Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in the Pokémon Anime, any of the characters from the Video Game Universes (Mario, Sonic, Touhou, ect), or anything of the Pokémon world besides Fan-Made places.

PDA777: Hello everyone, this is PDA, and welcome back to more Heroes Destiny.

Asura94: I'm ready for more intense action. Let's get going already!

Batthan: Patience, young Jedi. The force will come shortly.

Asura94: Ahhhh... what?

PDA777: Anyway... Today's episode is for the anticipated PokéRinger Competition. Each participant must use two Pokémon to face off, which means even more strategy than ever before.

AlexA5L: And we have some exciting matchups which will go down. One of them is Paul with his newest Hero Pokémon, Jet. And it appears that Jet has a special surprise in store for our competing Heroes.

Batthan: And, I also have an encounter with the ladies around the city. Looks like popularity with me being the Champion has reached an all time high!

PDA777: And as you'll soon see, popularity has its ups... and its downs. All of this and more starts up right now! Enjoy!

(The Audience claps)

The Heroes and Villains Current Pokémon


Ash Ketchum (HB1- Ash's Love Bond):

Hero Pokémon- Blaze the Cat (HB1) (SF) (TR): From the Sonic Series. A Pyromancer who specializes in making powerful tornados. She lives in a separate planet from the one where Sonic lives. Uses the power of the Sol Emeralds.

Hero Pokémon 2- Reimu Hakurei (HB1) (SF) (Youkai Partner: Yukari Yakumo): Star of the Touhou Series! Occupation is the Hakurei Shrine. A Shrine Maiden with mystical powers, including the use of Amulets, Spell Cards, and the Fantasy Magic. She can call on Yukari, a Youkai who controls and manipulates the boundaries of just about anything. Yukari is able to call on two Shikigami (Slave-like beings) of her own.

Lifelong Friend- Pikachu

Pokémon 2- Bayleef

Pokémon 3- Bulbasaur

Pokémon 4- Tododile

Pokémon 5- Charizard

Pokémon 6- Pidgeot

Pokémon 7- Gabite

Misty (HB1- Ash's Love Bond):

Hero Pokémon- Sonic the Hedgehog (HB1) (HF) (TRS): Everyone's Favorite Hedgehog! Runs at the Speed of Sound, specializes in spinning techniques, speed moves, Water and Ice attacks, and the ultimate power of transformation! He also comes with a variety of different abilities that he has gotten during his past adventures. Sonic is the first Hero Pokémon introduced in the Hero Pokémon Series!

Hero Pokémon 2- Kaguya Houraisan (HB1): From the Touhou Series. A Lunarian Princess from the moon who can use Rainbow based Danmaku and the Divine Treasure Spell Cards. Very Powerful and is Immortal! Shares the power with Eirin to call up on two rabbits, Reisen and Tewi.

Lifelong Friend- Togetic

Pokémon 2- Golduck

Pokémon 3- Starmie

Pokémon 4- Gyarados

Pokémon 5- Goldeen

Pokémon 6- Politoed

Pokémon 7- Jigglypuff

Brock (HB3- Brock's Elegant Bond):

Hero Pokémon- Super Mario (HB3): Everyone's Favorite Plumber! Uses Jumping moves, Hammer Moves, Fire Powers, and many special techniques.

Hero Pokémon 2- Sakuya Izayoi (HB3) (Youkai Partner: Remilia Scarlet): From the Touhou Series. A Maid who loves to do housework, including cleaning and preparing meals for humans and Pokémon alike. She can use knives and can stop time. Sakuya can call on Remilia, a powerful Vampire who runs the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and can manipulate fate to many, except for a certain select few.

Lifelong Friend- Steelix

Pokémon 2- Geodude

Pokémon 3- Crobat

Pokémon 4- Happiny

Pokémon 5- Marshtomp

Pokémon 6- Croagunk

Pokémon 7- ?


Hero Pokémon- Tails the Fox (SF): From the Sonic Series. He has the power to fly with his two tails as a propeller. He is very smart and is a mecha-mechanic. Controls Electricity. Tails is the second star Hero Pokémon introduced in the Hero Pokémon Series.

Hero Pokémon 2- Marisa Kirisame (Youkai Partner: Alice Margatroid): Co-Star of the Touhou Series. Marisa is a magician who can use a wide variety of magic, including stars, beams, missiles, and powerful Spell Cards. She can call on Alice, a fellow magician who can use doll magic.

Hero Pokémon 3- Ilyana: From the Fire Emblem Series. A Sage who loves to eat all sorts of food and lots of it. Specializes in Thunder (Electric) Magic.

Lifelong Friend- Blaziken

Pokémon 2- Beautifly

Pokémon 3- Skitty

Pokémon 4- Glaceon

Pokémon 5- Venusaur

Pokémon 6- Wartortle

Pokémon 7- Manaphy


Hero Pokémon- Super Luigi: Mario's Younger brother. Luigi can jump, hammer, and do special electric techniques.

Hero Pokémon 2- Youmu Konpaku (Youkai Partner: Yuyuko Saigyouji): From the Touhou Series. Youmu is a Half-Ghost, Half-Human being who can use her swords greatly. Slashing is her deal with her Spell Cards as well. Her ghost half is usually called Myon by most people. She also does gardening as a side job. She can call up Yuyuko, a full ghost who uses magic based on magic butterflies, beams, and her special fan control. She runs the shrine of the Hakugyokurou. Can manipulate life and death.

Lifelong Friend- Ralts

Pokémon 2- Munchlax

Pokémon 3- Magby

Pokémon 4- ?

Pokémon 5- ?

Pokémon 6- ?

Pokémon 7- ?


Hero Pokémon- Knuckles the Echidna (SF) (TR): From the Sonic Series. Knuckles can do martial arts, is very powerful, is a punching master, digger, climber, glider, and does fire attacks. He protects and controls the Master Emerald. Knuckles is the third star Hero Pokémon introduced in the Hero Pokémon Series.

Hero Pokémon 2- Eirin Yagokoro: From the Touhou Series. Sakuya's

Sister. A Lunarian from the moon who is a nurse and has special healing techniques. She can use her Bow and Arrow to attack, as well as her medicine and her Spell Cards. Creator of the Hourai Elixir, the ultimate medicine capable of making anyone immortal. Shares the power with Kaguya to call up on two rabbits, Reisen and Tewi.

Lifelong Friend- Prinplup

Pokémon 2- Buneary

Pokémon 3- Ambipom

Pokémon 4- Pachirisu

Pokémon 5- Mamoswine

Pokémon 6- Cyndaquil

Pokémon 7- ?

Batthan (HB2- Batthan's Promise Bond):

Hero Pokémon- Silver the Hedgehog (HB2) (SF) (TR): From the Sonic Series. He is a hedgehog that came from the future of Sonic's world. He can use Psychic powers to lift objects and levitate him and others nearby. Like Blaze, he uses the Sol Emeralds, but he can also use the Chaos Emeralds.

Hero Pokémon 2- Sanae Kochiya (Youkai Partners: Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya) (HB2): From the Touhou Series. A Shrine maiden like Reimu who occupies the Moriya Shrine. Her power controls the Wind, and uses Amulets, Star shaped attacks, and uses Spell Cards mostly based on her powers of Wind, Water, and Lasers. Has the power to create miracles. Also is an excellent Supporter. She can summon two different Youkai Partners. Kanako, the current Moriya Goddess with the power to manipulate Wind and Rain, her symbol of attacks being snakes, and can create skies. And Suwako, the former Moriya Goddess with the power to manipulate mountains, her symbol of attacks being frogs, and can summon curse gods.

Hero Pokémon 3- Meta Knight (HB2): From the Kirby Series. He is a Star Warrior who once lived in Dream Land. He was once an adversary to Kirby, but are now friends, and he helps protect Dream Land from evil. He has his Galaxia, a Golden sword with small spikes protruding from it. It is a powerful sword, which gives him quite a few special moves to perform. He has his Dimensional Cape, a powerful weapon that also gives him bat-like wings, allowing him to fly. He also owns an airship, known as the Battleship Halbert.

Lifelong Friend- Raichu (ShinyShock)

Pokémon 2- Weavile (Slasher)

Pokémon 3- Staraptor (Mikey)

Pokémon 4- Tyranitar (Rocky)

Pokémon 5- Dragonite (Scarlet)

Pokémon 6- Lucario (Leo)

Pokémon 7- Skuntank (Charlie)

Zoey (HB2- Batthan's Promise Bond):

Hero Pokémon- Shadow the Hedgehog (HB2) (SF) (TR): From the Sonic Series. He is a hedgehog who was created by Dr. Eggman's grandfather, Dr. Gerald Robotnic. He can run/skate very fast, has the ability to use shooting weapons, rides all kinds of vehicles, and uses Chaos Magic.

Hero Pokémon 2- Charmy the Bee (HB2): From the Sonic Series. He is one of the members from the legendary Team Chaotix, alongside Vector and Espio, who are special detectives, and has their own band as well. He has the power to control bees and other strange powers.

Pokémon 1- Glameow

Pokémon 2- Misdreavus

Pokémon 3- Gastrodon (West Sea)

Pokémon 4- Lumineon

Pokémon 5- Gardevoir

Pokémon 6- Glaceon

Pokémon 7- ?

Claire Joy (HB3- Brock's Elegant Bond):

Hero Pokémon- VIVIT (HB3): From the Seihou Series. She is human-model android who excels in combat and as a maid. She was created by a cyborg called Erich, who modeled VIVIT after her daughter, Vivit, got into a strange accident. She is powered by Sabaton energy, and sometimes uses it for combat.

Lifelong Friend- Blissey

Pokémon 2- ?

Pokémon 3- ?

Pokémon 4- ?

Pokémon 5- ?

Pokémon 6- ?

Pokémon 7- ?


Hero Pokémon- Cream the Rabbit and Cheese: From the Sonic Series. Cream is a rabbit that is innocent and sweet as can be. She dislikes fighting and cares for her friends greatly. Has a crush on Tails. Her powers consist of using her close Chao partner, Cheese, and using Cheering attacks to boost the power of her allies and lower the power of her enemies.

Hero Pokémon 2- Tenshi Hinanawi (Youkai Partner: Iku Nagae): From the Touhou Series. Tenshi is a Celestial who lives in Heaven, striving for the rest of her days to be relaxing and full of parties. But, she wants excitement in her life, so she decided to live on earth without causing too much trouble. With her sword, she has the power to summon Keystones to attack and defend, controls the weather to her whims, and can cause powerful earthquakes and earth based attacks. She can also be defensive, as she loves to takes powerful hits from opponents and still have the energy to fight back. She can summon Iku, an Oarfish Youkai and a messenger of the Dragon palace who travels from the clouds by swimming through them. Has the ability to read the atmosphere to tell things like when a powerful earthquake could unexpectedly hit. Can use and create Lightning based attacks. Loves to dance.

Lifelong Friend- Bellossom (Lola)

Pokémon 2- Skarmory (SuperSkarm)

Pokémon 3- Metagross (Rise N' Steel)

Pokémon 4- Milotic (Milly)

Pokémon 5- Flareon (Sorcery)

Pokémon 6- Nidoqueen (Rennie)

Pokémon 7- Celebi (Petalbee)

Alex Lorado

Hero Pokémon- Amaterasu Okami: From the Okami Series. She is a white wolf and a transformation of the Sun Goddess who once protected the land of Nippon. As her name hints, she specializes in using Fire based attacks. Being the Sun Goddess, she has the ability to turn night into day. She also has the power to call upon the Celestial Brush, which can give various bonuses to her and her allies. She can also use the Divine Instruments to enhance battle performances.

Hero Pokémon 2- Chibiterasu Okami: From the Okami Series. He is a Celestial Wolf puppy and the son of Amaterasu. Like her mother, he is able to use the Celestial Brush to aid him and others, as well as the Divine Instruments. Just being a pup, though, he is not as powerful as her mother. However, he is able to summon familiar allies to aid him in battle.

Lifelong Friend- Pichu (Jaden)

Pokémon 2- Typhlosion (Axel)

Pokémon 3- Espeon (Kari)

Pokémon 4- Honchkrow (Shadow)

Pokémon 5- Lucario (Lance)

Pokémon 6- Milotic (Fiona)

Pokémon 7- Flygon (Sora)


Team Rocket's 1st Vile Pokémon- Bowser: The Main Villain from the Mario Series. The King of Koopas. He's a powerhouse who can do a lot of strong attacks. He can also summon minions to his side.

Team Rocket's 2nd Vile Pokémon- Dr. Eggman: The Main Villain from the Sonic Series. He is a genius who can come up with great plans. He uses a Special Steel Armor so he can battle himself. He's also able to build robots and high class machines.

Team Rocket's 3rd Vile Pokémon- Flandre Scarlet: From the Touhou Series. A powerful vampire and relation to Remilia as her younger sister. She's a playful destruction girl who is very dangerous. Her Spell Cards are all about destruction and can cause serious damage.

Team Rocket's Lifelong Partner Pokémon- Meowth


Lifelong Friend- Wobbuffet

Pokémon 2- Seviper

Pokémon 3- Yanmega

Pokémon 4- Arbok

Pokémon 5- Dustox

Pokémon 6- Blissey

Pokémon 7- ?


Lifelong Friend- Growlithe

Pokémon 2- Mime Jr.

Pokémon 3- Carnivine

Pokémon 4- Weezing

Pokémon 5- Chimecho

Pokémon 6- Cacnea

Pokémon 7- ?

Special Guests: None


HB- Hero Bond

SF-Hero able to Turn into their Second Form.

HF-Hero able to Turn into their Second and Third Form.

TR- Hero able to change into various different forms that alter their abilities.

TRS- Hero able to change and upgrade the power of these various different forms.

Known Traveling Heroes:

Sabrina and Salem


Hero Pokémon- Rouge the Bat: From the Sonic Series. She is a great spy and a very sneaky character whose stealing capabilities are very high. In addition, her kick moves are powerful and she's able to absorb energy.

Pokémon 1- Spiritomb

Pokémon 2- Roserade

Pokémon 3- Togekiss

Pokémon 4- Lucario

Pokémon 5- Milotic

Pokémon 6- Garchomp

Pokémon 7- Gastrodon (West Sea)

The Heroes Current Collection


Platinum Rain Region League:

1st Badge- AquaFrost Badge (Marine- Water and Ice; Cirno)

2nd Badge- Tai Chi Badge (Vegeta- Fighting; Hong)

3rd Badge- Fanfare Badge (Wingnee- Normal and Flying; Hatate and Momiji)

4th Badge- ?

5th Badge- ?

6th Badge- ?

7th Badge- ?

8th Badge- ?

Platinum Rain Battle Frontier:

1st Symbol- ?

2nd Symbol- ?

3rd Symbol- ?

4th Symbol- ?

5th Symbol- ?

6th Symbol- ?

7th Symbol- ?


Platinum Rain Pokémon Contests:

1st Ribbon- Directamo Ribbon

2nd Ribbon- ?

3rd Ribbon- ?

4th Ribbon- ?

5th Ribbon- ?


Platinum Rain Pokémon Contests:

1st Ribbon- Seihou Ribbon

2nd Ribbon- ?

3rd Ribbon- ?

4th Ribbon- ?

5th Ribbon- ?

Episode 31: PokéRinger Party: Flying Time Flight

Location: Sky High City

Our Heroes are still in Sky High City. A few of them are preparing for the upcoming PokéRinger competition that's to happen today.

Ash is making sure that his Charizard and Pidgeot are raring to go. Reimu is still bummed out that she wasn't able to participate with her partner.

Ash says to them, "Alright! Charizard, Pidgeot, let's see some speed!"

Charizard roars as he moves quickly from one location to the other.

Pidgeot shows off how fast he is and is clearly proven to be the faster of the two, which Charizard being the more powerful one.

Ash calls, "Now, let's see some power. Charizard, Flamethrower! Pidgeot, Aerial Ace!"

Charizard shoots out a huge and powerful burst of fire into the air. Pidgeot is extremely swift and strong with the awesomeness that is Aerial Ace.

Ash cheers, "Yes! Now that's what I'm talking about!"

Blaze assures, "With Pidgeot's amazing speed, and Charizard's amazing power, you're a shoe in to win, Ash."

Ash says, "Thanks, Blaze. But, I know that May and Tina will not be easy. And I know... that Paul has Jet on his side..."

Sonic says, "I wish I can help you. My abilities would really come in handy. Though, none of my different forms and transformations make me a flying type..."

Reimu sighs, "Not like it matters. Ash doesn't want to use Hero Pokémon, anyway..."

Kaguya asks, "Reimu, are you still depressed that Ash doesn't want to use you in the PokéRinger!"

Reimu yells a little, "What do you think?!"

Kaguya sweatdrops, "Well geez... you didn't have to yell at me..."

Reimu sighs again, "Sorry, Kaguya. It's just... it has been one of my dreams to compete in the PokéRinger. Flying around, beating all of the flying types who get in my way, hearing the announcer go GOOOOOOOOOOAL when I shoot the ring into the target. I saw those competitions on TV some time ago, and it made me so happy. I was hoping when I found my partner, that it was one of those... special things that I could do in my life. And now... I'll have to wait for that dream..."

Kaguya frowns, "Awww, poor Reimu."

Misty whispers, "Hey, Ash, maybe you should let her participate. She always wanted to do this."

Ash says, "Well, I would have let her participate, but she declined, saying that I already made my earlier decision to win without using Hero Pokémon."

Misty says, "Wow, really? Hmm..."

Misty and Ash look at the depressed Reimu. Batthan, from a slight distance, is also noticing the situation.

Batthan speaks lightly, "Poor, Reimu. All she wanted to do was to fulfill that special dream of hers... Hmm..."

Suddenly, he thinks of an excellent idea, one that just might surprise everyone!

Meanwhile, May talks to Tails and Beautifly before the upcoming competition.

May speaks, "Do you two think you're ready for the PokéRinger?"

Tails nods, "I am!"

Beautifly cheers, "Beautifly!"

May says, "Great! I'll be counting on both of you to take home the win."

Tails cheers, "Yeah!"

And Tina is also speaking to Skarmory and Cream & Cheese.

Tina smiles, "Looks like you're ready to go, Cream."

Cream smiles, "I certainly am, Tina. Cheese is ready as well."

Cheese says happily, "Chao Chao Chao Chao!"

Skarmory says, "Skaaaaarm!"

Tina notices, "Looks like you're ready as well, SuperSkarm. Think you'll be able to handle the rough competition, Cream?"

Cream says, "It'll be kind of tough, but I think I can do it. With SuperSkarm and Cheese at my side, we can win!"

Tina ponders, "That's the spirit, Cream! Hmm..."

Cream says, "What is it, Tina?"

Tina recalls, "Blaze said that James from Team Rocket participated in the other two competitions as well. And I did remember something else. Batthan told me that it was Jessie from Team Rocket who actually participated in an earlier Pokémon contest."

Cream says, "Ohhhh?"

Tina adds, "And they did that... without doing any bad stuff. This makes me wonder... Are they really that bad? Is it really right for them to truly be bad guys? ... It seems like they're at the wrong side, maybe..."

Cream wonders, "Wow... could that really be true?"

Cheese ponders, "Chao?"

Tenshi thought, "Hmm... I'm been thinking about the same thing, too."

Tina's party thinks heavily on that subject.

And speaking of which, James is also getting ready for the PokéRinger.

James sneezes, "Aaachoooo!"

But first, it would seem he would have a run-in with a rather peculiar sneeze.

Jessie says, "Bless you."

James ponders, "Thanks. Hmmm... could someone be talking about me?"

Meowth asks, "Could you be talking about that old sneeze superstition?"

Flandre questions, "Sneeze Superstition? What's that?"

Meowth explains, "Well, it is represented by a person talking about you in some way. If you sneeze one time, they were saying something good about you. If you sneeze two times, they were saying something bad about you."

Flandre says, "So, you think someone was saying something good about James?"

James smiles, "Well, that would be a first."

Bowser wonders, "Now why would anyone want to say something good about James?"

James guesses, "Maybe it was the boss!"

Jessie sweatdrops, "Unlikely."

Flandre guessed, "Maybe it was one of the twerps!"

Team Rocket ponders for a second, then denies it, "Naaaaah!"

James says, "In any case, the PokéRinger is coming up shortly. It's time for me to proceed onward."

Jessie wishes, "Good luck, James. Win it for the food!"

Flandre cheers, "Yaaaay! All of that lovely delicious food for us all."

Bowser asks, "Food, what food?"

Eggman asks, "Didn't you hear about the prizes for the PokéRinger?"

Bowser says, "Uhhh, not really..."

Eggman explains, "It's in the advertising sheet. The winner of the PokéRinger competition becomes an Honorary Citizen of Sky High City if you aren't one already. That means no complications if you want to live here. The winner also receives a huge supply of delicious food and 1000 Poke."

Bowser smiles, "Wow, talk about a good amount of prizes. We would be set with food for a long, long time if James wins."

Eggman smiles, "That's what we're hoping for, Bowser, my boy!"

James says, "It's show time!"

There is still some time before the competition. Batthan, Zoey, and Tina decide to walk and talk for awhile and get something to eat along the way. With them are Silver and Sanae. The rest of the Heroes are either doing something else, or are joining the group who will be sitting to enjoy the PokéRinger.

After hearing what happened involving Shadow and Team Rocket, Tina exclaims, "Wow, so that's what happened with Shadow!"

Zoey adds, "And to this day, we really don't know how it all started in the first place."

Silver also adds, "It really boggles the mind..."

Batthan assures, "But not to worry. As long as I'm around, nothing like that should ever happen again."

"Look, it's Batthan!" A woman shouts.

Batthan says, "Huh?"

When a woman shouted, many of the women approach and gather around Batthan suddenly, with love and interest in mind.

Batthan sweatdrops, "Hey! What's up, ladies?"

"Oh come on, don't me so modest, Mr. Champion." The same woman who initially shouted says.

Batthan says, "Ehhh?"

"Isn't it obvious? You are the Champion of the Platinum Rain Region. So, of course, you are famous!" A young woman in a red dress says.

"Yeah, so... could you give us your autograph?" Another young woman in a green dress asks.

Batthan says, "Autographs? Well, I don't know..."

"Please!" All of the woman beg.

"Hmm..." Batthan took a moment to think about the situation. He could give them all their autographs, but instead, uses something that not only took less time to do, but also trumps autographs tenfold!

"So, will you do it?" A young woman in a yellow and pink dress wonders.

Batthan winks, "I have a better idea! Ladies, watch, as I will show you all an experience that is much better than a silly autograph!"

The women wonder what power he mentions.

Batthan turns on the charm in his eyes and activates his eyes power, changing his eye color to pink.

Batthan explains, "I call this... Gleaming Attraction!"

Silver wonders, "Gleaming Attraction? I don't think I've ever heard him name his power."

The women around him scream of love and affection towards Batthan. Hearts are around their eyes as they are absolutely amazed of his power.

"Woooooow!" A woman in a Blue shirt says.

"So amazing!" A woman in a Purple and Gold shirt gleams.

"His eyes are so adorable!" The woman in yellow and pink dress glees.

Zoey facepalms, "Oh, boy. He would do anything to please his fans...

Tina gleams, "Why are you so depressed, Zoey? His eyes are awe inspiring! His eyes give off so much love... it makes me feel soooo good!"

Sanae agrees and gleams, "I totally agree!"

Silver sighs, "Girls..."

Sanae asks him, "You're totally jealous, aren't you, Silver?"

Silver counters, "Jealous, please! I wouldn't want a strange power like that. Besides... I only have one girl in my mind... Hehehe..."

Sanae smiles, "Oooh, who is it?"

Silver stutters, "Y-y-y-you don't need to know that... yet."

"Awww... you're no fun, Silver." Sanae pouts.

Zoey sighs and walks up to his beloved, "Alright, I think that's enough impressing the crowd, Batthan."

Batthan disagrees, "Awww, but I'm trying to impress my fans."

Zoey reminds, "Impress your fans another time. We need to get some food in our bellies. I'm starving."

Batthan says, "Alright!"

Batthan's eyes return to normal. All of the women are depressed that it's over.

"Awwww..." Is the word being heard by the women.

Batthan explains, "Sorry ladies, even the Champion has things he has to do."

Zoey nods, "Yeah, so if you'll excuse us..."

The woman wearing the Platinum shirt, also the same one who first spotted Batthan, questions Zoey, "Hold on. Just out of curiosity, who are you suppose to be?"

Zoey says, "I'm Zoey, and he happens to be my boyfriend."

The Platinum woman questions, "Boyfriend? Oh, please... Batthan, do you honestly think she's good enough to be your girlfriend?"

"What's that suppose to mean, huh?" Zoey questions.

The Platinum woman proclaims, "Batthan, you deserve more than her attention!"

The other women around her completely agree.

Zoey steams, "Grrrr..."

Batthan stood there, sweatdropping, unable to give a response.

The Platinum shirt lady asks, "If you're really good enough to be his girlfriend, than you must be very powerful."

Zoey exclaims, "Of course I am!"

A woman wearing a green shirt asks, "Batthan, who is that hedgehog and that shrine maiden looking girl?"

Batthan notices that a woman has asked her a question and answers, "Oh, them? They are my Hero Pokémon!"

The women all become impressed. The Platinum woman asks, "You have Hero Pokémon? You are so amazing, Batthan!"

Batthan adds, "He's not with me at the moment, but I do have one more Hero Pokémon as well."

The women all glee with joy and love. A woman wearing a blue shirt says, "He has three Hero Pokémon? He truly is a Champion!"

Zoey pouts, "I have Hero Pokémon, too, you know. Two to be exact."

The Platinum shirt woman questions, "Oh, really? Well, where are they?"

Zoey says, "Ummm... well... they're not with me right not, but..."

The Platinum woman figures, "HA! I bet you're lying! You don't have Hero Pokémon, do you?"

Zoey says, "I'm not lying..."

The Platinum woman asks, "Batthan, really think about this, are you... truly happy being with this girl?"

Batthan turns around to face Zoey with uncertainty, "Well... uhh..."

Zoey exclaims, "WHAT? Are you thinking I'm not the one for you, Batthan?"

Batthan says "I didn't say anything, Zoey..."

Zoey becomes angry and sad at the time. She starts crying and runs away from him.

Batthan calls, "Zoey!"

The Platinum shirt lady suggests, "Batthan, do yourself a favor, and find someone who's truly worth your time and attention."

All of the ladies walk away after that. Batthan, Tina, Silver and Sanae all become depressed.

Sanae asks, "Wha... What just happened?"

Silver shakes his head, "Fangirls... They would do anything to have the attention of Batthan. They think that... Zoey isn't the one for Batthan."

Sanae proclaims, "They're wrong! Zoey is truly worthy for him. And they love each other, right?"

Tina sighs, "This isn't the love that I had anticipated. They weren't nice at all for beating on Zoey like that. They make me sick..."

Batthan ponders in thought, "I wonder... is Zoey... really not the one for me?"

Tina notices his pondering.

Batthan continues, "Was I... wrong this whole time? ... Are Zoey and I... not destined to be together?"

Tina pouts and slaps Batthan rather hard in his face.

Batthan cringes, "Owww, T-T-Tina, was what that for?"

Tina saddens and looks at his eyes, "I'm sorry, E.T., but... I can't believe what I'm hearing. This isn't like you!"

Batthan says, "Huh?"

Tina reminds, "... Didn't you, Zoey, and all of your Hero Pokémon formed a Hero Bond?"

Batthan answers, "... Yes!"

Tina asks, "So, doesn't that mean you love Zoey with all of your heart?"

Batthan answers, "... I do!"

Tina supports, "Don't listen to what other people think! If you love Zoey, then defend her... You should have said something to your fans. They would have understood, I'm sure!"

Batthan realizes, "Ugh... You're right, Tina! What was I thinking?"

Tina touches his face in comfort, "First thing... go get her back, E.T.!"

Batthan nods, "... Yeah!"

Batthan is about to go to Zoey, but first, he says, "Sorry, I guess we won't join you for lunch, Tina. Silver, Sanae, go with Tina. I need to talk to her... alone.

Silver nods, "Alright."

Sanae says, "If you say so, Batthan."

Tina points, "Go on..."

Batthan nods and runs off to find Zoey.

It is nearing the time for the competition. All of our spectating Heroes are sitting, preparing to watch, except for Batthan and Zoey, who are sorting out their problem.

Brock smiles, "PokéRinger is so awesome!"

Reimu frowns, "I really wish I could compete..."

Misty comforts Reimu, "Please try to cheer up, Reimu. You'll get your chance, eventually."

Sonic nods, "Yeah! So, just don't worry about that, and let's cheer for our friends, okay?"

Reimu sighs, "Alright. I try..."

Claire asks, "Alex, who are you going to cheer for to win?"

Alex answers, "Huh? Well... Of course, I would want at least one of our friends to win. But... I kind of want May to win the most..."

Claire smirks, "Ohh? I wonder why, exactly?"

"Huh? ... Well, not... any particular reason, really..." Alex slightly flusters.

Amaterasu notices, "Alex..."

Dawn looks around, "Hey, where's Batthan and Zoey at?"

Silver answers, "They have some... issues they have to deal with."

Dawn says, "Issues?"

Silver clarifies, "Something happened today. I'll tell you about it later."

Dawn says, "Oh, alright."

Also here, are the Sailor Scouts, who are also watching the competition at the area, but in a different location.

Serena giggles, "Ohh, yay! This is gonna be so awesome!"

Raye says, "Fierce competition is what I enjoy the most. I can't wait to see some awesome action out there!"

Amy points out, "According to what I've read up, a few of our friends that we met not too long are going to be in this competition."

Rini asks, "Does that include that Tina girl I saw earlier?"

Amy nods, "That's right, Rini."

Rini cheers, "Yaaay! I hope she wins it all!"

Amara smiles, "It's nice to be able to relax like this. Enjoying some friendly competition like this is great to do for a change."

Michelle agrees, "Yes, especially with what happened recently."

And at the waiting room, Ash sighs and ponders, "I'm starting to regret not bringing Reimu along, now!"

Tina cheers him, "Come on, Ash, do not worry. Reimu will be just fine. Just do what you wanted to do in the first place."

Ash says, "I suppose you have a point, Tina."

May thinks, "Ash, Reimu would want you to have fun while we do our thing out there. So, just have fun, and Reimu will enjoy the competition."

Ash nods, "Okay."

Jet smirks, "Heh, I still can't believe Ash is not going to bring any Hero Pokémon with him. Does he think that he can win with me around?"

Paul warns, "Don't underestimate him. Ash... is stronger than me. I think... he's going to be our biggest competition."

Jet notices, "I see that Tails and Cream are competing as well. They are from my world. So, it seems their partners will not be so easy, either."

Paul says, "Yeah..."

James sighs and ponders in thought, "Jess, it seems that all of my past competition are back. And... it looks like that Tina girl is in it as well. I really hope that both Dustox and Yanmega have what it takes to win. Let's do our best!"

James's companions are all there, about to watch James.

Jessie ponders in thought, "James, I know you can win. Good luck..."

Flandre cheers, "Yay! I hope James wins it all."

Eggman looks around, "Wow, it's amazing how many people are around to watch this competition."

Bowser agrees, "With a city called Sky High City, it's not surprising, really."

Meowth adds, "And besides, this is actually where the PokéRinger competition originated from."

Eggman blinks, "Wow, really? Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what all the hub-bub is with this... PokéRinger."

Meowth points out, "Trust me, Eggman, all of the flying type lovers always dreamed of playing this game. Kind of makes me wish I can fly."

Flandre sweatdrops, "Well, even if you could, you would have to be a Flying type. Still, this should be a lot of fun to see."

Wobbuffet pops in and says, "Woooobbuffet!"

The competition is ready to begin. The audience cheers as Wingnee, the Gym Leader, with Hatate, appears to announce the entire competition.

Wingnee happily announces, "Hi, everyone. I welcome you all to our semi-annual PokéRinger Competition! We're so glad to have so many of you here today to watch the action take at hand, and we're also glad to those who are watching at home as well. We have a real fierce competition this time around. And I can assure you, that we're gonna see some very close matches today.

"As for how this competition works, well... we have 32 people with their Pokémon that are ready to go. And for this competition, we use two Pokémon to face off instead of the usual one. This means more strategies that are required and teamwork is absolutely necessary to win. The winner receives the Platinum PokéRinger Trophy, becomes an honorary citizen of Sky High City if they aren't already, receives a Year's supply of Berries, and finally, 1000 Poke. The runner up will also receive something as well. So, sit back, and let the making of Flying Pokémon awesomeness commence!"

The audience cheers loudly and proudly for the start of the PokéRinger competition.

Kaguya ponders, "Just out of curiosity, what's so special about being a citizen of a city? Couldn't they just do that normally?"

Sakuya answers, "There are benefits to this, Kaguya. For one, if you ever wanted to live here, the process is automatic and takes little time at all. And two, they say you receive special discounts for finding housing if you are an Honorary Citizen. Plus, if you're from out of town and you love everything Flying types, this is like a dream come true to them."

Kaguya says, "I guess you're right. Still seems kind of a silly reward to me."

At the very first match, a man with a Pelipper and a Swellow faces off against a woman with a Vespiquen and a Staraptor.

A small Hot Air Balloon is released with a ring. The object is for the team to get their ring into their team colored ring net. The man has the red net and the woman has the blue net. The team to get the ring into the net wins the match and moves on the next round.

When the whistle blows, the four Pokémon rush in to retrieve the ring! Swellow is faster than Pelipper, and Staraptor is faster than Vespiquen, so the faster Pokémon go after the ring, while the other Pokémon assist then in how ever way they can.

In this scenario, Swellow barely manages to obtain the ring, first! Staraptor chases after Swellow as Swellow heads to their Team Ring Net!

Pelipper uses Water Gun to slow down Staraptor, allowing Swellow to get a straight shot to the goal! But, Vespiquen uses Power Gem to make Swellow release the ring from its beak! Vespiquen grabs the ring and process to their goal.

Pelipper uses Hydro Pump to attack Vespiquen, but she throws the ring to Staraptor before taking the hit! Staraptor is almost to the goal! But, Swellow intervenes by using Brave Bird to take the ring back! But, Staraptor does a well timed Double Team to dodge the attack! Swellow tries to find the real Staraptor, but as Swellow finds it, it was too late! Staraptor drops the ring onto the Blue Net and sign in the net flashes 'Goal'!

At the same time, Wingnee shouts, "Goooooooooal! Staraptor and Vespiquen's teamwork allows their team to move on the second round!"

The audience gives off a big cheer!

Reimu smiles, "Wow... the thrill of the PokéRinger is so high. I love it!"

Misty giggles, "It's great to finally see Reimu be so happy."

Kaguya nods, "Yeah, I was kind of worried about her. But, this competition can totally cheer her up! Hey, it's gotten me totally excited!"

We see each of our important competitors dominating the first round. Ash, Tina, May, James, and Paul all manage to get through the first round.

The second round begins! Ash, Tina, and Paul cleans the board and moves on to the Quarterfinals. As for May and Tina, well, they will have to face off against each other to see who joins them.

Wingnee announces, "Our next match is May against Tina. Both of these competitors have Hero Pokémon, so this outta be a close match."

May says, "Looks like it's you against me, Tina. Good luck!"

Tina smiles, "You, too, May!"

They shake hands and they get ready to start their match.

May brings out, "Tails, Beautifly, take the stage!"

Tails and Beautiful appear out of their Pokéballs.

Tina brings out, "Cream, SuperSkarm, let's get it on!"

Cream, Cheese, and her Skarmory appear out of their Pokéballs.

The Balloon with the Ring is in the air.

Wingnee announces, "Get ready... Get set... GO!"

The whistle blows and the Pokémon are off. May's team is red. It would seem that Beautifly is going after the ring. Tina's team is blue. SuperSkarm is going after the ring.

Tina grins, "My SuperSkarm is faster than your Beautifly, May!"

May smiles, "I wouldn't say that, Tina. Beautifly, into your position!"

Beautifly prepares her wings for something.

May calls, "Now, Tails, give Beautifly a boost with your Propeller Tailwind!"

Tails' tails creates a burst of wind that gives Beautifly a huge boost of speed. With a surprise to SuperSkarm, Beautifly manages to get in front of him and takes the ring, first.

Tina sweatdrops, "Well, I didn't see that coming... Still, my SuperSkarm can catch up!"

Beautifly holds on to the ring in her antennas. But, SuperSkarm is catching up quickly.

Tina calls, "Get that ring from her, SuperSkarm. Use your Aerial Ace!"

SuperSkarm rushes in very quickly.

May calls, "Throw the ring to Tails, Beautifly!'

Beautifly manages to throw the ring before she got hit from Aerial Ace. The ring is heading towards Tails.

Tina calls, "Don't let Tails get the ring, SuperSkarm. Steel Wind!"

SuperSkarm glows his wings to attack Tails before he gets the ring!

May intercepts, "Not so fast, Tina! Beautifly, String Shot her Skarmory!"

Beautifly shoots out web strings to tangle down SuperSkarm for a little bit. This allows Tails to grab the ring.

May cheers, "Alright!"

Tina calls, "Cream, don't let Tails get away. Whack him with your Chao Hammer!"

Cream nods, "Alright!"

Cream transforms Cheese into a hammer and whacks the ring out of his hand. Cream catches the ring and they proceeds to the Blue net.

May calls, "Get the ring back, Tails! Thunder Shoot!"

Tails turns into a ball, and surrounds himself with electricity! He quickly rushes in to attack Cream and takes the ring back.

Tina calls, "SuperSkarm, let's help out Cream!"

SuperSkarm breaks out of the String Shot and goes in to assist Cream.

May calls, "Stop her Skarmory, Beautifly! Psychic!"

Beautifly shoots out a burst of Psychic energy to stop SuperSkarm.

Tina counters, "Dodge and attack her Beautifly with Air Cutter!"

SuperSkarm avoids the attack and shoots out air cutters. They hit Beautifly!

Tina cheers, "Alright! Now, SuperSkarm, launch Cream to intercept Tails with Steel Wing!"

Skarmory got to Cream, who is in her ball form, and launches towards Tails with a strong Steel Wing.

Cream manages to get in front of Tails in an attempt to stop him.

May calls, "Thunderpunch her away, Tails!"

Tails says, "Sorry, Cream, I have to do this!"

Tails glows his fist with electricity to attack Cream.

Tina winks, "Attract!"

Cream says, "Tails..."

Tails stops his attack and stops moving, "Huh?"

Cream smiles warmly, "You don't really want to attack me, do you?"

Cream sends out a wave of hearts that successfully hit Tails, making him fall in love with her.

Tails infatuates, "No, I would never do that, Cream. I love you!"

May sweatdrops, "Huh?"

Tina giggles, "Hehehe!"

Cream giggles, "Oh, Tails, you are so sweet!"

Cream goes up to Tails, and kisses him in his cheek. Tails dreamily thinks about Cream, as she takes the ring from him and throws it at the Blue net. The sign flashes 'Goal!'

Wingnee announces, "GOOOOOOOOOAL! Thanks to some cute flirting from Cream, she allows Tina's team to advance to the next round!"

The audience cheers!

Tails snaps out of his infatuation and tries to think what just happened. Until he realizes that he lost.

The Pokémon return back to their owners.

Tails frowns, "I'm sorry, May, I got caught up in the ways of love."

May pets him, "Oh, Tails, it's okay! You really do love Cream, don't you?"

Tails nods, "Yeah..."

May smiles, "Honestly, that was a good way to take advantage of that. But, she did kiss you, so it was worth it, right?"

Tails smiles, "It was!"

May says, "It doesn't matter that much. Beautifly, Tails, you both did amazing out there!"

Tails laughs, "Hahaha!"

Tina smiles, "Way to go, Cream! We got Tails real good."

Cream smiles, "I certainly think Tails enjoyed it, despite the fact that he lost."

Tina notices, "You really like him, don't you?"

Cream nods, "Yes."

Tina says, "I thought so! SuperSkarm, we couldn't have done it without you. I'll be counting on the both of you for the next round!"

SuperSkarm calls, "Skaarm!"

Cream nods, "Alright!"

Cheese says, "Chao Chao!"

Tina and May go up to each other and shakes hands.

May says, "Great job, Tina. I hope you do very well in your next round."

Tina nods, "Thanks, May."

Max sighs, "Awww, it's too bad May lost that."

Marisa giggles, "Although, it's so worth seeing Tails being happy when Cream used Attract on him, and then kissed him. Makes me so happy!"

Alex thought, "Great job, May."

Sonic thumbs up, "Way to go, buddy! Hmm... makes me kind of wish I could see Amy, again. I haven't seen her in such a long time..."

Misty says, "You will see her, Sonic. Don't worry!"

Sonic says, "Yeah! You're right, Misty!"

With that, Tina advances to the Quarterfinals.

The Quarterfinals have begun. The first match is Ash against Tina.

Wingnee announces, "Welcome to the Quarterfinals, everyone! Another exciting match is on the way. Ash, a very strong trainer, is up against Tina, another very strong trainer. This match should totally be very intense!"

Tina says, "Well, Ash, looks like it's you against me!"

Ash nods, "Yeah. Good luck, Tina."

Tina says, "You, too."

Ash calls, "Charizard, Pidgeot, I choose you!"

Charizard and Pidgeot appear.

Tina calls, "Cream, SuperSkarm, let's get it on!"

Cream, Cheese, and SuperSkarm appear.

The ring in a balloon appears in the air.

Wingnee announces, "Get Ready... Get Set... GO!"

The whistle blows and both Pidgeot and SuperSkarm are off. Ash is the Red team and Tina is the Blue team. Charizard and Cream are ready in standby.

It looks like both Pidgeot and SuperSkarm are neck and neck for who will grab the ring, first. But, Pidgeot manages to take ring.

Tina calls, "Alright, SuperSkarm, go after that ring! Use Aerial Ace!"

SuperSkarm speeds it up and goes in to attack Pidgeot.

Ash calls, "Pidgeot, shake her Skarmory off using Agility!"

Pidgeot also speeds up, but his time to avoid SuperSkarm. It's Speed VS Speed, and it looks like Pidgeot is slowly escaping SuperSkarm.

Tina calls, "Cream, help out SuperSkarm. Use Helping Hand!"

Cream gives cheering energy to SuperSkarm, allowing him to speed up and strike down Pidgeot, dropping the ring.

Cream says, "I got it!"

Cream reaches out to grab the ring.

Ash calls, "Charizard, use Flamethrower on the ring!"

Charizard shoots out flames to make it so that Cream couldn't grab the ring. The ring flies in another direction. And SuperSkarm is going after the ring.

Ash calls again, "Charizard, go after the ring!"

Charizard chases after SuperSkarm to retrieve the ring. But, Cream won't allow that."

Tina calls, "Cream, Demoralize his Charizard!"

Cream does a letdown motion that suddenly makes Charizard confused.

Ash says, "Charizard, what's wrong?"

Charizard is flying in random places.

Ash realizes, "Oh no, Charizard is confused!"

SuperSkarm grabs the ring and heads to the Blue Net.

Tina smiles, "I'm gonna win, Ash!"

Ash intercepts, "I'm won't let that happen, Tina! Pidgeot, stop her Skarmory with Brave Bird!"

Pidgeot swoops in quickly while glowing all around its body. Pidgeot hits SuperSkarm, dropping the ring. Pidgeot takes the ring and heads towards the Red net.

Tina calls, "Cream, we have to stop that Pidgeot! Use your Hero Beam!"

Cream fires a strong Hero Beam to try and stop Pidgeot!

Ash calls, "Dodge by using Agility!"

But, Pidgeot swiftly avoids the Hero Beam and drops the ring into the Red Net. The sign flashes 'Goal'!

Wingnee shouts, "GOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Thanks to Pidgeot's quick speed, Ash's Team moves on to the Semifinals!"

All of the Pokémon return to their partners.

Ash cheers, "Way to go, Pidgeot. You, too, Charizard. We're moving on up!"

Pidgeot and Charizard does that cry in success.

SuperSkarm says, "Skarrrrm..."

Cream frowns, "Sorry, Tina. I did the best that I could."

Tina smiles, "It's quite alright, Cream, SuperSkarm. Both of you did amazing out there! Ash is just... better than we are."

Cream says, "Well, at least I had fun!"

Cheese agrees, "Chao Chao Chao!"

Ash and Tina go up to each other and shake hands.

Ash smiles, "That was amazing stuff you did out there, Tina."

Tina smiles warmly, "The same to you, Ash. You're the only one in our group, left, so... win it all the way for us."

Ash nods, "I will!"

The audience cheers!

Flandre says, "It's amazing how strong Ash really is!"

Eggman agrees, "Yeah, especially without using any Hero Pokémon. That Jet also worries me quite a bit."

Meowth says, "Well, we'll just have to see what happens, Eggman."

Reimu cheers, "Alright, Ash won! Woohoo!"

Tails nods, "Tina and Cream did really well. It's too bad they lost."

Marisa says, "But at least now, we know who to cheer for with the remaining matches."

Dawn frowns, "I'm kind of worried about Jet, though. He really is an amazing Hero Pokémon."

Knuckles ponders, "I am, too. And there's something else that worries me."

Dawn asks, "What is it, Knuckles?"

Knuckles theorizes, "I'm not sure. But, I'm getting the feeling that there's more to Jet than what we are seeing right now."

Dawn says, "I certainly hope not. If there is, and he faces against Ash, then Ash might be in big trouble."

Ash now moves on to the Semifinals. James and Paul advances as well.

With the Semifinals on the way, Ash defeats his tough opponent, allowing him to advance to the Finals. But, who his opponent is will be down between Paul and James.

Wingnee announces, "With Ash moving on to the Finals, he needs an opponent to face off there. So, we have two strong competitors to see who will advance as well. It's Paul against James!"

Dawn blinks, "Well, look who's up next."

Tina says, "It's Paul against James from Team Rocket."

Sanae says, "I'm kind of surprised. James has done really well getting up to the semifinals like this."

Meta Knight wonders, "I wonder... can he stand up to the awesome might of Paul and Jet?"

Sanae says, "I guess there's only one way to find out."

Dawn frowns, "I'm kind of worried, guys. Batthan and Zoey are still not back, yet. They're missing all of these great matches."

Silver agrees, "Yes, they are taking a long time, aren't they?"

Sanae thinks, "I'm sure they are probably watching the matches from somewhere, I'm bet.

Dawn says, "I hope so..."

Paul asks, "So, you think you have what it takes to defeat me?"

James says, "I won't know until I try. I know that he has that Jet Hero of his. It's going to take everything we got to beat him. And even if I get past him, I still have to face off against Ash and his Pokémon. These next matches are going to give it everything I got!"

Paul says, "Very, well. Good luck... you'll need it."

The balloon with the ring appears.

Paul calls, "Jet, Fearow, standby!"

Jet and Fearow appears and are ready to go!

James calls, "Dustox, Yanmega, let's go!"

Dustox and Yanmega appears.

Wingnee calls, "On your marks... get set... GO!"

The Whistle blows and Jet and Yanmega are off to get the ring with Fearow and Dustox in standby. Paul is on the Red Team and James is on the Blue Team.

Being a Hero Pokémon, and plus his amazing speed, Jet easily manages to take the ring first.

James calls, "Yanmega, Sonic Boom!"

Yanmega shoots cutter waves to attack Jet and take the ring.

Paul calls, "Dodge it!"

Jet easily avoids the Sonic Boom, and flies past Yanmega.

James calls, "I got to slow his Hero down. Dustox, String Shot!"

Dustox shoots web strings to slow down Jet.

Paul calls, "Dodge!"

But with Jet's amazing speed, he swiftly avoids the String Shot. He's quickly approaching the Red net.

James ponders, "I have to stop Jet in his tracks, or else I'll lose. Hmm... I know. Dustox, spin and use String Shot!

This time, the web strings surround a huge area. By spinning, it makes avoiding the strings much harder.

Jet notices, "Oh, no!"

Jet tries to dodge it, but the strings were all over the place, trapping Jet and forcing the ring to drop.

James cheers, "Alright! Now's our chance to grab the ring. Yanmega, after it!"

Yanmega quickly goes after the ring.

Paul smirks, "Heh... hope you haven't forgotten about my other Pokémon. Fearow, attack Yanmega with your Drill Peck!"

Fearow goes in and attacks Yanmega with his glowing beck.

James shouts, "AHHH! Yanmega!"

Yanmega is knocked away. Fearow helps Jet out of the strings. Jet gives a thumbs up and he goes after the ring.

James intercepts, "Intercept Jet with your Psybeam, Dustox!"

Dustox fires a rainbow colored beam towards Jet.

Paul calls, "Counter that attack with Fan Reflection!"

Jet pulls out a Fan, and makes a whirling wind cycle in front of him, causing the attack to be reflected right back at Dustox. It hurts a lot!

James sweatdrops, "Oh no, Dustox!"

With both Yanmega and Dustox badly hurt, Jet easily manages to take the ring and drops it into the Red net. The sign flashes 'Goal!'

Wingnee shouts, "GOOOOOOOOOOAL! Jet and Fearow completely dominated James's team. With the ring in their net, Paul will move on to the finals!

The Audience Cheers!

Paul speaks to his Pokémon, "Awesome work as always, you two!"

Jet smirks, "Heh! It was nothing, really!"

Fearow calls, "Fearooooooow!"

James sighs, "I'm sorry you guys. I know we did our best out there, but Jet was too much for us."

Flandre frowns, "Awww, poor James."

Eggman nods, "Yeah. I knew that pesky Jet would pull off a victory, somehow."

Jessie thought, "It's alright, James. There's always another time..."

The Heroes are very impressed with Jet's performance.

Sonic whistles, "Just as I expected, Jet is a total dominator out there."

Tina frowns, "Poor James, he didn't really stand much of a chance."

Tenshi asks, "You feel sorry for him?"

Tina figures, "Well, it's not like they're always bad, right? Besides, he was the underdog of that fight. It must have been rough..."

Misty realizes, "Now, Ash has to face off against Jet. I'm rather worried about him."

Sonic agrees, "Yeah! With someone like Jet competing, and without any Hero Pokémon, Ash really needs to step up his game in order to win."

Dawn sighs, "Ohhh, I wish Batthan was here to see this!"

Batthan replies, "Did someone call for me?"

And just at the nick of time, Batthan and Zoey arrive to join the others.

Silver says, "Hey, man, it's about time you got back."

Batthan apologies, "Sorry about that, there was something me and Zoey needed to do."

Dawn wonders, "Well, we have sometime before the start of the finals, so... could you tell us what happened?"

Batthan sighs, "Okay, I suppose I do owe you all an explanation. This all started a few hours before the PokéRinger competition started...

Batthan explains what happened up until what was seen.

Misty gasps, "Oh, my."

Reimu sweatdrops, "I can't believe those girls would be so mean."

Dawn frowns, "... So, what happened with you and Zoey?"

Batthan thinks, "..."


Batthan started looking around the city for Zoey. After an hour, he searched around the park and finally manages to find her. Zoey was sitting in a bench, still crying.

Batthan called, "Zoey!"

Zoey said, "Batthan..."

He approached her and sat down with her.

After a minute of silence, Zoey spoke first. "Batthan..."

Batthan said, "Yes?"

Zoey questioned, "Did you... did you truly think that we weren't meant to be?"

Batthan said, "I cannot lie to you, Zoey. Yes, I did think that."

Zoey asked, "Why?"

Batthan explains, "I've never really gotten such love and praise from so many fans before. I mean... yes I have my special power, and yes I've attracted girls in the past... But, there were so many fans there at once. It... felt nice. Having all of those girls giving me so much attention. It was... a new experience for me. At that moment, I had felt unsure... if I wanted it to stop."

Zoey silenced, "..."

Batthan continues, "But thanks to Tina, I remembered that... we had formed a Hero Bond. It was because... I loved you, Zoey. And... I still love you, Zoey... with all of my heart!"

Zoey looked at him, "... You do?"

Batthan nodded, "Of course! Zoey, you may not be the first girl who didn't like me for more than just my eyes, but you are the first girl I've... truly loved. Well, I did had a huge crush in the past... but, I've never loved a girl as much as I do you."

Zoey agreed, "... I feel the same way. You're the first boy I ever loved so dearly. I... I was just afraid that, despite our Hero Bond, despite our promise... you wouldn't want to love me anymore."

Batthan grabbed her, "Zoey, why would I ever pick anybody else other than you? I... I should have said something to my fans... I really should have. If they can't accept you as the one girl that I love dearly, then... they don't deserve to be my fans!"

Zoey happily sobbed, "Oh, Batthan..."

The two hugged warmly.

Then, they kissed each other passionately.

Batthan said, "Zoey... I'm sorry."

Zoey smiled, "It's alright... As long as you still love me, it'll be okay..."

Batthan smiled, "... Thank you."

Batthan and Zoey got up after setting things straight.

After getting something to eat, they were taking a walk around the city, not really minding anything going on at that time. Suddenly, they saw the group of women from earlier, discussing about their encounter with Batthan. Both groups ended up meeting, again.

The Platinum shirt woman pointed out, "Oh look, it's Batthan... and that woman. Are you still thinking you can be with him?"

Zoey got a little nervous, but Batthan calmed her.

Batthan whispered, "It's okay. Let me handle this..."

Zoey nodded.

Batthan walked up to his fans.

Batthan explained, "Ladies, let me clarify something. Now, it's quite nice to have such adoring fans like you all. It was... very nice to have so many of you think I'm so great. But, let me make one thing clear. No one, and I repeat... no one disses my girlfriend like that!"

The women gasped.

Batthan continued, "Zoey is my girlfriend. It doesn't matter what status of strength she has. I love Zoey with all of my heart. She are I are in a Hero Bond!"

The women gasped again.

Batthan continued once more, "Ladies... It was very wrong of all of you to beat on Zoey like that. I will not stand here and have you pick on her! Now, you don't want a situation where something like this could happen to you, would you?"

The women all looked at each other, then back at Batthan.

Batthan kept going, "... You all owe her an apology. If you cannot do that, then you are not truly my fans. My fans respects me, and respects those who I care about."

The Platinum shirt woman went up first and bowed to Zoey, "I'm sorry, Zoey."

All of the other women apologized to her as well, "Sorry, Zoey."

The Platinum shirt woman continued, "We were wrong to do that to you. We didn't know that Batthan cared about you so much. Can you please forgive us?"

Zoey thought it for a moment, and she said, "I will."

The Platinum woman said, "Thank you..."

Batthan clarified, "And just so you know, ladies, she does have Hero Pokémon."

The Platinum woman gleamed, "Wow, that's so cool. We're all jealous that you have Hero Pokémon and we don't. You're the coolest, Zoey!"

All of the women now show respect to Zoey.

Zoey smiled, "Wow..."

Batthan whispered, "See, told you everything worked out."

Zoey whispered, "Thank you, E.T."

Zoey held him as the ladies complimented the relationship with her and Batthan.

End of Flashback!

Dawn confirms, "Wow, they really said that?"

Zoey nods, "Yeah. I'm glad it all worked out."

Sanae asks, "So then, why didn't you come join us here?"

Batthan explains, "After the ladies left, we decided to continue to walk around the city and talked for quite a while. We... kind of lost track of time and realized that we missed basically the majority of the PokéRinger competition."

Zoey apologies, "We're sorry we've missed everything."

Dawn says, "At least you're here for the last round."

Zoey asks, "So, what happened?"

Dawn and the others explain what happened up until this point.

Batthan confirms, "So, it's Ash against Paul in the finals, huh?"

Sonic nods, "Yeah, and we're worried about what Jet has in store for them."

Batthan figures, "If Jet is as fast as I was told, then Ash might be in trouble."

Zoey says, "We'll just have to see for ourselves, E.T."

Reimu thought, "Good luck, Ash. Please, come out on top..."

Paul smirks, "So, Ash, it's just you and me, it seems."

Ash smiles, "I don't intend to lose, Paul!"

Paul says, "Neither do I! Let's go!"

Wingnee announces, "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for the final match. We've had a long string of amazing matches all day, but it's time for the best match of them all. Ash Ketchum and Paul will take on each other for the title of PokéRinger Champion. Who will win? Let's find out!"

Ash summons, "Charizard, Pidgeot, I choose you!"

Charizard and Pidgeot appear.

Paul summons, "Jet, Fearow, Standby!"

Jet and Fearow appear.

The balloon with the ring appears in the air. Pidgeot and Jet prepare to race for the ring. Charizard and Fearow are ready to go. Ash is the Red Team and Paul is the Blue Team.

Wingnee announces, "Both trainers are ready! It's time to start the final round. On your marks... get set... GO!"

The whistles blow Jet and Pidgeot are blasting off to get to that ring. Charizard and Fearow are in standby.

Max says, "Wow, look at them go..."

May adds, "Both Pidgeot and Jet look like they're neck and neck!"

Batthan examines, "Hmm... but it looks like Jet is just a little bit faster."

And indeed he was. Jet barely manages to take the ring, first. But, Pidgeot is close in behind him.

Ash calls, "Pidgeot, Quick Attack!"

Pidgeot speeds up and hits Jet, allowing Pidgeot to grab the ring.

Paul calls, "Don't let Pidgeot get away, Jet. Fire off a Hero Beam!"

Jet quickly charges energy and fires a green-aura beam to Pidgeot.

Ash quickly calls, "Dodge it!"

Pidgeot tries to dodge the attack, but his right wing takes the blow, though, causing the ring to drop.

Paul calls, "Fearow, after the ring!"

Fearow goes in to grab the ring.

Ash commands, "Charizard, use your Flamethrower on Fearow!"

Charizard fires a burst of flames to Fearow, who takes the hit. Now, Charizard manages to take the ring and it heading down to the Red net.

Paul commands, "Jet, it's time to change things up, now. Ash, I've been waiting to use this on you."

Ash says, "Huh?"

Paul calls, "Jet, use your Round Table Knights Mode!"

Ash shouts, "WHAT?"

The Heroes say, "What?"

It seems that Jet has the ability to go into the special mode. Green wind surrounds him, and the swords, Chrysaor, appear.

Jet laughs, "Hahahaha! Now this is what I'm talking about!"

Sonic recognizes, "Those swords... That's the Chrysaor!"

Misty asks, "The what, Sonic?"

Sonic reminds, "The Chrysaor. Remember when I had a pair of swords that I didn't know who the actual owner of those swords belong to? I sent those to their owners using my magic. It seems Jet is the owner..."

Batthan blinks, "Wow, and you thought you've seen it all. So then, what stance does Jet have?"

Dawn guesses, "Well, since he has two swords like Knuckles, I think he might be a Paladin Style."

Knuckles denies, "This is Jet were talking about, Dawn. He's all about wanting to be the fastest Extreme Gear rider. So, if I were Jet, I would want my style to be..."

Silver adds, "Cavalier Style!"

Blaze says, "With that, Jet is even faster than before. How can anyone compete with that speed?

Brock agrees, "Good question, Blaze. How's Ash gonna get out of this one?"

Paul smirks, "Let's show you true speed, Ash. Jet, take that ring from Charizard with Whirling Torpedo!"

Jet smirks, "Awww, yeah! It's go time!"

Jet moves at incredible speeds, speeds which could match up to Sonic.

Ash quickly thinks, "Charizard's not gonna be able to avoid that. I've got to get Pidgeot to attack Jet. Pidgeot, catch up to Jet with your Agility!"

Pidgeot starts rushing in quickly to help out.

Ash calls, "Charizard, try to hit Jet with your Dragonbreath!"

Charizard shoots out a breath of energy from his mouth. But, Jet is easily able to move around the attack, and quickly strikes down Charizard with his swords.

Charizard drops the ring and Jet grabs.

Paul smiles, "Alright, Jet, now head to the goal net!"

Jet nods, "Yeah!"

Jet moves towards the Blue Net. But, Paul starts to realize that Pidgeot is quickly catching up to Jet.

Paul gasps, "Jet, look out!"

Jet says, "Huh? Wha!"

Jet gets hit by a surprise strike from Pidgeot, who takes the ring and heads to the Red net.

Paul commands, "Fearow, help Jet out!"

Fearow goes in to attack Pidgeot.

Ash calls, "Charizard, prevent Fearow from approaching Pidgeot!"

Charizard does a Flamethrower to stop Fearow in his tracks. With Charizard's strength, it doesn't seem possible that Fearow could outmaneuver or ourpower Charizard. Fearow cannot assist Jet.

Paul growls, "Unfortunately, I don't have the time to have Jet help Fearow out. It's all up to Jet, now. Jet, this time, throw your Whirling Torpedo at them!"

Jet approaches Pidgeot and throws his swords that are surrounded by wind.

Ash calls, "Dodge it!"

Pidgeot manages to dodge both swords, but, both of the swords still go after Pidgeot, who gets hit, and drops the ring, to which Jet grabs. Jet quickly makes his way to the Blue net.

Paul smirks, "This victory is mine, Ash!"

Ash shouts, "I won't give in! Pidgeot, Quick Aerial Ace!"

Paul exclaims, "Say what?"

Pidgeot uses his Aerial Ace, and with the speed of Quick Attack, allows him to go even faster then before. Jet gets caught off guard with the unexpected boost of speed, and gets hit. The ring is dropped, and Pidgeot rushes to the Red net.

Paul sweatdrops, "Oh, no!"

Ash smiles, "Oh, yes! Drop the ring in the net, Pidgeot!"

Pidgeot has a clean shot of the ring landing in the net.

Paul quickly commands, "Jet, Air Slicer!"

Jet gets out his fan and shoots a big green cutter to intercept Pidgeot. But, it was too late. The ring drops into the net just as the cutter passes by. The Red Net's sign flashes 'Goal!'

Wingnee shouts, "GOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Pidgeot made the ring into the net just in time! Despite some difficulties with Jet's amazing abilities, Ash's team manages to come out on top. Ash wins the PokéRinger competition!"

The Audience cheers loudly!

The Pokémon return to their partner. Jet changes back into his normal form.

Ash hugs both Pidgeot and Charizard, "You guys are the best!"

Charizard and Pidgeot does their cry in victory!

Fearow says, "Feaaaarrr..."

Jet stomps, "Darn, we were so close! I can't believe Pidgeot would pull out something like that!"

Paul says, "It just goes to show... that Ash is much more skilled then we are. Heh... I guess he proved that... he is strong, even without Hero Pokémon."

Jet agrees, "Yeah, I'm impressed! That Pidgeot of his really was a run for my money, even with my amazing speed!"

Paul smiles, "Regardless, Jet, you were amazing out there! And Fearow, you did great, too!"

Jet smiles, "Awww, shucks!"

Fearow smiles as well, "Fear... ow!"

Ash and Paul walk up to each other.

Paul says, "Well done, Ash. You've defeated me once again. But... I will strive to be better then you. Someday, I want us to have another full battle!"

Ash nods, "Yeah, I'm looking forward to it."

Paul holds out his hand. Ash looks at it for a second, and then shakes his hand. They both smile at each other.

The Audience cheers again!

James says, "I can't believe it, the twerp actually won!"

Meowth smiles, "That's Ash for ya! He always gets the job done!"

Serena gleams, "Wow, Ash actually won!"

Raye smiles, "Ash is so cool!"

Trista says, "He has conquered quite the trial if I do say so myself!"

Reimu jumps for joy, "He did it! He did it! He did iiiiit!"

Kaguya cheers, "Yaaaay! That was totally intense!"

Brock nods, "Pidgeot has really proven how fast he can truly be."

Claire adds, "Charizard was great out there, too."

Sonic smirks, "Heh! I'm hoping to face off against Jet, someday. That's a battle I want to happen!"

Misty smiles, "Oh, Sonic!"

Batthan smiles and thinks, "Great job, Ash. Now, there's something else that must be done!"

Batthan nods at Silver. Silver quietly says, "Chaos Control!"

Quietly, Batthan warps Silver away.

Zoey immediately notices, "Huh? Batthan?"

Silver says, "Batthan's about to do something very important, Zoey. Just watch."

Zoey says, "Oh... okay."

Ash is at the ceremony with Wingnee and Hatate.

Wingnee announces, "Congratulations, Ash. You have won the PokéRinger competition. It must have not have been easy to face off against Hero Pokémon."

Ash replies, "No, it certainly was not. I wanted to prove that I didn't need Hero Pokémon to win."

Wingnee nods, "And you certainly proved it right. Congratulations on your amazing victory! Hatate, please present the awards to Ash."

Hatate smiles, "It would be my pleasure!"

Batthan warps onto to the stage.

Batthan interrupts, "Hold on a second, everyone!"

The Audience becomes confused.

Dawn asks, "What's Batthan doing there?"

Silver responds, "Just watch, everyone!"

Wingnee wonders, "Batthan, what are you doing here? I'm trying to perform a ceremony, here."

Batthan apologies, "I apologize, Wingnee. But, I have a suggestion of something."

Wingnee asks, "A suggestion? For what?"

Batthan takes 20 seconds to explain his plan to Wingnee. After hearing the plan, Wingnee smiles.

Wingnee agrees, "That IS a great idea! I'm sure she would be happy to hear that..."

Batthan nods.

Wingnee announces to everyone, "Ladies and Gentlemen, would all of you like to experience a very special match?"

The Audience agrees!

Wingnee continues, "Reimu Hakurei, the Hero to Ash, come on down!"

Reimu blinks, "Huh? Me?"

Marisa wonders, "I wonder what's going on."

Reimu says, "Beats me... I guess I'll go check it out."

Reimu flies down very confused.

Reimu asks, "What's going on?"

Ash says, "Yeah, what is going on?"

Wingnee announces, "Reimu, Ash, Batthan has just told me an amazing idea. Reimu, I heard of your predicament, and I felt bad for you. So, Reimu, how would you like to have a round with your partner, Ash, against me and Hatate in a PokéRinger match?"

Reimu blinks, "Me... and Ash... in a PokéRinger match..."

Batthan thinks, "Here comes the excitement..."

Reimu becomes super excited, "YES! YES! YES, YES, YES! I would love to have a match with the PokéRinger! Heck YEAH!"

Marisa gasps, "Wow, I can't believe it! Reimu actually gets the chance to be in a PokéRinger match. Man, am I so jealous of her!"

Misty smiles, "Looks like it worked out for Reimu after all."

Sanae smiles, "It seems Batthan wanted to help Reimu out after seeing her be so depressed about it."

Sakuya adds, "It also gives the chance for Reimu and Hatate to face off."

Zoey says, "Now, this outta be a great match!"

Wingnee asks, "Hatate, are you up for a PokéRinger match?"

Hatate nods, "Oh, yes I am! I'm wanted to have a match with Reimu for quite some time, now! Oh, Aya, I wish you were here to watch this!"

Wingnee says, "We can do the ceremony after our match, Ash. Are you up for it?"

Ash nods, "Yeah!"

Wingnee, Hatate, Ash, and Reimu are in position. Wingnee is the Blue Team and Ash is the Red Team.

Wingnee announces, "Listen up, everyone... This will be a bonus match with me and Hatate up against Ash and Reimu. This will be a one on one match. Ash's prizes will not be affected regardless of whether he wins or loses. This is a just a fun and exciting match to give Reimu a chance of something she has always wanted."

Reimu smiles and feels very happy. The balloon with the ring is up at the air.

Wingnee continues, "At the sound of the whistle, our Heroes will begin the match. Let's have ourselves a glorious match to end all matches." Wingnee turns off her speakers and talks to Ash, "Ready, Ash?"

Ash nods, "I am!"

Wingnee says, "Alright, at the sound of the whistle, it's go time! Good luck!"

Ash says, "You, too!"

Misty smiles, "Here we go!"

Batthan, standing near the prize table, smiles at he looks up in the air.

Reimu and Hatate are in positions. The match begins in 3... 2... 1...

The whistle blows, and Reimu and Hatate are off for the Ring!

Both Reimu and Hatate are fast fliers. However, since Hatate is a tengu, and thus natural fast fliers, she makes it to the ring, first.

Ash calls, "Let's knock the ring out of her with your Youkai Buster!"

Reimu throws five purple charged amulets to Hatate. They seem to do a lot of damage, causing her to drop the ring. Reimu catches the ring.

Hatate sweatdrops, "Ouch... That was quite painful."

Wingnee asks, "Youkai Buster?"

Ash explains, "It does much more damage if a Youkai based Touhou Pokémon was hit by it."

Wingnee says, "Ohh... well that's convenient... Hatate, Fan Bullets!"

Hatate brings out her tengu fan and shoots two fan bullets that curve towards Reimu quickly.

Ash calls, "Instant Dimensional Rift!"

Reimu teleports to dodge the attacks, and creates a star of amulets to attack Hatate with. She flies down as the amulets go after her.

Wingnee calls, "Dodge and go after her using Tengu Rush!"

Hatate moved quickly to avoid the amulets and catch up to Reimu.

Ash calls, "Try to slow her down with you Spell Card: Fantasy Orb!"

While still moving, Reimu surrounds herself with 10 colorful orbs. She sends the orbs one by one to try and slow down Hatate.

But, with quick maneuvering, Hatate dodges all 10 orbs and strikes Reimu. Hatate takes the ring and heads towards the Blue Net.

Ash says, "Intercept with Dimensional Rift!"

Reimu disappears and reappears in front of Hatate to kick her.

Wingnee quickly calls, "Another Tengu Rush!"

Hatate rushes in to resist Reimu's attack. Both attacks seem to be around even. Hatate is halted by Reimu blocking her path.

Wingnee strategizes, "Time to get crafty! Spirit Shot!"

Hatate brings out her camera and proceeds to take a painful picture of Reimu.

Ash calls, "Dodge!"

Reimu narrowly avoids Hatate's snapshot.

Wingnee commands, "Spell Card: Rapid Shot!"

Hatate continues to take multiple snapshots of Reimu.

Ash calls again, "Dodge them all!"

Reimu avoids the first shot, the second shot, but not the third shot!

Hatate takes that opportunity to continue her rush to the blue net.

Ash commands, "Reimu, Hakurei Amulet!"

Reimu quickly recovers and shoots a big homing amulet.

Hatate notices, "Gaaaah!"

She flies around and around to try and avoid the amulet, but it was too much for her, and she gets hit, causing her to drop the ring. Reimu grabs the ring and moves to the Red net.

Wingnee says, "Alright, Hatate, let's trap her with Psychic!"

Hatate shoots psychic energy to Reimu. It hits her, trapping her in Hatate's force.

Ash replies, "I don't remember her having Psychic!"

Wingnee winks, "I can surprise you just as much as you surprise me, Ash!"

Hatate approaches Reimu and easily takes the ring from her. Hatate quietly proclaims, "Hehehe... looks like the match is mine, Reimu!"

Hatate winks and proceeds to the goal while still trapping Reimu in her psychic force.

Reimu chuckles, "Hehehe... Hatate, you still have much to learn..."

Reimu transforms into Super Reimu and instantly breaks free of Hatate's psychic grip.

Hatate instantly notices and turns around, "EHHHHHHH? Oh shoot, I forgot that Reimu had a super form, too..."

Wingnee sweatdrops, "Me, too! Hatate, quickly, get to the goal net!"

Hatate moves fast to the blue net.

Ash smiles, "Heh... you're not getting away that easy! Reimu, teleport to Hatate and use Neo Youkai Buster!"

Wingnee questions, "Neo... Youkai Buster?"

Super Reimu quickly teleports to Hatate causing her to stop. She charges seven sparkling purple amulets to attack. These amulets were not only much more powerful, but much faster, too. Hatate gets hit and drops the ring. Hatate is tired, so she's unable to retaliate for a little bit.

Super Reimu grabs the ring and quickly flies to the Red net.

Hatate pants, "Owww... That was... too painful..."

Wingnee asks, "Hatate, can you attack?"

Hatate frowns, "I'm afraid not... That attack truly is a youkai buster..."

With no more resistance, Super Reimu drops the ring into the red net, with the sign glowing 'Goal'!

Wingnee sighs, "Oh, well... guess that's that." She turns on her speaker. GOOOOOOOOOOAL! Thanks to the amazing power of Super Reimu, she and Ash wins!

The Audience greatly cheers!

Reimu and Hatate returns to their trainers. Reimu changes into her normal form.

Ash asks, "So, how was the experience, Reimu?"

Reimu smiles and sobs, "Best... experience... ever! I love it!"

Reimu hugs him.

Ash smiles, "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

Hatate smiles, "Well, it seems Reimu had a great time. And so did I!"

Wingnee agrees, "I have, as well, Hatate. It's so amazing when you're able to fulfill a dream."

Batthan walks up to Ash and Reimu.

Ash notices him, "Batthan!"

Reimu releases her embrace on Ash and immediately goes up to kiss Batthan in his cheek.

Reimu gleams, "Thank you, Batthan! I will never forget the super kind thing you've done for me!"

Batthan thumbs up, "Anything for a friend in need!"

Marisa says, "Well, I'm glad Reimu had a great time. Hatate really has done well against her."

Sakuya notices, "It seems that Batthan is quite the very kind person that he is."

Tina adds, "Which is why I love him so much. He's my favorite cousin, ever!"

Lita gasps, "Wow... Reimu was awesome!"

Mina wishes, "Makes us wish we could fly to so we can participate, too."

Amara closes her eyes, "One can only dream... But, I know what won't be a dream, but a reality. Me taking on that Estevan!"

Michelle says, "We should all probably get going and prepare up for the battle against Estevan and his... Kaiju."

Raye smiles, "Looking forward to kicking their butts!"

Flandre says, "Looks like Reimu won this one!"

Eggman ponders, "We need to come up with more schemes to try and take their Pokémon."

Bowser adds, "It'll be tough, that's for sure!"

Jet says, "Man, I'm so impressed! Reimu is beyond what I imagined her to be. I think I would have had a much worse time if I had faced her during our match..."

Paul nods, "Yeah... We have to get stronger so we could stand a chance against Ash. He's tough... way tough!"

Jet agrees, "Right!"

With ribbons in their hands, being their 2nd place consolation prize, they walk out and move on in their journey.

Back to the ceremony, Ash begins to receive his prizes.

Hatate says, "Congratulations, Ash. Here are your prizes. First, this Platinum PokéRinger Trophy!"

Ash takes a hold of the trophy for a bit, "Here, Reimu, you can hold it. You deserve it."

He gives it Reimu, who says, "Alright. Thanks, Ash!"

Hatate presents, "Here is 1000 Poke!" Ash takes a hold of it. "We have your year's supply of berries here."

Batthan replies, "I'll take care of this, Ash!"

Hatate finishes, "Finally, here is your Honorary Citizen Certificate. You are now a member of our beloved Sky High City! So, if you ever want to live here, it'll be no problem for you. Congratulations!"

The Audience cheers for Ash!

Ash takes a hold to the certificate and waves to everyone.

Ash takes a victory in not only the PokéRinger competition, but the special match against Wingnee and Hatate as well. And with the PokéRinger over, our Heroes will eventually move out of Sky High City and onto their next destination. Stay tuned!

To be continued...

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