaze pointed out, "Or it could it be that I'm a Pyromancer? Hehehe, why don't you look behind you and find out, Brock."

Brock turned to his back side, and he finds out his pants is literally on fire. He screams, "AHHHHH, my butt is on fire!" He ran in circles and screamed, "Somebody get this flame out of me! AHHHHH!"

Misty, Sonic, and Ash were laughing very hard on Brock's sizzling sensation.

Blaze giggled as she puts out the fire, "I'm sorry about that, Brock. It's just... when you were saying all those nice and heartwarming words to me, my fire power can get a little crazy. The more in love I become, the hotter my powers get."

Brock sobbed in pain, "Great, now she tells me."

Ash continued from earlier, "All that aside, Blaze, I want to ask you. Do you want to come with us?"

Blaze nods, "Sure thing, Ash!" Blaze got up and they shook each other hands in agreement. Just then, Blaze got a feeling, "What's this? Why do I feel all tingling inside? It feels different from when Brock touched my hand, earlier. So much different. Could it be? Could Ash be... that special someone? Hmmm... Okay, its time to go now."

While Brock was rubbing his butt, Ash called, "Come on Brock, let's go."

Brock called, "Coming!"

And so, Blaze traveled with Ash and friends for quite some time. When they reached the Olivine Gym, and the so called 'Gym Leader' Janina showed up, Blaze got a weird feeling in her gut.

[A/N- Janina used Fire Proof coating instead of Water Proof like in the Anime.]

When she sent out her 'Fire Proof' Steelix, Blaze stepped in. "Ash, I want you to use me!"

Ash said, "Use you?" He whispered, "But Blaze, I never used you, before."

She whispered back, "Don't worry; I'll give you a quick rundown on my moves." After a minute, "You got it?"

Ash nodded, "Yep, let's kick some butt."

Janina offered the first move, and Blaze used her Elemental Tornado with a Fire Type, and it hits Steelix, but it didn't do damage.

Ash got surprised, "What? I though Fire types were strong against Steel types!"

Janina laughed, "Not this Steelix. This one is proven not to be affected by the Fire types." Steelix was told to use Sandstorm and Blaze took some damage.

After that, Blaze tried her Tornado Rush. But it got bounced back, easily.

Ash got angry, "I don't get it. Why aren't Blaze's attacks working?"

Janina laughed again, "Maybe you should just give up; that would be the smart move."

Ash was determined, "No way, I came here for a Gym Badge, and that's exactly what I'm intended to do."

Blaze then used Sacred Fire. She surrounded Steelix with a vortex of incredibly powerful flames, but it didn't work.

Ash exclaimed, "What! That didn't work, too?"

Blaze suggested, "Then we have no other choice, Ash. Let's use the Hero Beam; it's our only shot of winning."

Ash said, "Right!"

Using a Hero Pokemon's signature move, Blaze surrounded herself in a firey aura and charged her Hero Beam to maximum power, and just as it was about to be fired, the real Jasmine came along and stopped the match.

Our Heroes found out that Janina wasn't the real Gym Leader. She apologized for the mixed up fight, as well as using Fireproof Waxing Coat on her Steelix.

Blaze snapped her fingers, "Ahh! No wonder none of my fire attacks went through!"

Jasmine asked everyone to follow her to explain things, but Sonic thought of something, "Blaze, Ash, can I speak to you two for a minute?"

Ash replied, "Sure! Pikachu, Misty, Brock, you go on ahead, it'll only be a minute."

Misty nodded, and the three followed Jasmine. Ash and Blaze stayed to see what Sonic wanted.

Sonic said, "Okay, now I know this is gonna sound weird, but I think you two are meant for each other."

Blaze jumped, "Sonic, have you lost it?"

Ash followed, "Yeah, what are you talking about?"

Sonic figured, "Think about it. Blaze, you stepped in and offered to help Ash, knowing that he would need it. And when you were using those Fire attacks, I noticed they gotten stronger with each time you used one. And, that Hero Beam you were preparing to fire, was incredibly powerful, because I was shaking while that thing was on max power. I think that attack could have knocked out that Steelix in one hit with that kind of power!"

Blaze studied, "You know... the longer I was in that battle, the stronger I became. As Ash was telling me what to do, I felt stronger each time he did it. It felt, heartwarming. Wait, what I said. The more I was in love, the stronger I become."

Ash stared at Blaze hypnotically, "Blaze..."

Blaze asked, "Ash, I don't know... do you want me as your Partner-for-life? I mean, don't you already have one with Pikachu."

Ash clarified, "Pikachu? Blaze, your meaning of Partner-for-life and mine are somewhat different."

Blaze said, "It is?"

Ash explained, "Yes. I watched Misty and Sonic as they were always together. Sure, it's like that with me and Pikachu, but unlike me and Pikachu, I don't have a Hero Pokémon. It's not for the power, it's the love. Blaze, I love all my Pokémon, dearly. And all of us protect each other, greatly."

Blaze said, "Aren't Hero Pokémon like that, too? That's what I'm been searching for. It's not just our duty; we meant it when we said it. We also do it for the pleasure and fun. We listen to our human partners like we were regular Pokémon, with the addition of talking, and unique moves. Plus, the rarity bonus of most of us being greater than Legendary Pokémon. So, do you really want me as your partner?"

Ash smiled, "Well, what do you think my answer is?"

Blaze sobbed happily, "Ash, do you love me?"

Ash confirmed, "I may have just met you recently, but yes. And to me, you are like a part of my family."

Blaze shouted, "YAY!" Blaze ran and hugged Ash while crying with happy tears. "I'm so happy, Ash. I won't let you down."

Ash said, "I know you won't, Blaze."

After a minute, Sonic sadly interrupted, "Uhh, I'm sorry to do this to you guys, especially at a moment like this... but we need to meet Jasmine now."

Blaze and Ash snapped out of their romantic state, and Ash said, "That's right! Blaze, Sonic, let's move."

They moved to meet with Jasmine and their friends, but as they ran, Blaze now has new feelings of romance with Ash. It all worked out in the end!

So now you know how they met and how they became Partners-for-life. Onto the main storyline.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Blaze all decided to call each other today. It then turned into a four-way conversation on the screen phones.

Sonic starts, "Hey guys! It's good to see you all, again."

Tails greets, "Hi Sonic, Knuckles and Blaze. I'm so glad to see all of you once more."

Knuckles also greets, "Sonic, Tails, Blaze, what's up? Kind of weird that we all called at the same time."

Blaze says, "Knuckles, I think that was destined, just like our Partners-for-life. Speaking of which, how are your partners doing?"

Sonic answers, "Let me tell you... me and Misty, most of time, are busy with the Cerulean Gym. It's not just the matches, it's the Water Pokémon. All of Misty's sisters are out for the week, and I can't get in touch with Shadow or Silver, either. It's so strange."

[A/N- Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog, who are also from Sonic's world, was a part of Ash's team during their adventures in Sinnoh. They met near the end of the Hoenn journey.]

Tails says, "That's too bad, Sonic."

Sonic says, "Oh well, we can still handle it. We have the power to do it. Plus, I have my Super Form when we need it."

[A/N- When a bond between Partners-for-life become so strong, Hero Pokemon can unleash their second forms when they need it. For all the Sonic characters, it is called their Super forms.]

Tails recalls, "Oh yeah, that reminds me... me and May were doing Super form training recently. It's been a lot easier than ever to change into my Super form with all of this training. Training and relaxing is all we can do now, though, because we don't know any other regions to go to. We could go back to the previous Grand Festivals we lost, which is Hoenn and Sinnoh, but not for a really long time. But, I kind of like being back at home; it's soothing and relaxing, after all that traveling we did."

Knuckles grins, "Sounds like you had it made, huh?"

Tails says, "Pretty much, except for the training somewhat."

Knuckles recalls, "As for me, we're back at home with Dawn's mother, Johanna, who is a real looker and has that splitting image of Dawn, too. Hahaha! Now I see where she got those good looks from. And her Glameow is sooo glamorous, but lazy. HAHAHA!"

Blaze replies, "Yeah... you have it made more, Knuckles. As for me and Ash, we've been staying and moving between our house and Professor Oak's Lab. Lots of walking, but it's worth it to see all of Ash's Pokémon."

Sonic sighs, "I'm so jealous of you guys... Hmm?" Misty calls Sonic to meet some guests that came to visit. "Uh, hold on guys... be right back."

Tails nods, "Okay, Sonic."

After a minute of waiting, Blaze says, "Hey, I have an idea. I want Sonic to hear this, too, though."

Knuckles says, "I hope Sonic hurries back."

After a few more seconds, Sonic gets back to his Screen Phone, "Hey guys, we seem to have a few guests who are volunteering to help us with the Gym. They said they heard of me, and they are Hero Pokémon, too."

Blaze wonders, "Wow, that's awesome, Sonic. What are their names?"

Sonic names, "Mario and Luigi."

Tails exclaims, "The Mario Bros!"

"The Mario Bros?", the others say as they wonder who they are.

Tails explains, "They are the famous Hero Pokémon that was said to have came from the Mushroom Kingdom, and they are a few of the elite Hero Pokémon."

Sonic exclaims, "Whoa! Are you kidding me? This is really serious! I better tell Misty about them." After about 30 seconds, Sonic came back. "Misty was soo shocked when she found out that they were elite Hero Pokémon. Hehe! Mario said they were flattered."

Tails asks, "So, what are they doing now?"

Sonic says, "Misty is showing them around the Gym and telling them what they need to do."

Blaze thinks, "So, you don't have to leave or anything like that?"

Sonic says, "Nope! Misty insisted to take as much time as I need to, to talk to you guys."

Blaze says, "Great, because I just came up with an excellent idea?"

Sonic asks, "What's that?"

Blaze suggests, "How about you guys come over to Professor Oak's Lab for a reunion party, the ten of us?"

Knuckles guesses, "You mean like 10 as in, all of us plus Ash & Pikachu, Misty, Brock, May, Max, and Dawn?"

Blaze confirms, "Ding! That's correct, Knuckles. Heehee!"

Tails jumps, "A reunion party? Wow wee, wait until May and Max hear about this."

Sonic grins, "Oh boy... when Misty hears this, she is gonna freak out."

Knuckles smiles, "Dawn is gonna faint with excitement when she hear this news."

Blaze looks up, "Won't Ash be super happy to see all of us together. I should call Brock as well."

Knuckles asks, "So, when are we supposed to meet?"

Blaze suggests, "How about one week from today?"

The Sonic Heroes nods, "Agreed!"

Blaze says, "Excellent! We'll get the party ready. Can't wait to see you guys, again in person. Ttyl!" She hangs up.

Knuckles wonders, "Ttyl?"

Tails answers, "Talk to you, later."

Knuckles says, "Oh, okay. I should get ready, too, along with Dawn. This is gonna be great! See ya later, guys." He hangs up.

Tails replies, "I should go inform this to May and Max... Later, Sonic. Oh, and if you can, bring the Mario Bros. too, so we can meet them for the first time."

Sonic says, "I'll let them know, along with Misty. Later, bro."

"Bye, Sonic!" Tails waves and hangs up.

"Can't wait until next week!" Sonic is the last to hang up.

After they hung up, everyone was informed of the news, quickly started packing, and getting ready for the reunion of a lifetime.

One week later!

Ash and Blaze have finished decorating the Lab with the 'Pokémon Heroes' reunion.

Blaze says to Ash as they were resting and sighs, "This was a lot of hard work, and getting the food and presents wasn't easy, but at least we are finished with the decorating."

Ash agrees, "Yeah. I'm as tired as who knows what. Pikachu is exhausted as well, aren't you, Pikachu?"

Pikachu pants, "Pi... ka... chuuuu!"

Ash adds, "I can't wait until our friends get here, Blaze. In fact, I'm hungry."

Blaze laughs, "You always were hungry, Ash. You remind me of May's Munchlax and a Hero Pokémon named Kirby. Hahaha!"

Delia, Ash's mother, calls, "Ash, Blaze, Pikachu, you must all be tired from all the hard work. I made 'Hero' sandwiches for you!"

Blaze smiles, "Strange coincidence, maybe... but I'm starving as well. I'll get Pikachu, so let's go eat."

Ash laughs, "Hahaha; you read my mind, Blaze."

Ash, Blaze, and Pikachu enjoy some tasty 'Hero' sandwiches made by Delia.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Oak shouts, "I'll get it!"

He ran over to the door, opened it, and saw Misty, Sonic, and Togetic. Misty is wearing the same clothes as seen from her 3rd Generation appearances. Sonic is looking his best as he always is, glowing with a green emerald energy.

During the Hoenn adventures when Misty and Sonic saw Ash again, Togetic, evolved from Misty's Togepi, was supposed to be the guardian for the Togepi Paradise and the Mirage Kingdom. However, it was one day that strange happiness energy was absorbed into one of the Togepi. It evolved into Togetic. With a new attitude, the new Togetic told the old Togetic to go back to Misty, now that there is a new guardian. Misty's Togetic was unsure of if its ability to protect the land, but the New Togetic insisted it went back to its trainer, since it saved the Kingdom, and that it wanted to see Misty and Sonic again.

Misty's Togetic agreed, and it gave its guardianship powers to the New Togetic. After that, Togetic went out of Paradise, and warped back into the Mirage Kingdom. It flew to the castle, where Sarah was the rightful new ruler of the Mirage Kingdom, and Sarah saw Togetic.

Sarah asked, "Togetic, what's wrong? Why are you out of Paradise?" Togetic explained what happened to Sarah. "What? There is a new guardian of Paradise, and the new Togetic insisted that you go back to Misty and Sonic?" Togetic nodded. "Well, this is surprising news. But regardless, Misty will be blown away when she finds out about this."

Sarah called Sonic's Pokénav and answered, "Hello... Oh, hey Sarah, how's it going? ... Ah, the new ruler of Mirage Kingdom, is it hard? ... Not at all? Sweet! So, I'm sure you must have a reason for calling me, or is it just to say hello? ... Holy Skarmories! Togetic came back from Paradise, and there was a new guardian? And now, Misty's Togetic wants to come back to us? ... Ohhh, yeah... sweet! This is the best news I've heard all day... Yeah... don't worry about us needing a ride. I have a special way of getting their really, really quickly. In fact, it's so quick, that it'll only be a few minutes... You'll see, my sweet Sarah... Okay, later!" Sonic hanged the phone.

Sonic called Misty, "Oh, Misty... MISTY!"

Misty asked, "What is it, Sonic? Who was on the phone?"

Sonic said, "That was Sarah, the ruler of the Mirage Kingdom, and our old friend."

Misty said, "Oh yeah, I remember Sarah. How is she doing as ruler?"

Sonic retelled, "She's said it's amazing and that it isn't hard at all."

Misty asked, "Oh really? Anyway, what did she call for?"

Sonic grinned, "You not gonna believe this!"

Sonic told Misty the great news. Misty happily gasped, "Are you serious? Oh my gosh... this is awesome. My sweet little Togetic is coming back to me. Oh, joy to the Pokémon world!"

Sonic glowed a green glowing energy, "Okay, hang on... we're gonna take the express route. Chaos Control!"

Sonic and Misty warped from the Gym and into the insides of the Mirage Castle.

Sarah jumped at their arrival, "Oh, Sonic, Misty. It's such a blessing to see you, again!" She got up, and hugged both of them.

Misty smiled at the site of her face, "It's so nice to see you, too, Sarah. So, where's Togetic?"

Sarah pointed, "Right there!" Misty and Sonic saw something they couldn't have believed. It was Togetic.

"Togetic! Togetic! Toge Toge!", the Togetic said as it flew over to Misty and Sonic and they hugged Togetic.

Misty sobbed as she held on to Togetic, "Togetic, my sweet little Togetic, welcome back!"

Sonic sobbed a little as well, "I missed you, Togetic. It wasn't the same without you, buddy."

After their hug, the three went outside the castle, and saw the beautiful Mirage Kingdom, evil-free. Then, the three said goodbye to Sarah and Sonic warped them back in the Cerulean Gym.

Misty showed Togetic around the Gym, "This is the Cerulean Gym, where me, Sonic, and my Water Pokémon live. Well, what do you think?"

"Toge Toge Togeee!", happily replied Togetic. They were now a family, again!

And that's how Togetic came to be back with Misty and Sonic. Anyway, Misty and Sonic see Professor Oak when he answers the door. They greet, "Professor Oak!"

Oak says, "Well well, Misty and Sonic... so great to see you two. Ohhh, and you must be the Togetic you told me about."

Togetic says, "Toge Toge!"

Oak says, "Please, come on in. Ash and Blaze are in the kitchen, eating right now."

Misty sighs, "That Ash, he's always hungry. But even so, I still love him. Come on Sonic, Togetic, let's go see Ash and Blaze."

Sonic nods, "Right!"

Togetic says, "Togetic!"

As the three is moving, Professor Oak ponders, "Did Misty just said she loved Ash? Or was I dreaming just then? Hmmm..."

The three see Ash, Blaze, and Pikachu eating, while Delia is watching them eat. Delia sees the three come in, "Sonic, Misty! I'm so glad you came."

Misty greets her, "Hi, Ash's Mom!"

Sonic greets as well, "Hi, Delia!"

Misty notices, "... Are they not paying attention, because they haven't realized that we are here!"

Delia explains, "I'm sorry, Misty. Ash and Blaze, along with Pikachu, were so tired from decorating, I made them 'Hero' sandwiches. You and Sonic can meet again, while I'll go and get food for you guys." She walks away.

Misty approaches Ash in a romantic and calming motion. "Oh, Ash. Your good friends, Misty and Sonic have arrived."

"Not now, Misty... Misty?" He looks up and sees Misty in a beautiful way. He wipes his mouth and stood up the chair.

After a few seconds, Ash cries out, "MISTY!"

Misty cries, "ASH!" They hug in a passionate way.

Blaze stops eating and sees that Sonic is nearby and gets up. "Sonic? ... SONIC!"

Sonic greets, "Hey, Blaze!" They hug as well.

Pikachu calls, "Pi Pi Ka!" Pikachu sees Togetic, the same Togetic who evolved from Togepi who were really close friends. They get close to each other and hug, also.

After the hugs are given and received, they sit down in the couch and talk from quite a while.

Ash continues on from their conversation, "Wow Misty, you and Sonic have some really exciting adventures going on. I mean, running the Gym, having Togetic reunite with you guys, and having more helpers along to help you."

Misty replies, "Yep, that pretty much sums up my excitement."

Blaze asks, "Just one thing, though. I thought you were gonna bring the Hero Pokémon, so we could see them."

Sonic answers, "They said that they were going to take care of the rest of the usual work for the day before they were gonna come here."

Blaze says, "Oh, I see!"

The doorbell rings. Professor Oak told them that he was gonna get it. He opens the door, and May, Max, and Tails appear before him. Max wore a more casual outfit, while May is wearing her usual and lucky Emerald outfit.

The three greet, "Professor Oak! It's so nice to see you, again."

Oak greets, "Max, May, Tails... so great to see you, too! And who is this Pokémon in your arms, Max?"

Max smiles, "This is my first Pokémon, Professor... Ralts!"

During the Hoenn Adventures, Ralts came to be Max's Pokémon once he was older and could have his own Pokémon with him. Kirlia and Gardevoir, Ralts's friends, let Ralts be with its rightful trainer. Ever since, they've played and trained together.

Professor Oak invites them in to see the gang. Ash, Blaze, Misty, and Sonic heard their voices and went towards the entrance to see what's up. And, they saw Max, Max, Dawn, and Ralts.

Ash and Misty cries, "May! Max!"

Max and May cries, "Ash! Misty!"

Sonic says, "Tails, my good buddy!"

Blaze sobs, "Tails, my sweet!"

Tails sobs, too, "Sonic and Blaze!"

Everyone gave each other hugs, and after gift exchanges, they sit down together and eat some sandwiches.

May continues, "Wow! That's so incredible, Misty. I'm so happy that you get to be with Togetic, again."

Misty smiles, "Thanks, May. I was sooo shocked when I first heard it from Sonic."

Sonic says to May and Tails, "I can't believe you two have been training and relaxing all this time!"

Tails points out, "Actually, we've been doing more relaxing, then training. Hehehe! But, I've really did made improvements. I can't wait to show you guys."

Max looks around the room, "Man! Ash, Blaze, you must of gone and overdid the decorations around the lab."

Blaze says, "Yeah, that was really tiring."

After a few seconds, Ash says, "I wonder when Brock, Dawn, Knuckles, and the Mario Bros. will show up."

Misty agrees, "Yeah, they better hurry up and get here. We're tired of waiting for them."

Just then, the doorbell rings again.

Misty giggles, "Wow, am I Psychic, or what? Teehee!"

Professor Oak yells, "Don't worry about it. I got it!"

The door opens, and Dawn and Knuckles are seen. Dawn is really gotten dressed. She is wearing her dress that was seen in her Pokémon contests.

Oak compliments, "Well, Knuckles, and Dawn, you looking quite ravishing today."

Dawn smiles, "Thanks, Professor. I wanted to look extra special nice for our extra special friends."

Professor Oak leads them in. The gang comes into the room, and sees Dawn and Knuckles on the spot.

Dawn and Knuckles shouts, "My friends!"

The Anime Heroes cries, "Dawn!"

The Pokémon Heroes cries, "Knuckles!"

They all did the hugging and gifting stuff. Then, they sit together.

After a while, Ash compliments on Dawn, "Dawn, that is an absolutely beautiful dress you are wearing. You didn't decide with the usual clothes?"

Dawn says, "Nah, I was trying to be unique. Besides, this dress is comfortable."

Knuckles nods, "Yeah, she wanted to be in the dress. It's her choice, so I agreed. But, I have to admit, she's so much cuter with the dress, anyway."

Dawn giggles, "Knuckles, you know how to make me smile!"

Tails asks, "So, how have you two been?"

Dawn answers, "Great! We've been playing quite a lot of video games lately, while our other Pokémon watch. But, we've still did a little training now and again.

Knuckles agrees, "Indeed... after all, there's not much to do at the moment."

Ash sighs, "You know, in some way, I do kind of wish we can all go on an adventure together."

Sonic disagrees, "I'm afraid we can't join you right now, if we could. We still have to keep the Gym active. Besides, Mario and Luigi don't seem to be ready for that kind of responsibility while we were to leave."

Blaze asks, "Misty, aren't your sisters back from their vacations?"

Misty clarifies, "They will be in a few days!"

Once again, the doorbell rang.

Max yells, "That must be Brock!"

Oak yells, "Do I have to say it!"

The gang approaches the entrance, as Oak opens the door. It was more than they expected. Brock, in his fourth generation outfit, appeared along with the Mario Bros.

Sonic points, "Hey, it's the Mario Bros."

Oak says, "Well, nice to see you again, Brock. Oh, are these your friends?"

Sonic clarifies, "Professor, Brock doesn't know these two. Misty and I do."

Oak greets, "Oh, well hi there, you are Hero Pokémon?"

Mario says to Oak, "That's-a-right... Professor Oak, right?"

Oak confirms, "Yes, that's right. I am Professor Oak."

Sonic invites the three into the house. "Brock, you know your friends. Everyone, I like you to meet Mario and Luigi. They are the Mario Brothers. They came from the Mushroom Kingdom, and they heard about my skills and our Gym. So we decided to invite them over to our reunion, so you can meet them and hopefully get to know them."

Mario and Luigi greets while doing their special introductional dance, "We are the Mario Brothers, and it's nice to meet you all."

Everyone says, "Hi Mario and Luigi."

May asks, "Are you really powerful Hero Pokémon?"

Mario answers, "Yep, we are one of the best around. Right, bro?"

Luigi agrees, "Right, Mario. We'll show you our moves later. You'll really get a kick out of it."

Max expresses joy, "I can't wait!"

Brock interrupts, "Uh... excuse me. Yeah, I know we all want to meet the Mario Brothers and get to know them and all... but what about me?"

Ash apologizes, "Oh, sorry Brock. Ahem, Brock, my old pal!"

Misty says, "Hi Brock. How have ya been lately?"

May waves, "Brock, so glad you can be here with us."

Max greets, "Hey Brocko, it's been a long time."

Dawn replies, "Brock, hey."

Brock smiles, "Now that's more like it!"

After, once again, the usual gift and hugging stuff, everyone is finally here, and the 12 have all come together for the first time. They are now seated in the Lounge.

Ash asks him, "So Brock, what have you been up to, lately?"

Brock says, "Running the gym, being with my family, working on my progress to becoming a Pokémon Doctor, and trying to get a girlfriend."

Misty sighs, "Boy Brock, you've met about like what, a thousand girls out there, about 10 percent of them are Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys, and you still haven't found a girlfriend, yet?"

Brock depresses, "It's a long and hard road for me."

Tails says to Misty, "Misty, you do realize that there were those rare occasion of girls who actually like Brock right?"

Misty recalls, "Yeah... I realize that, Tails. But, they ended up either finding another man, Brock didn't felt it right to be with them, or he had to leave them to continue our adventures."

Tails recalls, "Do you guys remember Lucy?"

Blaze asks Tails, "Do you mean... Pike Queen Lucy?"

Brock's memory jolts, "Lucy, my Pike Queen. I remember her beautiful face oh so well."

Misty questions, "Who is this Pike Queen Lucy?"

Tails answers and grins, "She was one of the seven Frontier Brains Ash faced in the Kanto region, and that one of them had a secret crush on Ash."

Misty recollects, "Oh yeah, I heard about them one day. Sonic showed me a newspaper about the appearance of the new Battle Frontier that appeared in the Kanto Region. I also heard that Ash was gonna participate and have gotten all 7 Frontier Symbols- Wait a second... Tails, did you said that one of the Frontier Brains had a secret crush on Ash?"

Ash is shocked, "What the heck?"

Tails grin becomes bigger, "That's right, Ash. Her name was Anabel, the 6th Frontier Brain. The one that you lost at, and that you had to battle her again, because her bond between her Pokémon was unique in comparison to how you usually do it.

Ash recalls, "Yeah, I remember her. She taught me so much about the closeness of Pokémon. But, what are you talking about, Tails?"

Tails recollects, "Before we left and moved on after getting her symbol, she said something very important in my ears. Do you remember, she asked if you can read her feelings. You tried your hardest to read it, but couldn't! But, I was able to hear something from her mind because of my silly 'Female Attraction' thing. She said, 'That's too bad. Because if you did, you would know how I feel about you', and then she blushed."

[A/N- What Tails is talking about is that during the Hoenn Adventures, various female trainers and younger girls would find Tails to be adorable, much to the sometimes dismay and enjoyment from May.]

May grins and elbow taps at Ash, "Well, it looks like Ash over here has a secret admirer. How do you feel, Ash."

Ash answers, "I... I don't know. I mean, I could always go back, and... you know. But, my love is with my Pokémon, including my Partner-for-life, Blaze." Blaze smiles greatly. "Besides, I... already have a girl in mind." Ash looks at Misty, who blushes at him.

Max interrupts, "Okay, I know I'm being kind of rude, but weren't we off-topic with Brock?

Tails hits his forehead, "That's right, I forgot. We were talking about the love life for Brock.

Brock continues it, "Yeah, you mentioned about any woman that may have liked me."

Sonic asks, "Yeah, now let's see... We said Lucy already... What about Professor Ivy?"

Ash realizes, "Yeah Brock, you never told us what happened between you and Ivy?"

Knuckles ponders, "Professor Ivy?"

Ash explains, "She was one of the Professors we met and had to go to one time while me, Sonic, Misty, and Brock were traveling together. Brock ended up staying with Ivy and we somehow ended up in the Orange Islands and being friends with Tracey."

Knuckles says, "Cool!"

Brock remembers the tragedy, "Oh yeah, now I remember. I suppose since it was all in the past, I should tell you. But be warned, it's kind of unusual, as well as sad."

Max says, "Give it your best shot, Brock. We can handle it!"

Brock prepares, "Okay, here's goes." He inhales and exhales. "So, I was studying Pokémon there with Professor Ivy and her three female assistances, all looking alike. The Pokémon there had unusual markings around their bodies. I wanted to learn more about those patterns, and being together with Ivy."

He inhales and exhales again. "Me and Ivy became close, and I knew right there that I found my woman. So one day, on a beautiful sun setting day, me and Ivy was all alone. I had gone and gotten her a beautiful shiny Pearl I found one day on the beach. I flashed it to her as... as I asked her if she would marry me." At that moment, everyone jumps and whoas! "Yeah, I was soooo super serious."

May asks, "And what did she say?"

Brock sobs, "Yes!"

Blaze flares up, "Oh my gosh! Brock, she really meant it? You were really gonna marry her?"

Brock says, "Yep! But then, it happened."

Max prepares himself, "Uh oh, this is not gonna turn out good."

Brock continues, "The next day, one of the most tragic days in my life, me and Ivy were studying a new Pokémon we have never seen before. Just then, Gary appeared."

Ash exclaims, "Gary? What was Gary doing there?"

Brock explains, "Apparently he heard of the special looking Pokémon here, and he wanted to see how different they were for a week. Of course, we agreed. But just then, Ivy... Ivy fell in love with Gary!"


Brock sobs, "That's right! I could tell, because she was looking at Gary more than me. And then, that night, I asked her about some things about our honeymoon. She... she said that... the WEDDING WAS OFF!"

Everyone cries again, "WHAAAT?"

Brock becomes slightly depressed, "I became of extreme shock at that time. I was sooo shocked that I took my Pokémon and things, and at a slow but steady pace, I walked away. Not caring where to go, not caring what to do, I just kept traveling in extreme pain inside. I somehow fainted in a grassy area. Delia, you ended up finding me in that grassy area, and took me back to your home. After a while, I started to forget about Ivy slowly, and wanted to help you out, along with the competition with Mr. Mime... And that's my tragic story."

Ash and Blaze sadly says, "Brock..."

Misty and Sonic also says, "Brock..."

May and Tails as well says, "Brock..."

And Dawn and Knuckles, too, "Brock..."

And even the Mario Bros who are crying, "Brock..."

Max hugs and is crying at Brock while he said, "Brock..."

Delia and Oak fells sorry for him, "Poor Brock..."

It suddenly turned into a sad time for our Heroes.

After the Heroes cheered up Brock, several hours have passed...

Our Heroes sit outside and look up into the clouds.

Suddenly, they see a mysterious island in the sky.

"Hey, what's that?" Sonic points out in the island that appeared.

Tails brings out his computer and examines the cloud. "Hmm... The island up there has no info, except for the name."

Sonic asks, "What's the name, little bro?"

Tails names, "... It appears to be a hidden region. It's name is the Platinum Rain region, located at Platinum Rainbow Island."

Misty, May, and Dawn says, "The Platinum Rain Region?"

Sonic, Knuckles, and Blaze, "Platinum Rainbow Island?"

Mario responds, "I've heard rumors of that island. It's suppose to be a top secret and hard-to-get to island, filled with Rare Pokémon and Gyms, Contests, and even a Pokémon League and Grand Festival."

Tails asks, "Wait, there's people living up there?"

Mario nods, "Yep, a whole lot of people. They are said to live in Platinum Rainbow Island, along with the Pokémon. I'm not sure what it is, but, it's a rather extravagant region up there. There might be dangers up there"

Ash gets up and gets excited, "Well, it doesn't matter. We are going up there and participating."

May agrees, "That's right. Because there are Gyms and Contests up there. They must be powerful, and I say, we should go."

Luigi points out, "But there's just one problem... How do we get there?"

May says, "Oh, right. I didn't realize that?"

Mario thinks for a second... and then, "YES, I remember something! I heard that once a month, a portal to that world would appear in Route 1 for 5 minutes only. I discovered that from some wild Pokémon I spoke to. And I know the exact location, too."

Ash asks, "Okay, so when is the next time it will open?"

Mario studies, "... 5 days from now, at 3:00 P.M."

Ash asks, "Okay. So... are you all wanting to come with me?"

Blaze steps in, "I am, as long as I'm with you, Ash!"

Misty agrees, "Sure, as long as we all get to go together!"

Sonic also agrees, "I love a new adventure!"

Brock smiles, "Just like the good ol' days!"

May is jumping for joy, "Yay, a new adventure. You up for it, Tails?"

Tails smiles, "Am I? I can't wait!"

Max cheers, "I can't wait either! I can finally train with my Ralts while traveling with you guys."

Dawn pumps up, "This is great, Knuckles. More chances for us to train together, and win."

Knuckles also pumps up, "Yeah, it's time to party!"

Luigi joins, "You can count us in, too."

Mario announces, "Alright, listen up everyone. Tell all your families about this trip. Get yourselves packed and ready. Bring all of your food, supplies, and any necessary stuff. And of course, your best Pokémon, too."

Ash tells everyone, "Well, it looks like this will be our first adventure, together. This will be our greatest adventure, as well. So, in 5 days, get ready for our new adventure in PLATINUM RAINBOW ISLAND!"

Everyone screams, "YEAAAAAH!"

And so, our Heroes will now start a brand new adventure. They will meet new friends, new rivals, and new challenges up ahead. What mysteries are in Platinum Rainbow Island, and what will be coming up in the Platinum Rain Region. Find out... Wait, what's this?

Jessie laughs, "Hahahaha! So, the twerps are going to Platinum Rainbow Island, huh?"

Meowth recalls, "In the Platinum Rain Region."

James says, "Hmm, not much is known about that area."

Meowth says, "It doesn't matter. As long as we get that Pesky Pikachu!"

Jessie smiles, "And with our newest partner to the team, we will have a better chance of winning. Isn't that right, Shadow?"

Shadow smiles, "That's right. I'll help you guys get the Pikachu, so we can impress the boss. Hehehehehe!"

Team Rocket does their wicked evil laugh!

Oh noes, Shadow the Hedgehog has joined Team Rocket. I thought he was supposed to be on the good side. What is the story behind this 'betrayal'? Find out next time!

PDA777: And that's it. Shadow, why would betray Zoey like that? I thought you loved her.

Wow... I really need someone else to talk to in these segments. I think I could find someone in the near future (winks).

Anyway, see you all next time. Ciao!

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